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Overview for Charles "Bud" Lawton
Charles "Bud" Lawton

Charles "Bud" Lawton



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Cinematography (feature film)

13 West Street (1962) as Director of Photography
Despite police warnings, an engineer takes on a teen gang.
A Raisin in the Sun (1961) as Director of Photography
A black woman uses her late husband's life insurance to build a better world for her children.
Two Rode Together (1961) as Director of Photography
Two tough westerners bring home a group of settlers who have spent years as Comanche hostages.
Comanche Station (1960) as Director of Photography
After saving a woman kidnapped by Indians, a cowboy has to fight to get her back to civilization.
Man on a String (1960) as Dir of photog, Hollywood
The CIA turns a Russian spy into a double agent.
The Wackiest Ship in the Army? (1960) as Director of Photography
The captain of a broken-down ship has to sneak an Australian spy into enemy waters during World War II.
The Gene Krupa Story (1960) as Director of Photography
Legendary jazz musician Gene Krupa faces highs and lows along the path of his life.
It Happened to Jane (1959) as Director of Photography
A small-town businesswoman takes on a railroad magnate in court.
Ride Lonesome (1959) as Director of Photography
A bounty hunter tries to bring a murderer to justice through perilous territory.
Gunman's Walk (1958) as Director of Photography
A rancher''''s rebellious son tries to teach him that violence is no longer an answer.
The Last Hurrah (1958) as Director of Photography
A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election.
Cowboy (1958) as Director of Photography
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
Operation Mad Ball (1957) as Director of Photography
A peacetime soldier plots to throw a party under his strict captain's nose.
Full of Life (1957) as Director of Photography
A married couple has to deal with pregnancy and the husband's meddling father.
The Tall T (1957) as Director of Photography
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
3:10 to Yuma (1957) as Director of Photography
A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town.
You Can't Run Away From It (1956) as Director of Photography
A reporter stumbles on a runaway heiress whose story could salvage his career.
Jubal (1956) as Director of Photography
A rancher''''s wife falls for a wandering cowhand.
The Long Gray Line (1955) as Director of Photography
An Irish immigrant becomes one of West Point''''s most beloved officers.
Bring Your Smile Along (1955) as Director of Photography
A New England schoolteacher goes to New York to become a songwriter.
Three Hours to Kill (1954) as Director of Photography
After escaping a lynch mob, an innocent man returns to find out who framed him for murder.
They Rode West (1954) as Director of Photography
A Cavalry doctor defies orders to treat Native Americans.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) as Director of Photography
A moralist sets out to reform the legendary South Seas floozy.
Drive a Crooked Road (1954) as Director of Photography
A mechanic gets caught up with the mob when he falls for a gangster's girlfriend.
Let's Do It Again (1953) as Director of Photography
A divorced couple finds it impossible to stay out of each other's lives.
Cruisin' Down the River (1953) as Director of Photography
Beaurefard Clemment (Dick Haymes), a New York night club crooner, inherits a broken-down Georgia showboat. He decides to turn it into a nightclub. He falls in love with Sally Jane (Audrey Totter), the granddaughter of Thadeus Jackson (Cecil Kellaway), arch enemy of Beau's late grandfather. Many, many songs (see Soundtrack) and a parody of "Ten Nights in a Barroom" (a Blake Edwards touch), with music featuring the Bell Sisters.
All Ashore (1953) as Director of Photography
Three sailors on shore leave sing and dance their way to love.
Last of the Comanches (1953) as Director of Photography
The only survivors of an Indian raid fight to reach safety at a distant fort.
The Happy Time (1952) as Director of Photography
A Quebec patriarch fights to keep his wayward son from leading his grandson astray.
Captain Pirate (1952) as Director of Photography
A reformed pirate returns to the seas when cutthroats start imitating his modus operandii.
Hangman's Knot (1952) as Director of Photography
Rebel soldiers raid a Union gold shipment, then learn the Civil War has been over for a month.
Paula (1952) as Director of Photography
A woman harbors a deadly secret when her husband brings home a child she injured in a hit-and-run accident.
Boots Malone (1952) as Director of Photography
A broken-down sports agent tries to use a promising jockey as his ticket back to the top.
Mask of the Avenger (1951) as Director of Photography
When his father is murdered, an Italian nobleman becomes an outlaw to avenge the crime.
Man in the Saddle (1951) as Director of Photography
A farmer turns to violence when a land baron threatens him.
Stage to Tucson (1951) as Director of Photography
(Wes ''51). Rod Cameron, Wayne Morris, Kay Buckley, Roy Roberts, Carl Benton Reid, Douglas Fowley. Two Union agents are sent to investigate charges that the Confederates are stealing Arizona stagecoaches and smuggling them into Atlanta in an effort to break the Federal''s western supply line.
Santa Fe (1951) as Director of Photography
Four brothers end up on opposite sides of a shootout.
Her First Romance (1951) as Director of Photography
A high school girl steals from her parents to be with the boy she loves.
The Nevadan (1950) as Director of Photography
A U.S. Marshall tries to recover stolen gold.
Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) as Director of Photography
Robin Hood''''s son reunites the Merry Men when King John reverts to tyranny.
Kill the Umpire (1950) as Director of Photography
To appease his family, a retired baseball player signs up for umpire school.
Cargo to Capetown (1950) as Director of Photography
A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.
The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) as Director of Photography
A daffy door-to-door saleswoman blunders into a murder investigation.
Tokyo Joe (1949) as Director of Photography
An American in post-war Japan gets caught up in the black market.
Shockproof (1949) as Director of Photography
A beautiful ex-con falls for her parole officer while still dating the crook who landed her in prison.
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) as Director of Photography
An outlaw tries to leave the family gang and go straight.
Slightly French (1949) as Director of Photography
An out-of-work movie director turns a carnival girl into a French heiress to make her a star.
Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949) as Director of Photography
An inept secretary goes to work for a bogus real estate firm thinking it's for real.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Director of Photography
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
The Untamed Breed (1948) as Director of Photography
Tom Reed's adaptation of the "Saturday Evening Post" story by Eli Colter finds Texas wrangler Tom Kilpatrick (Sonny Tufts) persuading the ranchers of the Pecos area, led by John Rambeau (Edgar Buchanan), to buy a Brahma bull on a cooperative basis to improve their depleted cattle strain. The bull escapes, due to the carelessness of Windy Lucas (George Hayes as George 'Gabby' Hayes.) The mishap is seen by Larch Keegan (William Bishop), young rancher in love with Cherry Lucas (Barbara Britton), Windy's adopted daughter. Larch, jealous of Tom as a rival for Cherry and for water rights, fixes the blame on the wrangler. The bull terrorizes the countryside, injuring farm women and killing other bulls. Larch and his brothers, Hoy (Joe Sawyer) and Happy (Gordon Jones), incite the ranchers to shoot the bull on sight, but Tom begs for time to capture it alive. Tom corners and lassoes the bull in the hills, but his horse is no match for the bull, who escapes again. Tom then sets out to capture the Widow Maker, a famous wild horse, knowing the horse is the only one capable of holding the lassoed bull. He does so and trains the horse in secret. Larch grows so jealous of Tom that he vows to burn down his ranch house. To prevent this, Cherry marries Tom but the latter, discovering why Cherry rushed into the marriage, refuses to live with her as man and wife.
The Black Arrow (1948) as Director of Photography
A young British nobleman comes back from fighting in the War of the Roses to discover that his father has been murdered by an old family friend who is now an outlaw. However, he becomes suspicious about the exact circumstances of his father's death and determines to find out exactly what happened.
The Lady from Shanghai (1948) as Director of Photography
A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.
I Love Trouble (1948) as Director of Photography
A wealthy man hires a detective to investigate his wife's past. The detective (Franchot Tone) discovers that the wife had been a dancer and left her home town with an actor. The latter is killed before he can talk, but, with the help of a showgirl, the detective learns that the wife had used stolen papers from a girl friend to enter college after she had stolen $40,000 from the night club where she worked. The detective eventually learns that the husband had killed his wife when he discovered her past in order to avoid a scandal, and had hired the detective to try and frame him for the killing.
The Gallant Blade (1948) as Director of Photography
Her Husband's Affairs (1947) as Director of Photography
An ad man fights off his wife''''s attempts to help him market an embalming fluid that doubles as a hair remover.
Perilous Holiday (1946) as Director of Photography
Based on a "serial" story by Robert Carson that ran in the Saturday Evening Post, this tale of an international counterfeiting-ring operating in Mexico starts with Patrick Nevil (Pat O'Brien)viewed as a suspicious character by newspaper woman Agnes Stuart (Ruth Warrick), who is working on a story to expose racketeering night-club owner Doc Lilley (Alan Hale.) She searches Lilley's home and finds the counterfeiting plates and thinks Nevil is part of the gang.
The Walls Came Tumbling Down (1946) as Director of Photography
The Return of Monte Cristo (1946) as Director of Photography
Louis Hayward, Barbara Britton, George Macready, Una O''Connor, Henry Stephenson, Steven Geray. After escaping from Devil''s Island, the grandson of the Count of Monte Cristo returns to France to reclaim his family fortune and his title.
The Thrill of Brazil (1946) as Director of Photography
A theater producer is torn between his leading lady and his ex-wife while staging a show in Rio.
Brewster's Millions (1945) as Director of Photography
A veteran has to spend $1 million in two months to inherit a fortune.
Getting Gertie's Garter (1945) as Director of Photography
A medical researcher tries frantically to recover a jeweled garter he had given an old flame.
One Way to Love (1945) as Director of Photography
Kiss and Tell (1945) as Director of Photography
Up in Mabel's Room (1944) as Director of Photography
3 Is a Family (1944) as Director of Photography
Abroad with Two Yanks (1944) as Director of Photography
Biff and Jeff, two American G.I.'s on furlough in Australia during The Second World War, are enjoying their time the way most soldiers on leave do. When they meet the beautiful Joyce, however, they both fall head over heels for her, and start competing for her attentions. As their R&R time begins to run out, the schemes they each come up with to win her affection and foil the other's plans to do the same become more and more outrageous.
Paradise for Three (1938) as Photography
A businessman mingles with German laborers to learn more about their lives.
The Chaser (1938) as Photography
Love trips up an ambulance-chasing lawyer.
Listen, Darling (1938) as Photography
Two children try to find a new husband for their widowed mother.
My Dear Miss Aldrich (1937) as Photography
A glamorous woman takes over a newspaper and clashes with the editor.

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