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Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave



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  • Finest UK Female Actor Alive (2009)

    • Joannah
    • 2009-06-20

    From the earliest stage and films performances in Vanessa Redgrave's very impressive career in acting, she's been a stand out performer whose talent is exquisite. Miss Redgrave doesn't turn in anything but excellent performances. Being that reliable, I tune in to everything I can possibly watch that she's cast in. There's never been a time that I was the least bit disappointed by a character she played. Not that her career on stage, films, movies, interviews, etc., has gone on at this high quality for so many decades, I agree with other reviewers that this is the Redgrave who is making a most historical mark as an actor par excellance. May she live very long and keep acting all the while.

  • Well on Her Way to Being a Legend

    • Corbinn
    • 2009-06-16

    There's only one actor I can compare the acting abilities of Vanessa Redgrave to: Bette Davis. They are in the same cream of the crop league at the top of their profession. Miss Redgrave's film career is currently hot, really hot. She's churning out marvelous films and stage performances that are revolutionary. It's too soon to write what impact the films of Vanessa Redgrave are going to have upon society and cultures. One thing's certain: they are definitely already changing the way films are being made and what content is in them. THANK GOODNESS!

  • Greatest Redgrave, So Far

    • Marjorie.Campbell
    • 2009-05-15

    Now the matriarch of the Redgrave acting dynasty, Vanessa Redgrave has surpassed every other actor in her legendary family. No small feat that. What I find most appealing about vanessa Redgrave's totality of performances is how often she made them family endeavors. Her androgyny resembles Greta Garbo's. Her acting career seems to be on its way to becoming among the truly greatest ones of all time. Her choice to take on socially meaningful issues through the roles she's played and still playing resembles Bette Davis as does her willingness to be real in the public's eye while aging.

  • 2005,2006, 2007, 2008

    • Wilmma
    • 2009-05-08

    It's hard to believe that We saw Vanessa Redgrave & Franco Nero at their finest over 40 years ago. Both are still so young & going stronger than ever, careeer wise. If Vanessa Redgrave stays true to her form, she's on her way to making film, stage & television history as an actor. I won't miss a moment of her filmed works. Since the most controversial of them aren't broadcast, I own them. She's already one-upped her very famous & talented father. I like it that she refuses to be considered a "Dame," because of respect for human equality. A fine actor of conscience.

  • Great in the 20th, Primary in the 21st c.

    • ZZane
    • 2009-05-06

    In 1967, when vanessa Redgrave played Gwenevere to Franco Nero's King Arthur in "Camelot" it was quite clear she was already a great actor. 32 years post hence, Vanessa Redgrave has transcended greatness to having already arrived at being an essential actor of all time. There simply isn't another actor who's doing films as socially valuable as hers. By taking on parts that deal with injustices of various types, she's established a significant pattern of being a mover and shaker of the masses through performance art. The best way to teach and to learn. Onward Ho!

  • Thee Redgrave of Redgraves

    • Cal
    • 2009-04-25

    Sir Michael's films still attract my attention, as do his books (audio & written). However, Vanessa Redgrave has already surpassed the legendary family legacy of being theatrical. I will go so far to say that if she is fortunate to live as long or longer, her filmography will be the most comparable to the great Bette Davis'. Thus, since Bette Davis have been officially annointed as "The First Lady of American Cinema," I think of Vanessa Redgrave as "The First Actor of World Cinema, Theater & Television."

  • One of Two Favorite Living Actors

    • Dani_Canon
    • 2009-04-24

    There are two great actors whose acting careers are legendary: vanessa Redgrave and Lauren Bacall. Vanessa Redgrave seems to have born to not only act as part of the cream of the crop, but to also lead a new generation of top knotch actors. I like it that she uses her characters to teach. I'm also quite appreciative of Vanessa Redgrave's unpretentious lifestyle. I'm very fond her performances in "The Shell Seekers," "Young Catherine," and "Venus," to mention just a few. She's got an awesome stage presence.

  • Among the Rare Few

    • Goldie28
    • 2009-04-20

    Some performers are just 'movie stars'; they act but aren't good actors. Other performers are actors; they have talent embodying characters. The best of the all are performance artists. They literally depict, they make of themselves works of art. Doing that requires more than talent & skill; sensitivity & intellect have to be well balanced. Personality and quality of personal character are absolutes. Vanessa Redgrave is a performance artists, the likes of which are very rare.

  • Class Act

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-04-17

    Vanessa Redgrave's screen & stage works add up to one heck of a classy act. It's mind-boggling to take all of her many messages in. I'm sad for her loss and just a mad about it too. Even so, I'm looking forward to is witnessing what Vanessa Redgrave does to channel her feelings into many more great performances. Doing so is her special gift.

  • Consistently Grand

    • zzziz
    • 2009-04-16

    Whether experiencing Vanessa Redgrave's early films & stage performances or the most recent ones (plus all of those in-between), her acting has been consistently grand. I feel that Vanessa Redgrave's the theater's & screen's most precious modern treasure. I pray that she will not allow her recent family tragedy to discourage her acting or political efforts. (Something happened when I tried to post this here the first time. It ended up on another page).

  • Lillian Hellman's "Julia"

    • DW59
    • 2009-04-15

    From playwright, Lillian Hellman's diary, "Pentimento," comes this true story of Lilly & Julia's undying friendship through WWII. Redgrave incarnates Hellman's life-long best friend throughout one of the most suspenseful, heroic, woman-centered fact-based WWII dramas. For her rivetting performance, Redgrave took home the 50th Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Jane Fonda turns in one of the most superb serious performances of her career portraying Lillian Hellman. Jason Robards took home the 50th Best Actor Oscar for his performance as the Pinkerton detective-turned playwright (of "Maltese Falcon & "The Thin Man"), then writing mentor to Hellman & others. Fonda deserved the 50th Best Actress Oscar, but received it the following year for playing Bree in "Klute." In short, Julia's in Vienna when Hitler's surge is becoming deadly. She's involves with an underground anti-Nazi resistance movement. Lilly's first Broadway play's a sensation when Julia makes contact with her in need of help. The kind of help Julia needs from Lilly, who's Jewish, will place her in Berlin carrying what Julia needs into Nazi-controlled territory. This real life suspense is impossible to forget when imagining what courageous efforts women made to rescue people from becoming Hitler's victims.

  • Applauding For More

    • ASingerSings
    • 2009-04-14

    What live audiences do to show their appreciation for a great production is applaud for many curtain calls. Vanessa Redgrave's films have earned too many curtain calls to count. Instead of looking backward, which is backward, this form of applause is to encourage Vanessa Redgrave to keep going forward doing what she does best. As the political saying goes, "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize."

  • Exemplary

    • UofALA
    • 2009-04-14

    Vanessa Redgrave's been consistently providing examples of how to build a remarkable career in acting; how to use roles to convey socially valuable information; & how to be a family-gatherer. She's leading an exemplary life through her profession.

  • Already an Impressive Career & Still Going Strong

    • 15michelangelo64
    • 2009-04-12

    It's daunting to review Vanessa Redgrave's complete list of acting credits. Only in her early 70's, she's already made a legendary career in acting. I'm a huge follower of her stage, film, activist, audio recorded, and written work. Seems she's always several leaps ahead of my thinking. Thus, she's become more than a performer to me. She's a professor by proxy.

  • Britain's Best Actor of All Time

    • VAKennedy
    • 2009-04-11

    I hope that Vanessa Redgrave lives as long as her mother, Rachel Kempson did (she died at 96yo). If she does and keeps acting like her mom did, Vanessa Redgrave will likely be the actor to have the longest successful acting career of all time. What I love most about the stage and screen roles she plays is that they deal with all types of oppression. Therefore, her films have tremendous social value beyond being 'entertaining'. That's why I view her as Britian's best actor of all time and will for as long as I live.

  • Best of Britain

    • Dani07
    • 2009-04-10

    When Sir Laurence Olivier announced just after the moment of her birth that a "great actress" had just been born, during his London performance of "Hamlet," truer words couldn't have been said about Vanessa Redgrave. That is, unless they were these: Vanessa Redgrave has been the Best of Britain's actors, eveha! That means as far as a have studied actors, going back hundreds of years. What a jewel in Britain's royal crown. If there's any need to ask why, just post. I'll gladly count the ways...

  • The Best of the Theatrical Clan?

    • Calvert
    • 2009-04-02

    It's an arguable question. There's very convincing evidence on film and from stage performance reviews that Vanessa Redgrave has become the most accomplished actor of the entire theatrical clan. Add to it, that she's been the major influence upon two more generations of her family. Then consider the political influence she's had through her films as contributions to society. Sadly her collaborating daughter has gone too soon, after having become a hugely successful stage and screen actress. If I know Vanessa Redgrave's style of being at all, she's going to turn this tragedy into something like rocket fuel that propels her into an even higher tier of performing. That's what the greatest artists do: they transform their emotions, like grief, into the form of art through which they express themselves. Could it be that Vanessa Redgrave's best work is yet to come? We'll see.

  • Most Influential Woman Actor Today

    • MAC
    • 2009-04-01

    Vanessa Redgrave is the most influential contemporary woman actor. The roles she plays convey her politics and family-centeredness. She's become a great woman actor whose career keeps blooming into bigger, brighter lessons. Of all the living woman actors today, I like her work the very best.

  • A Living Role Model

    • Jill Clements
    • 2009-04-01

    For me, if not for the films that Vanessa Redgrave performs in, the film industry would be sorly lacking in the quality it used to be worthy of be notable for. In my mind, Vanessa Redgrave is the great living actress on the planet. I'll be buying every film she's ever made and continues to make... Jill

  • About the Greatest Living British Acting Legend

    • DrDC
    • 2009-04-01

    Vanessa Redgrave has contributed much more of her life to societies beyond great stage and film performances. She's used her influence for political achievements that have made the public much more aware of crucial issues that are commonly shared but not being addressed as well as could be. Doubtless, Vanessa Redgrave had surpassed her famous father and mother's great theatrical accomplishments, already. Today, her acting career is probably hotter than its ever been. Becuase of that, Vanessa Redgrave has literally crushed the agism that was endemic for stage and screen performers! (Lauren Bacall did likewise in tandem with Vanessa Redgrave). View the films Vanessa Redgrave has turned in leading and crucial roles within this young 21st century alone! All of those stage and film performances were turned in after Vanessa Redgrave was beyond the age of retirement! (Over 60yo). That's what was ever so clear cut about Vanessa Redgrave even when she was nearly 50 years younger: her performances ingnited the stages and screen so much so that it was evident the younger actress was going to go a very long way for the long haul. Now she's the head of the Redgrave theatrical family and bringing it along with her. A Redgrave tradition started by her parents was to perform in productions together. It's not unusually for 2 or 3 Redgrave family members to be in a play or film together. Thus, Vanessa Redgrave is the living mentor of Britain's greatest acting dynasty.

  • The Truest Meaning of What it is to Be a Legend

    • DGrouix
    • 2009-03-31

    Vanessa Redgrave didn't have to help her famous, accomplished theatrical parents build generations of a British acting dynasty that surpasses all others. She could have only focused upon her own acting career, instead. Lucky for audiences that she had the foresight to value the Redgrave family's theatrical tradition. We know what the 4th generation has accomplished already on stage & in film. Will the 5th generation continue to uphold the legendary Redgrave family's theatrical excellence legacy? I sure hope so!

  • Great British Woman Actor

    • Semioticz
    • 2009-03-29

    Vanessa Redgrave, at 72yo, and 40 plus years into her acting career is on fire! She's playing roles that a great many actors can only dream of. Her family-centeredness and political-mindedness make her films all the more appealing. A new age has come to Hollywood with actors like Redgrave. Hopefully, Vanessa Redgrave is setting the bar so high that in order to aspire to the caliber of work she's doing, audiences will have much better films to view in the near future. Thank you, Vanessa Redgrave.

  • Accolades for the Matriarch of the Redgrave Clan

    • DrMD
    • 2009-03-27

    Reviewing the filmography of the finest living British woman actor, several patterns emerge: Vanessa Redgrave has truly become the matriarch of the greatest British performance art dynasty; her choice of roles convey the degrees of oppression suffered throughout a vast berth of humanity; she speaks volumes through performance art in order to educate the public; her acting career has already left an indelible legacy of contributing socially meaningful lessons that will transcend generations, cultures, supremacism, languages and ethnicities at individual, social interactional and institutional levels. Never has there been a more necessary or timely woman actor~

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