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Also Known As: Died: November 24, 1980
Born: September 26, 1895 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Entertaining the Troops (1989)
A salute to the Hollywood celebrities who entertained American combat troops at home and abroad during World War II.
Deadhead Miles (1982) as
A picaresque tale in which a trucker steals a truck, picks up a tramp for company and heads west. En route he encounters an array of bizarre characters including a mysterious man in black, who drives a hearse and seems to incarnate the American past.
Man with Bogart's Face, The (1980)
A man has plastic surgery to make him look like his idol Humphrey Bogart and then, taking the name Sam Marlowe from some of Bogart's film characters, he opens a detective agency. Business is slow until he put his picture in the paper. Then a group of people contact him and he gets involved in his fi
Sextette (1978)
Marlo Manners is enjoying her honeymoon with Sir Michael Barrington, husband number 6. As luck would have it, an international conference is taking place in the same hotel and the Russian delegate (one of Marlo's former husbands) is threatening to derail the negotiations unless he can have one more fling with his ex. Adding to the complications is a tape Marlo has made detailing all of her affairs and scandals, which her manager is desperately trying (and failing) to destroy.
Hammersmith Is Out (1972) as Guido Scartucci
The Faust legend retold (loosely) and applied to a mentally disturbed patient in a hospital run by a doctor of dubious sanity himself. The patient (Burton) offers the innocent orderly (Bridges) vast riches if he'll help him escape.
Madigan's Millions (1969) as
When a deported gangster dies in Italy, the U.S. treasury dept. is very interested in the $1,000,000.00 Madigan owed the government, but managed to take to Italy with him. They send agent Jason Phister over to Italy to nose out the million. His criteria for the job is that no one would ever guess he's an agent of the United States government.
Skidoo (1968) as Captain Garbaldo
A retired gangster has to pull off a hit when his daughter is kidnapped.
The Upper Hand (1967) as Charles Binaggio
Casino Royale (1967) as Himself
A retired James Bond goes back into action to infiltrate a nest of enemy spies.
For Those Who Think Young (1964) as
Teens fight to keep a wealthy businessman from shutting down their beachside hangout.
The Patsy (1964) as
When a star comedian dies, his comedy team, decides to train a nobody to fill the shoes of the Star in a big TV show (a Patsy). But the man they choose, bellboy Stanley Belt, cant do anything right. The big TV show is getting closer, and Stanley gets worse all the time.
The Ladies' Man (1961) as Himself
A houseboy creates chaos at a Hollywood hotel for aspiring actresses.
Ocean's Eleven (1960) as Jack Strager
A group of friends plot to rob a Las Vegas casino.
Some Like It Hot (1959) as "Spats" Colombo
Two musicians on the run from gangsters masquerade as members of an all-girl band.
Jet over the Atlantic (1959) as Stafford
FBI man Stafford is extraditing convicted killer Brett Murphy from Spain to the USA. At the last minute, Murphy's fiancée, entertainer Jean Gurney, finds he's been taken and slips on the plane. Unknown to them, a suicidal passenger has a fire and gas bomb in his luggage. As time ticks away, minor dramas are played out on board. Then the pilots succumb to the fumes, and the only available substitute is Murphy.
Around the World in 80 Days (1956) as Bouncer at Barbary Coast saloon
A Victorian gentleman bets that he can beat the world's record for circling the globe.
A Bullet for Joey (1955) as Joe Victor, also known as Earl Steiner
A deported gangster sneaks into Canada to kidnap a scientist for the Reds.
Black Widow (1954) as Lt. Detective Bruce
A young stage hopeful (Peggy Ann Gardner), is murdered and suspicion falls on her mentor, a Broadway producer (Van Heflin).
Rogue Cop (1954) as Dan Beaumonte
A police detective on the take tries to catch his brother''''s killer.
The Man from Cairo (1953) as Mike Canelli
I'll Get You (1953) as Steven Rossi
Loan Shark (1952) as Joe Gargen
A vicious loan shark ring has been preying on factory workers. When several workers at a tire factory suffer violence at the hands of the loan sharkers, a union leader and the factory owner try to recruit ex-con Joe Gargan to infiltrate to the gang. At first Joe does not want to get involved, but changes his mind when his brother-in-law dies at the hands of a savage loan shark hood. Joe works his way into the mob, but in order to keep his cover, Joe can't tell anyone what he is up to. This results in him being disowned by his sister and girl friend.
Lucky Nick Cain (1951) as Nick Cain
American gambler Nick Cain (George Raft) arrives at the Mediterranean town of San Paola, and befriends an orphan Italian shoe-shine boy named Toni (Enzo Staiola). He is puzzled by the reception and welcome he receives from the management of the casino until he finds he has been framed on a charge of murdering a U.S. Treasury Agent. He escapes with Kay Wonderly (Coleen Gray) and they flee to a deserted village where he leaves Kay to hide out. Nick gets aid from a mysterious character named Massine (Charles Goldner), whom he suspects of trying to collect the reward offered on his capture. Nick discovers that the men responsible for the agent's death are members of an international counterfeiting ring, using the casino to pass the bogus money.
A Dangerous Profession (1949) as Vince Kane
A bail bondsman is asked to raise money to free his girlfriend's husband.
Johnny Allegro (1949) as Johnny Allegro
A reformed hoodlum gets mixed up with counterfeiters and a deadly manhunt.
Outpost in Morocco (1949) as Capt. Paul Gerard
In the middle of a desert war, a Foreign Legionnaire falls for his Arab enemy's daughter.
Red Light (1949) as John Torno
An embezzler's revenge on the businessman who turned him in leads to a bloody vendetta.
Race Street (1948) as [Dan] Gannin
A night-club owner takes on the crooks who killed his best friend.
Christmas Eve (1947) as Mario Torio
To save her fortune, an aging woman must reunite her three adopted sons.
Intrigue (1947) as Brad Dunham
Mr. Ace (1946) as Eddie Ace
Margaret Wyndham Chase (Sylvia Sidney) wants to run for governor and approches Eddie Ace (George Raft), local political kingmaker/fringe gangster, to get his support. Ace's belief is that "beautiful women and politics do not mix" and he declines to help. She decides to play the game rough-and-tough without him, but he shows he is even rougher-and-tougher, and she gives up and withdraws from the race. But Ace has fallen in love with her at about the 45-minute mark and, with his new-found ardor for clean politics, he makes some (unclean) manipulations behind the scenes, and she is picked to run on an independent good-government ticket.
Whistle Stop (1946) as Kenny Veech
Nocturne (1946) as [Lieutenant] Joe Warne
A police detective refuses to believe a composer''''s death was suicide.
Nob Hill (1945) as Tony Angelo
The owner of a San Francisco saloon yearns to rank among the upper crust of Nob Hill. When he begins romancing a wealthy socialite it looks like he may have his entree into high society. The pretty star of his saloon's show, however, wants to make sure he stays on the Barbary Coast.
Johnny Angel (1945) as Johnny Angel
A sailor sets out to solve his father's murder.
Follow the Boys (1944) as Tony West
Background to Danger (1943) as Joe Barton
An American gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey.
Stage Door Canteen (1943) as
A USO girl defies the rules when she falls for a soldier visiting the star-studded Stage Door Canteen.
Broadway (1942) as George Raft
Manpower (1941) as Johnny Marshall
Power linemen feud over the love of a sultry nightclub singer.
They Drive by Night (1940) as Joe Fabrini
Truck driving brothers are framed for murder by a lady psycho.
The House Across the Bay (1940) as Steve [Larwitt]
An aircraft designer falls for an imprisoned gangster's wife.
Each Dawn I Die (1939) as "Hood" Stacey
A crusading reporter becomes a hardened convict when he's framed.
I Stole a Million (1939) as Joe Lourik
Invisible Stripes (1939) as Cliff Taylor
On his release from prison, a crook tries to stop his brother from following in his footsteps.
The Lady's from Kentucky (1939) as Marty Black
Spawn of the North (1938) as Tyler Dawson
Two Alaskan salmon fishermen, Tyler Dawson (skipper of the "Who Cares") and Jim Kimmerlee of the "Old Reliable," are lifelong pals. Their romantic rivalry over young Dian ends amicably. But a more serious rift, with violent consequences, arises when Tyler befriends Russian fish pirates while Jim finds himself aligned with local vigilantes. Notable glacier scenery.
You and Me (1938) as Joe Dennis
Souls at Sea (1937) as Powdah
An abolitionist signs on with a slaving ship to sabotage their efforts.
It Had to Happen (1936) as Enrico Scaffa
A poor boy (Raft) rises to power in politics. When the banker (Dinehart) husband of his secret love (Russell) takes money and flees the country, he replaces the lost amount and becomes implicated in the crime.
Yours for the Asking (1936) as Johnny Lamb
Casino operator Johnny Lamb hires down-on-her-luck socialite Lucille Sutton as his casino hostess, in order to help her and to improve casino income. But Lamb's pals fear he may follow Lucille onto the straight-and-narrow path, which would not be good for business. So they hire Gert Malloy and Dictionary McKinney, a pair of con-artists, to manipulate Johnny back off the path of righteousness.
Rumba (1935) as Joe Martin
Every Night at Eight (1935) as "Tops" Cardona
Three young girls working in an agency have build a singing trio. They want to 'lease' the dictaphone of their boss to make a record of their singin, but they are caught and fired. When they are not able to pay their rent any longer, they decide to try it on an amateur contest at a radio station. Due to lack of food Susan Moore becomes unconscious and the contest is won by a big band. But this big band offers them a job withe them at the radio station, they accept but after a while they again start to reach out for higher things and leave the big band.
Stolen Harmony (1935) as Ray Angelo [previously known as] Ray Farraro
Band leader Jack Conrad is impressed by prison inmate Ray Ferrera on saxophone. Conrad hires Ray to join his band and tour upon his release. Ray hooks up with Jean, a dancer in the show, and the two become a successful dance act. However, when an ex-inmate buddy of Ray's robs the tour bus, Ray is suspected of wrongdoing by Jack and the others in the group. After a gang of thugs hijacks the tour bus, Ray tries to use his street smarts to redeem his reputation.
The Glass Key (1935) as Ed Beaumont
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as [Spot] Ricardi [also known as Joe Ricard]
The Trumpet Blows (1934) as Manuel Montes
Limehouse Blues (1934) as Harry Young
Bolero (1934) as Raoul [De Baere]
This is the story of an egotistical nightclub dance performer named Raoul, his determination to succeed at all costs, and the only woman in his life that truly matters to him, a dancing partner named Helen. (The highlight of the film is a dance performed atop a circular stage to a truncated version of Ravel's "Bolero.")
All of Me (1934) as Honey Rogers
Pick-Up (1933) as Harry Glynn
The Bowery (1933) as Steve Brody
"In the Gay Nineties New York had grown up into bustles and balloon Sleeves ... but The Bowery had grown younger, louder and more rowdy until it was known as the 'Livest Mile on the face of the globe' ... the cradle of men who were later to be famous." The scene opens in a saloon named "Nigger Joe's" ...
Midnight Club (1933) as Nick Mason
Love Is a Racket (1932) as Stinky
A beautiful girl convinces a reporter to cover up her involvement in a murder.
If I Had a Million (1932) as Edward Jackson
A dying tycoon selects his heirs at random, and each reacts differently to the good fortune.
Scarface (1932) as [Guino] Rinaldo
A murderous thug shoots his way to the top of the mobs while trying to protect his sister from the criminal life.
Taxi! (1932) as Dance contestant
A feisty independent cab driver fights off a crooked syndicate.
Night World (1932) as Ed Powell
"Happy" MacDonald and his unfaithful wife own a Prohibition era night club. On this eventful night, he is threatened by bootleggers, and the club's star dancer falls in love with a young socialite who drinks to forget a personal tragedy, among other incidents.
Under-Cover Man (1932) as Nick Darrow
Madame Racketeer (1932) as Jack Houston
Dancers in the Dark (1932) as Louie
Night After Night (1932) as Joe Anton
Goldie (1931) as Man in crowd at carnival
Sailor Spike dates girls whose names he finds in an address book. Each girl has the same tatoo, placed there by another sailor Bill. When Spike meets Bill they become friends. In Calais Spike meets Goldie. Bill warns him against her, but Spike ignores the warning until he finds Bill's tatoo on Goldie as well.
Palmy Days (1931) as Joe-the-Frog
Musical comedy antics in an art deco bakery (motto: "Glorifying the American Doughnut") with Eddie Cantor as an assistant to a phoney psychic, who is mistaken for an efficiency expert and placed in charge. Complications ensue when the psychic and his gang attempt to rub the payroll.
Quick Millions (1931) as Jimmy Kirk
Truck driver Bugs Raymond organizes the trucking associations and takes protection money. Now rich, he decides to marry socialite Dorothy Stone. She rejects him for another, so he makes plans to kidnap her on her wedding day.
Hush Money (1931) as Maxie
Queen of the Night Clubs (1929) as Gigola

Cast (short)

Cavalcade of the Academy Awards (1940)
This short film presents the awards ceremony for the 1939 Academy Awards. Vitaphone Release 9780-9783.

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