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John Howard Payne

John Howard Payne



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Also Known As: Died: December 6, 1989
Born: May 23, 1912 Cause of Death: congestive heart failure
Birth Place: Roanoke, Virginia, USA Profession: Cast ...


Director (feature film)

They Ran for Their Lives (1968) as Director
(Adv ''68). John Payne, Luana Patten, John Carradine, Scott Brady, Jim Davis, Anthony Eisley, and Bravo the dog. John Payne directed and stars in this suspense thriller in which a group of murderous thugs terrorize a young woman in their efforts to locate an important document. In all ends disasteriously in the desert with Bravo the dog to the rescue. The theme song is sung by The Knickerbockers.

Cast (feature film)

Jitters (1997) as George
A bride-to-be becomes frazzled and unsure of herself as her wedding to her long-time boyfriend approaches. It doesn't help that her family is butting in and a video producer is intent on documenting the entire experience.
Betrayal of Trust (1994) as Carl
Story of a woman who fights to have her former psychiatrist convicted of rape after she realizes he has been having sex with her during her drug-induced "treatment" sessions for several years. Based on a true story.
The Savage Wild (1970) as John
They Ran for Their Lives (1968) as Bob Martin
(Adv ''68). John Payne, Luana Patten, John Carradine, Scott Brady, Jim Davis, Anthony Eisley, and Bravo the dog. John Payne directed and stars in this suspense thriller in which a group of murderous thugs terrorize a young woman in their efforts to locate an important document. In all ends disasteriously in the desert with Bravo the dog to the rescue. The theme song is sung by The Knickerbockers.
The Risk (1961) as Iverson
A government team researching cures for plague find their results put on the Official Secrets list. One of their number is so incensed by this that he lets the maimed and jealous companion of a female colleague draw him into what, technically, could be a treasonable act.
Hidden Fear (1957) as Mike Brent
An American cop in Denmark fights to clear his sister of a murder charge.
Bailout at 43,000 (1957) as Maj. Paul Peterson
Pilots risk their lives to test a new ejector seat for the B-47 bomber.
Slightly Scarlet (1956) as Ben Grace
Kleptomaniac Dorothy Lyons is paroled from prison in custody of her sister June, secretary to "reform" political candidate Frank Jansen. Ben Grace, associate of crime boss Sol Caspar, sees this as a way to smear Jansen's campaign. But after falling out with Caspar, Ben tries to help June, who he begins to fall for. Sexy Dorothy also has a yen for Ben. June is reluctantly forced to go along with Ben's schemes, but there may be more to these than meets the eye...
Hold Back the Night (1956) as [Capt. Sam] MacKenzie
The Boss (1956) as Matt Brady
A crusading politician falls prey to the temptations of power.
Rebel in Town (1956) as John Willoughby
A man hunts down the bank robber who accidentally killed his son.
Tennessee's Partner (1955) as Tennessee
A tough, womanizing high-stakes gambler known only as Tennessee has an uneasy relationship with Duchess, madam of a thinly-disguised bordello, and no other friends at all. But he's saved from murder by a lonesome cowpoke ('My friends call me Cowpoke'), in town to meet his fiancée Goldie on the steamboat. When she arrives, there's a mysterious undercurrent between Goldie and Tennessee, whose newfound friendship with Cowpoke is destined to be severely tried...
Hell's Island (1955) as Mike Cormack
Santa Fe Passage (1955) as Kirby Randolph
Scout and wagon-train guide Kirby Randolph (John Payne) hates all Indians, particularly Kiowa Chief Satank (George Keymas), whose massacre of an entire wagon-train of settlers led by Kirby, has led to his ostracism and neither he nor his pal Sam Beekman (Slim Pickens) can get jobs. Aurelie St. Clair (Faith Domergue), who owns half of an ammunition shipment for sale in Santa Fe to Mexican insurrectionaries, protests when he partner Jess Griswold (Rod Cameron) hires Kirby and Sam as guides. When Kirby saves them all from a wild horse stampede instigated by Satank, she changes her mind and she and Kirby fall in love, although Kirby does not realize she is half-Indian. Jess, who is also in love with Aurelie and wanting to get rid of Kirby, sends his servant Chavez (Anthony Caruso) to Satank offering to deliver Kirby to the Chief in return for safe passage for the wagon train. But, Satank plans to get both Kirby and the wagon train.
The Road to Denver (1955) as Bill Mayhew , also known as Steve Webster
The Mayhew brothers flee from one Texas town to another as older brother Bill repeatedly attempts to keep younger brother Sam out of jail. Bill finally gives up on his younger brother and heads for Colorado. He gets a job and all is well until his brother shows up and takes a job that puts them on opposite sides of the law.
Silver Lode (1954) as Dan Ballard
Dan Ballard, a respected citizen in the western town of Silver Lode, has his wedding interrupted by four men led by Ned McCarthy, an old acquaintance who, as a US Marshal, arrests Ballard for the murder of his brother and the theft of $20,000. Ballard seeks to stall McCarthy while tracking down evidence that will prove his innocence: but the townspeople's loyalty to him gradually begins to waver under McCarthy's accusations.
Rails into Laramie (1954) as Jefferson Harder
The Vanquished (1953) as Rockwell Grayson
A Southern States official returns home after the Civil War and has to see that in his village the law is in the hands of a few scrupoulos people.
99 River Street (1953) as Ernie Driscoll
A taxi driver gets mixed up with jewel thieves.
Raiders of the Seven Seas (1953) as Barbarossa [also known as Redbeard]
A legendary pirate captures a Spanish galleon and tries to claim a countess as his bride.
Caribbean (1952) as Dick Lindsay, also known as Robert MacAllister
Kansas City Confidential (1952) as Joe Rolfe
To commit the perfect crime, a former detective keeps his colleagues' identities secret from each other.
The Blazing Forest (1952) as Kelly Hanson
Passage West (1951) as Pete Black
Crosswinds (1951) as Steve Singleton
Captain China (1950) as Captain China [Charles S. Chinnough]
Stormy waves in the South China Sea wash a drunken captain, Charles Chinnough, off his ship just before it crashes on a reef. He's then rescued by a passing vessel. Two months later the former captain, now in disgrace, sails as a passenger on a ship commanded by Brendensen, the man who had been the first-mate on his last voyage. Tension quickly develops between these two, especially since both are now attracted to the same female passenger, Kim Mitchell. A typhoon forces Chinnough and Brendensen to work together to save the ship while, at the same time, new information comes to light about their previous voyage together.
Tripoli (1950) as Lieutenant [Presley] O'Bannon
The Eagle and the Hawk (1950) as Todd Croyden
The Crooked Way (1949) as Eddie Rice, also known as Eddie Riccardi
A war hero''''s amnesia keeps him from dealing with his criminal past.
El Paso (1949) as Clay Fletcher
A young lawyer turns himself into a sharpshooter to clean up a corrupt western town.
The Saxon Charm (1948) as Eric Busch
Larceny (1948) as Rick Maxon
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) as Fred Gailey
A department store Santa claims to be the real thing.
Wake Up and Dream (1946) as Jeff Cairns
Henry Pecket (Clem Bevans) keeps a land-bound, home-made sloop in the backyard of his boarding house ran by widow Sara March (Charlotte Greenwood), who is tolerant of the fancied trips around the world taken by her "ancient mariner" boarder. Little Nella Cairn (Connie Marshall,)another boarder, is his constant companion on the sloop's "trips." When her brother, Jeff Cairn (John Payne), enlists in the Navy, Nella is sent to board with a cousin, but is unhappy and returns to the boarding house. Pecket sends for Jenny (June Haver), a waitress for Mr. Agrippa (Oliver Blake) at his lunchroom and sweetheart of Jeff. Pecket and Jenny together decide to take care of Nella, when she receives a telegram from the War Department advising that Jeff is missing in action. To console the young girl, Pecket tells her they'll sail out to a wonderful island he knows about where he is sure Jeff can be found. The widow March, incensed about gossip she hears that Pecket is entertaining women guests on his boat, sells it to Mr. Agrippa, who wants to make a hamburger stand out of it. He has a man install wheels on it and plans to tow it away the next day. Pecket, Jenny and Nella have a meeting on the boat, a storm blows up, and since the sails are set, the "Sara March" puts out to "sea,", where it becomes "reefed" in a haystack. A young itinerant dentist, Howard Williams (John Ireland), offers to tow them but runs out of gas just as they reach Dignman's Ferry. He suggests they launch the boat, and all hands, including Williams, who comes in handy when they encounter a scientist in need of dental work, set sail on an enchanted voyage for Pecket's rendezvous find Jeff.
The Razor's Edge (1946) as Gray Maturin
A young man's quest for spiritual peace threatens his position in society.
Sentimental Journey (1946) as William O. Weatherly
An actress becomes fatally ill and adopts an orphan so that her husband will not be alone once she has died.
The Dolly Sisters (1945) as Harry Fox
Two sisters from Hungary become famous entertainers in the early 20th century.
Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) as Johnny Cornell
Iceland (1942) as Corp. James Murfin
Marine, James Murfin, is unaware of Icelandic customs. When he flirts with Katina her Icelandic family take his actions as a proposal of marriage to Katina. Desperately wanting out, James gets his buddy to help him. Good Luck!
Remember the Day (1942) as Dan Hopkins
An elderly schoolteacher, waiting to meet a presidential nominee, recalls the time when he was her student.
Springtime in the Rockies (1942) as Dan Christy
A pair of Broadway partners threaten to breakup after old flames enter the picture.
To the Shores of Tripoli (1942) as Chris Winters
A brash young Marine has to redeem himself after trying to romance a female officer.
Footlight Serenade (1942) as Bill Smith
Conceited World Champion boxer Tommy Lundy decides to test his popularity in a Broadway show. Tommy always has an eye for the ladies and he starts paying attention to beautiful chorus girl Pat Lambert. Pat's boyfriend Bill Smith isn't impressed with Tommy even though Tommy gets him a boxing part in the show. When Tommy finds out that Pat and Bill were secretly together the night before the show opens, he angrily plans to turn the boxing scene with Bill into a real bout.
Week-End in Havana (1941) as Jay Williams
A ship company employee, Jay Williams (John Payne), is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all of the passengers with the exception of Nan Spencer (Alice Faye), a department store salesgirl who wants her vacation NOW, not later. Jay is instructed to take Nan to Havana and set her up in the best hotel and keep her entertained. She visits a night club where the star attraction is Rosita Rivas (Carmen Miranda), and meets Rosita's worthless manager, Monte Blanca (Cesar Romero), who makes a play for her. Trouble also comes in the form of Jay's fiancee, Terry McCracken (Cobina Wright Jr.), when a romance develops between Nan and Jay.
The Great American Broadcast (1941) as Rix Martin
After WWI two men go into radio. Failure leads the wife of one to borrow money from another; she goes on, after separation, to stardom. A coast-to-coast radio program is set up to bring everyone back together.
Sun Valley Serenade (1941) as Ted Scott
A Norwegian war orphan adopted by a pianist as a publicity stunt turns out to be a beautiful young woman.
Maryland (1940) as Lee Danfield
Woman (Bainter) tormented by the hunting death of her husband forbids her son (Payne) to have anything to do with horses. But when he falls for the daughter (Joyce) of his father's trainer (Brennan), he defies his mother by entering the Maryland Hunt.
Tear Gas Squad (1940) as [Sergeant] Bill Morrissey
A brave young policeman single-handedly takes on a vicious criminal gang.
The Great Profile (1940) as Richard Lansing
Barrymore lampoons himself. A famous actor, given to drink, nearly destroys the show, but his leading lady (Hughes) returns to save it. Meanwhile a young girl (Baxter) tries to reform him.
Star Dust (1940) as Bud Borden
When the studios reject her because she''''s too young, a young actress sets out to build a career on her own.
Tin Pan Alley (1940) as Skeets Harrigan
Songwriters Calhoun and Harrigan get Katie and Lily Blane to introduce a new one. Lily goes to England, and Katy joins her after the boys give a new song to Nora Bayes. All are reunited when the boys, now in the army, show up in England.
King of the Lumberjacks (1940) as Slim
A northwoods lumberjack unwittingly marries his best friend''''s girl.
Bad Lands (1939) as
Indians pick off the members of a posse lost in the desert.
Indianapolis Speedway (1939) as Eddie Greer
A race-car driver tries to keep his kid brother from taking to the track.
Kid Nightingale (1939) as Steve Nelson
A waiter becomes a singing prizefighter.
Wings of the Navy (1939) as Jerry Harrington
Pilot brothers vie for the same woman.
College Swing (1938) as Martin Bates
In 1738, a pact is drawn up between the Alden family and a highly respected Colonial college: If any female member of the family can pass her college exams within a 200-year period, ownership of the institution will be turned over to her. Two hundred years later in 1938, the last of the Alden girls, Gracie Alden hires Bud Brady to help her pass her exams. She also tries to win over no-nonsense professor Hubert Dash, who has no intention of handing his college over to a ditzy young lady like Gracie.
Garden of the Moon (1938) as Don Vincente
A nightclub owner and a bandleader compete for the lead singer''''s heart.
Fair Warning (1937) as Jim Preston
Love on Toast (1937) as Bill Adams
Hats Off (1936) as Jimmy Maxwell
Dodsworth (1936) as Harry [McKee]
A husband whose wife left him looks for new love in Europe.

Cinematography (feature film)

High, Wild and Free (1968) as Director of Photography

Music (feature film)

The King and I (1956) as Composer
The king of Siam clashes with the British governess hired to teach his children.
A Date with Judy (1948) as Composer
A teenager thinks her father is involved with a fiery Latin singer.
Anna and the King of Siam (1946) as Composer
A young Englishwoman becomes royal tutor in Siam and befriends the King.
Home Sweet Homicide (1946) as Composer
Mystery writer Marian Carstairs is hard at work trying to finish her latest novel. Her three children meanwhile are entertaining themselves trying to solve a murder in their own neighborhood. In between gathering clues, the kids play matchmaker by trying to fix up their widowed mom with the handsome detective investigating the case.
Let Freedom Ring (1939) as Composer
A crusader returns to his Western hometown to root out corruption.
First Love (1939) as Composer
In this reworking of Cinderella, orphaned Connie Harding is sent to live with her rich aunt and uncle after graduating from boarding school. She's hardly received with open arms, especially by her snobby cousin Barbara. When the entire family is invited to a major social ball, Barbara sees to it that Connie is forced to stay home. With the aid of her uncle, who acts as her fairy godfather, Connie makes it to the ball and meets her Prince Charming in Ted Drake, her cousin's boyfriend.
Sweethearts (1938) as Composer
Bickering husband-and-wife stage stars are manipulated into a break-up for publicity purposes.
Steamboat Round the Bend (1935) as Composer
The Prodigal (1931) as Composer
A wealthy southern boy takes to the road as a hobo.

Special Thanks (feature film)

Phoenix (1997)
When a group of genetically-altered androids takes over an outer-space mining colony, a giant corporation sends in an elite military team to put down the revolt.

Cast (special)

O'Connor's Ocean (1960) as Torin O'Connor
The exploits of Torin O'Connor, a yachtsman and lawyer for a marine law firm. In the pilot episode, O'Connor is hired by Victoria Arden to find her husband, reportedly lost at sea in a plane crash.
Restless Gun, The (1957)
The story relates the exploits of Britt Ponset, a wandering ex-gunfighter in the 1800s who aids people in distress. In the pilot episode, broadcast as a segment of "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars," Britt attempts to save an old friend from a ruthless killer.
Philadelphia Story, The (1954) as Dexter Haven
The story of a reporter and a photographer, assigned to cover the fashionable wedding of wealthy Tracy Lord to the snobbish George Kittredge, and the problems that arise when Tracy has second thoughts about George and announces that she still loves her first husband, Dexter Haven. Based on the play

Producer (special)

O'Connor's Ocean (1960) as Producer
The exploits of Torin O'Connor, a yachtsman and lawyer for a marine law firm. In the pilot episode, O'Connor is hired by Victoria Arden to find her husband, reportedly lost at sea in a plane crash.

Cast (short)

The Royal Rodeo (1939)
In this short film, a young monarch invites a traveling rodeo show to perform at his palace. Vitaphone Release 9539-9540.

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