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Edgar Kennedy

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Also Known As: Died: November 9, 1948
Born: April 26, 1890 Cause of Death: throat cancer
Birth Place: Monterey, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

Reel Virginian, The (1924)
A woman faces problems after the death of her mother and young son.

Cast (feature film)

When Comedy Was King (1960) as
A compilation of funny moments from the top comedians of the silent era.
The Golden Age of Comedy (1958) as
A compilation of clips from the great comedians of the silent era.
My Dream Is Yours (1949) as Uncle Charlie
A talent scout turns a young unknown into a radio singing star.
Variety Time (1948) as Edgar Kennedy
Jack Paar introduces musical numbers and comic bits from RKO films.
Unfaithfully Yours (1948) as Sweeney
Set to music, a symphony conductor envisions multiple possible scenarios for dealing with his wife's infidelity.
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1947) as Jake, the bartender
When he loses his job, a middle-aged bookkeeper goes out on the town.
Heaven Only Knows (1947) as Judd
An angel lands in the wild West to save a gambler's soul.
Anchors Aweigh (1945) as Police captain
A pair of sailors on leave try to help a movie extra become a singing star.
Captain Tugboat Annie (1945) as Captain Bullwinkle
It Happened Tomorrow (1944) as Inspector Mulrooney
A newspaper editor writes headlines that predict the future.
Air Raid Wardens (1943) as Joe Bledsoe
A pair of bumblers stumble upon Nazi spies on the home front.
The Falcon Strikes Back (1943) as Smiley Dugan
A society sleuth is framed for murder by criminals running a war-bond racket.
Crime Smasher (1943) as Murphy
The Girl from Monterrey (1943) as Doc Hogan
Crazy House (1943) as Judge
Hitler's Madman (1943) as Nepomuk
The Nazis take revenge on a Czech village after one of their most sadistic commanders is assassinated there.
Private Snuffy Smith (1942) as The sergeant [Cooper]
Snuffy Smith (Bud Duncan), moonshining hillbilly, grows tired of dodging revenue agents, headed by Cooper (Edgar Kennedy), and decides to take the army up on their offer of free clothes, food and $21.00 a month. Once enlisted, he finds that revenue agent Cooper is his sergeant. Don (Jimmie Dodd), a hillbilly soldier friend of Snuffy, has invented a range finder, but it is stolen by some fifth columnists and hidden in Snuffy's bag. Snuffy decides he has all the army discipline he cares for and heads back to Smokey Mountain, followed closely by the enemy agents.
There's One Born Every Minute (1942) as Moe Carson
The advertising slogans of Jimmy Hanagan (Tom Brown) and the lab reports reveal that the patented prepared pudding invented by Lemuel P. Twine (Hugh Herbert) has a treasure of Vitamin Z and is full of Zumph. Lemuel's daughter, Helen (Peggy Moran) is in love with Jimmy but her mother wants her to marry Lester Cadwalader, Jr. (Scott Jordan), son of Cadwalader, Sr.(Guy Kibbee), political boss of the city and mentor and whip of the present mayor, Moe Carson (Edgar Kennedy). Cadwalader is backing Twine for mayor even though he knows he can't win, as he wants to keep a stronger candidate out of the running. But after the discovery of Zumph in Twine's pudding, Cadwalader realizes that Twine will win the election. He has Twine's pudding branded as a fake and Twine as a fraud. But Lemuel comes from a long line of fighting Twines and, as he dozes, his ancestors appear before him telling him to fight to the end.
Pardon My Stripes (1942) as Warden Bingham
Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1942) as Sgt. Gatling
In Old California (1942) as Kegs McKeever
Boston pharmacist Tom Craig comes to Sacramento, where he runs afoul of local political boss Britt Dawson, who exacts protection payment from the citizenry. Dawson frames Craig with poisoned medicine, but Craig redeems himself during a Gold Rush epidemic.
Too Many Blondes (1941) as Hotel manager
Blondie in Society (1941) as Doctor
Dagwood brings home a pedigreed Great Dane which an important company client wants and which Blondie enters in the big dog show. A highlight of this film is the canine burping display.
Public Enemies (1941) as Biff
The Bride Wore Crutches (1941) as Captain McGuire
Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (1940) as Sheriff Gregory
Dr. Christian Meets the Women (1940) as George Browning
Margie (1940) as Chauncey
Remedy for Riches (1940) as George Browning
Li'l Abner (1940) as Cornelius Cornpone
Sandy Is a Lady (1940) as Officer Rafferty
Sandy Gets Her Man (1940) as Fire Chief Galvin
The Quarterback (1940) as "Pops"
Everything's on Ice (1939) as Joe Barton
It's a Wonderful World (1939) as Lieutenant Miller
A runaway poetess helps a fugitive prove himself innocent of murder charges.
Little Accident (1939) as Paper hanger
Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939) as Inspector Dailey
Scotty Hamilton is a reporter who works for a crooked editor. Bill Banning is another reporter who is about to expose the editor's ties to the mob. When the editor is killed, both reporter Banning and mobster Tony Garcia are suspected. However, Hamilton's friend Edgar Bergen solves the case (without much help from Charlie McCarthy).
Laugh It Off (1939) as Judge McGuinnis
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus (1938) as Arthur Bailey
The Black Doll (1938) as Sheriff Renick
Nicholas Rood (C. Henry Gordon), dishonest mine owner, finds a Black Doll on his desk and knows that vengeance is about to overtake him for murdering his former partner. He is knifed as he talks to his daughter Marian (Nan Grey). She summons her fiance Nick Halstead (Donald Woods), a private detective. He finds that six people had a motive for the murder; Rood's sister Mrs.Laura Leland (Doris Lloyd); her son Rex (William Lundigan); Rood's associates Mallison(Addison Richards) and Walling (Arthur Hohl); Esteban (Fred Malatesta), a servant and Dr. Giddings (Holmes Herbert.) Sheriff Renick (Edgar Kennedy) and his deputy Red (Syd Saylor) get the clues all mixed up, but Nick finally narrows the search down to one suspect...
Scandal Street (1938) as Daniel Webster Smith
Hollywood Hotel (1938) as Callaghan
A small-town boy wins a Hollywood talent contest.
True Confession (1937) as Darsey
A compulsive liar, married to a scrupulously honest lawyer, confesses to a murder she didn''''t commit to help further his career.
Double Wedding (1937) as Spike
A dress designer tries to break her sister's engagement to a free-living artist, only to discover the man is falling for her instead.
A Star Is Born (1937) as Randall
A fading matinee idol marries the young beginner he's shepherded to stardom.
When's Your Birthday? (1937) as Mr. [Henry] Basscombe
An astrologer trusts the stars to make him a championship boxer.
When You're in Love (1937) as Michael O'Brien
An Australian opera singer hires a husband so she can work in the U.S.
Super-Sleuth (1937) as Lieutenant Garrison
A movie detective gets carried away with his role and starts trying to solve real-life crimes.
San Francisco (1936) as Sheriff
A beautiful singer and a battling priest try to reform a Barbary Coast saloon owner in the days before the big earthquake.
Robin Hood of El Dorado (1936) as Sheriff Judd
A Mexican turns bandit when his wife is murdered.
Fatal Lady (1936) as Rudolf Hochstetter
Three Men on a Horse (1936) as Harry
Gangsters kidnap a timid poet with a knack for picking winning horses.
The Bride Comes Home (1936) as Henry
Mad Holiday (1936) as [Sergeant] Donovan
A temperamental film star''''s vacation turns deadly when he uncovers a murder.
Yours for the Asking (1936) as Bicarbonate
Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income. But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Lucille onto the straight-and-narrow path, which would not be good for business. So they hire Gert Malloy and Dictionary McKinney, a pair of con-artists, to manipulate Johnny back off the path of righteousness.
The Return of Jimmy Valentine (1936) as Callahan
It's Up to You (1936) as Elmer Block
Small Town Girl (1936) as Captain Mack
After marrying a drunken playboy, a young girl tries to capture his heart while he's sober.
$1,000 a Minute (1935) as McCarthy
Little Big Shot (1935) as Onderdonk
Small-time hoods turn nursemaid when a gangster's daughter is orphaned.
Rendezvous at Midnight (1935) as Mahoney
In Person (1935) as Doorman
A movie star runs off to the mountains for an incognito vacation.
Living on Velvet (1935) as Counterman
A guilt-ridden pilot finds a new outlook on life when he falls for a society girl.
The Cowboy Millionaire (1935) as Persimmon Bates
Woman Wanted (1935) as Sweeney
An innocent woman is chased by both gangsters and the police.
Twentieth Century (1934) as [Oscar] McGonigle
A tempestuous theatrical director tries to win back the star he created and then drove away.
We're Rich Again (1934) as Healy
A society couple gone broke tries to land a wealthy husband for their daughter.
Money Means Nothing (1934) as Herbert Green
Flirting with Danger (1934) as Jimmy Pierson
All of Me (1934) as Guard
Gridiron Flash (1934) as "Pinkie" Thurston
A college football team recruits a tough convict.
King Kelly of the U.S.A. (1934) as Happy [Moran]
The Silver Streak (1934) as O'Brien
On its inaugural run, a high-speed train has to race a polio victim to an iron lung.
Heat Lightning (1934) as The husband
A lady gas station attendant gets mixed up with escaped murderers.
The Marines Are Coming (1934) as Buck Martin
When Lt. "Wild Bill" Traynor, bad boy of the Marine Corps, arrives at a San Diego Marine Base, he is surprised to discover he has been assigned to duty under his old rival, Captain Benton (Conrad Nagel). While eluding the advances of Rosita (Armida), a Latin dancer, Bill becomes involved with Benton's fiancee, Dorothy Manning (Esther Ralston), whom he quickly wins and Benton accepts the impending marriage. On his wedding eve, Bill, in the company of Rosita, becomes involved in a fracas in a gambling joint in nearby Tia Juana. Rosita disappears and Dorothy calls off the wedding. As Dorthy sails for Latin America, Bill resigns in disgrace from the Marines, but re-enters as a Private. Ordered to duty in Ponta Miguel, Bill discovers that Dorothy's father (Hale Hamilton) is the governor. His old nemesis Benton has Bill sent to the guardhouse and Bill is vowing revenge when he is released, only to find that Benton is being held prisoner by a jungle bandit known as The Torch (George Regas.) Posing as a drunk and renegade, Bill enters the bandit's camp and, by mending a disabled machine gun, wins the confidence of the bandit leader. Bill later mans the gun against the bandits who have prepared a trap for the Marine patrol searching for Benton.
Kid Millions (1934) as Herman
A musical comedy about a Brooklyn boy (Eddie Cantor) who inherits a fortune from his archaeologist father, but has to go to Egypt to claim it.
Tillie and Gus (1933) as Judge
Tillie and Augustus Winterbottom are thought to be missionaries when they arrive to find Phineas Pratt trying cheat the Sheridans out of her father's inheritance, including a ferry franchise and a boat. The only way to keep the franchise is to win a race against Pratt's boat.
Professional Sweetheart (1933) as Kelsey
A radio star''''s pure image leads to a fake engagement to a hayseed.
Duck Soup (1933) as Street vendor
When he's named dictator of Freedonia, a con artist declares war on the neighboring kingdom.
Diplomaniacs (1933) as Presiding delegate
An Indian tribe sends two nitwits to a conference in Geneva.
Son of the Border (1933) as Windy
A lawman adopts the son of an outlaw he accidentally killed.
Cross Fire (1933) as Ed Wimpy
A war hero takes on gangsters who have invaded a wild West town.
Scarlet River (1933) as Sam Gilroy
During location shooting, a movie cowboy is called upon to act like the real thing.
Westward Passage (1932) as Elmer
An heiress gives up her fortune to wed a poor novelist, then dreams of giving their children the finer things.
Carnival Boat (1932) as Baldy
A logger defies his father to court a showgirl.
Penguin Pool Murder (1932) as Donovan
A feisty school teacher sets out to solve a murder in an aquarium.
Little Orphan Annie (1932) as Daddy Warbucks
Rockabye (1932) as Driver
A Broadway star tries to hold onto an adopted child and a younger man.
Hold 'Em Jail (1932) as The warden [Elmer Jones]
Two salesmen sent to jail on trumped-up charges build a prison football team.
Quick Millions (1931) as Policeman
Truck driver Bugs Raymond organizes the trucking associations and takes protection money. Now rich, he decides to marry socialite Dorothy Stone. She rejects him for another, so he makes plans to kidnap her on her wedding day.
Bad Company (1931) as Buffington
When she learns her husband and brother are involved with the mob, a woman decides to straighten them out.
They Had To See Paris (1929) as Ed Eggers
Oklahoma mechanic Pike Peters finds himself part owner of an oil field. His wife Idy, hitherto content, decides the family must go to Paris to get "culture" and meet "the right kind of people." Pike and his grown son and daughter soon have flirtatious French admirers; Idy rents a chateau from an impoverished aristocrat; while Pike responds to each new development with homespun wit. In the inevitable clash, will pretentiousness and sophistication or common sense triumph?
Wedding Bill$ (1927) as Detective
The Wrong Mr. Wright (1927) as Trayguard
My Old Dutch (1926) as Bill Sproat
The Golden Princess (1925) as Gewilliker Hay
His People (1925) as Thomas Nolan
The two sons of a poor Jewish pushcart peddler on New York's Lower East Side are both causing their father grief. One, a selfish, ambitious student, wants to become a lawyer, and in doing so tries to hide his background from his friends. The other brother gets a job to help pay his brother's college education, and to his father's horror, becomes a prizefighter and plans to marry an Irish girl.
The Night Message (1924) as Lem Beeman
Fatty's Tintype Tangle (1915)
In this silent short, a henpecked husband is mistaken for a beautiful woman's jealous husband.
Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition (1915)
In this silent short, a young husband at the San Diego Exposition can't restrain his wandering eye.
Wished on Mabel (1915)
In this silent short, a thief causes complications for a woman, her boyfriend and her over-protective mother.
Knockout, The (1914)
In this silent short, a young man tries to impress his girlfriend by signing on for a boxing match.
Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) as Restaurant owner
In this silent film, a con man dupes a wealthy country girl into marriage.
Fatty Joins the Force (1913)
In this silent short, a young man's heroism lands him a job as a policeman, but he comes to regret it.

Director (short)

Fifty Million Husbands (1930)
In this short film, an estranged couple visit their old apartment inhabited by new tenants, who misunderstand the purpose of their visit.
Bigger and Better (1930)
Several boys take summer jobs in a department store so they can make money and meet girls, but the jobs do not turned out as planned in this comedic short.

Cast (short)

It's Your Move (1945)
In this comedic short, a tenant must come up with the down payment on a house or the landlord will sell it from under him.
'Taint Legal (1940)
A series of misadventures ensue in this comedic short film when a married couple learn they may not legally be married.
Gasoloons (1935)
In this short film, a family on vacation decides to buy a filling station... with comedic results.
Love Fever (1931)
In this comedic short, neighbors mistake an actress rehearsing her death scene for the real act.
Help Wanted, Female (1931)
A new housekeeper, her son, and two not-too-bright burglars wreak havoc at a doctor''''s office in this comedic short.
High Gear (1931)
A group of friends take a borrowed car out for a drive and find trouble at every turn in this comedic short.
Ladies Last (1930)
In this short film, a group of boys boycott a local dance when the girls insist the men wear tuxedos.
The Big Kick (1930)
A filling station owner and his girlfriend are caught in the middle of a gunfight in this comedic short film.
The Head Guy (1930)
Things take a turn for the worse when comedian Harry Langdon is made the temporary stationmaster in this short film.
The First Seven Years (1930)
A boy gets in a duel over the affections of a girl in this short comedy.
Doctor's Orders (1930)
Several friends stage a phony car accident so their girlfriends will have to nurse them back to health in this comedic short.
Fifty Million Husbands (1930)
In this short film, an estranged couple visit their old apartment inhabited by new tenants, who misunderstand the purpose of their visit.
Looser Than Loose (1930)
In this comedic short film, Charley Chase must impress an important client without breaking up his engagement.
Dollar Dizzy (1930)
In this short film, two millionaires try to escape the suitors out to marry them for their money.
Girl Shock (1930)
A man goes into hysterics whenever his fiancée touches him in this comedic short.
The Real McCoy (1930)
Charley Chase pretends to be a hillbilly to impress a country girl in this short film.
Bigger and Better (1930)
Several boys take summer jobs in a department store so they can make money and meet girls, but the jobs do not turned out as planned in this comedic short.
Night Owls (1930)
In this short film, two vagrants try to help a police officer save his reputation.
Ladrones ("Night Owls", Spanish) (1930)
Spanish language version of Laurel and Hardy''''s "Night Owls", in which two vagrants try to help a police officer save his reputation.
Bacon Grabbers (1929)
Stan and Ollie find work as debt collectors in this short film.
Angora Love (1929)
In this silent short film, a runaway goat adopts two apartment dwellers and causes problems with their landlord.
Perfect Day (1929)
Plans for a nice Sunday picnic seemed doomed even before two families get into the car in this comedy short.
The Big Squawk (1929)
A shy man tries to win over his girl in this silent short film.
Great Gobs (1929)
Charley Chase gets involved in a free-for-all in a Mexican cantina in this comedic short film.
Hotter Than Hot (1929)
A man is trapped with a beautiful woman in a burning building in this comedic short film.
The Finishing Touch (1928)
Laurel and Hardy are contracted to build a house in one day in this short silent comedy.
The Boy Friend (1928)
Two parents attempt to scare off their daughter''''s new boyfriend in this short silent comedy.
Hearts and Flowers (1919)
Complications ensue in this short silent comedy when an orchestra leader falls in love with a flower girl.
Madcap Ambrose (1916)
In this short silent comedy, romantic complications ensue at a boarding house when a maid inherits a fortune.
His Bitter Pill (1916)
A big-hearted sheriff competes with a city slicker for the love of a girl in this silent short comedy.
Ambrose's First Falsehood (1914)
In this silent short film, a man lies to his wife to sneak off to a bar... but the lie soon catches up with him!
The Noise of Bombs (1914)
Four desperadoes attempt to blow up the house of a police constable in this silent short comedy.
The Speed Kings (1913)
A father attempts to thwart a woman''''s romantic infatuation with a race car driver in this silent short film.
Bangville Police (1913)
A young daughter calls the police after strangers enter her family''''s barn in this silent short comedy.
Mabel's Dramatic Career (1913)
After jilting his kitchen maid girlfriend, a man is startled to see her onscreen at the local cinema in this short film.

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