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Also Known As: Died: January 30, 1991
Born: June 27, 1907 Cause of Death: emphysema and cancer
Birth Place: Spokane, Washington, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Dream Breakers (1989)
A movie about a Chicago family -- a building contractor and his two sons who have opposing ideologies. One brother works for a power-hungry builder with underworld connections; the younger son, a priest in one of the city's poor parishes, is fighting the forces for which his brother works.
Turner & Hooch (1989)
Scott Turner, a compulsively neat detective whose tidy world goes to the dogs when he''s forced to team up with the only witness to a crime -- a drooling slob of a junkyard dog named Hooch. Not exactly man''s best friend, Hooch turns Turner''s life upside down, wrecking Turner''s home, career, and budding romance.
As Summers Die (1986)
Set in a sleepy Southern Louisiana town in 1959, a lawyer, searches for justice as he volunteers to help a black woman whose property is being threatened by the Holts, the first family of the town, after she refuses to sell her valuable land. Nobody thinks Willie can win the case, but behind its po
Cloak and Dagger (1984)
Henry Thomas gets involved with murderous spies--but no one will believe him. He turns to a computer game called "Cloak and Dagger" and begins to fantasize that secret agent Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman) is helping him deal with his real-life dangers.
Cowboy and the Ballerina, The (1984) as Doc
Take one ex-world championship rodeo rider. Add a defecting Russian ballerina. Then introduce Cupid. What you get is this amiable but wafer - thin tale the title of which tells the whole plot -- as with the similarly titled "The Cowboy and the Lady" about which Samuel Goldwyn, ordering up a script t
Honkytonk Man (1982) as Grandpa
The Wagoneer family are surviving the Depression by picking cotton on their family farm in Oklahoma. During a terrible dust storm, Mrs. Wagoneer''s rogue brother Red arrives in a convertible. Red is a country-western musician who has just been given the chance of a lifetime, an audition for the Grand Ole Opry. But there are some obstacles to his getting all the way to Nashville: He has no money, is a terrible driver, and has tuberculosis. The family''s fourteen-year-old son Whit sees an opportunity of his own and offers to go with Uncle Red as his driver. His mother consents and uncle and nephew hit the road.
Fox and the Hound, The (1981)
A young fox named Tod is taken in by an old woman after his mother is killed by a hunter. Soon young Tod befriends Copper, a hound dog puppy. As they grow up their friendship is put to the test when Copper realizes that it is his job is to hunt foxes.
American Dream (1981)
Critically acclaimed drama about a family that moves from an affluent Chicago suburb to the mixed inner-city neighborhood where the father grew up. The idea is to give the children, who are becoming materialistic snobs, the feel of a big city environment. Veteran actor Hans Conried, as the neighborh
Mrs. R's Daughter (1979) as Attorney Paul Underwood
Cloris Leachman fights the system in a frustrating battle to bring to trial the man who raped her divorced daughter and then vows to mete out her own vengeance when the judicial process breaks down.
Crisis in Sun Valley (1978)
In another unrealized go at a series called "Stedman," dealing with a sheriff and his deputy in a sleepy ski town, this follow-up to "The Deadly Triangle" (1977) tied together two pilot films in which Stedman and Sykes contend with a group of urbanites planning a dangerous mountain climb and then in
Jordan Chance, The (1978) as Jasper Colton
Burr again portrays a no-nonsense lawyer in this pilot for a prospective series, this time a prominent attorney who in early life spent seven years behind bars for a crime he did not commit and now has established a foundation dedicated to helping those wrongly accused and unjustly convicted, giving
Rescuers, The (1977)
Bernard and Bianca, of the Rescue Aid Society (a mouse organization) receive a message in a bottle from an orphaned girl who appears to have been kidnapped by Madame Medusa, a selfish woman who has no qualms about using children for her own purposes. The two mice go off to Devil's Bayou to attempt to rescue the little girl.
Challenge To Be Free (1976) as Narration
When a fur trapper accidentally shoots a ranger and the man dies, the trapper flees and is chased through the Alaskan wilderness by a large group of men and a hundred dogs.
New Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The (1976) as Sheriff Joshua Cabe
Rascally Joshua Cabe is back for his third go-around (John McIntire takes over for Dan Dailey who previously took over for Buddy Ebsen) and is wrongly convicted of murder, so his "daughters" devise a daring plot to smuggle him out of prison and cheat the hangman.
Rooster Cogburn (1975)
An aging U.S. Marshal and a minister''''s daughter join forces to catch a band of outlaws.
Herbie Rides Again (1974)
A spunky widow uses her magical Volkswagen to fight off a corrupt land developer.
Healers, The (1974) as Dr Ernest Wilson
In this pilot for an unrealized series called "Crisis!" the director of a big-city medical center faces the predictable multitude of doctor show problems, from a threatened rebellion among the research staff to a surgeon's unauthorized use of drugs to the obligatory lack of funds to run the hospital
Linda (1973)
A calculating woman kills her lover's wife, then sets about framing her own husband for the murder. Mary Robin-Redd replaced Jess Walton.
Mad Trapper, The (1972)
When a fur trapper accidentally shoots a ranger and the man dies, the trapper flees and is chased through the Alaskan wilderness by a large group of men and a hundred dogs.
Powderkeg (1971)
A lighthearted adventure in the pre-World War I West with Taylor and Cole playing a pair of troubleshooters hired to retrieve a hijacked train. They continued their roles and battled early twentieth-century crime in the short-lived late 1971 series "Bearcats!"
Longstreet (1971) as Dr Dan Stockton
A New Orleans-based insurance investigator, blinded in an explosion, tracks down the man who killed his wife and took his sight. This was the pilot to the short-lived series (1971-72) that starred Franciscus, with Peter Mark Richman replacing Bradford Dillman as his boss and Marlyn Mason taking over
Rough Night in Jericho (1967) as Ben Hickman
In A Western town a US Marshall corrals the townsfolk to take a stance and fight a gang boss who terrorizes them.
Summer and Smoke (1961) as Dr. Buchanan
A small-town spinster''''s repressed love for the local rebel spells danger.
Two Rode Together (1961) as Major Frazer
Two tough westerners bring home a group of settlers who have spent years as Comanche hostages.
Seven Ways from Sundown (1960) as Sergeant Hennessey
Audie Murphy is again the kid who puts on a badge to catch the bad guy, skillfully played by Barry Sullivan. On the way back to town the two develop a curiously close relationship - Sullivan passes up several chances to get away - but in the end Sullivan "asks for it" and Murphy obliges.
Psycho (1960) as Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers
A woman on the run gets mixed up with a repressed young man and his violent mother.
Elmer Gantry (1960) as Rev. John Pengilly
A young drifter finds success as a traveling preacher until his past catches up with him.
Who Was That Lady? (1960) as Bob Doyle
A cheating husband convinces his wife his flirtations are actually spy missions.
Flaming Star (1960) as Sam Burton
Sam Burton's second wife Neddy is Indian, their son Pacer a half-breed. As struggle starts between the whites and the Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties. Neddy and Sam are killed; Pacer sides with the Indians, his half-brother Clint with the whites.
The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959) as Dr. Sam Tremain
Bat Masterson fights to clean up Dodge City.
The Mark of the Hawk (1958) as [Bruce] Craig
The man called Obam (Sidney Poitier) struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British colonists. Obam's motives are questioned by his own people, in particular his brother Kanda (Clifton Macklin). With the help of his wife Renee (Eartha Kitt) and missionary Bruce Craig (John McIntire), will he be able to get things under control before the country self-destructs?
Sing, Boy, Sing (1958) as Rev. Walker
A young Pop Star struggles with his singing career being "sinful" and his gospel roots that his grandfather who raised him instilled in his heart.
The Light in the Forest (1958) as John Elder
A young white boy, raised by Native Americans, is forced to return to white society following the signing of a peace treaty.
The Tin Star (1957) as Dr. Joe McCord
An experienced bounty hunter helps a young sheriff learn the meaning of his badge.
Away All Boats (1956) as Old man
The story of USS 'Belinda', Attack Transport PA22, launched late 1943 with regular-navy captain Hawks and ex-merchant captain MacDougall as boat commander. Despite personal friction, the two have plenty to deal with as the only experienced officers on board during the "shakedown." Almost laughable incompetence gradually improves, but the crew remains far from perfect when the ship sees action, landing troops on enemy beachheads. And few anticipate the challenges in store at Okinawa...
I've Lived Before (1956) as Dr. Thomas Bryant
The Spoilers (1956) as Dextry
World in My Corner (1956) as Dave Bernstein
A scrappy fighter from Jersey City named Tommy Shea -- "born in a dump, educated in an alley" -- catches the eye of wealthy businessman, Robert Mallinson, who allows him to train at his Long Island estate. Shea soon falls for Mallinson's daughter, Dorothy, but fears he doesn't have the money to support her in proper style. To get this money, Shea decides to work with crooked fight-promoter Harry Cram, even though this means dropping his honest manager, Dave Bernstein. As the big fight approaches, however, Shea begins to have second thoughts.
Backlash (1956) as Jim Bonniwell [also known as William Slater]
Jim Slater's father (whom he never knew) died in the Apache ambush at Gila Valley, and Jim is searching for the one survivor, who supposedly went for help but disappeared with a lot of gold. In the process, he gets several people gunning for him, and he keeps meeting liberated woman Karyl Orton, who may be on a similar mission. Renewed Apache hostilities and an impending range war provide complications.
The Far Country (1955) as Gannon
Two cowboys on the road to Alaska help a wagon train in trouble.
The Scarlet Coat (1955) as General Robert Howe
An American officer goes undercover to unmask a Revolutionary War traitor.
The Kentuckian (1955) as Zack Wakefield
A backwoodsman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas.
The Phenix City Story (1955) as Albert [L. "Pat"] Patterson
A crusading lawyer takes on the corrupt machine running a Southern town.
Stranger on Horseback (1955) as Josiah Bannerman
Apache (1954) as Al Sieber
Refusing to accept peace, a renegade leads a one-man war against the U.S. Cavalry.
The Yellow Mountain (1954) as Bannon
Four Guns to the Border (1954) as Dutch
A Lion Is in the Streets (1953) as Jeb Brown
A peddler from the bayou becomes a major force in local politics.
The Mississippi Gambler (1953) as Kansas John Polly
Mark Fallon, with partner Kansas John Polly, tries to introduce honest gambling on the riverboats. His first success makes enemies of the crooked gamblers and of fair Angelique Dureau, whose necklace he won. Later in New Orleans, Mark befriends Angelique's father, but she still affects to despise him as his gambling career brings him wealth. Duelling, tragedy, and romantic complications follow.
The Lawless Breed (1953) as J. G. Hardin/John Clements
Released from jail, John Wesley Hardin leaves an account of his life with the local newspaper. It tells of his overly religious father, his resulting life of cards and guns, and his love for his step-sister replaced on her death during a gun fight with that for dance-hall girl Rosie.
The President's Lady (1953) as John Overton
Future president Andrew Jackson defies scandal to marry a divorced woman.
War Arrow (1953) as Col. Jackson Meade
Army Major Howell Brady is sent by Washington to end the Kiowa uprisings in Texas. Colonel Meade, who's in charge, resents both Brady's interference and his interest in beautiful Elaine Corwin, wife of a cavalry officer who disappeared on a scouting mission.
Westward the Women (1952) as Roy [E.] Whitman
A frontiersman leads a wagon train full of mail-order brides.
Sally and Saint Anne (1952) as "Gold Tooth" McCarthy
Sally O'Moyne, a good-natured but awkward school-girl lives with her extended and eccentric Irish-American clan. One day at school, unable to find her lunch bucket, Sally says a prayer to St. Anne in hope of heavenly assistance. When Sally finds her lunch, she believes a miracle has happened, convincing her of a special relationship with the saint. Meanwhile, some animosity between the O'Moyne family and a neighbor grows and manifests itself in various comic situations. The plot develops as Sally, firm in her belief in St. Anne, emerges from adolescence an attractive young woman, and discovers the opposite sex. The feud, along with Sally's personal life, works itself to resolution in this light, nostalgic look at growing up Catholic in the 1940s and 1950s.
The World in His Arms (1952) as Deacon Greathouse
Roistering sea captain Jonathan Clark, who poaches seal pelts from Russian Alaska, meets and woos Russian countess Marina in 1850 San Francisco. Events separate them, but after an exciting sea race to the Pribilof Islands they meet again; now, both are in danger from the schemes of villainous Prince Semyon.
Horizons West (1952) as Ira Hammond
Brothers Dan and Neil Hammond return to Texas after the Civil War. Ambitious Dan turns to rustling and then shady land deals to build an empire. Being held for a murder, he is rescued from a lynch mob by Neil, who is now the Marshal, but there is eventually a falling out between the brothers, good triumphing over evil.
Glory Alley (1952) as Gabe Jordan
A boxer's drinking problem threatens his career and his love life.
Under the Gun (1951) as [Bill] Langley
The Raging Tide (1951) as Corky Mullins
A San Francisco hood is rubbed out by rival Bruno Felkin, who himself reports the crime to Homicide Lieut. Kelsey in an alibi scheme which fails. To escape, he stows away on a fishing boat. At sea, skipper Hamil Linder receives Bruno kindly, teaching him fishing; Bruno enlists Hamil's wayward son Carl to tend his slot machines. Then Carl takes an interest in Bruno's girl Connie. Climax in a storm at sea.
That's My Boy (1951) as [Dr.] Benjamin Green
You're in the Navy Now (1951) as Commander Tom Reynolds
An experimental steam-powered vessel sets off on its maiden voyage with an inexperienced Naval officer at the helm.
Francis (1950) as General Stevens
A talking mule helps a hapless soldier uncover an enemy agent.
Walk Softly, Stranger (1950) as Morgan
A small-time crook on the run is reformed by the love of a crippled woman.
Ambush (1950) as Frank Holly
A Westerner searches for a white woman held by the Apaches.
No Sad Songs for Me (1950) as Dr. Ralph Frene
A terminally ill woman struggles to leave her husband and child taken care of before she dies.
The Asphalt Jungle (1950) as Police Commissioner Hardy
A gang of small time crooks plots an elaborate jewel heist.
Saddle Tramp (1950) as Jess Higgins
Carefree Chuck Connor is on his way west and stops off to see an old friend and his four lads. When his host is killed in a riding accident Chuck realises he must take care of the family. They hit the road and he takes a job on a ranch, but he has to keep the children hidden as his boss hates kids. There's also tension with the neighbouring ranch, and when a girl on the run from her nasty uncle joins the family unannounced Chuck wonders what he has done to deserve all this.
Winchester '73 (1950) as Joe Lamont
A man combs the West in search of his stolen rifle.
Shadow on the Wall (1950) as Pike Ludwell
A child is left mute by the sight of her stepmother's murder.
Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949) as [Nick] Avery
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) as Thatch
A re-make of the 1922 silent film that details the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.
Scene of the Crime (1949) as Fred Piper
A detective tries to solve a policeman's murder.
Top O' the Morning (1949) as Inspector Fallon
A singing insurance investigator comes to Ireland to recover the stolen Blarney Stone.
Command Decision (1949) as Major Belding David
A senior officer faces the horror of sending his men on suicide missions over Germany during the last days of World War II.
Red Canyon (1949) as Floyd Cordt
An Act of Murder (1948) as Judge Ogden
When a judge learns his wife has terminal brain cancer, he begins to consider mercy-killing.
Black Bart (1948) as Clark
Cheerful outlaw Charlie Boles leaves former partners Lance and Jersey and heads for California, where the Gold Rush is beginning. Soon, a lone gunman in black is robbing Wells Fargo gold shipments. One fateful day, the stage he robs carries old friends Lance and Jersey...and notorious dancer Lola Montez, coming to perform in Sacramento. Black Bart and Lance become rivals for both Lola's favors and Wells Fargo's gold.
River Lady (1948) as Mr. [H. L.] Morrison
In spring 18__, the loggers arrive at a mill town on the upper Mississippi drainage; the gambling riverboat is there to meet them, with river queen Sequin who loves logger Dan Corrigan. Sharp businessman Beauvais also wants Sequin, as well as all the sawmill business. To keep Dan near her, Sequin manipulates him into managing the local Morrison Mill; but then Morrison's daughter Stephanie sets her cap at Dan...
The Street with No Name (1948) as Cy Gordon
A young FBI agent infiltrates a criminal mob.
Call Northside 777 (1948) as Sam Faxon
A Chicago reporter re-opens a ten year old murder case.
The Hucksters (1947) as Radio announcer
A war veteran fights for honesty in the advertising game.

Cast (special)

Lone Star (1983)
The exploits of brothers Ben and George McCollum, modern-day Texas Rangers battling crime and corruption in the Lone Star state. In the pilot episode, Ben and George lock horns with Jake Farrell, a powerful oil baron they suspect of kidnapping an old oil prospector who has discovered oil that Jake w
All the Way Home (1981) as John Henry
The story, set in Tennessee in 1915, relates events in the lives of an estranged family who rediscover love after the death of a family member reunites them.
When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (1979)
The program salutes the golden age of television westerns.
Lassie: The New Beginning (1978)
A two-part special following the new adventures of Lassie, the beautiful collie, and her new masters, Samantha and Chip Stratton, two orphans who live with their uncle, Stuart Stratton, the editor of a small-town daily in Lake Pines, California. The pilot episode relates the would-be series storylin
Jimmy Durante Show, The (1964) as Mr Duveen
Jimmy Banister, a well-known entertainer, is anxious for his son, Eddie, who has no interest in show business, to follow in his footsteps. The story relates how Jimmy struggles to convince Eddie to perform with him on a TV special.
Adam MacKenzie Story, The (1963) as Chris Hale (Guest)
The exploits of Adam MacKenzie, a doctor who travels throughout the Old West to assist where he is needed. In this episode, MacKenzie attempts to help a family whose daughter, Juana, has been accused of being a witch.
Getaway Car (1958)
The exploits of a special operative for the California Highway Patrol. In the pilot episode, the agent attempts to track down a group of thieves who pulled off a daring daylight bank robbery.

Cast (special)

Aspen (1977)
A chic Colorado ski resort in the '60s is the setting for illicit love, corruption and a sensational murder trial in this melodrama woven together from two novels (actually the title of one, the plot of the other) and subsequently spiced up with a new, more intriguing title the second time around. I

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