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Art Director (feature film)

W (1974) as Art Direction
In one twenty-four hour period, three nearly fatal accidents occurred. And at the scene of each accident, the injured person was found with the letter "W" written on them.
All-American Boy, The (1973) as Art Direction
Vic "Bomber" Bealer is a handsome, manipulative boxer who aspires to something greater than the small-town life he knows in Texas. But even when opportunities present themselves, Bealer is too restless and indecisive to take advantage. Despite being on the cusp of making the Olympic boxing team, his life is in total disarray as he juggles relationships with an old flame, a girl who''s way too young for him and a gay trainer.
Cat Creature, The (1973)
In this chiller, a valentine to the fondly remembered horror B-movie, the theft of an amulet from the mummy of an Egyptian priestess sets off a reign of terror that involves an archeology professor, a mysterious shopkeeper, a pretty salesgirl and an Asian thief.
Sheriff, The (1971)
A rape case tears apart a small California town as a black sheriff and his white deputy go after an insurance salesman suspected of attacking a black coed.
The Hawaiians (1970) as Production Design
A wanderer returns home only to find political turmoil, disease and romantic difficulties.
The Gypsy Moths (1969) as Art Director
A trio of barnstorming skydivers finds love and heartache at one small-town stop.
Mackenna's Gold (1969) as Art Director
A group of men, lead by a questionable sheriff and a wanted bandit, descend upon the desert in search of a lost canyon of gold.
With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) as Art Director
A widow and a widower have to contend with hostile children when they fall in love.
Cool Hand Luke (1967) as Art Director
A free-spirited convict refuses to conform to chain-gang life.
Hotel (1967) as Art Director
A New Orleans hotel owner fights off a corporate raider while his guests struggle through a variety of personal problems.
Hawaii (1966) as Production Design
Missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands fight nature, disease and their own passions.
The Hallelujah Trail (1965) as Art Director
Indians, soldiers and temperance women fight to control a wagon train hauling whiskey across the West.
The Patsy (1964) as Art Director
When a star comedian dies, his comedy team, decides to train a nobody to fill the shoes of the Star in a big TV show (a Patsy). But the man they choose, bellboy Stanley Belt, cant do anything right. The big TV show is getting closer, and Stanley gets worse all the time.
Sex and the Single Girl (1964) as Art Director
A journalist sets out to expose a female sex expert but falls for her instead.
Seven Days in May (1964) as Art Director
An American military officer discovers his superiors are planning a military coup.
Toys in the Attic (1963) as Art Director
Man finds trouble when he brings young bride back to his New Orleans home.
The Notorious Landlady (1962) as Art Director
A junior diplomat in London falls in love with his landlady even though she''''s a murder suspect.
Kid Galahad (1962) as Art Director
A ruthless fight promoter tries to turn a singing mechanic into a champion.
Mr. Sardonicus (1961) as Art Director
A man whose face is frozen in a horrible smile forces a doctor to treat him.
Homicidal (1961) as Art Director
A nurse and her husband conspire to collect a rich inheritance.
13 Ghosts (1960) as Art Director
A family inherits a house haunted by 13 ghosts and a living killer.
The Mountain Road (1960) as Art Director
An American officer helps villagers against the Japanese during WWII.
Bell, Book and Candle (1959) as Art Director
A beautiful witch puts a love spell on an unknowing publisher.
They Came to Cordura (1959) as Art Director
Six American military heroes in Mexico fight treacherous conditions to get back to their base.
It Happened to Jane (1959) as Art Director
A small-town businesswoman takes on a railroad magnate in court.
Cowboy (1958) as Art Director
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
Apache Territory (1958) as Art Director
A cowboy sets out to try to stop an Indian war.
Crash Landing (1958) as Art Director
The passengers and crew of a trans-Atlantic flight prepare for a crash landing at sea.
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) as Art Director
A crashed spaceship unleashes a rapidly growing monster from Venus.
Battle Stations (1956) as Art Director
Storm Center (1956) as Art Director
A librarian fights to keep a controversial book on the shelves.
The Bamboo Prison (1955) as Art Director
An undercover agent investigates atrocities at a Korean P.O.W. camp.
The Man from Laramie (1955) as Art Director
A wandering cowboy gets caught in the rivalry between an aging rancher's sons.
Wyoming Renegades (1955) as Art Director
Phil Carey, Gene Evans, Martha Hyer, William Bishop, Douglas Kennedy, Don Beddoe. Butch Cassidy tries to enlist former outlaw Phil Carey in his lawless gang but is thwarted by Carey''s fiancee (Martha Hyer) and her task force of women sharpshooters. One of the minor villains is Aaron Spelling, who in 1960 was to launch himself to fame as the producer of Zane Grey Theatre and later as the idea man behind "Charlie''s Angels".
Women's Prison (1955) as Art Director
A crusading psychiatrist battles a sadistic female warden to improve conditions at a women''''s prison.
The Caine Mutiny (1954) as Art Director
Naval officers begin to suspect their captain of insanity.
They Rode West (1954) as Art Director
A Cavalry doctor defies orders to treat Native Americans.
The Member of the Wedding (1953) as Art Director
When her brother marries, a 12-year-old girl faces the awkward pains of adolescence.
The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953) as Art Director
A young boy dreams that his piano teacher is a super-villain out to rule the world.
From Here to Eternity (1953) as Art Director
Enlisted men in Hawaii fight for love and honor on the eve of World War II.
Boots Malone (1952) as Art Director
A broken-down sports agent tries to use a promising jockey as his ticket back to the top.
Death of a Salesman (1952) as Art Director
The Harlem Globetrotters (1951) as Art Director
A college student drops out of school to join a famous basketball team.
Flame of Stamboul (1951) as Art Director
A U.S. agent guards defense plans at a conference in Istanbul.
The Mob (1951) as Art Director
A police detective fakes a suspension so he can go undercover.
The Brave Bulls (1951) as Art Director
A matador must recover his courage after being gored in the ring.
My True Story (1951) as Art Director
A female jewel thief tries to help the police capture a master criminal.
No Sad Songs for Me (1950) as Art Director
A terminally ill woman struggles to leave her husband and child taken care of before she dies.
Cargo to Capetown (1950) as Art Director
A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.
The Reckless Moment (1949) as Art Director
A mother attempts to protect her murderous daughter.
We Were Strangers (1949) as Art Director
A Cuban American returns to his homeland during the Revolution and becomes involved in an assassination attempt.
The Dark Past (1949) as Art Director
A psychologist tries to analyze the criminal who's taken him hostage.
The Secret of St. Ives (1949) as Art Director
A Frenchman imprisoned during the Napoleonic wars escapes to prove his innocence.
The Loves of Carmen (1948) as Art Director
A Gypsy temptress seduces an innocent young officer, and then dumps him for another man.
The Arkansas Swing (1948) as Art Director
To the Ends of the Earth (1948) as Art Director
A treasury agent becomes obsessed with exposing an international drug ring.
Blind Spot (1947) as Art Director
Johnny O'Clock (1947) as Art Director
Gambling hall owners get mixed up with a cop on the take, leading to murder and mystery.
Personality Kid (1946) as Art Director
Sing While You Dance (1946) as Art Director
A struggling lyricist befriends a composer''''s widow.
Cover Girl (1944) as Art Director
A nightclub dancer makes it big in modeling, leaving her dancer boyfriend behind.
Two-Man Submarine (1944) as Art Director
A film that is among the umpteen hundred films that some source has given Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco a "credited" composers credit, although his name appears actually nowhere in connection with the vast majority of these umpteen hundred films, and one of four films that Tom Neal and Ann Savage were in together. This one has Robert B. Williams as some kind of scientist on an unnamed South Pacific island and he is making penicillin out of jungle mold at a time when penicillin was so new that all the players in the film pronounce it as "pey-nen-sol-lon" or something like that. Tom Neal is also there as some kind of guard or protector of Williams' work and is hacked off something fierce about it as his goal if to get off the island and into hand-to-hand action "against the japs." Before long an unidentified plane flies over the island and Neal has his pistol at the ready to shoot it down in case it is an enemy plane but a figure parachutes out and in parachutes none other than Ann Savage, who is there as Neal's replacement, although Neal now isn't as ready to leave as he was before. Then a man, George Lynn, washes ashore and is accepted as a crewman from a torpedoed American ship. Later, Williams is murdered, after some of his "pey-non-sol-len or whatever" samples disappear, and Neal concludes that either Savage, island-doctor J.Carroll Naish or Abner Biberman is the guilty party working for the Axis to get the penicillin formula. This isn't exactly Holmes-or-Chan sleuthing on his part as he knows he isn't guilty and the only people on the island, with the exception of three natives, are those he names as suspects. He doesn't know that a two-man Japanese submarine (with five or six Germans on board plus the two Japanese crewmen)is lurking offshore, but his list of suspects is basically correct, as none of the people from the sub have come ashore yet. Well, one has but he floated in. Discounting the floater, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that between Savage, Naish and Biberman, which one who can least bear scrutiny.
The Impatient Years (1944) as Art Director
A feuding couple re-creates their courtship in hopes of falling back in love.
Ever Since Venus (1944) as Art Director
Destroyer (1943) as Associate (Art Direction)
The crew of a torpedoed ship fights to take out an enemy sub.
City Without Men (1943) as Associate (Art Direction)
Flight Lieutenant (1942) as Associate (Art Direction)
A disgraced pilot sets out to regain his son''''s respect.
The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942) as Associate (Art Direction)
A downed pilot enlists a Dutch girl to help him elude the Nazis.
They All Kissed the Bride (1942) as Associate (Art Direction)
A woman running a trucking company falls for the reporter out to expose her business practices.
My Sister Eileen (1942) as Associate (Art Direction)
Two sisters - one smart, one pretty - move to New York to build careers.
The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942) as Associate (Art Direction)
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island (1941) as Art Director
Time Out for Rhythm (1941) as Art Director
The producers of a musical each hire different women to star.
Bedtime Story (1941) as Associate (Art Direction)
A stage star''''s dreams of retirement conflict with her playwright husband''''s need for a hit -- with her starring.
Penny Serenade (1941) as Associate (Art Direction)
A woman on the verge of divorce recalls her heartbreaking attempts to adopt a child.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) as Asst art dir
An idealistic Senate replacement takes on political corruption.

Art Department (feature film)

Lost Horizon (1937) as Set sketcher
Four fugitives from a Chinese revolution discover a lost world of peace and harmony.

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