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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley



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  • Sergeant

    • Laura
    • 2018-11-07

    I just found out that Elvis Presley was a Sergeant in the Army. I also know that you have to have been in the service for at least 6 years in order to become a Sergeant. I find it shameful that he would get promoted just because of his fame.

  • Elvis the giver

    • Carol
    • 2018-09-30

    Just an opinion. In childhood Memories really take hold and can affect the person for the rest of their lives. So , here was Elvis A poor boy who was not popular in school, and watching the popular boys longed to be one of them. Then when he became famous, had girls all over pining after him and making money beyond his wildest dreams. By being so very generous was another way to become popular beside his music and persona, because that little poor boy and hurts he endured was still living inside of him.

  • Finding who was Elvis later in life?

    • Janet Robinson Brown
    • 2018-07-06

    Mac Smith? of Clemson, SC use to have a little dinner pass the Armory in Clemson like going to Pendleton, SC. It is well known of Mac Smith's grocery store (Convenience store) in Five Forks between Seneca and Pendleton. Down from the Convenience store is a beautiful 2 story white house, fenced in for very expensive horses. John Buck Fulp, Paul Newman, and Elvis raced cars. Fulp use to fly his chopper to get Elvis to bring him to Sally Abney Rose's house for cotton tycoon meetings. Sally was Fulp's grandmother. Bucks mother was once married to a Smith. Divorced Smith. Was this Mac Smith? Its funny many people open up restaurants this out of the way Mac's Dinner was renowned for his burgers. Someone needs to find out did Mac Smith once own this beautiful white two story house near the Mac Smith's convenience store, and why did Buck the stepson later rent the house to two gay women? Do the gay women now own the house and is it still in Buck's name or in a Smith family member other than Buck. When I asked Buck to please tell me about my father he was shaking so bad, a nervous shake. He told me as in kindness and as if he said anything they would hurt him. Buck has lost to children, one a son who use to work at Big-O-Dodge, and a daughter driving drunk. Sally asked me to come see her and I did but Bertha or Bulla would not let me visit with her. I later had my DNA done and a young man on the Abner side was kin to me. Buck now lives at Saddlers Creek. I need a blood DNA done. I have Elvis's family bloodline the Hatfields and McCoy's are my hillbilly bloodline, Elvis claimed he was kin to the Jackson's. My grandmother was Bessie Jackson Robinson, someone who has money please help me to investigate all this, and to help me with getting a blood sample. Elvis said its all in the numbers, I thought he was into numerology, but computers compute your DNA now as a number data base. Like Margo Mauldin Robinson hers in numbers dated back to Cain and A

  • the King in kind-one of a kind....

    • Colin
    • 2017-01-29

    The contrived 1950s 'hollywood images' of James Dean,Marlon Brando, & Tony Curtis had a huge impact upon a new found 'youth market',especially upon a young Memphis teenager,Elvis Presley.As a musical entity,Elvis's adapted approach to r&b,country & pop would change the newer music term 'rock & roll' into something huge-& unanticipated.More so,as seen on the 'new' medium of TV,captured his wild & uninhibited stage antics created censor & outrage.When seen on a Milton Bearle show,he got just as many 'pan' letters as 'fan letters',after introducing his version of the r&b hit "Hound Dog".His association with Jackie Gleason's "Stage Show" led Gleason to dub hin 'a guitar playing Marlon Brando'.A later Ed Sullivan TV show found him banned from the waist up.Presley's subsequent Hollywood films in retrospective,while usually promoting a song & making money,usually failed to deliver the goods.There were however,some brilliant exceptions."Viva Las Vegas""King Creole","Jailhouse Rock",Loving You","Blue Hawaii" &"Elvis Thats The Way It Is" are each one of a kind-the best of their kind.Formula flicks like "Follow That Dream","Fun In Acapulco","Tickle Me"(despite a horrid title),"Double Trouble","Change Of Habit","The Trouble With Girls" (another horrid title) & "Roustabout" are at least well made & done well enough.Yet too many others made him look uninterested,or just bad.Films like "Girls,Girls,Girls"will perhaps find viewers enjoying the title song & girls (on a boat),"Return To Sender" & "I Dont Want To Be Tied"& then leaving the theater-fast.Sadly,his manager Col.Parker did not give him any challanges (with"Viva Las Vegas"the exception- when dynamic Ann Margaret forced him to be better-& was.Parker also screwed up it's movie soundtrack,although the movie turned out excellent anyway).Streisand's (later) offer in "A Star Is Born" could have saved his life? The "King" of rock & roll could have been better?Yes!Or perhaps being the "king' was just enough..

  • There Will Never Be Another

    • Lasher
    • 2014-03-09

    I often wonder what would have happened had Elvis fired Parker following his discharge in 1960. The "bad boy" image he wielded in the 50s was immediately discarded in 1960 with 'pop' being massaged into his music and more family friendly plots in his films (he played a babysitter in his first post-Army film). Then, four short years later, the lads from Liverpool invaded America, and Elvis was relegated to the object of joke-making Hollywood elites and being spoken of in the past tense, while still in his 30s, by the revolutionaries of popular music and pop culture in general. With the exception of two ground breaking television specials in 1968 and 1973, the phenomenon known as "The King" was no more. Yet in those five short years from his first recordings in 1954 (excluding a couple from 1953) until his final recordings of the 1950s while on leave in 1958, and the four films he had made up to that point (which showed a steady INCREASE of acting ability), there has never been, nor dare I say, ever will be, another superstar of his caliber. Nearly 40 years after his death, he is still missed by millions of us who grew up with him. Yes, I wonder what would have happened had Elvis fired Parker following his discharge in 1960.

  • Amazingly Beautiful!!!!!:)

    • Andrea
    • 2012-06-09

    I haven't been a fan of Mr Elvis Presley for very long but, OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! He is amazing!!! His Acting, Singing, & Dancing!!!! So Amazing!

  • Kissing cousin

    • Ms Sally Bishop
    • 2011-01-08

    I love all Elvis Presely /moveies But I am a Little upset that you only played two Movies of his on his Birth Day. Sinceraly,truely Blondie

  • Elvis: The Historic Rockabilly King

    • Anthony
    • 2010-01-30

    If you've ever luxuriated in the early sounds of rock and roll one cannot climb the mountain without touting the "King" -Elvis Presley. Steeped in gospel sprinkled liberally with rhythm & blues (some thought he was a black artist in early radio days in Memphis!) Elvis broke all the rules for music up to that point in time, pioneering the way for artists world-wide to take up the banner of ROCK. From tender ballads like "Young and Beautiful" to slap-bass rockers like "Jailhouse Rock" he drove young fans mad with those flushed feelings of love's first infatuation to downright toe-tapping energy hammered out by an irrestible backbeat (with Scotty Moore's electric rhythm) and a rich, powerful baritone voice carrying at least a couple of octaves. In a word he was "exciting". So much so he charmed even Ed Sullivan on who's show he was admired even by Mr. Sullivan himself with his sincere words of admiration on air for "this fine young man".

  • Elvis is a great performer!

    • Michael
    • 2010-01-13

    I did an in depth research paper in college on Elvis and his movies. Several of the directors on his movies stated that he would have been a much better actor if Paramount was not trying to produce so many films each year! Most actors get 5 to 10 takes, sometimes all the way up to 40 or 50 for each scene! That is why most actors come across so good, Elvis usually got one maybe two if he was lucky! With the pressure he was under and the limited amount of time they had to push out movies I believe he did a great job! Just proves how talented he really was, as an Elvis fan his movies in my opinion are great! In reality they are okay but with more direction and time Elvis could have become an exceptional actor along with his wonderful singing career!!

  • Elvis - The King Forever!!!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2009-08-17

    Elvis Presley was without question the absolute greatest Rock and Roll singer that ever lived. When Elvis came on the music scene in the 1950's his singing style and persona had an immediate impact on popular culture. He had every teenage girl screaming and swooning, and every teenage boy wanted to be just like him. His early hit songs such as "Heartbreak Hotel", "Jailhouse Rock" and "Hound Dog" sold millions, and it was only a matter of time before he would become an equally big silver screen sensation. The plots of his films were very formulaic (loving the ladies, beating up the bad guys, and his singing and dancing), but most of his films were box office hits. If he had been given a few really good scripts, Elvis could have proven he was a serious actor and not just a handsome song and dance man. My five favorite Elvis films are "Jailhouse Rock", "King Creole", "Blue Hawaii", "Viva Las Vegas" and "Spinout". January 8, 2010 will mark his 75th birthday, and I would like to see TCM commemorate the occasion by having a Star of The Month tribute to Elvis, and showing all of his great films. What better way to pay tribute to a Memphis truck driver who became the greatest rock star of all time and an icon that will last forever. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

  • elvis presley: rock star/movie star

    • robert beatty
    • 2009-05-26

    elvis presley the king of rock and roll who proved he was a capable good actor in drama and comedy with such wonderful films as "jailhouse rock", "king creole", "flaming star", "blue hawaii", "kid galahad", "viva las vegas" and "girl happy". he seems underrated for his acting, but when you look back at some of his films, he was actually pretty good. a handsome talented singer and actor who had great sex appeal. along with frank sinatra, the greatest and most popular entertainer of all time!


    • tammy
    • 2009-03-27

    Iam a big elvis presley fan. I grew up listening to his music because my father was a big fan. I have all his movies but 1. Loving you I wish tcm would play this movie. I've been to graceland once and Iam going again this year can't wait.

  • Truly, the "King Of Rock And Roll!"

    • David
    • 2008-10-27

    This man created and started the Rock and Roll era. Without his music, many other stars would of not arrived on the scene. His movies are top-notch. The all-time classic movie, from 1958, is "King Creole".


    • V.J
    • 2008-07-27


  • Favorite

    • Tana
    • 2008-06-17

    He Is My Favorite Actor/Singer I'VE lOVED hIM sINCE i wAS itty Bitty!!!!!!!!


    • 2007-08-28



    • Jeanne Pfadenhauer
    • 2007-07-12

    Elvis was undoubtedly the King of Music. There will never be another performer with his raw talent, stage present, charisma and compassion for fellow man. He was the best of the best, and will always be The King.

  • No One Like Elvis!

    • Wanda
    • 2007-03-21

    Elvis showed a lot of acting ability when given a chance. His films were generally entertaining and fun. His voice was phenomenal, and he was absolutely stunning to look at! Elvis fans have to be the most loyal of any group. Out of sight, but never out of mind. His legacy in movies and music will continue for a LONG time to come. He is much loved and missed.

  • Once in a Century Talent

    • Richard Nevins
    • 2006-11-19

    The movies were fun, the plots were thin, the actor got bored as time went on and plots and songs got sillier and less challenging. But Elvis at his worst was better than most at their best. It was that he presented a complete package never witnessed before with his amazing musical range, his sexy dance moves, his comedic timing and his godly good looks. For his best acting, see Flaming Star and King Creole. For best comedy,see Follow That Dream, and for best concert, see Elvis-That's The Way It Is.

  • Long Live The King!

    • mack pedro
    • 2006-09-29

    There once was a man who shook the world that man was elvis presley. His existance is one of the greatest and wonderous event in not only our history but also our future. The world without him is depressing if you were to really think about it i mean he left not only his music but also his spirit and his soul.

  • Elvis #1

    • kay bailey
    • 2006-09-26

    In my oppinion Elvis Presley has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. no one can compare to him he slaso he also has the sexiest smile his physique is absoutly exquiste. I would be proud to call him my friend.When God made Elvis Presley he threw the mold away. I prefere to listen to Elvis sing than any other. I seen him in person on the 13 th of september 1970 atthe Curtis Hixon convention center in tampa fl. I was in 2nd row from stage and W O W!

  • where are the movies

    • Lisa Tomes
    • 2006-08-16

    where are all of his movies at always in Aug. there is his movies on t.v. i make my day around his movies in Aug.

  • the king

    • kayla
    • 2006-07-20

    one of the best entertainers of all time

  • elvis is the bomb!

    • kayla
    • 2006-07-03

    Elvis is a very talented man. He is a great person,and is cute! Everything I see of him I have to have it. I have almost all of his songs on my mp3 player, and I have seven of his movies and wanting to get more. Everyone should love elvis and respect him because he did nothing to you, for you to make fun of him and disrespect him. He is a nice man and very talented!

  • elvis is the best

    • kayla lafontaine
    • 2006-04-09 he is just the best singer and actor there ever was and ever will be. he will always be known as the king of rock and roll. because he is the best in the world you couldnt ask for a more loving, talented, funny, good looking guy!

  • Elvis Presley

    • Diana
    • 2006-03-31

    This man was "THE" entertainer of all time. He touched so many lives and was truly a wonderful man. While some of his movies weren't oscar winners, you can't take away from the millions of fans who adore him. Elvis Presley was God's gift in my opinion. If Elvis sang it I had to hear it, if he was in a movie, I had to see it. Elvis fans are very loyal.

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