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Jeanette MacDonald

Jeanette MacDonald



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  • Bewitched

    • Ronald Arenson
    • 2019-05-10

    I am approaching 80 years old and have been a fan of movies and records since childhood having grown up in Los Angeles. I never miss a Jeanette Macdonald Movie and have several albums and cds of hers. I consider her perhaps one of the three best lyric sopranos of our era on par with tenor voice Mario Lanza. She is one of the great joys of my life and transports one to a magical world of beauty.

  • jeanette and nelson marathon april 17,2018

    • jean
    • 2018-04-23

    tcm, thank you for showing seven of the eight wonderful movies jeanette and nelson made together all in one day. i was glued to the tv and enjoying the beauty of these two awesome people. no matter how many times i view the dvds never tire of seeing them. hopefully you will once again show all eight including new moon.

  • Realistic

    • Judy
    • 2016-10-23

    Jeanette and Nelson knew how to express romantic love so realistically. I feel happy from just watching them together and it uplifts my day just watchng them. Then their music and costumes all beautiful....wish they have made more movies together. There will only be one Jeanette and Nelson.

  • why put mac/eddy movies on before the sun comes up

    • jean
    • 2016-09-17

    i love watching all the movies jeanette macdonald andnelson eddy made together. when you show them it is usually around five or six in the am. give their movies times when people are awake to enjoy them.

  • Too much mcdonald

    • Patti bronstein
    • 2016-06-26

    You seem to show Jeanette McDonald movies much. Although there good movies there are so many more actresses with so much more beauty and talent, will you ever have a whole week of their movies? Jeanette is getting a bit mundane. Thank you

  • two beautiful lives

    • jean
    • 2015-08-15

    i have purchased all eight of jeanette macdonald and nelson eddy dvds. never tire of watching these two exceptionally beautiful and wonderful singers. my least favorite of their movies is bittersweet and favorite is rosemary/maytime. with the way the world is spinning out of control, it is a pleasure to watch those dvds and forget about the uglyness for an hour or two. tcm needs to show jeanette and nelson movies at better times.

  • New Moon

    • F Cslise
    • 2015-06-25

    Wonderful. Every time I see Nelson Eddy and Jeanette together it is wonderful. More of both please. I can't get enough.

  • true love

    • jean
    • 2014-09-01

    i have been a jeanette mac donald and nelson eddy fan since 1950. both jeanette and nelson have a chemistry that i have not seen by any other duo in movies. their acting, singing and charm made their movies real. their love affair off screen made their scenes REAL. it is hard for me to believe that hollywood, academy awards have never truly given jeanette and nelson their rightful place in history. would love to see all of jeanette and nelson's movies on all day. tcm wake up and hear their calling.

  • SWEETHEARTS (1938)

    • ERD
    • 2013-10-03

    "Sweethearts" is my favorite Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy movie. Filmed in Technicolor, the 1938 picture has witty dialogue written by Dorthy Parker & Alan Campbell. W.S. Van Dyke did an excellent job in directing the pair. Jeanette was dynamic as usual, but in this film also showed that Nelson Eddy could act as well as sing. The supporting cast was well chosen, and the musical numbers beautifully staged. I find Sweethearts still vibrant. It is a movie definitely worth seeing.

  • Naughty Mariettta

    • Jerry
    • 2010-07-01

    I am 65 years old and a lifetime movie buff. It is time to recognize Jeanette MacDonald as the very best actress/singer without exception.

  • Jenette

    • Ethan Alcorn
    • 2010-06-30

    I had seen her movies on TCM and i didn't think anything about it until i found out that i was related to her now i wish i could go back in time and see her in action.

  • Pure Delight

    • Eevee
    • 2010-06-22

    Her singing range is something delectable in all the senses. Her movies with Nelson Eddy is unforgettable! Take one half of America's Singing Sweethearts away and it wouldn't be the same. I always say that both of them complement each other!

  • Jeanette MacDonald

    • ChinChunPie
    • 2010-06-20

    Jeanette MacDonald is one of the most enchanting, charismatic actress of all times. . . It is a real shame that TCM does not honor this woman by putting on all of her movies. . . Of course, the most favorite ones were with Nelson Eddy, BUT she is outstanding with any male counterpart. . . she OWNS the movie that she is in. . . every movie has a story line and subtle meaning behind them . . . too bad we have to put up with some of the "Trash" movies on TCM. . . . There should be a DVD/VCR reel made of all her movies. . . . . . . .

  • Most talented soprano of her time!

    • K. Fortier
    • 2010-05-16

    Too bad her and Nelson didn't get married and have children - can you imagine - the legend and their music would have lived on forever and forever!


    • Eevee
    • 2010-01-02

    It's a pity Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy's movies aren't on DVD yet. For if any of it did, I would so buy them! Their singing made me feel so good I could almost always be moved to tears. Jeanette was a very beautiful woman, and might I just add that her face in 'Naughty Marietta' seems to be the prettiest I ever saw!

  • The Supreme Star

    • Claire
    • 2009-07-03

    Jeanette MacDonald was the most charismatic star ever to shine on the Silver Screen. Whether her co-star was charming Frenchman, Maurice Chevalier, hanndsome baritone, Nelson Eddy or the King, Clark Gable, she OWNED the screen. To this day, she has a large following. It is disappointing that TCM does not honor this great lady more.

  • Supply DVD for Eddy MacDonald movies

    • tinkerbell
    • 2009-06-08

    i am really disappointed that you do not publish a DVD for the compiled movies of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy!!!! Just because of demand, they are perhaps not as profitable to you... BUT nevertheless an important part of the musical operetta history of film!!!!!!!!!!! WILL YOU EVER INCLUDE THESE IN YOU DVD COLLECTIONS. there are many of us that treasure these olSIGNder gems. i have noticed in the past few years you have even eliminated their birthday salutes. Not A NICE SIGN of our society's inclinations.

  • Love Jeanette!!

    • Katie
    • 2009-06-01

    Severely underrated as an actress; a fine comedienne, gorgeous woman, superbly talented singer of operetta greatness; a great citizen and loyal American and a genuinely lovely person.

  • Superb Singing Actress

    • Steve Harris
    • 2009-04-26

    A gracious lady with incredible beauty, and a clear, silvery soprano that could negotiate everything from coloratura operatic arias to ballads and folk songs, Jeanette MacDonald reigned as Hollywood's Queen of Song during the 1930s and early 1940s. Vocally and visually, she was at her best in "San Francisco" (1936), particularly in the lavishly mounted scenes from Gounod's "Faust." Her singing of Marguerite's prayer, "Anges Purs," is probably one of the best ever recorded. Her rendition of Delibes' "Les Filles de Cadiz" in "Maytime" (1937)is brilliant. Sad that popular tastes have shifted so that her contribution to film culture is unfairly underrated today. In her early Paramount musicals with Maurice Chevalier,such as the "Love Parade" and "Love Me Tonight" (1932) she manifests a wonderful comic sense, as well as a saucy sense of the risque. Jeanette also had a genuine success with the Chicago Opera and on the concert stage, where she exquisitely interpreted French art songs, as well as operatic arias, including a "Sempre Libera" in which she not only hit the (optional) high E-flat, but held it gorgeously.

  • Jeanette MacDonald was a great talent.

    • Delvia Sedlak
    • 2009-03-06

    I am so greatful for the preservation of her movies. I would very much like to have DVDs of Maytime, my favourite. Also others --Naughty Marietta,San Francisco,Bittersweet,Rose Marie, Three Daring Daughters, Sweethearts. Are any of these available on DVD ? If so, could someone let me know and where to buy them .

  • An Amazing Talent

    • claire
    • 2007-10-13

    Jeanette MacDonald was an amazingly talented actress/singer. One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood of her era or any era. When I watch her movies, it saddens me that she was only 61 when she died. Seemingly a lady in every way, onscreen and off, we will, unfortunately never see her like again. while I loved her movies w/Nelson Eddy, my favorite of hers, and one of my all time favorites is 'San Francisco.' It's a wonderful movie. And here the lady was an actress who sang rather than a singer who acted. Her chemistry with Clark Gable was amazing. I urge all who haven't seen this wonderful film to check it out.

  • they don't make them like her anymore

    • sasha
    • 2007-06-18

    Its great to know that I am not alone in loving Janette's movies, Especially when she acted with Eddie. They were a dyanamic duo on screen. I not only love the movies they made together but all the songs they sang as well. My grandpa was partially fond of watching Jeanette sing in her movies and It was him who introduce me to movies produced during those times. Jeanette, and so many stars from her time have a auro that you just don't see today - they way they walk and talk. They had a subtly you rarely see today. Here’s to everyone who loves Jeannette and classics :) Sasha

  • It is great to watch and hear her.

    • Pam
    • 2007-01-02

    I absolutely love watching her movies.She was very beautiful,also a very spontaneous actress,with very expressive eyes.I enjoy her singing too- she had a lovely voice.Indian love call is my favorite.I love TCM too coz that's where I get to watch her movies.

  • Love Jeanette !

    • Holly
    • 2006-05-20

    I have been a huge fan of Jeanette MacDonald's since 1987. I had heard about her from my father, but until 1987 I really didn't know the extent of her talent. The first movie I saw with Jeanette and Nelson was Maytime. Well after that I was totally hooked. Now I'm in 2 of her fan clubs, have all of her and Nelson's 8 movies and numerous CD's. I can't get enough of this fabulous woman. Its just too bad that she had to leave this earth at such a young age (61). But although she is not here physically, she sure is spiritually ! Her voice was like an angel from heaven.

  • Amazing Talent

    • lea McDonnell
    • 2006-05-03

    I first saw Jeanette MacDonald last month on TCM. I just cannot get over how fabulous her gifts were. She was absolutely amazingly beautiful. I think Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful, (she certainly was in Intolerable Cruelty) and yet Jones cannot hold a candle to Jeanette MacDonald. There is absolutely no comparison. And Jeanette MacDonald could sing so beautifully. In Rose Marie she sang the major aria from Romeo and Juliet. I simply could not believe her voice. And she can act. She had a wonderful comedic timing. She comes across as this wonderful warm intelligent person. She is absolutely dazzling. And when she gets on the screen with Nelson Eddy it is astonishing. I am sincerely amazed that two such talented people ever existed. They are pure magic. Please play her movies more often. She was a great star.

  • a very beautiful woman

    • brenda cochran
    • 2006-03-30

    This woman was so naturally beautiful. It's a shame that we no longer attempt to look this way. Women are so indecent looking now a days, I don't even care to see some of the movies they make now. I enjoyed the love affairs between Jeannette Macdonald and Nelson Eddy on screen. We don't need to see any more than what was shown in films of those days. I enjoy her voice also.

  • Sweethearts 1938

    • Geoffrey Flagstad
    • 2006-03-20

    This is missing from your bibiography. Theis was voted the most popular musical of 1938. You don't even mention it. The cast is fantstic. The Ray Bolger routine is fantastic. Both Nelso and Jeannette are the featured actors.

  • Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy

    • Jan Niemann
    • 2006-03-16

    Thank you soooooo much for "putting the accent" for the month of March on Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy! There's no one around today to compare with them! Jeanette absolutely sparkled on screen with her great beauty and vivacious personality, and her voice was spectacular to listen to as was Nelson Eddy's. They were truly a class act! It has been such a joy to hear and see them sing together! I only wish you had shown more of their movies in the late afternoons or early evenings instead of after midnight! An ardent admirer, Jan


    • priscilla
    • 2006-03-15

    Her movies with nelson eddy should be shown more often especially "The golden Girl of the West" htat movie gets me every time I watch it. Please show it during the day like at 5:00 pm or something.

  • Absolutely Amazing

    • Holly
    • 2006-02-19

    Jeanette MacDonald was the most beautiful and talented woman in films during the 30's and 40's ! Amazing is a tame word for her. She could do anything. But when she sang, oh it was like angel coming down from heaven ! And that smile and her beautiful eyes. She didn't have to speak to get her point across. All she had to do was "give that look". And what a look is was !

  • The best.

    • deb
    • 2006-02-19

    Jeanette was amazing. Not only was she a great actress, she was a wonderul dancer,and she played was great on the piano as well,in her films she did her own playing.She was spoke french and did frnech versions of her films. In her private life their was no one nicer to her fans and family. She did the best she could with what she had in very trying times. The great Ethel Waters and also Lew Ayres enjoyed working with her. As well as Andre Previn.

  • Soprano Siren

    • Starfishies
    • 2006-02-05

    Jeanette Macdonald was one of the best singers in any film from the 30's. Better known for her films with Nelson Eddy, all of her films are just amazing. Her singing talent is beyond belief. It's a shame she is not better known. All of her films are romantic, beautiful, and have amazing songs. Jeanette Macdonald and her films deserve more recognition.

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