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Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman



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  • Extremely Versatile & One Of The Best

    • Judy
    • 2018-07-17

    Ms. Bergman is my 2nd favorite actress (behind Ms. Audrey Hepburn who is my favorite). Ms. Bergman could do it all - she played the female romantic lead in my all time favorite film, "Casablanca", and she is just as believable as the China missionary, Ms. Gladys Aylward in one of my personal favorites, "The Inn of Sixth Happiness". She won an Academy Award in "Gaslight", and is so, so funny in the film, "Cactus Flower" (& in my opinion should have won an Academy Award for her performance). It's incredible what this chameleon-like actress has done in her career. She even played the Israeli Prime Minister in, A Woman Called Golda", my goodness!! She always gave outstanding performances and not one was a replica of a previous performance! It's a treasure to have her films shown on TCM. Thanks.

  • My favorite actress.

    • Michael
    • 2017-05-07

    Ingrid Bergman is my favorite actress of all time for her ability to capture true and purely honest emotions in the characters she portrayed. Never have I seen another actress as timeless as she is. She made difficult and sometimes painful choices through out her life but she did it with her dignity intact and remained open about it always. From her beautifully executed display of romance and heartbreak in Casablanca (1942) and Notorious (1946) to her deep and captivating role and performance in Autumn Sonata (1978), she continues to be a head of everyone else before, during or after her lifetime in my humble opinion.


    • Salome
    • 2014-03-28

    I had always enjoyed old movies here and there, but it wasn't till I watched Casablanca that I became a old movie junkie. There was somebody in particular that caught my attention (I love Maria Sharapova and she and Ingrid look so much alike, I'm shock they are not related at all), somebody that made the movie even better for me, this beautiful woman was charming I had to know who she was, so I googled the cast and well it turn out to be Ingrid Bergman, of course I have heard of her before but I didn't really know who she was until then, so I started watching all the movies I could find her in. Every movie turned out better than the one before and I couldn't stop watching her clips in youtube and everything I could find with her in. She was such a natural and authentic person, her interpretations were fantastic, it's hard to look at someone and just be so starstruck like that, she definitely had something super special about her. I was born a few years after she died and discover her not till my semi adult years and it makes me sad to not even had a chance to be around somebody like her. It's 2014 I'm totally head over hills about Ingrid Bergman, everything about her made her legendary, she was and is an icon and no matter how movies and people evolve, she is always going to be one of those stars that never really die cause somebody is always remembering them.

  • "Define Acting!"

    • Alex Brunner
    • 2013-07-01

    With Ingrid,every move,emotion n expression up into 82(Golda mier)! I know was truly a gift 4 so many. Have yet too experience ssuch authenticity n commitment, sorry we were not friends...define acting anymore!..hmm

  • A Great Idol

    • Jezebelle
    • 2012-11-01

    I respect and love Ingrid Bergman because she was a great actress and because she very rarely cared what anyone thought of her. Her on screen personas varried with her roles, (and any number of them can be material for idolization) but her personal personality was the one that girls should want to be like. When America Boycotted her she couldn't care less, she did what she wanted, was with the man she loved and was by her own statement "A Happy Woman." When her personal life came apart she boldly came back to American Films and once again won over the fans with her charming smile, her dazzling eyes and her onscreen performances. She knew how to work the people, knew what they wanted, expected and deserved, and she gave it to them onscreen. But she didn't give it to them with her personal life because she felt, (and here she is, I think, right) her personal life was her own and she wouldn't condemn it for them. Ingrid Bergman should be applauded for her bold actions but perhaps not for her tact about it. Some say she could have been a bit more Humble but I say Modesty is for Morons. I love you Ms. Bergman and you are one of my Idols.

  • Ingrid Bergman

    • Sally
    • 2012-08-25

    Ingrid Bergman is one of my favorite actresses. I prefer the movies from the 30's and 40's over any they have now days. To me they could act where as now days I don't get that feeling from those on the silver screen. I am so glad I can get TMC and would be lost without this channel. I just finished reading Ingrid's biography and although I loved the information in it, most I already knew, I was very disappointed too. It does not give her date of birth nor her death date. It does say she fought cancer, but not what kind nor when it was found. I am assuming this is her cause of death. I think she must have been born somewhere around 1919 but don't know for sure either. If you could add this information to her biography it would be great.

  • Popular Everywhere .

    • Mike
    • 2011-04-01

    I'm form Middle East and must say that Ingrid bergman is on top lists of Classic actresses even here. She is very popular in my country ( Iran ) and the only Biography Book form a classic actress that could translated and published here was Ingrid's !. She has such beauty and talent that enchant everyone easily. I watch many classic movies of famous actresses (2 Hepburns , grace kelly , rita hayworth , garbo , bacal , loren , ... ) but Ingrid Bergman is another thing ! No one get tired form wathing her in Casablanca , Notorious , ....

  • very dissappointed

    • mikemcgee5862@,
    • 2010-08-06

    Ingird Bergam was a great actress but money grubbing time warnrer ,who owns tcm , doesn't respect the actress fully. I believe it's poltical correct hypocrisy that tcm claims they are not, The autobiography story avoided the fact that in 1937 she went to germany to do three films for ufa . Like our country and sweden she was nieve about what was happening in germany. I got this from face book article about her . She was asked to tour the conscentration camps but she turned it down not becuase she knew what was going on she didn't. She was only intrested in her career . She did only one film The four journeymen. It was a light romantic comedy. Becaus of war she didn't complete the contract and by the time it was finished and released she was in hollywood. Time warner is very bias against legally buying this classic and broadcasting it because of the social and political prejudice against german classic made durring befor and after hitler as well as greed since a film like this would only appeal to the serious classic film fan, Warner only serves popular classic film fans. Their fearful that less viewrw would watch it because of 6 million murders. Then they fear that the political censors would complain about it. Tcm doen't promote film history at all. Just ratings

  • one of the best

    • sarah
    • 2009-01-04

    without a doubt ingrid was one of the best actresses to ever grace the silver screen. When you watch her its amazing; you feel every emotion right along with her. she was a naturally beautiful woman, unlike many others who spent much of their time trying to look perfect. bergman had "that something" that people have been trying to pinpoint for years and years. all i can say is that im grateful that TCM exists to show stars like I.B. long after they have passes so my generation and generations after me can see what real acting was.

  • Underrated

    • Kelly
    • 2008-12-15

    sure she was famous enough but Kat Hepburn one more Oscars then her Huh? She disserves at least four

  • bergman

    • amy
    • 2008-06-30

    Even though I'm only 15, and today's hollywood has bombarded my generation with sex is more, I still find the hollywood glamour era of the 30's and 40's much more entertaining, with my favourite actress of the time being Bergman. Between her and Grace Kelly and their "find a way" approach to an even then tumultuous movie industry, Ingrid had found a way to come out on top, intact, and still looking perfect. As many know, Ingrid wore little to no make up when younger, and was a completely natural star. This woman has many admirable qualities which should be and have been applauded. She has found a place to keep her legacy alive, because as a movie star, she never dies. I think it's great the TCM shows these movies to keep these amazing stars alive, the ones with actual acting ability. I appreciate what you do TCM, thanks.

  • Incredible Ingrid

    • Katharine
    • 2008-03-11

    In my opinion, she truly was the most beautiful woman to ever grace the silver screen. Her talent was like her beauty, soft and vibrant, powerful and intriguing. She is the only actress that I felt close to on the screen. She is my favorite and always will be.

  • Beautiful and talented

    • Kathleen
    • 2008-02-26

    Oh my god Ingrid was so incredable beautiful and talent she is the best. She is my second favorite actress after Vivien Leigh but she is fantastic.

  • Oh, My, Ingrid!

    • Jorge
    • 2008-02-12

    Awesome gorgeous Ingrid Bergman can make even discredited garbage like Freudian psychology seem interesting. Peck avoids the overbearing pomposity of his later years. And Ingrid is just amazing.

  • "Here's looking at you, kid"

    • Mary Q
    • 2007-12-08

    Ingrid Bergman was one of the most talented actresses of the era. She was the complete package: talent, beauty and brains. What actresses wouldn't give to give a performance like Ingrid's in Casablanca and Notorious? Few of them can.

  • Ingrid Bergman = Greatness

    • Rex
    • 2007-09-03

    Ingrid Bergman was who got me to love classic movies, from when I changed the channel to TCM one night and happened to see Bergman on screen in "Goodbye Again" I remember being captivated and from then on have and will forever regard her as the greatest actor (male or female). Because of her I found many new actors and directors and films that I would have possibly never witnessed. Her sex appeal and screen presence are that of no other actress and is part of the reason she captivates me so much. She was screen gold in that many of her films either had her with Award Nominations (and wins) but many of her co-actors got the Nominations as well. Her talent cannot be compared now or ever, I beg you all to watch any and all of her films.

  • Extraordinary!!!!!

    • Louann
    • 2007-04-13

    Ingrid Bergman brought class, humor, strength, innovation, sex appeal, grace and a soft touch to the screen. She was able to do any role and come out flawless!!!! She was a very good actress and will be remembered forever.

  • The Greatness & Courage of Ingrid Bergman

    • Emily Klein
    • 2007-03-01

    Ingrid Bergman was possibly 1 of the greatest actors of all time. She was able to create characters in drama as well as comedy. She was also ahead of her time in many respects of both her professional & private life. Her courage in living her private life as she saw fit & ignoring all the scandal of her life is extremely admirable. She has always been & always will be my hero & someone I can always look up to.

  • The eyes have it.

    • Jack
    • 2007-01-06

    Don't need to say what already hasn't been said about her beauty and talent. I just want to add that a lot of acting is in subtleties in facial expressions, especially in the look in the eyes. Ingrid Bergman not only had some of the most beautiful eyes but some of the most expressive. I am still aghast that Hollywood lost out on 7 years of her in her prime. That was a loss for all of us. There has been no better movie actress.

  • The Best of the Best!!

    • Mary
    • 2006-09-03

    My God, what can any classic movie fan say about Ingrid Bergman? Shes got to be the most captavating Swedish actress ever!! She had such an amazing beauty and fascinating talent that not even the actresses of today could be compare to her. Its like peter said, she is "The Incomparable Ingrid Bergman"

  • Outstanding

    • Kathleen McDonnell
    • 2006-06-07

    Ingrid Bergman had the most beautiful dresses and jewelry in NOTORIOUS! She and Cary Grant were wonderful together. I hope NOTORIOUS will be again soon. Thank you!

  • Magnificent!

    • Carrie PL
    • 2006-04-24

    The first film I had seen her in was "Casablanca". And, to be honest, then I just thought that she was a good, but not marvelous actress. But after I saw her in "Gaslight" I was sure that she was one of the most talented actresses ever. I'm reading Donald Spoto's biography of Ingrid and I really like the way she was privately. I really appreciate that when she was married and pregnant with another man's child she took a risk and didn't abort it.

  • The Visit. 1964

    • Henry F. Bradford
    • 2006-01-18

    Ingrid Bergman's great in this film, because of the story-line and setting.It should even be upgraded to a color vision. I think Turner Classic Movies are Great.

  • Ingrid is Sultry!

    • Byron
    • 2005-10-25

    You go girlfriend!

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