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Art Director (feature film)

Tango & Cash (1989)
After being set up by the Mafia, two rival policeman are forced to ban together to free themselves, and clear their names.
Superdome (1978)
A silent killer stalks New Orleans and threatens the Super Bowl football game, putting a roster fill of familiar TV faces in jeopardy in this mini-version of "Two Minute Warning."
Telethon (1977)
Romance, intrigue, danger and possibly murder are among the behind-the-scenes elements surrounding a multimillion-dollar fund-raising telethon with an all-star TV cast assembled against a Las Vegas backdrop.
Drum (1976)
Hammond Maxwell is the son of a slave owner who buys Drum and Blaise from Drum's mother who is the hostess of a bordello. Drum's girlfriend Regine is also purchased to be a mistress for Maxwell, but Augusta Chauvet, who has designs on him is opposed to that plan. After stoically enduring all the ind
Carrie (1976) as Art Direction
A young teenage girl wreaks telekinetic vengeance on her high school tormentors and religious-nut mother.
Sweet Revenge (1976)
A public defender tries to reform a female car thief.
Jigsaw (1972)
In this pilot for the 1972-73 series, a detective specializing in missing-persons cases finds himself accused of murder after being found unconscious in the apartment of a slain state official. Wainwright proved to be a rather unlikely though likeable TV series hero.

Production Designer (feature film)

Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)
Annie Porter''s last boyfriend Jack--a daredevil cop--didn''t turn out to be too much of a romantic type and they have long since parted ways. She''s now dating a much quieter, relaxed guy. To be sure, Alex Shaw also works in law enforcement, but he drives a ten-speed bike, and his most perilous duty is busting teenage pickpockets at Venice Beach. Alex, who''s actually a member of an elite SWAT unit, hides the nature of his actual duties, for fear of losing Annie. He will do anything to make it up to her and when he gets caught by Annie in the midst of making a fearless arrest, Alex quickly produces a pair of tickets for what promises to be the ultimate vacation. Destination: the Caribbean... on board the world''s most luxurious cruise liner. Six days of romance, rest and relaxation in paradise. It almost sounds to good to be true. It is...
Eraser (1996)
It''s Federal Marshal John Kruger''s duty to keep witnesses hidden within the government''s Witness Protection Program safe. Now he must protect Lee Cullen, who inadvertently uncovered a scheme to deliver one of the most advanced super-weapons ever developed--the rail gun--into hands that could shift the world''s balance of power forever. What she doesn''t know is that the conspiracy reaches the highest levels of government and industry, and the players involved will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing the truth. Kruger is matched against an unknown challenger whose cunning skill equals his own as he guards Lee against the conspirators. As Kruger himself falls under suspicion as the traitor within the program, he sets out to prove his innocence to Robert Deguerin, his mentor, and Beller, the head of the WPP. In a world where allies could be enemies, Kruger and Lee come to trust only each other as the deadly players in the conspiracy close in on them, and time continues to run out.
River Wild, The (1994)
A former white water rafting and fishing guide takes her troubled 10-year-old son on a rafting trip, along with her workaholic husband Tom, whom she is thinking of divorcing. During the trip, the three meet up with two men; one of whom bonds with the son and takes an interest in the mother as well.
Little Giants (1994)
When she doesn't make her uncle's football team because of her sex, Becky, the coach's niece, gets her own father to coach another team representing those who didn't make the cut and the two brothers face off in a high school football game.
Under Siege (1992)
It''s up to the cook to save the day when terrorists take over a nuclear-armed battleship in "Under Siege" (1992), the action-packed thriller that captures Steven Seagal at the zenith of his stardom. Seagal is the former Navy SEAL turned cook who is on the scene when Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey lead a siege on the USS Missouri. Leaving the ship''s galley, he declares a one-man war, taking out the intruders with neck-breaking high kicks and furious fists. Erika Eleniak and Patrick O''Neal costar.
Oscar (1991)
Despite the bad influences that surround him, a mobster promises his dying father that he''ll go straight.
Lock Up (1989)
A model prisoner with only six months left to serve in a minimum security facility, is transferred to a maximum security prison run by a vicious warden.
Rambo III (1988)
Unfolding at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, the story revolves around Rambo going to the aid of his friend Colonel Trautman who asks his assistance with a dangerous mission.
Harry's Hong Kong (1987)
A world-weary, globe-trotting, Hong Kong-based soldier of fortune -- an "old China hand" in an unsoiled white suit -- gets mixed up in the murder of a long-time pal and in police corruption in this busted series pilot that had been sitting on some shelf in Aaron Spelling's office apparently for some
Big Town, The (1987)
A hot young gambler gets caught between a mob boss and his moll.
Cobra (1986) as Production Designer
Los Angeles policeman Lt. Marion "Cobra" Cobretti finds himself at the center of a spate of murders carried out by a secret society called New Order: killers who select weak members of society for extermination. As the murder rate rises, Cobra takes model Ingrid into protective custody after she witnesses New Order''s leader in action. As Cobra falls for Ingrid, they find shelter in a small town but must soon fight for survival.
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
Rambo is pulled from a federal prison to lead a mission into Vietnam to rescue surviving POW's from the Vietnam War.
Rocky IV (1985)
The heavyweight champ takes on a Soviet super-boxer in a bout that creates an international furor.
Windy City (1984)
Tank (1984)
When his son winds up in jail for a crime he did not commit, a dedicated Army sergeant decides to take matters into his own hands and becomes a media hero for using his restored Sherman tank on the Georgia sheriff who framed his son.
Eddie Macon's Run (1983)
After being arrested on a false charges in Alabama, Eddie Macon breaks out of jail. Macon is heading for Laredo, Texas where he intends to cross the border into Mexico to be with his wife and son, but a local lawman named Marzack is in hot pursuit of him.
Tough Enough (1983)
Art Long wanted to be a country singer, but has been supporting his family by working as tree-trimmer. Tired of this, Art turns to entering Tough Man boxing contests, in which the fighters beat each other brutally. As Art sinks into this violent world, he drifts further away from his dream of a mus
Body Heat (1981) as Production Designer
A femme fatale seduces a Florida lawyer and convinces him to kill her husband.
The Mountain Men (1980)
The story of two rowdy hunters living in the mountains, drinking and fighting off attacks.
Change of Seasons, A (1980)
Karen Evans is married to Adam, an arrogant professor. When Karen learns that Adam is having an affair with one of his students, she gets even with him by having her own affair with a young carpenter who works on the campus. Adam is outraged when he finds out about this, but Kate counters that if he
Uncle Joe Shannon (1978)
A struggling jazz musician is devastated by the deaths of his wife and child. He is on the verge of suicide when he meets a young man who with a physical disability. They become friends who provide each other with the support they need to get on with their lives.
Choirboys, The (1977)
The careers and personal lives of a group of bigoted and hard-drinking Los Angeles policemen are examined. Although the officers provide emotional support for each other, they are lacking in sensitivity and judgement on the job. And when one of them accidentally shoots a teenage homosexual in a city

Film Production - Main (feature film)

For Keeps (1988)
Darcy Elliot and Stan Bobrucz are young, smart, ambitious high school seniors focused on college and their future professional careers. However, when the couple discover that Darcy is pregnant, their plans get thrown out the window. Deciding against abortion or adoption, Darcy and Stan decide to c
Twins (1988)
Six men combine their sperm in order for a beautiful woman to give birth to a superior infant. However, when two boys are born, they are separated at birth, and do not meet again until they are adults.
Who's That Girl? (1987)
A hapless New Yorker's rich future father-in-law orders him to escort a bleached blonde out of town.
Fletch (1985)
A crusading reporter dons a variety of disguises to get the story on a drug ring.

Cinematography (special)

Pieces of Mind (1997)
Explores science's continuing effort to understand the human brain. Host Alan Alda visits brain scientists studying dreaming, memory and language.
Flying High (1996)
Host Alan Alda takes viewers aloft to reveal the flight secrets of birds, insects and airplanes. Segments are entitled "Eternal Wing," "Taking to the Air," "Cockpit Confusion," "Bird Man," and "Robo-Fliers."
Creatures of the Deep (1996)
Host Alan Alda takes viewers on an oceanographic expedition to study the seas' least-known region: the vast, permanently dark middle depths. Also includes segments on shark-tracking in Hawaii, fossilized sea shells, the octopus, and an alarm system that will steer humpbacked whales from fishing nets
21st Century Medicine (1996)
Examination of the technological revolution in medicine, including a revolutionary technique for removing a brain tumor ("Image Guided Surgery"); virtual reality used as therapy to treat phobias ("Virtual Fear"); a new gene therapy that doctors think will make invasive bypass surgery obsolete ("Bypa
It's a Kid's World (1995)
Examination of how and when children from 2 months to 13 years of age first learn to coordinate their movements, how they acquire language skills, how their thought processes develop.
Dragon Science (1995)
Host Alan Alda takes viewers to China for visits to a spectacular mummy find; a probe of traditional Chinese medicine; Southern Chinese rice paddies with scientists endeavoring to increase production; and the site of the controversial Three Gorges Dam.
Wild West (1995)
In search of the science behind the legends, host Alan Alda tracks rattlesnakes in the Sonoran Desert, searches for gold in the Sierra Nevada, uses forensic medicine to identify some of the casualties at the site of Custer's Last Stand at Little Bighorn. survives a close encounter with some scorpion
Prime Time Primates (1995)
Examination of the differences and similarities between humans and nonhuman primates.
Life's Big Questions (1994) as Videotape Editor
Questions explored in this program from the series of science magazine specials include: How did the universe begin? Where did life come from? How does evolution work? Will robots ever take over from humans?
Science of Sports, The (1994) as Videotape Editor
Science magazine special examining the relationship between science and sports. Segments include: a rock climber replaces his lost legs with mechanical ones; swimmers go further and faster by understanding the biomechanics of swimming; automobile designers help a team of Olympic hopefuls design a f
About All You Can Eat (1994) as Videotape Editor
Explores the strange, paradoxical and often amusing world of food. From the origins of ancient recipes to the latest developments in dog food, from the struggle to lose weight to the search for a genetic cause for obesity, the special reveals the work scientists are doing about food and our relation

Editing (special)

On the Ball (2002)
Documentary that explores the way science and technology are improving the world of sports for athletes, officials and even spectators. Alan Alda travels to Calgary to visit with Joan Vickers, whose research has improved the skills of golfers and basketball, tennis and dart players. Alda also goes t
Wild Places (2001)
Documentary about extinction, emphasizing the realization that saving wildlife means preserving or restoring habitat. Alan Alda travels to the Great Plains to examine efforts to recreate the nearly extinct American prairie from present-day farms and ranches. In northern Oklahoma, the Nature Conserva
Affairs of the Heart (2001)
Documentary that examines advances in heart operations. The program follows up on two previously broadcast segments. First, Alda returns to a M*A*S*H*-like tent where he operated on a "casualty" using a remote surgical robot. In the update, he learns about advances in the artificial heart. Next, he
Alien Invasion (2001)
Alan Alda discusses with scientists and naturalists methods of combatting increasing threats from alien species: plants, animals, insects and diseases that wreak havoc in defenseless regions. In Segment 1, "The Silence of the Birds," brown tree snakes that were alien to Guam invaded the island, brin
Pet Tech (2001)
Documentary that explores the convergence of high technology and the family pet. Alan Alda meets an African Gray parrot with the cognitive abilities of a four-year-old child, and tries out high-tech games for bored parrots and lonely dogs.
Bionic Body, The (2001)
Examines the re-engineering of the human body, including recent advances in nerve regeneration to treat spinal cord injuries. The program looks at artificial nerve stimulation on paralysis victims using implanted electrodes and implanting silicone chips in retinas. Also, host Alan Alda speaks with C
Growing Up Different (2001)
Alan Alda meets several kids who are growing up different and the doctors and the researchers who are trying to mitigate the difficulties they face. Cochlear implants restore some hearing to a profoundly deaf child, the latest augmentative communication technology gives speech to a child without it,
Chimps R Us (2001)
The program takes a close look at humans' closest primate cousin, the chimpanzee. Alan Alda meets groundbreaking chimp researcher Jane Goodall, who devotes her energies now to chimp conservation. The growing and illegal "bushmeat" trade is decimating wild chimps throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Goodal
Flying Free (2001)
Alan Alda speaks with Paul MacCready, who set the world of aeronautical engineering on its head in the mid-1970s when he designed and built the first successful human-powered airplane. Now 75-years-old, MacCready continues to build flying machines. Alda and MacCready fly a variety of planes, ranging
Gene Hunters (2001)
Alan Alda meets with gene-hunting scientists, including Nobelist Jim Watson, the Human Genome Project's Eric Lander and developmental geneticist Nancy Hopkins. He also examines a controversial gene therapy project that's attempting to grow new blood vessels in diseased hearts.
Fat and Happy? (2001)
The program tackles America's latest epidemic: obesity. Twenty-five percent of adults are clinically obese. Even more alarming, 20 percent of children are obese, and the number is rapidly increasing. Alan Alda visits with Dr. George Blackburn of the Center for the Study of Nutrition at Beth Israel D
Life's Little Questions II (2001)
Host Alan Alda visits the lab of Christine Harris, a University of California, San Diego, psychologist, to ask: Why can't humans tickle themselves and what makes them ticklish in the first place? Alda asks Robert Provine at the University of Maryland Baltimore County: What is laughter and why do peo
Dead Men's Tales (2001)
Alan Alda meets scientists reconstructing mysterious past events from the evidence of excavated remains. Stories include the mysterious destruction of the Jamestown colony and the unconfirmed hanging of outlaw Wild Bill Longley.
SuperPeople (2000)
The program examines the feats humans can accomplish. From extreme deep diving and extraordinary memory feats, to prolonged space travel, people are pushing themselves to the limits of human performance.
Never Say Die (2000)
Documentary that explores the progress being made in understanding aging and dying. As scientists unravel the biological mysteries of aging, they're coming up with dramatic ideas for halting -- or reversing -- the aging process.
Frontiers Decade (2000)
A look back on the progress of science over the last decade of the 20th century by revisiting more than 200 different stories shown on "Scientific American Frontiers." course of human events. But today, its heritage of history and nature is at risk. The search is on for a killer algae that escaped f
Mediterranean on the Rocks (2000)
For thousands of years the Mediterranean Sea has shaped the course of human events. But today, its heritage of history and nature is at risk. The search is on for a killer algae that escaped from Monaco's aquarium. An unlikely candidate to combat the algae is a voracious sea slug from Cape Canaveral
Changing Your Mind (2000)
The program introduces two young women whose brains have remodeled themselves -- one temporarily in response to a week of being blindfolded, the other permanently after a devastating brain injury before birth. They are dramatic examples of "neuroplasticity," the brain's ability to re-wire itself.
Life's Really Big Questions (2000)
Documentary that tackles some of the hot topics facing scientists today: Are there other worlds like ours? Why did animals suddenly appear on Earth when only microbes existed for billions of years? What made humans different from all other living things? Will robots one day outgrow their need for hu
Spiders! (1999)
Explores the world of spiders. Viewers see colonies of thousands that live together in silken nests in the Amazonian rain forest; nine-inch-long tarantulas that sing and reveal why they are so hairy; spiders that stalk other spiders; and a virtual spider that cured a case of arachnophobia.
Life's Little Questions (1999)
Answers to simple and aggravating questions, such as: Why does traffic slow and even stop on a highway? Why are peppers hot? Is there a remedy for jet lag? Why do coffee cups leave rings on surfaces? How do sand castles stand up?
Animal Einsteins (1999)
Scientists show that their latest experiments are beginning to reveal how animals think.
Natural Born Robots (1999)
Nature still defeats human beings in designing machines that can live comfortably in the world around them. Taking the hint, engineers trying to create robots increasingly are turning to living creatures for inspiration. From a giant mechanical cockroach to robotic flying insects, from robotunas to
Voyage to the Galapagos (1999)
Following in Darwin's footsteps, Alan Alda travels to the Galapagos Islands to meet the animals and birds that inspired the theory of evolution. He is joined by scientists who witness the daily struggle for survival that has shaped the Islands' wild life.
Expedition Panama (1997)
Special explores the habits of bats and other creatures of the rain forest in Panama. Also tracks innovative research aimed at restoring the rain forest, watches bees communicate the precise location and height of food, scans the canopy of the forest in a crane, enters the world of leaf-cutter ants,
Robots Alive! (1997)
Host Alan Alda visits robots with minds of their own, such as COG, an autonomous robot with the mind of a six-month-old baby. Alda also introduces viewers to participants in an intelligent robot contest, where he meets the latest incarnation of an old acquaintance from a previous show, an autonomous
Beyond Science? (1997)
Examines the world of pseudoscience, highlighted by a reconstruction of the infamous Roswell "alien autopsy" film. Includes reports on palmistry, dowsers used to find well water, the search for "zero-point energy"; and why modern hospitals turn to "therapeutic touch," manipulating patients' "energy
America and the Holocaust -- Deceit and Indifference (1994)
A documentary examining America's response to the Holocaust and the social and political factors that affected government policy toward Jewish immigration. Focuses on the story of Kurt Klein who struggled against the bureaucracy at the State Department in an attempt to free his parents.

Art Director (TV Mini-Series)

Attack on Terror (1975)
A fact-based drama, supposedly drawn from FBI files, detailing the story of three civil rights workers who were murdered in Mississippi in 1964 and the subsequent investigation leading to the conviction of seven Ku Klux Klansmen.

Production Designer (TV Mini-Series)

Robert Kennedy and His Times (1985)
Brad Davis offered up his Robert Kennedy interpretation in this three-part, seven-hour dramatization of Arthur Schlesinger Jr.'s biography. Davis followed in the acting footsteps of other Robert Kennedys over the years, like Martin Sheen (who later played brother Jack) in "The Missiles of October,"

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