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Cast (feature film)

The Shaggy D.A. (1976)
A lawyer running for district attorney starts turning into a large sheep dog at awkward moments.
Kansas City Bomber (1972) as Len
A roller-derby queen fights off jealous rivals and amorous men.
Visit to a Small Planet (1960) as Commercial announcer
Jerry Lewis is Kreton, a childish alien who, against his teacher's will leaves his planet to visit the Earth, and lands in the backyard of a famous television journalist who doesn't believe in U.F.O's and aliens. Wanting to study humans but not able to fully understand them, Kreton makes a mess out of it, generating a lot of comic situations.
Crazylegs (1954) as
Story of the career of Los Angeles Rams football great, Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch.
I Can Get It for You Wholesale (1951) as Kelley
An ambitious designer has to choose between her career and love.
There's a Girl in My Heart (1950) as Mullin
Quicksand (1950) as Lt. Nelson
Petty theft leads a mechanic into a life of crime.
Everybody's Dancin' (1950) as "Colonel" Ed Harrison
The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) as [Clay] Hopper
Jackie Robinson plays himself in this true story of the man who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.
The Admiral Was a Lady (1950) as Marty Gruber
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) as Michael Gilhuly
A beautiful woman takes over a turn-of-the-century baseball team.
Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949) as Inspector Farraday
When he's spotted leaving a laundry whose proprietor has just been murdered, a reformed thief has to find the real killer.
The Big Wheel (1949) as Reno Riley
A mechanic alienates everyone who loves him when he becomes a champion race car driver.
That Midnight Kiss (1949) as Radio interviewer
A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star.
Mighty Joe Young (1949) as City attorney
Showmen try to exploit a giant ape raised by an orphan.
Miss Mink of 1949 (1949) as Herbert Pendelton
The Creeper (1948) as Inspector Fenwick
The Return of the Whistler (1948) as Gaylord Traynor
When a woman goes missing on the eve of her wedding, her fiancee hires a detective to track her down.
The Babe Ruth Story (1948) as Coach of Boston Braves
A childlike oaf becomes the greatest star in baseball.
Tenth Avenue Angel (1948) as Street vendor
A child of the tenements helps an ex-con find a new life.
Trapped by Boston Blackie (1948) as Inspector Farraday
When the pearl necklace he's been hired to guard goes missing, a reformed thief is the prime suspect.
Hit Parade of 1947 (1947) as Serial director
Devil Ship (1947) as Captain "Biff" Brown
Captain Biff Brown (Richard Lane) owns a boat used to ferry prisoners from the mainland to Alcatraz. The police find some escape tools on his boat and, although Brown isn't involved, his contract is terminated and he goes back to tuna fishing. Brown takes his friend Sanderson (William Bishop) to his boarding house and introduces him to his sweetheart Madge Harris (Louise Campbell) and Sanderson also falls in love with her. A gang headed by Red Mason (Damian O'Flynn) and trying to escape the country bribe Brown's engineer, Venatti (Anthony Caruso), and are hiding on the boat the next time Brown and Sanderson take it out. They take over the boat but a storm is approaching...
Song of Scheherazade (1947) as Lieutenant
In 1865, the cadets of a Russian Naval Academy ship have shore leave in Morocco; among them is (fictionalized) future composer 'Nicky' Rimsky-Korsakov. In search of a piano, Nicky and singing ship's doctor Klin meet a family of once-wealthy Spanish colonists...and their daughter Cara who secretly dances in a cabaret. Romantic complications ensue, but Nicky seems less interested in Cara's favors than in inspirations for his future masterpieces.
Out of the Blue (1947) as Detective Noonan
Set in an apartment building whose occupants include Arthur Earthleigh (George Brent), a meek and mild type married to the beautiful-but-domineering Mae (Carole Landis); a Bohemian artist, David Galleo (Turhan Bey) and his always-there model, Deborah Tyler (Virginia Mayo); and Olive Jensen (Ann Dvorak), a Greenwich Village type who is always slightly-but-continuously inebriated, and whose motto is "love and let love." She calls on George while his wife is out, and when she passes out during his attempts to get her out before his wife returns, he thinks she is dead and deposits her on Galleo's terrace. Galleo takes advantage of the situation by using it in a blackmail scheme against Arthur, which is shakey, at best, as Olive refuses to stay dead.
Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946) as Phillips
Girl on the Spot (1946) as Weepy McGurk
Eleven Gilbert & Sullivan numbers are melded within the murder-mystery plot of "Girl on the Spot", with a result that either G&S and/or the plot are always seemingly on stage-wait or in the wings awaiting a cue. Lois Collier is the girl-on-the-spot of the title because she was on the scene of a murder. The police conclude she didn't do it and they use her to set a trap for the real killer, a G&S addict, by financing a Broadway production starring Collier. The police department evidently found the money for financing a Broadway show under "Misc.Expenses" in the city budget.
Talk About a Lady (1946) as Duke Randall
Sioux City Sue (1946) as Jefferson Lang
Utilizing a script from 1939's "She Married a Cop" with a 1946 Hit Parade song for the title, Gene Autry's screen return following his WW II Army Air Corps service, "Sioux City Sue" has Hollywood talent scout Sue Warner (Lynne Roberts) in search of a singing cowboy and finding and offering cattle rancher Gene Autry (Gene Autry) a contract. He agrees to go to Hollywood if there is a part for his horse Champion. Gene isn't aware they only want to use his voice in an animated cartoon. After the preview, he and Champ depart in a huff (Well, actually, Champ was in a trailer). The annoyed Sue also follows and gets work on Gene's ranch as a cook. Later, the studio heads, while looking at Gene's screen test, decide he is a natural and want to sign him to a contract. After a few misunderstandings, Gene realizes that Sue is sincere, and he signs a contract to star in a musical western, but first he has to stop a cattle stampede and rout a gang of rustlers trying to blow up his ranch dam.
A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief fights to clear himself of murder charges.
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief brings a magic show to a woman's prison and gets mixed up in an escape.
The Phantom Thief (1946) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief tries to stop a murderous blackmailer.
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) as Radio announcer
An angel is sent to destroy the earth with a trumpet blast.
Wonder Man (1945) as Assistant district attorney
A murdered nightclub star possesses a mild-mannered look-alike to bring his killers to justice.
Here Come the Co-Eds (1945) as Near-sighted man
The Bullfighters (1945) as "Hot Shot" Coleman
The boys are detectives working in Mexico. Laurel happens to resemble a famous matador who has disappeared, and he is enlisted to replace him in the bullring.
Two O'Clock Courage (1945) as Haley
An amnesiac discovers he's wanted for murder.
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion (1945) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief accidentally sells a phony first edition of Dickens, which triggers a murder.
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief helps the police stop an escaped maniac''''s killing spree.
What a Blonde (1945) as Pomeroy
A man defies his jealous wife to open his home to a group of chorus girls.
Brazil (1944) as Edward Graham
Bermuda Mystery (1944) as Detective Sgt. Donovan
Take It Big (1944) as Eddie Hampton
Bowery to Broadway (1944) as Walter Rogers
Slightly Terrific (1944) as Mike Hamilton
One Mysterious Night (1944) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief helps the police recover an Egyptian diamond.
A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine (1944) as Marty Allen
Henny (Henny Youngman), talent scout for the Margaret Ames (Sally Eilers) Film Agency in Hollywood, mistakes Judy (Anne Gillis) and Marian (Elyse Knox), the understudies, for Eileen (Marjorie Woodworth) and Betty (Ramsay Ames), the real stars of a Broadway show and signs them up for movies. Margaret, furious with Henny for the blunder, fires him---but only temporarily. Another agent, Marty Allen (Richard Lane), once married to and still in love with Margaret, signs Betty and Eileen. Henny arrives with Judy and Marian, and the nightclub manager asks Henny to emcee the show. Though he is not sure himself what they can do, Henny introduces the girls and they make a hit in a dramatic sketch. (Simmer down, it's just a Monogram movie, and their nightclub attendees can react anyway director Phil Karlstein/Karlson wants them to.) Big-time movie producer R. J. (Alan Dinehart) signs them to a film contract. So, what does this have to do with the title, "A WAVE, a WAC and a Marine"? Because Judy joins the WAVES, Marian the WACS and Marty the Marines and all have two weeks before induction, and that is more than long enough to shoot a Monogram musical-within-a-Monogram musical and have a few days to spare.
Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944) as Sgt. "Alphabet"
A henpecked husband surprises his family by coming back from World War II a hero.
Louisiana Hayride (1944) as J. Huntington McMasters
In hopes of becoming a movie star, a country girl follows two con men to Hollywood.
It Ain't Hay (1943) as Slicker
Crazy House (1943) as Hanley
Fired Wife (1943) as Orin Tracy
Corvette K-225 (1943) as Admiral
In 1943, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy, has lost his ship and many men to a German torpedo. While waiting for a new ship, he befriends Joyce Cartwright, sister of one of his dead officers. We follow the building and launch of new Corvette K-255, the 'Donnacola'. And who should be Mac's new subaltern but Joyce's other brother Paul, fresh out of the academy. Mac will do his best to make a good officer of Paul...if they both survive their hazardous sea duty.
Gung Ho! (1943) as Captain Dunphy
A Marine squadron takes on a heroic Pacific Island raid during WWII.
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943) as Barney Jackson
An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief gets himself arrested fetching some jewels for a friend.
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) as Inspector Farraday
An ex-thief helps some fellow ex-cons adjust to life as defense workers, only to get involved with a robbery investigation.
Air Force (1943) as Major Roberts
A bomber crew sees World War II action over the Pacific.
Time to Kill (1943) as Lieut. Breeze
Swing Your Partner (1943) as Mr. Lane
To the Shores of Tripoli (1942) as Lieutenant
A brash young Marine has to redeem himself after trying to romance a female officer.
Arabian Nights (1942) as Corporal
Half-brothers vie for an Arabian throne and the love of a beautiful storyteller.
Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942) as Pete Conway
On the run from a rodeo boss, two greenhorns get jobs as cowboys.
A-Haunting We Will Go (1942) as Parker
The boys are recruited by a gang of thugs to get a coffin containing one of their far from dead colleagues to Dayton to try and get at an inheritance. After the coffin gets switched with the one Dante the Magician uses in his act, his stage show gets more than usually popular.
Alias Boston Blackie (1942) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief tracks down an escaped convict so he can prove the man is innocent.
Junior G-Men of the Air (1942)
The third of Universal's three serials headlining the Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys (preceded by "Junior G-Men" and "Sea Raiders") is the 55th of Universal's sound-era serials (followed "Gang Busters" and ahead of "Overland Mail") and is the last 12-chapter serial (despite some source that lists it as 13 chapters) released by Universal; "Overland Mail" had 15 episodes while the remaining 13 serials released by Universal Pictures (none of which were ever distributed to theatres by MCA/Universal which didn't exist in the years that Universal produced serials) were all 13 episodes. This one finds the gang, Billy "Ace" Holden (Billy Halop), "Bolts" Larson (Huntz Hall), "Stick" Munsey (Gabriel Dell) and "Greaseball" Plunkett (Bernard Punsly) working in an airplane/auto junk yard owned by Ace's father (Eddy Waller.) Their truck is stolen by members of a fifth column organization, the Order of the Black Dragonfly, but when government agent Don Ames (Richard Lane) returns the recovered truck, Ace, who distrusts law men, refuses to give Ames a description of the men who stole the truck. Ames decides to let Jerry Markham (Frank Albertson), young leader of the Junior G-Men, who knows both Ace and his brother Eddie (Gene Reynolds) through their mutual interest in airplanes and flying, try to gain Ace's cooperation. The Axis agents, Araka (Turhan Bey), Augar (John Bagni), Beal (John Bleifer), Monk (Noel Cravat) and Comora (Edward Forrest), report to the Japanese leader of the Black Dragonfly, The Baron (Lionel Atwill), at his farmhouse headquarters outside the city. In an attempt to track down the spies, Ace and his friends drive their truck near the farm and are spotted by the enemy agents. Monk, the gang's pilot, tries to bomb the truck and the boys appear doomed. But not so with many chapters still remaining in this 12-chapter-only serial
Dr. Broadway (1942) as Patrick Doyle
Butch Minds the Baby (1942) as Harry the Horse
Drums of the Congo (1942) as [George] Coutlass
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942) as Inspector Farraday
When he's framed for robbery, a reformed thief takes off to find the real culprit.
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1942) as Inspector Farraday
A reformed thief cracks a ring of art thieves to clear himself of murder charges.
Sunny (1941) as Reporter
A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (1941) as Recruiting officer
A stuffy boss tries to steal his secretary from her sailor boyfriend.
Man at Large (1941) as Mr. Grundy
G-Man Bob Grayson (George Reeves) is working hand in hand with a British Intelligence agent to uncover an espionage plot, who is posing as an escaped Nazi agent. Reporter Dallas Davis (Marjorie Weaver) mistakes Grayson for a nazi-sympathizer and manages to mess up the works before she learns the truth. She and Grayson join forces to save the agent.
I Wanted Wings (1941) as Flight commander
Story follows the training and personal lives of three recruits in the Army Air Corps --- a wealthy playboy, a college jock and an auto mechanic. Love interest is supplied by a female photographer and a sultry blonde.
Navy Blues (1941) as "Rocky" Anderson
Honolulu days are far from peaceful for a boatload of amorous sailors.
The Penalty (1941) as Craig
Federal agents use a gangster's son to catch him.
Tight Shoes (1941) as [Allan] McGrath
Hellzapoppin' (1941) as Director
Ole and Chick are making a movie, but th edirector is not satisfied. So he brings them to a young writer, who outlines them a absurd story They have to support Jeff and Kitty in setting up an musical revue in their garden and want to bring it up on Broadway. If Jeff is sucessful he can marry Kitty. But there is his rich friend Woody, who also loves Kitty, Chick's sister Betty, who's in love with a false Russian count, and Detective Quimby. They all make the thing very complicated for Ole and Chick. After some mistakes they think, that Kitty isn't the right girl for Jeff they start sabotating the show, but the Broadway producer is impressed and signs the contract. That's the story the writer tells them. For this he's soot by the director.
Meet the Chump (1941) as Slugs [Bennett]
For Beauty's Sake (1941) as Mr. Jackman
Riders of the Purple Sage (1941) as [Steve] Oldring
The Cowboy and the Blonde (1941) as Gilbert
Rodeo rider Lank tries his hand at movie making. Spoiled established star Crystal throws tantrums, but after the rodeo she's easy for Lank to handle. It's the "Taming of the Shrew" Hollywood style.
Time Out for Rhythm (1941) as Mike Armstrong
The producers of a musical each hire different women to star.
The Bride Wore Crutches (1941) as Bill Daly
Meet Boston Blackie (1941) as Inspector Faraday
A reformed thief uncovers a spy ring while investigating a murder at sea.
Ride, Kelly, Ride (1941) as Dan Thomas
San Antonio Rose (1941) as Willoughby
Sandy Is a Lady (1940) as Philip Jarvis
Brother Orchid (1940) as Mugsy O'Day
After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.
Margie (1940) as Mr. Dixon
Hired Wife (1940) as McNab
An ad man asks his secretary Kendall to marry him as a loophole in order to protect his finances during an important business deal.
Yesterday's Heroes (1940) as Cleats Slater
Free, Blonde and 21 (1940) as Lieutenant Lake
Two Girls on Broadway (1940) as Buddy Bartell
A sister act splits up over love.
The Biscuit Eater (1940) as Harvey McNeil
Two little boys have faith in a dog they name Promise, so much faith that they enter him in the championship trials for bird dogs. The favorite is Georgia Boy bred and trained by the boys' fathers. And if Georgia Boy doesn't win, the fathers may both lose their jobs.
Youth Will Be Served (1940) as Mr. Hewitt
A southern girl (Withers) goes to a National Youth Association camp after her father goes to jail for bootlegging. When a mean tycoon tries to buy the campground for himself she stages a show which endears her to him. Then her father escapes and catches the crooks who took the tycoon's money, all is saved.
Boom Town (1940) as Asst. district attorney
Friends become rivals when they strike-it-rich in oil.
City of Chance (1940) as Marty Connors
The Escape (1939) as David Clifford
An embittered Louie Peronni (Edward Norris) returns from prison to find that his sister, Juli Peronni (Amanda Duff), is engaged to policeman Eddie Farrell (Kane Richmond), and also finds that his secret wife Annie Qualen (June Gale) has placed their baby girl in a foundling home. With his old gang again, Louie plans a robbery of a fur warehouse. Louie shoots down the night watchman and is trailed home where his father Guiseppe Peronni (Henry Armetta) persuades him not to fight it out with the police. Determined to let Louie take the full rap, the gang kidnaps the district attorney's daughter. Annie informs Louie that the kidnapped child is really their own and was adopted from the foundling home.
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939) as Vaughn
A famous detective investigates industrial espionage at a plane factory.
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1939) as [Mike Hannigan, alias] Joe Arnold
The Asian detective discovers a murder on a ship bound for Hawaii.
Mutiny on the Blackhawk (1939) as Kit Carson
Story deals with slave-running between Hawaii and California in 1840, featuring a wild mutiny aboard a slave ship on the high seas, the bartering of natives for slavery in a tropical paradise, and battle scenes between enraged California settlers and the Mexican Army.
Unexpected Father (1939) as Leo Murphy
Jimmy Hanley (Dennis O'Keefe) learns that his former dancing partner has been killed, leaving a baby boy Sandy (Sandra Lee Henville as Baby Sandy), so he takes the baby to live with him and his roommate Boris Bebenko (Mischa Auer). Theatre manager Allen Rand (Donald Briggs) threatens to fire Jimmy for neglecting his work, but Jimmy's girlfriend Diana (Shirley Ross) squares things by going to dinner with Rand over Jimmy's objections. Sandy catches measles and the quarantine causes Jimmy and Boris to miss a big audition.
News Is Made at Night (1939) as Barney Baseley
Hero for a Day (1939) as Abbott
It Could Happen to You (1939) as District Attorney
Stronger Than Desire (1939) as Jerry Brody
A lawyer's wife keeps mum as her husband defends an innocent woman for the crime she committed.
For Love or Money (1939) as Foster
Sued for Libel (1939) as Smiley [Dugan]
When he's sued for libeling a murder suspect, a hot shot reporter decides to solve the crime himself.
The Day the Bookies Wept (1939) as Firpo
A taxi driver buys a beer-drinking race horse.
The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939) as Reagan
The mayor's secretary competes with her homicide detective fiancé's devotion to his job.
Union Pacific (1939) as Sam Reed
A crooked politician tries to stop construction of the first intercontinental railroad.
Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939) as Commissioner Gordon
The Last Warning (1939) as [Steve] Felson
Main Street Lawyer (1939) as Ballou
Radio City Revels (1938) as Crane
Burned-out songwriters find man who composes while asleep.
Blind Alibi (1938) as Bowers
A man pretends to be blind to foil blackmailers.
This Marriage Business (1938) as Joe Selby
A reporter turns a small-town clerk into a hero then falls for his daughter.
Everybody's Doing It (1938) as Steve Devers
After creating a popular contest, a man goes on a drunken binge and takes the answers with him.
Exposed (1938) as Tony Mitchell
Bringing Up Baby (1938) as Circus manager
A madcap heiress upsets the staid existence of a straitlaced scientist.
I'm from the City (1938) as Ollie
Hypnosis turns a tenderfoot into an expert rider.
His Exciting Night (1938) as Homer Carslake
Go Chase Yourself (1938) as Nails
A bank teller gets mixed up with crooks.
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off (1938) as Offside Jones
A millionaire will stop at nothing to turn his son into a star athlete.
Carefree (1938) as Henry
A psychiatrist falls in love with the woman he's supposed to be nudging into marriage with someone else.
Crashing Hollywood (1938) as Hugo Wells
A true to life gangster movie stirs up an all out mob assault on Hollywood.
The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937) as High-Grade
A former lowlife adopts a child to help him go straight.
Super-Sleuth (1937) as Barker
A movie detective gets carried away with his role and starts trying to solve real-life crimes.
Danger Patrol (1937) as Bill
Tempers ignite when an explosives carrier falls in love with a colleague's daughter.
New Faces of 1937 (1937) as Broker [Harry Barnes]
A producer over-finances a Broadway show, expecting it to flop.
The Life of the Party (1937) as Hotel manager [Burns]
A young girl tries to escape the suitors her mother has picked for her.
You Can't Buy Luck (1937) as McGrath
A racehorse owner tries to buy victory by performing good deeds, but gets mixed up in murder instead.
Wise Girl (1937) as Detective
A rich girl plays poor to win over a Greenwich Village artist.
Flight from Glory (1937) as Hanson
Tensions flare among flyers carrying supplies through the Andes.
Saturday's Heroes (1937) as Red I. Watson
A college football star rebels against the exploitation of the game and its players.
There Goes My Girl (1937) as Tim J. Whalen
A newspaper editor tries to stop his star reporter from marrying.

Editing (feature film)

21 Hours At Munich (1976)
A dramatization of the events surrounding the 1972 Olympics massacre when eight Arab terrorists killed eleven Israeli athletes. A well-made, thoughtful film that had the dubious distinction of premiering opposite the initial TV showing of "Gone With the Wind," gathering virtually no audience, but re
Glass House, The (1972)
A grim, award-winning portrait of prison life as seen through the eyes of two newcomers -- an idealistic rookie guard (Gulager) and a college professor up for manslaughter (Alda). Tom Gries received an Emmy Award for his direction; Gene Fowler Jr. was nominated for his editing. Filmed in the Utah St
Thumb Tripping (1972) as Assistant Editor
While a couple of young hippies hitch-hikes through the country, they meet a number of people. Some are nice, some are peculiar, but when they meet a man named Smitty, their trip turns dangerous.
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) as Film Editor
The sole survivor of an interplanetary rescue mission discovers a planet ruled by apes and an underground city run by telekinetic humans.

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Chunuk Bair (1991)
Story of the 7th regiment taking the Chunuk Bair peak on the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I.
Chunuk Bair (1991)
Story of the 7th regiment taking the Chunuk Bair peak on the Gallipoli peninsula during World War I.

Cast (short)

Respect the Law (1941)
This short film focuses on how "minor" lawbreakers can do more damage than major criminals.
Drunk Driving (1939)
In this short film, an up and coming businessman mixes drinking and driving with tragic consequences.
Shop Talk (1936)
In this comedic short, a young man becomes the manager of a department store but encounters hostility from the current employees. Vitaphone Release 1901-1902.

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