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Dennis Price


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Cast (feature film)

Theatre Of Blood (1973) as Hector Snipe
Using deaths from Shakespeare''''s plays, an actor takes revenge on the critics who panned his work.
Horror Hospital (1973)
Vernon Potts is a high school boy who is bullied by just about everyone he knows. He endures abuse from his parents at home and the staff and students at school. So when he creates a serum that turns him into a monster, he has a long list of people that he wants to pay back.
Beyond The Fog (1972) as [Lawrence] Bakewell
A secluded island lighthouse proves to be a magnet for evil.
Twins of Evil (1972) as Dietrich
In nineteenth century middle-Europe, orphaned teenage twins Maria and Frieda go to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, who heads the Brotherhood, a vigilante group trying to stamp out vampirism. But their methods are random and misplaced and the only result is a terrorised populace. The real threat lies with Count Karnstein, and although the twins seem outwardly to be identical, Frieda finds herself much more drawn than her sister to the Count's castle dominating the skyline.
Dracula Contra Frankenstein (1972)
Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Morpho are killed just as they bring their creation to life. The monster is taken by Cagliostro and he now controls the monster and plans to have it mate and create the perfect master race!
The Adventures of Barry Mckenzie (1972)
An Australian cowboy undergoes numerous adventures as a stand-up comic touring England.
Pulp (1972) as The Englishman
A pulp fiction novelist fights to survive an assignment to ghost write a controversial star's memoirs.
Las Vampiras (1971)
Lucy is a young American lawyer, working in a law office in Istanbul. During the night, she has passionate dreams in which a sexy brunette harasses, and makes love to her, from which she's unable to defend herself. A minor case about an inheritance forces her to travel to one of the small islands off the Turkish coast. Then, her nightmares come upon her - in a lively manner.
Horror House (1970) as Inspector Wainwright
The Magic Christian (1970) as Winthrop
Sir Guy Grand adopts homeless bum Youngman to be heir to his obscene wealth, and immediately begins bringing him into the intricacies of the family business, which is to prey upon people's greed by use of the vast holdings of the Grand empire. They leave no stone unturned as sporting events, restaurants, art galleries, and traditional pheasant hunts turn into lurid displays of bad manners and profiteering. Things climax at the social event of the season, the inaugural voyage of the new pleasure cruiser The Magic Christian.
The Horror of Frankenstein (1970) as Grave robber
The brilliant but misunderstood scientist Frankenstein builds a man made up of a collection of spare body parts. The monster becomes alive but he has mental capabilities much below par. The monster is aggressive and wreaks havoc outside the laboratory.
Venus in Furs (1969) as Kapp
A musician attracted to a young woman finds her dead--or does he?
Those Fantastic Flying Fools (1967) as Duke of Barset
Phineas T Barnum and friends finance the first flight to the moon but find the task a little above them. They attempt to blast their rocket into orbit from a massive gun barrel built into the side of a Welsh mountain, but money troubles, spies and saboteurs ensure that the plan is doomed before it starts.
Ten Little Indians (1966) as Dr. Armstrong
Party guests at a remote mansion have been brought together to pay for past crimes.
Curse of the Voodoo (1965) as Major Lomas
In Africa, a hunter kills a great lion. The animal turns out to be sacred to a local tribe of voodoo worshipers, and when the hunter returns to England, he finds himself seeing strange apparitions involving the lion and murderous jungle warriors.
Murder Most Foul (1965) as Theatrical agent
Elderly sleuth Miss Marple joins a small-town theatre to investigate a murder.
A High Wind in Jamaica (1965) as Mathias
When a pirate attacks a ship, he finds seven children, survivors from that attack, stowed away on his own ship and he must figure out what to do with them.
The Earth Dies Screaming (1964) as Quinn Taggett
A crack space pilot returns to earth to find the planet has been devastated by some unknown forces. There are a few survivors, so he organizes them in a plan to ward off control by a group of killer robots.
Doctor in Distress (1964) as Dr. Blacker
An intern and his antagonistic boss bond over romantic problems.
They All Died Laughing (1964) as Professor Hughes
A gang of thieves kill a security guard during a bungled robbery and flee with his daughter as a hostage. They hide out anticipating their getaway, but one of the thieves falls for the girl.
The Horror of It All (1964) as Cornwallis Marley
American salesman Jack Robinson (Pat Boone) falls in love with Englishwoman Cynthia Marley (Erica Rogers) and they visit her family so he can ask for permission to marry her. She points out to him that her relatives are rather eccentric and, by the way, a cousin has just died. The remaining members of the clan are; the sinister Reginal (Velentine Dvall); Percival (Jack Bligh), an inventor who has recently discovered electricity, the phonograph, and several other handy items; Natalia (Andree Melly), a macabre, vampire-like creature; Cornwallis (Dennis Price), a hammy and dapper ex-actor; Grandfather (Erik Chitty), who lies bedridden upstairs; and, by the way, Muldoon (Archie Duncan), who is kept locked up in the fear that he will harm someone. Several attempts are made on his life which leads Jack to believe that the Marleys are a shade past eccentric. He becomes convinced that he is just in the way of one of the Marley's attempts to do away with the other Marleys, especially, during his investigation of the vanishing Marleys, when he learns that the family fortune consists of one million dollars and one of the Marleys intends to end up with all of it. He wants to contact the police but there is no phone or car on the premises.
Tamahine (1964) as Poole
A glamorous Polynesian raises temperatures at a boy''''s school when she comes to visit her cousin.
The Wrong Arm of the Law (1963) as Educated Ernie
The crooks in London know how it works. No one carries guns and no one resists the police. Then a new gang appears that go one better. They dress as police and steal from the crooks. This upset's the natural order of the police/criminal relationship and the police and the crooks join forces to catch the IPOs (Impersonating Police Officers), including an armored car robbery in which the police must help the gangs to set a trap.
Play It Cool (1963) as Sir Charles Bryant
The V.I.P.s (1963) as Commander Millbank
Wealthy passengers fogged in at London's Heathrow Airport fight to survive a variety of personal trials.
The Playgirl and the War Minister (1963) as Prawn
General and Lady Fitzadam live at a remote army outpost in Scotland, their last assignment before the General retires. The General is sent abroad and in his absence, Lady Fitzadam decides to convert their spacious estate into a fishing resort for American tourists.
What a Carve Up! (1962) as Guy Broughton
Ernie's uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in the ancestral home with the rest of his relatives. Before long the guests begin to drop dead.
Victim (1962) as Calloway
A closeted lawyer risks his career to bring a blackmailer to justice.
Kill or Cure (1962) as Dr. Crossley
A detective bumbles through the investigation of murders at a spa.
Double Bunk (1961) as Leonard Watson
The Millionairess (1961) as [Dr.] Adrian [Bond]
When the world's richest woman falls for an ascetic Indian doctor, they plan a test to decide whose dreams will come true.
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1961) as Gore-Blackwood
When the school burns to the ground there's clearly been some arson around. The pupils are found guilty and the judge hands them into the care of a pretty dubious child psychiatrist. The sixth form are soon kidnapped and on their way to Arabia with the Ministry of Education, Barchester police, and an Army Bath Unit after them. But real rescue fourth form.
Call Me Genius (1961) as Jim Smith
Anthony Hancock gives up his office job to become an abstract artist. He has a lot of enthusiasm, but little talent, and critics scorn his work. Nevertheless, he impresses an emerging very talented artist.
Five Golden Hours (1961) as Raphael
A con artist who fleeces wealthy widows falls for his latest mark.
Watch It, Sailor! (1961)
Before he can marry, a sailor has to prove that he''''s not already a father.
No Love for Johnnie (1961) as Flagg
A British politician is torn between winning an election and being true to the woman he loves.
School For Scoundrels (1960)
A special school teaches a young loser how to cheat his way to the top.
Tunes of Glory (1960) as Major Charles Scott
When a popular colonel loses a promotion, it sets the stage for conflict with his new superior officer.
Oscar Wilde (1960)
A biographical look at the tumultuous life of the legendary playwright, poet, and wit.
I'm All Right Jack (1960) as Bertram Tracepurcel
A veteran starting out in business gets caught between management and labor.
Breakout (1959)
During World War II, British POWs plot their escape only to discover a traitor in their midst.
Don't Panic Chap (1959)
Life could not be better for best friends Neal and Isaac. They just graduated college and landed their dream job with a top investment bank. But when they discover their boss is planning a crooked student loan deal, their lives are thrown into turmoil. Determined to stop the corrupt plan, they conco
Your Past Is Showing (1958) as Nigel Dennis
Bumbling blackmail subjects join forces to do in their tormentor.
She Played with Fire (1958) as Tracey Moreton
An insurance investigator''''s ex-girlfriend draws him into a web of blackmail and murder.
Private's Progress (1956) as Bertram Tracepurcel
Stanley Windrush has to interrupt his university education when he is called up towards the end of the war. He quickly proves himself not to be officer material. This leads him to meets up with wily Private Cox who knows exactly how all the scams work in the confused world of the British Army. And Stanley's brigadier War Office uncle seems to be up to something more than a bit shady too.
Port Afrique (1956) as Robert Blackton
Returning to his home in French Morocco, an ex-army flier finds his wife dead and suspects murder.
Oh... Rosalinda! (1955)
"Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) is the pseudonym adopted by Dr Falke. Floating on the buoyant waltzes of Strauss, this Viennese romp is sure to please. Disguises, tricks and every kind of deception combine to reveal a would-be cheat in hot pursuit of his own wife, much to his chagrin. Silly, charming, always entertaining, always fun. This is a film version of "Die Fledermaus" set in post-war Vienna with the main protagonists of Dr Falke represented by the 3 occupying powers. This is NOT just a film of a staged production but a truly filmic version of the operetta.
That Lady (1955) as Mateo Vasquez
Based on the true story about a sixteenth century Spanish king who harbored a deep amount of jealousy and resentment when he was spurned by the Princess he was in love with after she ran off with a commoner. He then tried to punish them both, resulting in tragedy.
Intruder, The (1955)
Wolf Merton is a former British army officer who is surprised in his home one evening by an intruder. He is even more surprised to learn that the intruder is a soldier from his World War II army unit.
For Better For Worse (1954)
In postwar London a young graduate and his girlfriend decide to marry. Her well-to-do parents are not convinced, but they agree once he has got a £5.10.0 job and a 30/- a week single-room flat. The newly-weds find money fearfully tight, the flat cramped, the neighbours a trial, and her parents always hovering. Can faith conquer all? Is there some way of getting rid of tea-leaves except down the sink?
Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951) as Simon Abbott
A naïve and talentless girl wins a beauty contest by mistake only to find herself caught up in the troubles of show business.
The Magic Box (1951)
A successful photographer becomes obsessed with inventing a motion picture projector.
I'll Never Forget You (1951) as Tom Pettigrew
Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) as Louis
An ambitious young man sets out to kill everyone who stands between him and a fortune.
Helter Skelter (1949)
Drummer Ringo Starr finds himself in possession of a rare ruby. He and the rest of the lads from Liverpool hit the road ahead of a group of religious nuts who will do anything to get their jewel back.
Bad Lord Byron, The (1948)
Seriously ill on a military campaign in Greece, Lord Byron dreams of being judged on his death between being on the one hand a poet and soldier, or on the other a seducer and libertine. Amongst the witnesses called are the infamous Lady Caroline Lamb and his somewhat purer wife Annabella.
Good Time Girl (1948)
After a drunk driving accident, a young girl and two GIs take off on a crime spree.
Dear Murderer (1947)
When a man discovers his wife is having an affair, he commits the perfect crime.
Hungry Hill (1947) as Greyhound John
Two Irish families feud over a copper mine.
Holiday Camp (1947)
A vacationing family gets mixed up with cardsharps.
A Canterbury Tale (1944) as Sergeant Peter Gibbs
Three visitors to a small town try to catch a man who pours glue in women's hair.

Visual Effects (feature film)

Rules of Engagement (2000)
Colonel Terry Childers is a 30-year Marine veteran: a decorated officer with combat experience in Vietnam, Beirut and Desert Storm - a patriot, a hero. But now, the country he served so well has put him on trial for a rescue mission that went terribly wrong. For his attorney, he has chosen Marine Colonel Hays Hodges, a comrade-in-arms who owes his life to Childers. Hodges is not the best lawyer in the service, but Childers trusts him as a brother Marine who knows what it''s like to risk death under fire. Bound by duty and friendship, Hodges reluctantly takes the case, even as he begins to doubt the man who saved his life in Vietnam three decades ago.

Cast (special)

Just Like a Woman (1968) as Bathroom salesman
A solo concert performance by singer Kaye Stevens.

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