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Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr



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  • Deborah Kerr

    • Mary Fisher
    • 2019-03-24

    How can anyone not recognized the contributions of Deborah Kerr to world cinema? No one can compare to her beauty,dignity, elegance, and discipline. as displayed in all of her films. She appeared in so many great films: Black Narcissis, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, From Here to Eternit, Tea and Sympathy, Night of the Iguana, to name just a few. She always showed the most human qualities in her portrayals of real people. I especially admired that she was not afraid to appear unattractive in her films: Separate Tables is one example. One of my favorites, The Sundowners, should have won her the best actress award. She deserves to have a star of the month showing of her best films on TCM. Who cannot agree?

  • A Note for Her Family

    • Judith Pugsley
    • 2017-08-09

    My favorite Deborah Kerr film is Black Narcissus....England's finest actresses were conscripted for this one, and they enriched the fabulous, complex film so well....Ms. Kerr was perfect as the sister Superior....Supervisor of 4 other Nuns building a settlement of schools and hospitals in the Hymalayas..........That was her talent...She was the Meryl Streep of her age....They have a knack for conveying feeling, and getting it right....Sister Ruth(Kathleen Byron)Was the perfect foil for Ms. Kerr's character....I would like to thank her daughters for making the film available....and encourage others to see it....The Nuns are perfect, the story line is exceptional,and the main point....namely that we are who we are and are likely to remain so, is a lesson....This lady was gifted&remained so for her entire 45 film career.....

  • She was a dancer

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-11-02

    It seems that other voters dont know she was also a dancer.

  • Black Narcissus

    • Pat
    • 2010-02-25

    Ms Kerr displayed the briefest, subtlest flicker of pride and pleasure when she hears she will be the mother superior to a small band of nuns headed for a mission in the Hymalayas. She is a marvellous actress.

  • Kerr's 2nd death anniversary

    • Deborah Black
    • 2009-10-16

    Deborah Kerr's films are still wonderful to this day!! Could not believe she's been gone 2 years, exactly today. Kudos for all the films you left behind !!

  • The Best!

    • Sid
    • 2009-09-30

    I <3 you Deborah Kerr!! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Deborah!!

    • Jordan
    • 2009-09-30

    Happy Birthday Deborah! You were truly an amazing, inspirational woman and are missed!!!! <3

  • Great

    • Ruby
    • 2009-03-20

    I am a huge fan of Deborah Kerr I love her she one of my favorite movie stars I love her in the movie "From Here To Eternity" I also like her in "The King And I".Its to bad she she died last year.I wish I could have met her.

  • Her passing

    • ardy
    • 2009-03-11

    She died Oct 17th 2007

  • Happy Birthday!

    • Jordan
    • 2008-09-30

    Sadly Deborah passed away last year only 16 days after her birthday, but Happy 87th Birthday today Deborah!! :D <3

  • I See a Dark Stranger was pure joy.

    • Mike Dilts
    • 2008-08-22

    Loved the Irish backdrop, the plot and the historic setting. Great movie.


    • Sergei P. Naramore
    • 2008-03-24

    Deborah Kerr is my absolute favorite actress of all time. A lot of others had perhaps equal or greater beauty, but few others compared to her for the class she brought to her roles, and none matched her "spunk" that seemed to be a trademark of her characters. Her performances are simply delightful, and any movie that she is in is always a joy to watch, even over and over.

  • One Classy Lady

    • Lisa
    • 2008-03-23

    My very favorite actress. Her gorgeous eyes were a sight to behold. Hollywood doesn't make 'em like this anymore.

  • The Scottish Rose

    • Jill Pequet
    • 2007-12-18

    What to say about Deborah Kerr that has not been already said? She has always been my favorite actress. I vowed at a young age that i would meet her some day but sadly that chance is gone. I am an actress as well and in many of my characters I do certain things that are very Deborah, I sometimes do the hand ringing and the look down. I have also done the eyebrow raise. When I was little my favorite movie was and still is The King and I, I watched it for a whole week straight once or twice. Her ability to act in such a broad spectrum of characters is a rare talent. From the despairing nun at Mopu in the Black Narcissus to the desperate housewife needing excitement in Gypsy Moths. She was truly a treasure and delight on the screen and i will be forever singing her praises. I learned so much from her from the way she handled her private life to the way she acted on screen. I will forever miss you Deborah Kerr your memory will live forever on the silver screen. "Hold the thought" I will always cherish you. Jill Pequet

  • One of the greats

    • Roseann
    • 2007-10-24

    One of the very best actresses ever, there was so much honesty in each peerformance. She was truly deprived of the Oscar several times, especially for my favorite The Sundowners. I hope there is going to be a tribute day of her movies.

  • death of a star-rhymes with kerr

    • michael york
    • 2007-10-19

    what i always found so compelling abut her was not just the variety of roles she played, but, to me at least, her most famous roles in from here to eternity and the king and i were actually two of her weakest although admittedly she did look fab in a bathing suit wish she could have won an oscar especially for two roles for which she was not nominated-black narcissus and the innocents i also adored heaven knows mr allison with mitchum made in the same year as the more famous an affair to remember anyway thanks for all the great and memorable work i hoped you knew when you died how adored you were and how much entertainment you gave

  • Quiet Artistry

    • aeolus
    • 2007-10-19

    Her movie are still enjoyable to be seen on TMC even after after 50 years. Her voice is still now; but her movies bring her back for others to hear. She had an off camera look that was sexy. In person, I heard that her laugh was warm and light. Her best film, in my judgement, was the "Black Narcissus"

  • In a Class by Herself

    • Blair
    • 2007-10-18

    Alfred Hitchcock is supposed to have lamented the passing of what, even then, he saw as Hollywood's golden era by asking, "Where today is Norma Shearer?" That sentiment now applies to Deborah Kerr. She combined beauty and brains in a quintessentially English persona, and her passing reminds us again how impoverished contemporary cinema is. Plenty of actresses are sexy but dim, and one major star of our generation is brilliant but far from sexy . . . but Deborah Kerr had it all, in perfect proportion.

  • Rest In Eternal Peace Deborah Kerr! :'(

    • Joannie
    • 2007-10-18

    I heard that Deborah Kerr died. She was my favourite actress and I have seen many of ehr movies. I think she is a fabulous actress who filled the hearts of many. I cried all the way home when I found out. I love you Deborah Kerr, you will never die in our hearts.

  • Deborah Kerr RIP

    • Krista Natale
    • 2007-10-18

    I just heard today that Deborah Kerr passed away at 86!!!!!! I hope there will be a day for her on TCM!!!!!!!!

  • first oscar nomoination

    • henny
    • 2007-08-19

    actually her first nomination came in 1950---for her performance in edward, my son (1949)

  • Wonderful

    • Maria
    • 2007-07-22

    Deborah Kerr is my favorite actress. No one can compare. She was underrated for her performances. She had it all- beauty, talent, grace, and a fiery personality under that prim and proper exterior. She is one of the actresses who can really make you believe that she in living the story, not acting.

  • Brilliant and beautiful

    • jill
    • 2007-07-17

    I have loved and admired her above all others since first seeing her in The King and I. She just has something special which touches your heart. So brilliant in her early films such as LIfe and death of Colonel Blimp and Black Narcissus among others, it seemed at times that hollywood had no worthy roles for her and did not use her full potential. Nevertheless she manged to get 6 Oscar nominations! And was robbed for at least one of those! There were so many other roles she would have been wonderful in. A very subtle and sensitive actress , she acts with her eyes. Also a brilliant theatre actress. So lovely and so lovable

  • My favorite

    • Lauren
    • 2007-07-05

    Deborah Kerr has always been my favorite actress and always will be. She's got it all!

  • Marvelous Actress

    • Megan
    • 2007-06-09

    Beauty, charm, and depth. Love Deborah Kerr.

  • Wonderful Actress Who Deserves to Rhyme with STAR!

    • Joannie
    • 2007-04-09

    Deborah Kerr is a wonderful actress who has the versitility of every character. Most people don't see her for what she is because they see her as a nun all the time, but if they look past that, they see a true talent. I wasn't able to se many of Miss Kerr's movies because where I live doesn't offer alot of them, but ever since Turner Classic Movies came to Canada, I've been able to tape and see alot of her films and I love them. Deborah Kerr is a marvelous actress who deserves to rhyme with STAR!

  • Best Actress of All Time!!

    • Kate
    • 2006-07-24

    I first came to know about Deborah in 2001 and i have love what she does ever since and she has inspired me to do drama. It is great to see the magic she brings to the screen and what it does to the people watching. She has a way of making you believe and she has touched my heart very much so. A truely wonderful actress! I will always remember her for all time.

  • Deborah Kerr rhymes with a star

    • gigi
    • 2006-06-14

    Awards may tarnish its gold but not Ms. Kerr for she is indeed a star that will keep on shining not only on screen but also in the hearts of the people she has touched through her movies and private life.

  • Classy Lady ~ Deborah Kerr

    • Dorothea
    • 2006-06-13

    One of the best and classiest actresses of all times ~ Star quality all the way! ~ I cannot understand why Oscar by-past her wonderful performances ~ She was (without a doubt) deprived of the recognition that she rightfully deserved ~

  • Deborah Kerr

    • Brittney
    • 2006-04-29

    Deborah Kerr was a great actress! She could suck you into the story of the film. She did a lot of films that seemed challenging.

  • Lady Subtle

    • Basilea
    • 2006-04-14

    Though she will probably be remembered for having "the most beautiful English in films", something I don't think anyone can deny to this day, her best feature were her very expressive eyes. If there was anything too subtle to be put in words, her eyes will do the talking.

  • What an actress!

    • K
    • 2006-04-13

    She's the kind of actress that you would normally label as a British prim and proper actress. But she proved to be an extraordinary actress with extraordinary range.

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