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Also Known As: Died: June 5, 1998
Born: December 30, 1911 Cause of Death: complications from a stroke
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Horse Whisperer, The (1998)
After her fourteen year old daughter suffers a serious horse riding accident, a high-powered magazine editor goes to Montana to bring the horse to a legendary 'horse whisperer,' a person with a unique gift of being able to cure troubled horses. Romance blossoms between the sophisticated mother and t
Street Justice (1989)
After a thirteen-year imprisonment in the Soviet Union, a CIA agent returns home to New Jersery, only to learn that his wife has remarried, his kids have grown up, and his replacement''s connection to a corrupt family have put them all in danger.
Cloak and Dagger (1984)
Henry Thomas gets involved with murderous spies--but no one will believe him. He turns to a computer game called "Cloak and Dagger" and begins to fantasize that secret agent Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman) is helping him deal with his real-life dangers.
Wild Women Of Chastity Gulch, The (1982)
A comedy western that teams up a Missouri mining town's barroom belles and their self-righteous sisters to fight off a ragtag band of renegade soldiers after their own men have marched off to war. Representing the shady ladies are Joan Collins as the town madame, Phyllis Davis and Morgan Brittany. T
Fox and the Hound, The (1981)
A young fox named Tod is taken in by an old woman after his mother is killed by a hunter. Soon young Tod befriends Copper, a hound dog puppy. As they grow up their friendship is put to the test when Copper realizes that it is his job is to hunt foxes.
True Confessions (1981)
A police detective clashes with his brother, a monsignor, during a murder investigation.
Hustler of Muscle Beach, The (1980)
The world of bodybuilding is the backdrop for director Jonathan Kaplan's comedy-drama of a sharp operator from New York who goes west and sees his shot at success promoting a world-class contest among muscle men and iron pumpers. Several bodybuilding superstars, including Franco Columbu and Todd Nas
Better Late Than Never (1979)
A feisty senior citizen (Harold Gould) who refuses to abide by the rules in a stodgy retirement home leads a revolt against the dour head of the house (Tyne Daly). Originally, this one was called "Never Too Young," and its title song was sung by an uncredited Fred Astaire. Then it was retitled "Darn
Avalanche (1978)
The owner of a ski lodge, his ex-wife and her boyfriend, and several vacationers staying there are forced to struggle to survive after an avalanche buries the resort.
The Manitou (1978)
A psychic''''s girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit.
Rescuers, The (1977)
Bernard and Bianca, of the Rescue Aid Society (a mouse organization) receive a message in a bottle from an orphaned girl who appears to have been kidnapped by Madame Medusa, a selfish woman who has no qualms about using children for her own purposes. The two mice go off to Devil's Bayou to attempt to rescue the little girl.
New Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The (1976) as Essie Cargo
Rascally Joshua Cabe is back for his third go-around (John McIntire takes over for Dan Dailey who previously took over for Buddy Ebsen) and is wrongly convicted of murder, so his "daughters" devise a daring plot to smuggle him out of prison and cheat the hangman.
Law and Order (1976)
Three generations of New York City cops are the focal point of this saga revolving primarily around the Deputy Chief of Public Affairs caught up in the politics and intrigue of the department, the discovery that his father had been on the take, and the news that his youngest son is having second tho
Winds of Autumn, The (1976)
After his parents are murdered, an eleven-year-old Quaker boy travels across the Montana prairie to avenge their deaths.
Babe (1975) as Hanna Marie Didrikson
America''s foremost woman athlete won two Olympic track-and-field gold medals in 1932 and went on to become a world champion golfer. This traces her development as an athlete, her battles to be accepted in sports, her marriage to wrestler-turned-promoter George Zaharias, and her losing struggle with cancer.
Desperate Miles, The (1975)
A disabled Vietnam veteran, out to prove that a person does not have to be helpless, embarks on a grueling 130-mile trip in a wheelchair, an odyssey in which his life is endangered by a paranoid truck driver.
Hijack! (1973)
Two veteran truckers are hired to haul a top-secret cargo from Los Angeles to Houston and are challenged by a series of hijacking attempts by a group who will stop at nothing to prevent delivery.
Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole (1972) as Mrs Downey
A pretty research doctor, suddenly widowed, is inveigled by a gruff street doctor to put away the mourning band and join him in his clinic in a Chicago slum area. The title role marked the end of Susan Hayward's long film career.
Alias Smith and Jones (1971) as Miss Birdie
A lighthearted Western about a pair of notorious outlaws who take the governor's offer of amnesty, offered through a lawman friend, if they'll bring in a vicious desperado and his gang -- and then discover that their amnesty has other strings attached. A series of the same name with Deuel and Murphy
Longstreet (1971) as Alice Longstreet
A New Orleans-based insurance investigator, blinded in an explosion, tracks down the man who killed his wife and took his sight. This was the pilot to the short-lived series (1971-72) that starred Franciscus, with Peter Mark Richman replacing Bradford Dillman as his boss and Marlyn Mason taking over
Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? (1968) as Ma Webb
Agatha Knabenshu arrives in a small town in Missouri to sell player pianos to the locals. She's fired after her disastrous sales attempts nearly destroy the town. The stranded saleslady becomes friendly with an equally bumbling inventor and moves in with his family. The two then try to sell his automatic milking machine, but things turn sour when their demonstration causes a stampede.
The Reluctant Astronaut (1967) as Mrs. Fleming
Don Knotts is Roy Fleming, a small town kiddie-ride operator who is deathly afraid of heights. After learning that his father has signed him up for the space program, Roy reluctantly heads for Houston, only to find out upon arriving that his job is a janitor, not an astronaut. Anxious to live up to the expectations of his domineering father, Roy manages to keep up a facade of being an astronaut to his family and friends. When NASA decides to launch a lay person into space to prove the worthiness of a new automated spacecraft, Roy gets the chance to confront his fears.
Sullivan's Empire (1967) as Miss Wingate
Chamber of Horrors (1966) as Mrs. Ewing Perryman
A one-handed madman uses various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he believes have wronged him.
My Blood Runs Cold (1965) as Aunt Sarah
A headstrong heiress falls for a young man who claims they are reincarnations of past lovers.
Twilight of Honor (1963) as Amy Clinton
A struggling lawyer takes on a controversial murder case that could make or break him.
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) as Nora Ericson
An experienced gunman and a peace-loving tenderfoot clash with a Western bully.
The Great Impostor (1961) as Ma Demara
Based on a true story, a bright young man who hasn't the patience for the normal way of advancement finds that people rarely question you if your papers are in order. He becomes a marine, a monk, a surgeon onboard a Canadian Warship, and a prison warden.
Two Rode Together (1961) as Mrs. McCandless
Two tough westerners bring home a group of settlers who have spent years as Comanche hostages.
The Rabbit Trap (1959) as
A working stiff risks his job to save a rabbit left behind during his family's vacation.
The Deep Six (1958) as Mrs. Austen
A pacifist finds his values challenged by the outbreak of World War II.
Wild Heritage (1958) as Janice Bascomb
The Breslins (Jake, Emma, three boys, and nubile daughter) cross the plains in a covered wagon, then pause in a lawless western town where Jake is shot by gunslingers Arn and Jud. But folksy Judge Copeland persuades them to go on. At Break Wagon Hill, their wagon does the obvious and they homestead on the spot. We follow their trials and joys and those of neighbors, the Bascombs. Finally, violence reappears in the form of a pair of rustlers...our old friends Arn and Jud.
The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) as Cora Melavan
A Union deserter helps a group of women fight off an Indian attack.
The Halliday Brand (1957) as Nante
A tough sheriff and his son clash over how to deal with the Indians.
April Love (1957) as Henrietta Bruce
A young man visiting his relatives in Kentucky falls in love with their neighbor.
Everything but the Truth (1956) as Miss Adelaide Dabney
Willie Taylor, small-town 4th-grade schoolboy, takes to heart his admired teacher's words about truthfulness, and repeats in public his uncle's remark about paying a kickback to the mayor. Result: principal Miss Dabney (a political appointee) suspends Willie from school, and teacher Joan Madison, up against a political machine, enlists amorous columnist Ernie Miller to turn Willie's case into a cause celebre...
Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) as Mrs. L. A. Peterson
A brutal rancher has to soften his ways to win the woman he loves.
7th Cavalry (1956) as Mrs. Charlotte Reynolds
An alleged coward tries to redeem himself by reclaiming General Custer''''s body.
A Lawless Street (1955) as Mrs. Dingo Brion
A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him.
The Big Heat (1953) as Bertha Duncan
A police detective whose wife was killed by the mob teams with a scarred gangster's moll to bring down a powerful gangster.
Hangman's Knot (1952) as Margaret Harris
Rebel soldiers raid a Union gold shipment, then learn the Civil War has been over for a month.
The Happy Time (1952) as Felice Bonnard
A Quebec patriarch fights to keep his wayward son from leading his grandson astray.
The Secret of Convict Lake (1951) as Harriet Purcell
Jim Canfield, convicted of a crime he did not commit, escapes a Nevada prison with several hardened criminals. He leads them to the small farming community home of the man who not only framed him, but committed the crime. But Jim's plans for revenge are put on hold when he discovers that the local men have all joined the posse in the convict's pursuit, leaving their women behind. He soon becomes attracted to the beautiful and resourceful Marcia, who turns out to be the fiance of the man who framed him. Can Jim protect the women from his less-civilized comrades, fall under Marcia's humanizing influence and still maintain his murderous resolve?
Saddle Tramp (1950) as Ma Higgins
Carefree Chuck Connor is on his way west and stops off to see an old friend and his four lads. When his host is killed in a riding accident Chuck realises he must take care of the family. They hit the road and he takes a job on a ranch, but he has to keep the children hidden as his boss hates kids. There's also tension with the neighbouring ranch, and when a girl on the run from her nasty uncle joins the family unannounced Chuck wonders what he has done to deserve all this.
No Sad Songs for Me (1950) as Mona Frene
A terminally ill woman struggles to leave her husband and child taken care of before she dies.
Abandoned (1949) as Major Ross
Words and Music (1948) as Mrs. Hart
Songwriters Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart search for love while rising to the top.
Macbeth (1948) as Lady Macbeth
A Scottish warlord and his wife murder their way to a pair of crowns.

Cast (special)

All the Way Home (1981) as Jessie
The story, set in Tennessee in 1915, relates events in the lives of an estranged family who rediscover love after the death of a family member reunites them.
When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (1979)
The program salutes the golden age of television westerns.
Lassie: The New Beginning (1978)
A two-part special following the new adventures of Lassie, the beautiful collie, and her new masters, Samantha and Chip Stratton, two orphans who live with their uncle, Stuart Stratton, the editor of a small-town daily in Lake Pines, California. The pilot episode relates the would-be series storylin
Gentry's People (1959) as Frank'S Mother (Guest)
The story of Gentry, a two-fisted, warm-hearted Los Angeles newspaper reporter-columnist. In the pilot episode, Gentry attempts to help Frank Simms, a cop killer who is afraid to give himself up, fearing he will be shot on sight. Broadcast as "Good Deed" on "The David Niven Theater" ("Gentry's Peop
Virginian, The (1958) as Dora
The original unsold thirty-minute pilot film for the series of the same title (it sold when remade as a ninety-minute pilot). The story of a mysterious stranger, known only as the Virginian, who comes to work as the foreman of a ranch owned by a retired judge. In the pilot episode, the Virginian a
Carolyn (1956) as Mrs Tuttle
The story of Carolyn Daniels, an actress who becomes the guardian of three children after the death of her best friend. Carolyn takes custody of the children and attempts to win their affections. Served as the basis for "The Betty Hutton Show."

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Awakening Land, The (1978) as Granny Mcwhirter
A lusty frontier saga about a pioneer woman and her love for her family, the man she marries and the land on which she lives, dramatized from Conrad Richter's Pulitzer Prize-winning trilogy. Emmy Award nominations went to Elizabeth Montgomery (her tenth), Hal Holbrook and Jeanette Nolan for their ac

Cast (TV Mini-Series)


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