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Margaret O'Brien

Margaret O'Brien



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  • Margaret

    • Carol Burnett
    • 2019-02-01

    I have watched most of her movies. She's such a great actress. I love watching her. She makes her roles so believable. So talented!!!

  • Margaret O'Brien

    • Al
    • 2018-02-14

    I had this magnificent child star and adult as a resounding FIVE!! I am looking forward to seeing Meet Me in St. Louis which is being broadcast today by Turner Classic Movies.

  • Her Films on TCM are not to be missed.

    • MSgt John Cantey
    • 2015-12-22

    Margaret is and outstanding actress as evidenced by the other actresses she is often compared. I make it a point to watch anytime TCM puts them in the lineup. I often try to get my grandchildren to watch. Our favorite The Canterville Ghost. I wish Margaret to know how much her films are endeared in our family.

  • Why is she not listed?

    • Stuart
    • 2015-04-26

    In Pride of the Yankees, Margaret is the young lookout for the family & friends who intend to surprise Gary Cooper when he is expected to return to the family home (with his fianc´┐Że, Teresa Wright). Yet, Margaret O'Brien is not listed in the cast credits, nor is the movie included in her filmography. What gives?

  • Margaret O'Brien Movies

    • 2014-12-12

    Here is a list of Margaret O Brien movies I would like to know when you will air on your TV channel: Story of Lassie, Amy, Her First Romance, Big City, The Unfinished Dance, Dr Gillespies Criminal Case, Thousand Cheers, You John Jones, Jane Eyre, Victory in Europe, Girls Hand in Hand, Heller in Pink Tights, Diobolic Wedding, Annabelle Lee, Sunset after Dark. I wached Three Wise Fools and found it on by mistake because it was Thomas Mitchell's movie day. She is my favorite actess and would love to see these movies since I have seen all the other ones you have had on in the past. Thank you and I will wait for your answer to my request.

  • Gifted actress

    • Ann
    • 2014-05-24

    Just watched "Journey for Margaret " and it reminded me of how underrated Margaret was as a child actress. She was so "in tune" with the words and emotions she was asked to deliver at such a tender age. Have always loved her work.

  • Mararet O'Brian filmology

    • Maryellen Hintz
    • 2014-01-17

    I love this actress so much, and admire all her work!! I just saw movie with her and Lionel Beery ! Bad Bascomb. I LOVE "Meet me in St. Louis", and "Little Women", to name a few. I've seen Margaret in so many movies, and she was great in all! I'm so happy and thankful for TCM. I watch TCM 90% of my T.V. viewing. thank- you Margaret O'Brian for years of movie watching pleasure!!

  • Wonderful Movies

    • Rosemarie
    • 2014-01-15

    Watched Little women and also Canterbury ghost. Margaret O' Brien such a great actor.

  • Lovely Actress

    • gladurefriendofTCM
    • 2014-01-15

    Loved you in every film this great channel,far as I'm concerned,only channel worth having,wish your career continued on past young adulthood.You are beautiful in every way.

  • Good

    • Guest
    • 2012-07-22

    Good actress

  • Wow!

    • Garry
    • 2012-06-27

    Incredible actress. Meet me in St. Louis was great, but Our vines have tender grapes was un-believable. The ease with her delivery and the character in which she portrayed, brought me to tears. I cannot get enough of this fantastic actress. Thank you for making my life a little richer Margaret!

  • Greatest child actress as far as i'm concerned!

    • Judy Wasenius
    • 2011-06-30

    What can I say that will adequately express how much I loved and admired her! Then when I married, I found out my husband was in love with her from her movies. He was born in 1937, too. The most difficult thing is to never see her again in interviews or movies. I feel that she is not given the just notice that she so deserves! I am so glad that she had a happy childhood and that she enjoyed her movies. I am also happy to know her Mother was very protective and good to her. I loved her part with Butch Jenkins when she wouldn't share her roller skates. And, of course, she stole the movie where she played Tootie. I loved her in Secret Garden and I don't think the new movie comes even close to the magic of her movie with Dean Stockwell. I hope Margaret is reading these reviews because it is my only way to tell her that I still remember her today and wish she could have been a friend. I wish her the best of health and happiness. Judy

  • My favorite child star.

    • WANDA
    • 2011-05-27

    You were my favorite child star since I was 7. To this day (55 years later) you are still my favorite child star. I always look for the latest issue of your movies on DVD. Purchased it all. I wish they would put the Secret Garden on DVD. All the other remakes does not compare to the original one by you. Sure like to meet you in person.


    • JAN
    • 2010-08-22

    From the Cantebury Ghost to all the others she is the most talented child actor ever. My grandchildren are watching her movies.

  • Love ya, Margaret

    • Pat Turman
    • 2010-08-17

    "You won't smack me? You won't smack me if I beller!?" Just saw adorable little Margaret O'Brien say this in "Journey for Margaret" from her 24 hours of "Summer Under the Stars" the other day. How'd you do it, Margaret? You ripped my heart out, massaged it with your tears, and then gently handed it back to me. God Bless you for spreading a little sunshine into this weary world. I am now one of your biggest fans.

  • Bill

    • Christine
    • 2010-06-02

    Hiya, Bill TCM had a special earlier this year with Robert Osborne in a sit down with several former child stars, including Margaret O'Brien. It was wonderful and so very interesting. Margaret still looks pretty and all their stories were fascinating. Growing up on the studio lots, their schooling, some of the pros and cons of the stars they worked with. Maybe TCM will show it again sometime as I would love to see it again myself. Maybe you can request it. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, so you can keep an eye out for it. I'm watching a movie right now with her and Wallace Beery, Bad Bascomb. I remember one thing she did say; that Wallace Beery was a mean, mean man.

  • In love with the past

    • Bill
    • 2010-05-27

    I'm still collecting since I saw the first one. Her characters and performances made such a difference in my preference of classic films. Out of all child stars she was by far the very best. I'd love to sit and listen to her child star experiences.

  • a grownup in a child's body

    • magtim4441
    • 2010-01-17

    It seemed she was a grownup in a child's body.

  • Wonderful Movies

    • John Sheridan
    • 2010-01-15

    Born in !941 I Had never seen one movie of hers. I missed a lot. Thank God for TCM All day long I watched this lovely actress bring a little sunshine and humanity back into my life, God Bless Margaret O'Brien

  • I've just found a treasure

    • sandy
    • 2009-12-19

    I watched "Our Vines" just the other day for the first time. I am in love with little Margaret. The movie made me want to live during that time when everything was so sweet. My favorite line in the movie was by goes something like this..."Maybe we shouldn't get everything we want...that way we will always take care of what we have". He said this when he decided not to get the newer, bigger barn after the neighbor's burned down. What a sweet movie. Selma's version of the Christmas story was wonderful. I played it back for my daughter and we both cried.

  • She made me cry..but I never met her..

    • Dan
    • 2009-12-14

    I enjoy watching TCM programming. I'm 62, and locked in 30's,40's,50's movie's. I had never seen this movie,Our vines have tender grapes, until today, 12/13/09. I was truly moved by the story plot, and what the cast, were trying to convey to the observer. It brought back my childhood days, playing with my friend's, respect for elders, wanting to understand right from wrong, the value of the little things in life, the meaning of giving, caring for church and country. Margaret O'brien's role and performance in this movie, was something I could relate to, and it moved me,emotionally. I wish I could meet more folks in the world today who display that type of moral values. Mrs. O'brien didn't have to cry for this movie, several times during her performance, the tears rolled down my cheek. That does not happen often. I can wait to find a copy of this film, and have my grandkid's over to watch it. And when it's over, we can share it's message, good or bad. Yes, I know it was only a movie, but I lived it years ago as a kid.

  • Interview Required

    • James
    • 2009-04-24

    When will Robert Osborne have an exclusive interview with Miss O'brien(& i do not count that lumped together interview with several lesser child stars - with exception of Jane Withers which aired several years ago). Margaret worked with alot of big stars, is very interesting & intelligent & I am sure has much to say. PS - And what about some MOB DVD'S with MOB commentary - way long overdue.

  • Margaret Obrien Film Tribute Needed!

    • Daisycm
    • 2009-01-31

    Margaret O'brien was the most talented child actor Hollywood has ever had. It could also be stated that she was one of the most talented actor regardless of age. I think it is sad that no one ever does a tribute to all her films. I would love to see all her movies back to back. As a child I attended Sacred Heart Villa in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Every Wednesday they would play one of her films. They were wonderful. We all loved her. TCM shpuld play all her films not just the one with Judy Garland where she had a minor role. Let America cry and laugh with her at least one weekend out of the year.

  • Unforgettable

    • J. H. Turner
    • 2009-01-15

    Words cannot even express my delight to watch movies performed by Margaret O'Brien. I've watched her since I was a little girl and never tire watching as an adult. Applause to Miss O'Brien for her wonderfully inspiring and heartwarming performances.

  • margaret o'brien on TCM

    • Jim Stewart
    • 2009-01-15

    I have really enjoyed watching her films on TCM and I enjoy them all. I was not aware that she appeared in so many films. I read he bio provided by TCM and was happy to see that she is still alive. where could i buy some of her jewerly for my wife? Does she have an address available to send here a not or maybe she could send me a note at jim Stewart 1080 amboise drive marion, ohio 43302

  • Outstanding Child Actress

    • Betty Hall
    • 2008-12-12

    Margaret O'Brien was a favorite of mine even as a child. I have been amazed how excellent she was in Jane Eyre (1944) and Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945). Both films had outstanding actors so she was in good company. If you have never seen these two films be sure to do so. I will even go so far to say she was just as good as Shirley Temple if not better. From a 70 year old grandmother, I look forward to seeing her on TCM.

  • Margaret O'Brien

    • Dorothy
    • 2008-09-02

    I loved her as a child and still do!

  • One of my most favortie actresses

    • Deb Anderson
    • 2008-08-20

    Margaret O'Brien was delightful in every movie I have seen her in. I have not yet seen them all but will be looking forward to checking them all out.

  • She was/is a little doll

    • XweAponX
    • 2008-07-21

    Of all the child stars at MGM she is my favourite- Even in the films where she was apparently "wasted." In "Her First Romance" it becomes apparent that she is more than just a miniature beheader-of-dolls (Tootie Smith) - She was a cute little girl and she could have gone for more romantic parts after that- And actually one of my favourite O'Brien films is "Glory" which didn't make much noise when it was released. Unfortunate, that film probably ruined the adult market for her as far as Films went. I loved Margaret O'Brien... as a child, AND as an adult.

  • I love Margaret O. Brien!

    • Alexandria
    • 2008-03-26

    The most cutest child in history of acting! Happy that she hasn't died yet. But like everyone LOVES her!(including me) If you don't like Margaret O. Brien, Don't look at her page or movies. I also agree with arthur "The best child actress" Best review arthur.

  • Margeret O,brien

    • arthur
    • 2008-03-23

    I do agree ,that Margeret is the best child actress in the U.S. I do want to by the movie,The secert garden.

  • Under-Appreciated

    • Rhonda
    • 2008-02-23

    As a child actor, Margaret embraced and made her own every character she was ever cast in. She even tops Shirley Temple who in her own right was/is a star. Ms. O'Brien is not recognized enough today for her contribution to film. rs NOLA

  • great child actress

    • JackW
    • 2008-01-19

    Shirley Temple was cute and talented and all, but to me Margaret O'brien has been the best child actor to date. She just seemed to steal every scene she was in, even holding her own with Judy Garland in "Meet Me in St. Louis." The end of the old studio system seemed to throw Margaret into a tough time from a movie standpoint as she came of age, whereas Shirley Temple came of age better as a teen and young adult in the movies. But there for awhile, little Margaret did a lot of great things. Known as the best crier, she could also manage so many different facial expressions and could really deliver her lines like a little trooper, often times melting the heart of even the toughest of adults. I haven't seen all of her movies but her portrayal of "Tootie" will be forever burned into my mind.

  • My top 5

    • monica weis
    • 2007-11-19

    Margaret O'Brien is one of my faveorite actresses of all time. i absolutly loved her i would love to see more of her movies out for me to buy so i can watch them anytime.

  • the fantabulas margaret o'brien

    • john wheat
    • 2007-10-11

    of all the movies i have seen of margaret o'brien so for have been exceptional. she wins hands down aginst all the other young starlets of her time. she was a very talented actress and very pretty too. i just loved her in our vines have tender grapes. i could say that for all her movies, she is my favorite of all time. i am probrally her number one fan and she doesnt even know it

  • Just love her!

    • Ann
    • 2007-09-07

    Her bio stating that she wasn't as adorable as Shirley Temple--I strongly disagree! She's muchd more genuine, earthy, believable & "adorably" precocious & endearing! After watching her in "Journey for Margaret" I wanted to adopt her myself! Reviews for "Lost Angel" were fair, but I found whatever the movie's plot lacked, Margaret brightened it again in her unique endearing manner. Also loved "Tenth Avenue Angel" although it received only 1 star. And she adds a needed comical element to "Meet Me in St. Louis". Had a hard time liking her in the classic "The Secret Garden" although she was at that awkward age between child & teen. I'll watch her over Shirley Temple anyday!

  • Absolutely wonderful

    • Barb Rosenbaum
    • 2007-09-06

    I discovered Margaret O'Brien quite by accident one afternoon when watching the Canterville Ghost. I was hooked! She was totally captivating and touched my heart by her range of emotions and expressions. I try to never miss an opportunity to watch this enchanting young child star. She reminds me so much of my granddaughter - 10 going on 40! What a delight it is to spend a couple of hours watching one of her movies. I always look forward to them. Thank you TCM for running them.

  • One of a kind

    • Pat
    • 2007-07-10

    I've never been crazy about child actors, with most being guilty of one or more of the following: too robotic, too loud, too shy, too cute, overacting, or mugging for the camera. But since first seeing Miss O'Brien in "Three Wise Fools" many years ago, I absolutely never miss an opportunity to watch any of her movies. She displays all the emotions of a child, but delivers with the punch of a 40-year-old actress. A truly amazing performer, there has never been anyone like her, and most likely never will be again.

  • Margaret O'Brien

    • Cheryl McCallum
    • 2006-10-03

    About a year ago our cable company started subscribing to TCM and I was hooked. One afternoon over the Christmas holiday I was flipping through and found a movie about a sweet little girl - Tenth Avenue Angel. I couldn't believe the power she had. I did some digging and discovered Margaret O'Brien. Since then I have tried to see other movies with her in them, and I have never been disappointed with a performance. I just adore her!

  • Great Little acctress!

    • Linda
    • 2006-08-29

    She was so powerful with her acting evn when she was very young! She cold even keep up with Judy Garland! I think this girl is a wonderful acctres!

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