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Director (feature film)

Diamond Head (1963) as Assistant Director
A rich Hawaiian pineapple grower tries to control everything and everyone around him, including his headstrong sister.
13 Frightened Girls (1963) as Assistant Director
A diplomat's daughter gets mixed up in international intrigue and murder.
The Wild Westerners (1962) as Assistant Director
Sail a Crooked Ship (1962) as Assistant Director
Foolish robbers steal and board a ship they can''''t sail.
Don't Knock the Twist (1962) as Assistant Director
A TV executive tries to create a musical special to save his network.
Experiment in Terror (1962) as Assistant Director
A master criminal tries to force a bank teller to help him pull off a big heist.
By Love Possessed (1961) as Assistant Director
A woman''''s desperate search for love leads to an affair with her husband''''s law partner.
A Raisin in the Sun (1961) as Assistant Director
A black woman uses her late husband's life insurance to build a better world for her children.
Comanche Station (1960) as Assistant Director
After saving a woman kidnapped by Indians, a cowboy has to fight to get her back to civilization.
The Wackiest Ship in the Army? (1960) as Assistant Director
The captain of a broken-down ship has to sneak an Australian spy into enemy waters during World War II.
Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960) as Assistant Director
Residents of a Chicago tenement join forces to save a troubled teen from a life of crime.
The Flying Fontaines (1959) as Assistant Director
After military service, a trapeze star fights to rebuild his career and his love life.
Good Day for a Hanging (1959) as Assistant Director
A reformed bank robber has to choose between his former gang and doing the right thing.
Some Like It Hot (1959) as Assistant Director
Two musicians on the run from gangsters masquerade as members of an all-girl band.
Gunman's Walk (1958) as Assistant Director
A rancher''''s rebellious son tries to teach him that violence is no longer an answer.
Cowboy (1958) as Assistant Director
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
The Last Hurrah (1958) as Assistant Director
A political boss faces changing times as he runs for re-election.
The Tall T (1957) as Assistant Director
An out-of-luck cowhand falls for a married woman being held hostage.
3:10 to Yuma (1957) as Assistant Director
A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town.
Decision at Sundown (1957) as Assistant Director
A gunman seeks revenge on the man he believes stole his wife.
The Man Who Turned to Stone (1957) as Assistant Director
Mad scientists steal the life force from reform school girls.
Don't Knock the Rock (1957) as Assistant Director
A disc jockey fights prejudice against rock ''''n'''' roll and the kids who dance to it.
Reprisal! (1956) as Assistant Director
New ranch owner Frank Madden, half Indian but posing as white, arrives just as an all white jury finds the three white Shipley brothers who lynched three Indians innocent. There is soon trouble between Frank and the Shipleys who are using Frank's land to graze their cattle. When the brother of one of the Indian victims kills a Shipley, Frank is accused and put in jail. The Shipleys then organize a lynch mob and head for the jail.
The White Squaw (1956) as Assistant Director
You Can't Run Away From It (1956) as Assistant Director
A reporter stumbles on a runaway heiress whose story could salvage his career.
Uranium Boom (1956) as Assistant Director
Ex-lumberjack Brad Collins (Dennis Morgan) and mining engineer Grady Mathews (William Talman) find uranium in the Colorado badlands. While Grady guards the claim, Brad goes to register it in town, where he meets and marries Jean Williams (Patricia Medina.) Returning to the claim, Brad learns that Jean was once Grady's fiancee, which is not a big stretch of the arm of coincidence in Sam Katzman's Clover Productions. Grady, as one would expect, is somewhat put out and leaves the mine in Brad's hands, while he hooks up with a confidence man and engineers a scheme to break the back of Brad's somewhat rapidly-created mining empire.
The Last Frontier (1956) as Assistant Director
A backwoodsman signs on as scout for a remote Army fort.
The Violent Men (1955) as Assistant Director
The wife of a crooked cattle baron plots his murder.
My Sister Eileen (1955) as Assistant Director
Two sisters from Ohio, one pretty, one witty, plot to take New York City by storm.
They Rode West (1954) as Assistant Director
A Cavalry doctor defies orders to treat Native Americans.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) as Assistant Director
A moralist sets out to reform the legendary South Seas floozy.
The Iron Glove (1954) as Assistant Director
A Scottish adventurer infiltrates the court of George I to prepare for a revolution.
Three Hours to Kill (1954) as Assistant Director
After escaping a lynch mob, an innocent man returns to find out who framed him for murder.
Jesse James vs. the Daltons (1954) as Assistant Director
A young gunslinger, rumored to be the son of Jesse James, sets off in search of his legendary father and joins the Dalton Gang. Originally show in 3-D, this western programmer was directed by William Castle (he became well known for his gimmick horror films like "The Tingler").
Flame of Calcutta (1953) as Assistant Director
Denise Darcel, Patric Knowles, Paul Cavanagh, George Keymas, Leonard Penn. The daughter of a slain French official wages guerrilla war on Prince Jehan, the man responsible for her father''s death. This Sam Katzman production is set in India circa 1760.
The Four Poster (1953) as Assistant Director
The Member of the Wedding (1953) as Assistant Director
When her brother marries, a 12-year-old girl faces the awkward pains of adolescence.
Conquest of Cochise (1953) as Assistant Director
A cavalry major tries to prevent an Indian war.
Affair in Trinidad (1952) as Assistant Director
A nightclub singer enlists her brother-in-law to track down her husband's killer.
Santa Fe (1951) as Assistant Director
Four brothers end up on opposite sides of a shootout.
The Brave Bulls (1951) as Assistant Director
A matador must recover his courage after being gored in the ring.
My True Story (1951) as Assistant Director
A female jewel thief tries to help the police capture a master criminal.
Two of a Kind (1951) as Assistant Director
Brandy Kirby (Lizabeth Scott ) and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer (Alexander Knox) plan to rob William (Griff Barnett) and Maida McIntyre (Virginia Brissac) by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell (Edmond O'Brien) into impersonating the missing son. Kathy (Terry Moore), the McIntyre's niece, who likes Lefty, introduces him to the McIntyres who soon become convinced he is their son, but the old man refuses to change his will. Lefty balks at killing McIntyre and exposes Mailer's attempted swindle. Brandy and Lefty end up together as "two of a kind."
The Family Secret (1951) as Assistant Director
When his son accidentally kills someone, a lawyer must defend the man wrongly charged with the murder.
Cargo to Capetown (1950) as Assistant Director
A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.
All the King's Men (1950) as Assistant Director
A backwoods politician rises to the top only to become corrupted.
No Sad Songs for Me (1950) as Assistant Director
A terminally ill woman struggles to leave her husband and child taken care of before she dies.
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) as Assistant Director
An outlaw tries to leave the family gang and go straight.
Tell It to the Judge (1949) as Assistant Director
To win back her husband, a divorcee pretends to be married to a loser.
The Walking Hills (1949) as Assistant Director
A group of treasure hunters search for a wagon load of gold, buried years before in Death Valley.
I Surrender Dear (1948) as Assistant Director
The Lady from Shanghai (1948) as Assistant Director
A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.
The Return of October (1948) as Assistant Director
An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.
Triple Threat (1948) as Assistant Director
It Had to Be You (1947) as Assistant Director
A runaway bride meets her match in a handsome fireman.
The Return of Monte Cristo (1946) as Assistant Director
Louis Hayward, Barbara Britton, George Macready, Una O''Connor, Henry Stephenson, Steven Geray. After escaping from Devil''s Island, the grandson of the Count of Monte Cristo returns to France to reclaim his family fortune and his title.
I've Always Loved You (1946) as Assistant Director
A conductor means to destroy the career of a former student, pianist Myra Hassman. Showing no mercy, he conspires to ruin her even as she wrestles with Rachmaninoff at Carnegie Hall.
The Walls Came Tumbling Down (1946) as Assistant Director
A Walk in the Sun (1946) as Assistant Director
A platoon of American soldiers captures an Italian farmhouse.
Gallant Journey (1946) as Assistant Director
An aviation pioneer fights his family's objections to invent a flying machine.
Delightfully Dangerous (1945) as Assistant Director
Getting Gertie's Garter (1945) as Assistant Director
A medical researcher tries frantically to recover a jeweled garter he had given an old flame.
And Then There Were None (1945) as Assistant Director
Guests at a remote island mansion realize a crazed killer is stalking them.
Strange Holiday (1945) as Assistant Director
Businessman John Stevenson returns from a camping holiday in the mountains to discover the whole of America has been taken over by foreign invaders. His family has been taken away and he is thrown into prison and must come to terms with the new USA.
Take It Big (1944) as Assistant Director
The Hairy Ape (1944) as Assistant Director
A ship's stoker becomes obsessed with a society beauty who finds him repulsive.
Guest in the House (1944) as Assistant Director
The Outlaw (1943) as Assistant Director
Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday fight over possession of a stallion and a sultry Mexican girl.
Sagebrush Law (1943) as Director
A Western bank president is framed on embezzlement charges.
Fighting Frontier (1943) as Assistant Director
A cowboy risks his life to infiltrate an outlaw band.
Lady of Burlesque (1943) as Assistant Director
A star dancer and comedian team to investigate murders.
The Avenging Rider (1943) as Director
Two cowhands are wrongly jailed as members of a murderous gang.
Jack London (1943) as Assistant Director
Episodes in the novelist's life: In 1890, young Jack London quits a cannery job to try oyster piracy. Later, he signs on for a sealing voyage, tries Yukon prospecting and a brief university career, loving and leaving women along the way. Instead of riches, he gets story ideas. Suddenly, he finds success and a delectable lady; but the urge to adventure won't let him go.
The North Star (1943) as Assistant Director
Ukrainian villagers unite to fight off invading Nazis.
A Gentleman After Dark (1942) as Assistant Director
Friendly Enemies (1942) as Assistant Director
Bandit Ranger (1942) as Assistant Director
A cowboy takes on a band of cattle rustlers single-handedly.
The Corsican Brothers (1941) as Assistant Director
Siamese twins, separated in infancy, join forces to avenge their parents' murder.
Outlaws of the Panhandle (1941) as Director
International Lady (1941) as Assistant Director
Prairie Schooners (1940) as Director
Wild Bill Elliott, Evelyn Young, Dub Taylor, Kenneth Harlan, Ray Teal. Western legend Wild Bill Hickok leads a group of settlers from Kansas to the wilds of Colorado where the Indians are none too friendly.
Pioneers of the Frontier (1940) as Director
Bullets for Rustlers (1940) as Director
Arizona (1940) as 2nd Unit Director
A tough pioneer woman needs a young man's help in fighting land grabbers and finding love.
Overland With Kit Carson (1939) as Director
Only Angels Have Wings (1939) as 2nd Unit Director
A team of flyers risks their lives to deliver the mail in a mountainous South American country.
Parents on Trial (1939) as Director
Texas Stampede (1939) as Director
Western Caravans (1939) as Director
A caravan of settlers is arriving and the ranchers intend to keep them out. It looks like a range war but Sheriff Jim gets the ranchers to accept the settlers. Kohler re-ignites the feud by making settler Winters appear to be a rustler and then by killing Winter's son. Once more the two sides appear headed for a war and Jim is caught in the middle.
North of the Yukon (1939) as Director
Fur trader Jules Moreaux is killed by raiders terrorizing the section patrolled by Canadian Mounties Sergeant Jim Cameron (Charles Starrett) and his brother, Constable Bob Cameron (Bob Nolan), who find Jean Duncan (Dorothy Comingore as Linda Winters) hiding in a backroom of the trading post. She says she is not sure she can identify the gang leader as Pierre Ledoux (Paul Sutton) whom the Mounties suspect. Ledoux reaches Moosehead ahead of the Mounties and reports to Mart Duncan (Robert Fiske), Jean's uncle and secret leader of the fur raiders. LeDoux is ordered to backtrack and try to kill Jean in the event she recognized him, but misses. At the suggestion of RCMP Inspector Wylie (Vernon Steele), Jean goes to work for her uncle, sees Ledoux, but Jim is forced to release him for lack of evidence. Jim is suspended from the Mounties and his actions become suspicious to both the raiders and the Mounties, he attempts to loot Moreaux's cabin and is attacked by LeDoux, there for the same purpose. Jim hides the raider when his brother shows up. Duncan, about to flee town with the raider's money, is stopped by Ledoux, now friendly to Jim. The Mounties arrest Jim for apparently trying to rob Duncan, and he is drummed out of the service and jailed. Ledoux helps him break jail and takes him to the gang's hideout where Jean is a captive.
The Stranger from Texas (1939) as Director
With fences cut and livestock disappearing, Jeff Browning (Alan Bridge) suspects his new neighbor, Dan Murdock (Edward LeSaint.) Sheriff Fletcher (Jack Rockwell) appeals to the U. S. Marshal for help, and Tom Murdock (Charles Starrett), Dan's son, is sent. Tom arrives in Buffalo Springs, posing as cattle buyer Tom Morgan, with the Sons of the Pioneers (Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Lloyd Perryman, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr and Pat Brady) as his foreman and ranch hands. Browning's foreman, Bat Springer (Dick Curtis), is alarmed at the news of the impending sale of the Browning herd. He and Murdock's foreman, Carver (Edmund Cobb), have been rustling cattle from both ranches, changing the brands and loading them into railroad cattle cars at a distant siding. Dan discovers that the brands from both ranches have been changed to the Bar-X, a brand that is registered to Browning's son Ned (Richard Fiske.) As he is telling this to Browning, he is killed from ambush and Browning is knocked unconscious. But Tom has seen Bat steal Browning's unfired gun, the only clue to Browning's innocence, and tells his suspicions to Ned and his sister Jean (Lorna Gray). But Bat shows the sheriff a letter showing that the Bar-X brand is in Ned's name and Ned is also arrested. Tom and the sheriff set a trap for Bat and his henchmen by announcing that Ned and his father have escaped but, in reality, they have been transferred to the sheriff's home. But Bat learns of the plan and he and his partner capture Ned and Jeff and take them along as hostages on an escape to the border.
The Man from Sundown (1939) as Director
Konga, the Wild Stallion (1939) as Director
The Thundering West (1939) as Director
Women in Prison (1938) as Assistant Director
Law of the Plains (1938) as Director
South of Arizona (1938) as Director
Cattle Raiders (1938) as Director
West of Cheyenne (1938) as Director
The Colorado Trail (1938) as Director
West of the Santa Fe (1938) as Director
Rio Grande (1938) as Director
Barker is after the Andrews ranch and kills Bart Andrews. But Bart had sent for Cliff and Cliff now arrives and takes over the fight against Barker. To get the necessary hands to drive Andrews' herd to market, Cliff makes a deal with Barker saying hew will give him half the money collected. Both Cliff and Barker then make plans to double-cross the other when the cattle are sold.
Life Begins with Love (1937) as Assistant Director
Venus Makes Trouble (1937) as Assistant Director
Girls Can Play (1937) as Assistant Director
Let's Get Married (1937) as Assistant Director
The Old Wyoming Trail (1937) as Assistant Director
When Bob Patterson arrives to buy cattle he gets caught up in Kenney's plan to take over Halliday's ranch. Kenney's gang led by Slade are keeping all cattle buyers away so Halliday will be unable to pay off his note. When Slade robs Halliday, Bob has a plan that will use the stolen bills to trap Kenney.
The Game That Kills (1937) as Assistant Director
Tom Ferguson (Ward Bond), star left wing of the Indians hockey team, is killed during a game in an "accident" with Dick Adams (Paul Fix) and Bill Drake (Max Hoffman, Jr.), two of his own teammates. His brother, Alec Ferguson (Charles Quigley), is not convinced it was and accident, and goes to New York to uncover the truth. Posing as a fellow townsman named Steve Moreau (Clyde Dilson) who is unable to accept an offer to play with the Indians because of an injury, Alec wins a place with the team. He learns that the team, a member of a nation-wide professional league, has been throwing games on the orders of a gambling ring. He meets Betty Holland (Rita Hayworth) the pretty daughter of team coach Joe Holland (J. Farrell MacDonald) and falls in love with her. He plays along with Adams and Drake and learns that the owner, Rudy Maxwell (Arthur Loft), is the head of the gambling ring and has Coach Holland under control because of bad checks written to pay off gambling losses. Reporter Sam Erskine (John Gallaudet) suspecting that the games are being thrown and talks Betty into accepting a job on the Chronicle to find out what she can to protect her father's name. Maxwell discovers Alec's true identity and orders Betty kidnapped, thus ensuring that Alec's play will lead to an Indians' defeat in an important game.
Two Fisted Sheriff (1937) as Assistant Director
Murder in Greenwich Village (1937) as Assistant Director
An heiress enlists a photographer to help clear her name of a murder charge.
Outlaws of the Prairie (1937) as Director
They Met in a Taxi (1936) as Assistant Director
Pennies From Heaven (1936) as Assistant Director
A singer gets mixed up with a grieving family and a haunted house.
More Than a Secretary (1936) as Assistant Director
A secretary gets the glamour treatment to win her boss'''' heart.
When Strangers Marry (1933) as Assistant Director
Thrill Hunter (1933) as Assistant Director
A blowhard cowboy talks himself into a job as a movie stunt man.
The Fighting Code (1933) as Assistant Director
Ben Halliday (Buck Jones) stumbles upon a mysterious range killing and discovers letters in the dead man's pockets that reveal his intention to return to his native town where his sister, Helen James (Diane Sinclair), is making a lone stand to hold her property that is desired by Joshua La Plante (Erville Alderson) and his gunman Joe Krull (Ward Bond). Meeting Helen, Ben realizes she has been parted from her brother so long that she would not recognize him, so Ben decides to pose as him. With the help of another new arrival, Barry (Louis Natheaux), and Judge Williams (Alfred P. James as Alf James), he uncovers a plot to secure Helen's property and build a dam in the canyon that would deprive the valley of water but would water the desert property owned by La Plante. Krull murders a surveyor and frames Ben who is thrown into jail, where he meets Crosby (Niles Welch) who furnishes proof of the guilt of La Plante and Krull. Ben breaks jail and he and Barry break into La Plante's office and hide in a wardrobe closet when Krull and La Plante enter. The later pair argue and Krull kills La Plante. Sheriff Olson (Dick Alexander) arrives and Krull also blames Ben for his latest murder.
Ann Carver's Profession (1933) as Assistant Director
A female lawyer is torn between her career and her husband''''s ego.
No More Orchids (1932) as Assistant Director
A wealthy woman opposes her grandfather to marry a poor man.
The Night Club Lady (1932) as Assistant Director
A police commissioner investigates the murder of a nightclub owner who was under police protection.
As the Devil Commands (1932) as Assistant Director
Virtue (1932) as Assistant Director
A taxi driver falls for a sassy New York con girl.
The Last Man (1932) as Assistant Director
Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932) as Assistant Director
A young congressman tries to rid Washington of corruption while courting a senator''''s daughter.
The Flood (1931) as Assistant Director
Arizona (1931) as Assistant Director
A West Point football star clashes with his commanding officer's wife when he's sent to Arizona.
Way Back Home (1931) as Assistant Director
A New England preacher shelters a young boy from his alcoholic father.
Dirigible (1931) as Assistant Director
Romantic rivals vie to be the first to fly to the South Pole.
Call of the West (1930) as Assistant Director
Nightclub entertainer Violet La Tour (Dorothy Revier) collapses during a performance in Sagebrush, Texas, and is taken to the ranch of Lon Dixon (Matt Moore). They fall in love and are married. Feeling deserted when Lon joins a posse in search of rustlers, she returns to New York. There, she is wooed by her agent, Maurice Kane (Alan Roscoe), but confirms her love for Lon when he comes to claim her.
Guilty? (1930) as Assistant Director
A Royal Romance (1930) as Assistant Director
Rain or Shine (1930) as Assistant Director
A young woman inherits her father''''s financially troubled circus.
Personality (1930) as Assistant Director
The Melody Man (1930) as Assistant Director
The Song of Love (1929) as Assistant Director
Wall Street (1929) as Assistant Director
Mexicali Rose (1929) as Assistant Director
Fury of the Wild (1929) as Assistant Director
The Yellowback (1929) as Assistant Director
Dog Law (1928) as Assistant Director
The Fightin' Redhead (1928) as Assistant Director
The Little Buckaroo (1928) as Assistant Director
Breed of the Sunsets (1928) as Assistant Director
Lightning Speed (1928) as Assistant Director
Her Father Said No (1927) as Assistant Director
Red Hot Hoofs (1926) as Assistant Director
The Midnight Flyer (1925) as Assistant Director

Cast (feature film)

The Lady from Shanghai (1948) as Yacht captain
A romantic drifter gets caught between a corrupt tycoon and his voluptuous wife.
The Devil Is Driving (1937) as Arthur Loft
Soldiers and Women (1930) as Private Delehanty
The Vagabond Cub (1929) as Bob McDonald
The One Man Dog (1929) as Larry
The Little Savage (1929) as Norton
Rio Rita (1929) as McGinn
A Texas Ranger finds love while tracking an outlaw.
Fangs of the Wild (1928) as Larry Holbrook
Law of Fear (1928) as Bud Hardy
Tracked (1928) as Jed Springer
The Circus Kid (1928) as Tad
The Bantam Cowboy (1928) as Jim Thornton
Crooks Can't Win (1928) as Danny Malone
The Swift Shadow (1927) as Jim
Breed of Courage (1927) as Alan Haliday
The Boy Rider (1927) as Terry McNeil

Visual Effects (feature film)

What's Love (1987)

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Voice in the Night (1934) as Production Manager

Cast (special)

Ozzie & Harriet: The Adventures of America's Favorite Family (1998)
The story of the Nelsons, the real family behind the idealized TV family of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," the longest-running family situation comedy in television history.

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