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Charles Bickford

Charles Bickford



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Also Known As: Died: November 9, 1967
Born: January 1, 1889 Cause of Death: blood infection
Birth Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966) as Benson Tropp
A pioneer woman replaces her ailing husband in a poker game after he loses most of their money.
Days of Wine and Roses (1962) as Ellis Arnesen
A husband and wife fight to conquer alcoholism.
The Unforgiven (1960) as Zeb Rawlins
Indians try to reclaim a rancher''''s adopted daughter.
The Big Country (1958) as Maj. Henry Terrill
Feuding families vie for water rights in the old West.
Mister Cory (1957) as [Jeremiah] Biloxi [also known as Caldwell]
Cory, an ambitious Chicago slum kid with a knack for gambling, gets a busboy job at a posh Wisconsin resort...where his real purpose is to gamble with the staff and guests and romance rich young ladies. Setbacks follow, but Cory eventually rises to a high position in the world of professional gambling. But he just can't forget the glamorous Vollard sisters. And now he has even farther to fall...
You Can't Run Away From It (1956) as A. A. Andrews
A reporter stumbles on a runaway heiress whose story could salvage his career.
Not As a Stranger (1955) as Dr. [David W.] Runkleman
A medical student will stop at nothing to become a top surgeon.
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) as Gen. Guthrie
An air-corps pioneer stands trial for criticizing his superiors.
Prince of Players (1955) as Dave Prescott
Acclaimed tragic actor Edwin Booth struggles to rebuild his career after his brother assassinates President Lincoln.
A Star Is Born (1954) as Oliver Niles
A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
The Last Posse (1953) as Sampson Drune
Flashbacks reveal how a posse after stolen money returned empty handed.
Branded (1951) as Mr. [Richard] Lavery
A gunman tries to pass himself off as a wealthy ranchers long lost son.
The Raging Tide (1951) as Hamil Linder
A San Francisco hood is rubbed out by rival Bruno Felkin, who himself reports the crime to Homicide Lieut. Kelsey in an alibi scheme which fails. To escape, he stows away on a fishing boat. At sea, skipper Hamil Linder receives Bruno kindly, teaching him fishing; Bruno enlists Hamil's wayward son Carl to tend his slot machines. Then Carl takes an interest in Bruno's girl Connie. Climax in a storm at sea.
Elopement (1951) as Tom Reagan
Industrial designer Howard Osborne (Clifton Webb) wants his daughter Jacqueline (Anne Francis), shortened to Jake by her efficient-minded father, to follow in his footsteps and study abroad. But, following her graduation dance, she finds herself in the arms of and in love with her psychology professor, Matt Reagan (William Lundigan), and they decide to elope, telling only her godfather. He, when the Osbornes discovering Jake missing, tells them of her plans. They descend furiously on the Reagans, only to find Matt's father, (Tom (Charles Bickford), equally upset at the news. The two families, with a great dislike for each other, start off for a marriage mill across the state line, and join forces when the Reagan car breaks down. Meanwhile, Jake and Matt quarrel and decide they have made a mistake and start for home.
Jim Thorpe--All-American (1951) as [Glenn S.] Pop Warner
The famous Native American athlete fights prejudice in his pursuit of sports stardom.
Guilty of Treason (1950) as Josef, Cardinal Mindszenty
Riding High (1950) as J. L. Higgins
An heiress and her sister''''s fiancee defy her family to race horses.
Roseanna McCoy (1949) as Devil Anse Hatfield
The Hatfield-McCoy feud heats up when one family''''s daughter elopes with the other''''s son.
Command Decision (1949) as Elmer ["Brocky"] Brockhurst
A senior officer faces the horror of sending his men on suicide missions over Germany during the last days of World War II.
Whirlpool (1949) as Lieutenant James Colton
The wife of a psycho-analyst falls prey to a devious quack hypnotist when he discovers she is an habitual shoplifter. Then one of his previous patients now being treated by the real doctor is found murdered, with her still at the scene, and suspicion points only one way.
The Babe Ruth Story (1948) as Brother Matthias
A childlike oaf becomes the greatest star in baseball.
Johnny Belinda (1948) as Black McDonald
A small-town doctor helps a deaf-mute farm girl learn to communicate.
Four Faces West (1948) as Pat Garrett
After a big bank job, a bandit tries to avoid the posse on his trail.
The Woman on the Beach (1947) as Tod [Butler]
A coast guardsman begins to think his mistress's blind husband can really see.
Duel in the Sun (1947) as Sam Pierce
A fiery half-Native American girl comes between a rancher's good and evil sons.
Brute Force (1947) as Gallagher
Tough, disgruntled prisoners plan a daring, possibly bloody escape while on a drain pipe detail.
The Farmer's Daughter (1947) as [Joseph] Clancy
When she goes to work for a congressman, a Minnesota farm girl takes Washington by storm.
Fallen Angel (1945) as Mark Judd
A man is accused of killing a waitress he had tried to seduce with his wife''''s money.
The Song of Bernadette (1945) as Dean Marie Dominique Peyramale
A French peasant girl''''s visions of the Virgin Mary create controversy as pilgrims flock to her small town for healing.
Captain Eddie (1945) as William Rickenbacker
WWI flyer Eddie Rickenbaker remembers his life which brought him from a car salesman, race driver and pilot in WWI, to an important person in the early years of civil airline service, after his plane crashed in the South Pacific in late 1942.
Wing and a Prayer (1944) as Capt. Waddell
An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their individual worries and concerns, but become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, for reasons unknown to them. But in the end, all get their chance to fight.
Mr. Lucky (1943) as Hard Swede
A gambling-ship owner is out to fleece a beautiful society woman, but falls in love.
Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942) as Buck Rand
When a circus kidnaps Boy, Tarzan and Jane follow him to New York City.
Reap the Wild Wind (1942) as Mate of the 'Tyfib'
Two sailors vie for the affections of a southern temptress while fighting off pirates.
Burma Convoy (1941) as Cliff Weldon
Film foreword: "Through the teeming heart of Asia, halfway between Rangood and Shanghai, twists the hand-hewn Burma Road, lifeline for the embattled Army of China, headquartered at Chungking. Over this dangerous seven hundred miles of highway roars a stream of truck---hell drivers at their wheels---trucks loaded with food, munitions, guns...blood and sinew of the defenders of the ancient soil of China. Fountain-head for these vital supplies, end of the rail line from the west is the sprawling Burmese BOOMTOWN OF LASHIO." Story mostly pertains to the trucking of munitions to the Chinese Army under British direction and with some Americans participating, but there is no dialogue references to Japan, and the parachute troops who attempt to sabotage the convoy are identified as Chinese insurrectionists. Two months after its October release, Universal could have called a spade a spade.Accuracy footnote:Despite revisionists sources that seem to think so,this was not distributed in 1941 by MCA/Universal, because MCA/Universal did not exist in 1941. Universal Pictures Company did, and they were the distributor.
Riders of Death Valley (1941)
Promoted and advertised as "The Million Dollar Serial", most of which appears to have been spent on advertising and the most elaborate pressbook ever put out by Universal on a serial (or 95% of their feature films for that matter), Universal's 51st sound-era serial (following "Sky Raiders" and before "Sea Raiders" and, to quote the late Oliver Drake who wrote the original story,..."we were lucky they didn't call it 'Land Raiders'), "Riders of Death Valley" remains a favorite for the 7-12 year-old kids who saw in on original release in 1941, and a major disappointment for those who came later and never saw it in the 35mm version shown on a screen in a 350-seat grind-house theatre, and now question what all the excitement was about. Hey, you had to have been there. Actually, it is just one long prolonged chase after another for the most part and, even worse, it is usually the 5-6 good guys running from 2-3 of the bad guys (which even had eight-year-old kids of 1941 wondering what's up with this?) and has lots of stock-footage cliffhangers from earlier Universal western serials and features. The plot has Jim Benton (Dick Foran) as the head of a vigilante group, known as the Riders of Death Valley, organized to protect the miners from the take-over plots hatched by Joseph Kirby (James Blaine) and Rance Davis (Monte Blue.) They hire Wolf Reade (Charles Bickford) and his motley crew to do their dirty work, and spend most of their time lamenting their choice of sub-contractee as Reade deals his employees as much misery as he does the "Riders" and miners. Benton's "Riders" are Tombstone (Buck Jones), Pancho (Leo Carrillo), Smokey (Noah Beery, Jr, who is a no-show in most episodes), Borax Bill (Big Boy Williams) and Tex (Glenn Strange.) Always worth watching just for Foran, Jones, Carillo, and Jeanne Kelly (Jean Brooks), and especially if one flash forwards the chase scenes, which will serve to basically make a seven chapter offering out of the original 15.
Queen of the Yukon (1940) as Ace [Rincon]
South to Karanga (1940) as Jeff Worthing
Girl from God's Country (1940) as Bill Bogler
One Hour to Live (1939) as Inspector Sid Brady
Street of Missing Men (1939) as Cash Darwin
Mutiny in the Big House (1939) as Father Joe [Collins]
A prison chaplain tries to help a young innocent and prevent a breakout.
Stand Up and Fight (1939) as Arnold
A southern aristocrat clashes with a driver transporting stolen slaves to freedom.
Our Leading Citizen (1939) as Shep Muir
Of Mice and Men (1939) as Slim
A drifter and his slow-witted pal try to make their way in the West.
Thou Shalt Not Kill (1939) as Reverend Chris Saunders
Romance of the Redwoods (1939) as Steve Blake
Valley of the Giants (1938) as Howard Fallon
A lumberman takes on pirates out to plunder the forest.
Gangs of New York (1938) as "Rocky" Thorpe/John Franklyn
Daughter of Shanghai (1938) as Otto Hartman
A young woman tracks down the smugglers who killed her father.
The Storm (1938) as Bob Roberts
Thunder Trail (1937) as Lee Tate
Night Club Scandal (1937) as Capt. McKinley
Dr. Ernest Tindal kills his wife and plants clues pointing to her lover, Frank Marsh. Vera, Frank's sister, enlists the aid or reporter Russell Kirk in proving the innocence of her brother. Detective McKinley thinks that gangster Jack Reed is involved and shoots Reed when he attempts to escape. Reed gets away but goes to Dr. Tindal for treatment of his wound and Tindal kills him on the operating table. Kirk has uncovered some new evidence and confronts Tindal with it.
High, Wide and Handsome (1937) as Red Scanlon
The setting is a small town in 1870s Pennsylvania. Sally Waterson and her father have stopped in town with their traveling medicine show, but when their wagon catches fire, they find themselves stranded. They're taken in by Mrs. Cortlandt and her grandson, Peter, who is trying to set up a pipeline that will supply oil throughout the state. Sally and Peter soon fall in love and marry. Neither their marriage nor Peter's pipe dreams flow too smoothly.
The Plainsman (1937) as John Lattimer
Calamity Jane gets mixed up in an Indian War and the friendly rivalry between Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill.
Pride of the Marines (1936) as [Sergeant] Steve [Riley]
An orphan tries to help his Marine guardian with a romance.
Rose of the Rancho (1936) as Joe Kincaid
East of Java (1935) as Red Bowers
A Notorious Gentleman (1935) as Kirk Arlen
The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935) as Jotham Klore
A farmer tries to convince the cook on a canal boat to leave her exciting life for him.
Under Pressure (1935) as Nipper Moran
A Wicked Woman (1934) as [Pat] Naylor
A woman kills her drunken husband to defend her children.
Little Miss Marker (1934) as Big Steve [Halloway]
A big-time gambler picks up a young girl as security on an IOU.
No Other Woman (1933) as [Big] Jim Stanley
A newly rich couple finds wealth drives them apart.
Song of the Eagle (1933) as [Joe] Nails Anderson
White Woman (1933) as Ballister
This Day and Age (1933) as Louis Garrett
Panama Flo (1932) as [Dan "Mac"] McTeague
An engineer makes a thieving entertainer work off her debts as a housekeeper at his jungle mining camp.
Thunder Below (1932) as Walt
Scandal for Sale (1932) as Jerry Strong
The Last Man (1932) as Bannister
Vanity Street (1932) as Brian Murphy
The Squaw Man (1931) as Cash Hawkins
After saving the life of a British aristocrat, an Indian maiden bears his child.
Men in Her Life (1931) as "Flash" Madden
The Pagan Lady (1931) as Dingo Mike
East of Borneo (1931) as Dr. Allan Clark [previously known as Dr. Allan Randolph]
River's End (1930) as Keith/Conniston
An accused killer takes over the life of the Canadian Mountie who died hunting him down.
The Sea Bat (1930) as Reverend Sims
Mexican fishermen enter a deadly competition to kill a sting ray.
Hell's Heroes (1930) as Bob Sangster
Three cowboys risk their lives to get an abandoned baby to civilization.
Passion Flower (1930) as Dan Wallace
A society woman courts heartache when she falls in love with her chauffeur.
Anna Christie (1930) as Matt
Eugene O'Neill's classic about a romantic prostitute trying to run away from her past.
South Sea Rose (1929) as Captain Briggs
Dynamite (1929) as Hagon Derk
A socialite marries a condemned man for money, only to learn he''''s been reprieved.

Cast (special)

Old Man and the City, The (1963) as Big Jake Hollander
Incidents in the lives of the people of Adamsburg, a small American town, as seen through the eyes of a kindly judge (Fairbrother), who attempts to prevent Big Jake Hollander from purchasing and closing down the factory that supports the town.
Farmer's Daughter, The (1962) as Clancy
The story, set in Washington, D.C., follows events in the life of Katrin Holstrom, a Swedish farm girl who comes to work as a housekeeper for Congressman Glen Morley.
Winterset (1959) as Judge Gaunt
The story of a man and his attempts to clear the name of his father, who was executed for a murder he did not commit.

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