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William McGarry

William McGarry



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Director (feature film)

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) as Assistant Director
A psychiatrist falls in love with a patient's past life.
Uptight (1968) as Assistant Director
A desperate African-American man betrays his friend, a black militant leader, for some money to help feed his girlfriend's children, and then becomes the object of a manhunt by the militant group,
Hombre (1967) as Assistant Director
A white man raised by Apaches is the only hope for stagecoach passengers stranded by a bandit attack.
The Sandpiper (1965) as Assistant Director
An Episcopal priest falls for a free-living artist.
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) as Assistant Director
A wealthy southern spinster fights to keep her family''''s secrets hidden.
Advance to the Rear (1964) as Assistant Director
Civil War rejects are sent to the West, supposedly out of harm's way.
Looking for Love (1964) as Assistant Director
A promising singer has to choose between show business and marriage.
Black Zoo (1963) as Assistant Director
How the West Was Won (1963) as Assistant Director
Three generations of pioneers take part in the forging of the American West.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) as Assistant Director
A young boy plays matchmaker for his widowed father.
Love With the Proper Stranger (1963) as Assistant Director
When a one-night stand results in pregnancy, a musician and a young girl try to resolve the issue together.
Hell Is for Heroes (1962) as Assistant Director
A small U.S. squadron holds off the Nazis in a desperate last stand.
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) as Assistant Director
A young writer gets caught up in a party girl''''s carefree existence.
Home from the Hill (1960) as Assistant Director
A southern landowner's family is torn apart by the revelation that he has an illegitimate son.
Bells Are Ringing (1960) as Assistant Director
An answering service operator gets mixed up in her clients' lives.
The Big Circus (1959) as Assistant Director
A ringleader tries to keep his circus on the road despite the efforts of a saboteur.
Some Came Running (1959) as Assistant Director
A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals.
Gigi (1958) as Assistant Director
A Parisian girl is raised to be a kept woman but dreams of love and marriage.
The Reluctant Debutante (1958) as Assistant Director
British parents try to prepare their Americanized daughter for her social debut.
The Seventh Sin (1957) as Assistant Director
An adulteress tries to redeem herself by helping her doctor husband fight an epidemic in China.
Funny Face (1957) as Assistant Director
A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village unknown into an international supermodel.
The Leather Saint (1956) as Assistant Director
Episcopalian minister Gil Allen (John Derek) keeps up his college days interest in boxing by working out at a gym run by his friend, Tom Kelley (Richard Shannon.) Gil declines when fight manager Gus McAuliffe (Paul Douglas) offers to get him some bouts but, spurred by the need for a new iron lung and a swimming pool in his community, Gil takes on a fight, without disclosing his true profession, and knocks out his opponent with one punch. This impresses Pearl Gorman (Jody Lawrence), girl friend of fight promoter Tony Lorenzo (Cesar Romero.) Pearl was a promising singer until her fiance, a boxer, died in the ring but is now on the bottle. She drinks more heavily when Gil ignores her. Gil is about to quit boxing but when Father Ritchie (Ernest Truex) informs him that a down payment has already been made on the iron lung, he continues. He explains his winnings from his fights to Father Ritchie as donations from a friend in the leather business. Pearl learns his true identity and, through his influence, quits drinking. Gil one-punches his way to enough wins to pay off the iron lung and build a swimming pool for the Boys Club---girls couldn't swim in 1956---and the only surprise in this overdose of sweetness is that Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald didn't show up for the swimming pool dedication.
The Scarlet Hour (1956) as Assistant Director
The Mountain (1956) as Assistant Director
Brother mountain climbers clash over how to deal with the survivor of a plane crash.
The Vagabond King (1956) as Assistant Director
In 1461, French nobles fearing King Louis XI may seize their lands, join forces with the rebellious Duke of Burgundy to overthrow the king. One of the Duke's captains suggests enlisting the aid of Francois Villon who is known to oppose the king and is leader of the Vagabonds, a group that robs the rich to aid the poor. In league with Burgundy, Villon and two of his cohorts enter Paris, but are captured by the king's men. The king, recognizing Villon's power over the people, proposes that Villon defend Paris against Burgundy and help uncover traitors in the court. Burgundy is routed, and France is reunited, but the king reminds Villon he must pay for his earlier crimes against the court with his life.
The Far Horizons (1955) as Assistant Director
Romanticized version of Lewis and Clarks voyage of discovery through the American West.
Lucy Gallant (1955) as Assistant Director
A fashion designer sacrifices happiness to build a string of clothing stores.
Jivaro (1954) as Assistant Director
At Rio Galdez's remote Brazilian trading post live assorted outcast Americans and Europeans, including Jerry Russell, ex-engineer who became obsessed with the Jivaro headhunters' treasure, quit his job, and took up with the bottle and local girl Maroa. But he still gets letters from his nominal fiancée in California, and unexpectedly the shapely, glamorous Alice Parker arrives, expecting to marry a rich planter. Disillusioned, Alice is almost ready to fall into Rio's arms when news comes that Jerry is missing in Jivaro country...
Overland Pacific (1954) as Assistant Director
Jock Mahoney, Peggie Castle, Adele Jergens, William Bishop, Chubby Johnson. Undercover agent Rose Granger is sent to the western village of Oaktown to investigate the delay in a railroad installation. Director Fred F. Sears and star Jock Mahoney previously worked together as actors in Charles Starrett''s "Durango Kid" series.
Jesse James' Women (1954) as Assistant Director
A couple of southern theatre exhibitors decided they could make a western (or, in this case, a Southeastern) just as bad as the worse of those coming from Hollywood and proceeded to prove they could be not only as bad, they could be much worse. They ensured their success at obtaining this goal by hiring Don Barry as the director. Barry was the best choice, as only the egotisical-and-sad Barry could direct (or believe) a film in which he starred as a lady-killer whose charms women could not resist.(The Susan Hayward real-life swimming-pool incident not withstanding.) Jesse James (Don Barry), leaves Missouri for Mississippi, and immediately charms all the women in the cast out of their bloomers and garters, even though three of them towered over him. His first conquest is the banker's daughter who helps him loot the bank in exchange for a promise of marriage; he wanders over to the saloon and runs the crooked partner of the proprietress out of town, takes all of his-and-her money and leaves her, between kisses, hounding him for her share; the third one, the saloon singer, actually makes a mark out of him as she cons him into a boxing match against a professional fighter and he loses the fight and his money, but he holds the singer and the fighter up as they leave town and gets his money back; and then he romances and swindles Cattle Kate, a replay of what he had done somewhere before to Kate and the "gotcha-again" Kate even ends up behind bars. But no film that contains a cat-fight between Peggie Castle and Lita Baron can be called a complete waste of time.
The Long Wait (1954) as Assistant Director
Hitchhiker Johnny McBride is badly hurt and loses his memory when the car he is riding in crashes. Two years later, a clue leads him to his old home town, where he finds he is a murder suspect. Johnny tries to discover the truth about the murder, while pursued by gangsters and several seductive women.
The Big Sky (1952) as Assistant Director
Trappers lead an expedition against river pirates and Indians along the Missouri River.
The Sun Sets at Dawn (1951) as Assistant Director
Our Very Own (1950) as Assistant Director
The discovery that she''''s adopted shakes a young girl''''s sense of security.
Red River (1948) as Assistant Director
A young cowhand rebels against his rancher stepfather during a perilous cattle drive.
Sofia (1948) as Assistant Director
Song of the South (1946) as Assistant Director
Uncle Remus draws upon his tales of Brer Rabbit to help little Johnny deal his confusion over his parents' separation as well as his new life on the plantation. The tales: The Briar Patch, The Tar Baby and Brer Rabbit's Laughing place.
The People's Choice (1946) as Assistant Director
An investigator goes after the people who are corrupting the nation's youth by spreading the weed of Satan - Marijuana.
Detour to Danger (1946) as Assistant Director
Wonder Man (1945) as Assistant Director
A murdered nightclub star possesses a mild-mannered look-alike to bring his killers to justice.
Summer Storm (1944) as Assistant Director
In this filmed Chekhov adaptation, Darnell plays the alluring peasant woman who lures cynical aristocrat Sanders away from his milquetoast fiancee, with tragic consequences.
Pardon My Gun (1942) as Assistant Director
To Be or Not to Be (1942) as Assistant Director
A troupe of squabbling actors joins the Polish underground to dupe the Nazis.

Assistant Direction (feature film)

Coma (1978)
A lady doctor investigates a series of strange deaths and disappearing bodies at her hospital.
The Outfit (1974)
An ex-con takes on the mob to avenge his brother's death.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Haunted House 2, A (2014)
Storyline is under wraps.
Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)
Seventh grade. Junior high. A rite of passage every twelve-year-old looks forward to with that bittersweet mixture of anticipation and loathing. For paperboy Max Keeble, seventh grade means a chance at a new beginning and an opportunity to reinvent himself and start over. But he soon realizes that s
Crazy/Beautiful (2001)
Nicole Oakley, the troubled daughter of a wealthy congressman, attends public school in the upscale community of Pacific Palisades. As an act of defiance, she makes a play for the attentions of Carlos Nunez, a determined, straight-A student who endures a two-hour bus ride each morning from east LA to attend the more prestigious school in Nicole''s exclusive suburb. While her friends and family profess doom for their relationship, her rebellious flirtation soon develops into true romance. However, Nicole''s self-destructive tendencies threaten Carlos'' ambitions, leading to an emotional and climactic confrontation that attests to the power and intensity of first love, and reveals how, in coming together, two young but damaged souls can heal one another.
Pass, The (2000)
A salesman gets lured into a game of cat-and-mouse with a psychopathic hitchhiker.
Duel in the Sun (1947) as Unit Manager
A fiery half-Native American girl comes between a rancher's good and evil sons.
The Story of G. I. Joe (1945) as Production Manager
War correspondent Ernie Pyle joins an Army platoon during World War II to learn what battle is really about.

Film Production - Main (TV Mini-Series)


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