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Cast (feature film)

Firestarter (1984)
A child has the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance.
Botany Bay (1953) as Prisoner
In 1787 prisoners from London's Newgate Gaol are to be shipped to New South Wales. Hugh Tallant is an American medical student whom, we learn at sea, was falsely imprisoned. Because of his attempt to escape, evil Captain Gilbert decides to return him to England on charges of mutiny. Events, including arrival of plague, keep Tallant busy in New South Wales.
Royal Wedding (1951) as Driver
A brother-and-sister musical team find romance when they tour to London for Elizabeth II's wedding.
The 13th Letter (1951) as Officer
The Strange Door (1951) as Servant
Noble-born cad Dennis (Stapley) has been tricked into a forced stay at the eerie manor of the Sire de Maletroit (Laughton), an evil madman who can't get over the death of his beloved, twenty years after she married his brother (Cavanagh) instead and subsequently passed away during childbirth. Maletroit is determined to have his revenge: the brother has been stowed away in the dungeon for two decades, while he's convinced his disreputable house guest will make a suitably hellish husband for his niece. As luck would have it, the young couple manage to fall in love, and with the help of manservant Voltan (Karloff), they try to make their escape, but not before a final confrontation with Maletroit in the dungeon's crushing deathtrap.
Kind Lady (1951) as Pedestrian
A con artist and his criminal cohorts hold an old lady hostage in her own home.
Challenge to Lassie (1949) as
A faithful dog changes the lives of all who know her after her master dies.
The Threat (1949) as Reporter
An escaped con kidnaps the people he thinks put him behind bars.
My Dream Is Yours (1949) as Bartender
A talent scout turns a young unknown into a radio singing star.
If Winter Comes (1948) as Cricket umpire
Scandal results when a well-meaning man takes in a pregnant girl.
The Imperfect Lady (1947) as Barker
The Crimson Key (1947) as Night clerk
Larry Morgan (Kent Taylor), a private detective, is hired by a woman who wants Larry to trail her husband. The husband is murdered and, shortly afterwards, the wife is also killed. Larry shuffles through a long list of suspects before revealing the killer...
Moss Rose (1947) as Footman
Anna and the King of Siam (1946) as Mr. Cartwright
A young Englishwoman becomes royal tutor in Siam and befriends the King.
Kitty (1946) as Knife-sharpener hawker
A penniless British lord passes a street urchin off as a lady to sell her to a rich husband.
Three Strangers (1946) as Newshawker
Three people who share a sweepstakes ticket travel a tangled road to collect their winnings.
National Velvet (1945) as Villager
A British farm girl fights to train a difficult horse for the Grand National Steeplechase.
Confidential Agent (1945) as Singer
A Spanish spy and an American heiress battle fascists in England.
The Brighton Strangler (1945) as Inspector
An actor playing a notorious killer begins to live the part.
Assignment in Brittany (1943) as Orderly
A French Resistance fighter discovers he''''s a dead ringer for a Nazi official.
Random Harvest (1942) as Workman
A woman''''s happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia.
Mrs. Miniver (1942) as Workman
A British family struggles to survive the first days of World War II.
Confirm or Deny (1941) as
Newsman Mitch and teletype operator Jennifer, whose job is to see he doesn't send innapropriate stuff out of the country, dodge bombs during the blitz of London while falling in love.
Tight Shoes (1941) as Organist
Charley's Aunt (1941) as Umpire
Two college students convince their friend and fellow student to pose as an aunt from Brazil.
Phantom Raiders (1940) as 1st mate
Detective Nick Carter tries to stop enemy agents from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
If I Were King (1938) as Groom
Vagabond poet Francois Villon wins the chance to improve life in Medieval France, if he will give up his lower-class friends.
A Feather in Her Hat (1935) as Cockney man
A female shopkeeper sacrifices everything to give her son a theatrical career.
The Gilded Lily (1935) as Steward with telegram
A news reporter turns the woman he loves into a media star after she rejects an aristocrat''s marriage proposal.
Riptide (1934) as Chauffeur
A chorus girl weds a British lord then falls for an old flame.

Writer (feature film)

Hanna's War (1988)
Biographical drama of Hungarian martyr Hannah Senesh, who was executed by the Nazis in 1944.
Tai-Pan (1986)
In 1842, the Chinese are outraged by the British imperialists who buy opium from them and then sell it back at a higher price. In response to this anger, the British send warships to the China Coast to maintain control. This results in a treaty which gives England the right to use Hong Kong as a fre
Draw (1984) as Screenwriter
Kirk Douglas is an old-time outlaw who finds himself trapped in a small Western town after a poker game ends in a gunfight and James Coburn is his old nemesis, a former lawman-turned-boozer, who is hired by the townfolk to flush him out. This light-hearted hoss opera was the fifth in HBO's made-for-
Firestarter (1984)
A child has the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance.
Conan The Destroyer (1984)
Conan is sent on a mission by a queen to accompany her princess daughter to a distant castle to retrieve some mysterious and magical gems. Unbeknownst to him, the queen has a plan to double-cross him and use her daughter for a sacrifice upon their return. Conan steps up for battle.
Stanley (1983)
Eye Of The Needle (1981) as Screenwriter
Hilter''s most feared undercover secret agent in Britain has learned that an apparent army build-up in southeastern England is a hoax adecoy into luring the Germans into thinking tat the Allied invasion will strike at Calais, not Normandy. He is captured before he can relay the message to Germany. Based on the best selling novel Ken Follett.
Circle Of Iron (1979) as Screenwriter
A blind Zen master guides a young martial artist through demons, bandits and monkey people.
Meteor (1979)
A collision with a comet sends an asteroid speeding toward the Earth.
Damien - Omen II (1978)
Seven years later, Damien is just discovering who he really is, and what he is destined to do. Now living with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, Damien is anxious to inherit everything. Can Richard Thorn finish the job that Damien's father (Ambassador Thorn) started?
Mad Bull (1977)
A love story about a hulking wrestler, whose life in the ring has little meaning, and an attractive woman who sees through his muscleman veneer to discover a sensitive human being.
Sky Riders (1976)
Ellen is the wife of an international industrialist. She and her two children are kidnapped from their home in Athens and taken to an abandoned monestary by a group of terrorists. The monestary is located on a high cliff that is hard to access, and the police attempt a rescue, but fail. Soon after this, Ellen''s ex-husband Jim enters the fight and has the idea of using hang-gliding riders from a flying circus to save the children. Jim and the circus members glide in by night to get his ex-wife and children back. .
Breaking Point (1976)
Vincent Karbone is a leading construction magnate in Philadelphia and a suspected leader of one of the city's most notorious criminal gangs. Several of his thugs are on trial, and the key witness is Michael, a mild-mannered judo instructor with a wife and kids. Karbone will stop at nothing to keep the muscles of his organization out of prison, including striking at Michael's family to keep him from testifying.
Russian Roulette (1975) as Screenwriter
A mountie finds himself engulfed in a KGB conspiracy to kill the renegade Russian Premier Alexei Kosygin during his visit to Canada in 1970.
Fraulein Doktor (1969) as Screenwriter
During World War I, British Intelligence is hot on the pursuit of "Fraulein Doktor", an expert and elusive German spy, who thwarts them in every attempt to get to her.
The Strange Affair (1968) as Screenwriter
The Naked Runner (1967) as Screenwriter
Sam Laker is an American industrialist, working in Britain, who has just been awarded an international award for industrial design. He is planning to travel to East Germany to attend a trade show and show off his invention, taking his 10 year old son with him for a holiday. Meanwhile a British Intelligence officer who served with Laker in the Second World War decides to use the opportunity of Laker¿s trip and his lack of an intelligence profile to coerce him into carrying out an assassination.
A High Wind in Jamaica (1965) as Screenwriter
When a pirate attacks a ship, he finds seven children, survivors from that attack, stowed away on his own ship and he must figure out what to do with them.
Up From the Beach (1965) as Screenwriter
The Collector (1965) as Screenwriter
A disturbed young man kidnaps a woman he's been stalking.
Rapture (1965) as Screenwriter
Woman of Straw (1964) as Screenwriter
A rich old man''''s nurse and his nephew plot his murder.
The Mark (1961) as Screenwriter
A reformed child abuser fights the stigma of his past when he falls for a single mother.
The Mouse That Roared (1959) as Screenwriter
An impoverished nation declares war on the U.S. hoping to lose and score foreign aid.
Another Time, Another Place (1958) as Screenwriter
Lana Turner is a female American journalist who has an affair with BBC war correspondent, Sean Connery, during WWII. When Connery is killed in action, Turner returns to his hometown to console his wife.

Producer (feature film)

Theatre Of Blood (1973) as Producer
Using deaths from Shakespeare''''s plays, an actor takes revenge on the critics who panned his work.
The Wrath of God (1972) as Executive Producer
A bootlegger and a defrocked priest join forces during a bloody Central American revolution.
Tam Lin (1971) as Producer

Production Companies (feature film)

The Strange Affair (1968) as Company

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