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Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney



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  • Mickey Rooney Review

    • Madison Edmonds
    • 2017-11-09

    Ever since I can remember, I have loved watching Mickey Rooney on the big screen and the small screen. He perfectly portrayed Andy Hardy, made everybody giggle in Night at the Museum, and played perhaps the best Santa Claus. On some of my worst days this incredible man made me smile with nothing more than his voice and personality. We all miss you Mr. Rooney. Thanks for all the laughs and tears.

  • Another classic

    • Spencer
    • 2015-08-09

    I loved the films with Mickey and Judy: Babes in arms, Strike up the band, Babes on Broadway, abd Girl crazy. Their songs together(largely due to Judy's heavenly voice) were amazing: Good morning, How about you, etc. Judy and Mickey had such great chemistry, I wonder why they never married in real life. Mickey was a good person, he treated Judy alot more kindly than other people at MGM such as Busby Berkly and Meyer, and her other partners such as Artie Shaw and Vincent Minnelli. Mickey made a good singing partner with Judy. He was a caring person and a good friend to her. I'll always be eternally greatful to him for that. Judy deserved nothing but love from people. Mickey supplied that. But they never married, Micky said that he always looked at Judy as more of a sister. But he still always treated her well. And he was a good actor.

  • Tribute for Mickey Rooney

    • Chris Adelman
    • 2014-04-18

    Loved the tribute as we truly enjoy TheHardy Family movies and you showed on with Lionel Barrymore as Judge Hardy and would love to know if this is on sale as I do not remember the title. Thank you for the tribute as he was truly a gifted actor and he will be missed but we can visit him in the movies he starred in along with Judy Garland

  • The Unforgettable Beloved Mickey Rooney

    • Danielle
    • 2014-04-07

    Mickey Rooney, we all loved you. I loved how you sang and danced, and comforted women when they cried. You dried my tears with your heartwarming and fun songs and incredible dances...especialy your funny moments plus you were my height. My favorite movie opening was the trailer for "Andy Hardy Meets Debuntate." I'll never forget how you'd come home and do a dance as you walk in the frontdoor. You were a movie legend and broadway genius You've touched hearts and souls of millions in America. Boy, if young teen boys cou;d have your unique sense of talent, style and charm. I'd laugh with you, cry for you, even cowered in fear when you got threatened with fights in your movie scenes. But you were as a bull brave, strong and fearless. You brought that everpresent smile my friends and family love to se me carry everyday. It's because of you Mickey. Now I'm more than grateful to own some of your masterpieces and will buy more and cherish them for years to come. May you sing and dance in your hearts forever. Love one your biggest fans, Danielle.

  • Your chance to meet Mickey!

    • The Hollywood Show
    • 2014-02-28

    Hi everyone! Mickey will be appearing in person at the Hollywood Show autograph convention on April 12th and 13th in Los Angeles, CA at the Westin LAX Hotel. He will be signing autographs, taking pictures, and meeting with fans. For more information you can visit This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet this living legend so don't miss out!

  • Just a Fan

    • Kenneth Scott Sr
    • 2014-02-17

    Mickey, I am 70 years old and have enjoyed watching preform many times, you are a true performer in every sence of the word. You will always be remembered as the best of the best! Respectfully Ken Scott Sr.

  • Thank you for your military service

    • Nolan Squier
    • 2014-02-13

    Dear Mister Rooney or may I call you Mickey since I have known of you nearly all of my73 years of life. I wish to pay homage to you for your military service. I wish there were more of your kind around today. May you continue to live a long, healthful, and prosperous life. Sincerely, Nolan Squier, LTC, USAR Retired,

  • Mickey Rooney Single Again

    • Press Release LA
    • 2013-07-29

    There is no doubt that being single again at 92 years young agrees with actor Mickey Rooney. He looks healthier than he has in decades with a new lease on life. He seems to have mistakenly felt that marriage was repeatedly worth a try, but clearly is happier with all of that behind him. He has been seen enjoying the company of several woman with Margaret O'Brien at the top of the list.

  • Mickey Rooney Today

    • Hollywood News
    • 2013-04-26

    Whether you love Mickey Rooney or dislike Mickey Rooney, he is an icon and one of the last of the pioneers of the film industry. Whether or not you agree with his politics or opinion, he deserves the credit of his many talents and the years he has contributed to the hundreds of projects in film, television and stage performances. Mickey's personal life has been in the spotlight through the years as much as his professional career. He is also known for his many marriages, including his brief marriage to the beautiful Ava Gardner. He permanently separated from his current wife in June of 2012.

  • God Bless you, Mickey!

    • Barbara Lee
    • 2012-12-27

    I have had the distinct honor of meeting Mickey in person several times. Having grown up watching Andy Hardy movies, and then Mickey and Judy musicals, it was easy to understand why this man is so loved by so many. To speak of his talent is to acknowledge one of the greatest, if not the greatest talent in the entertainment industry-from then to now. As a serviceman of WWII and an entertainer of the troops, Mickey spent a large portion of his career speaking on behalf of veterans issues and remains honored and respected by fellow veterans. His ability to make others happy no doubt helped to ease a personal life filled with sadness and strife. This true "ball of fire" has been an inspiration to so many throughout his many masterful films including: The Human Comedy, Young Tom Edison, Boys Town I & II...the list is unending. Nominated the "unofficial Mayor" of Boys Town, Mickey has earned recognition far and beyond for his contributions to our nation, both during war and in peace. God Bless you, Mickey! My wish for you is that you are in good hands, adjusting peacefully, and only to know how many of us love you and thank you for making our lives happier. Merry Christmas, Mickey!

  • Mickey Rooney is a Bad person

    • Dan Rather
    • 2012-12-10

    Mickey Rooney is a very mean person, he also read off a teleprompter when he lied to congressmen that her was abused.

  • Simply the BEST!

    • Regina
    • 2012-05-04

    What can I say about Mickey Rooney? Well, he is a brilliant actor, singer, dancer, musician and author who has been in the movie industry for over 86 years. His first debut on stage was at the age of 18 months and he has been working ever since. It is said that he has made close to 331 films, more than anyone else in the industry. He has won one Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards and has received two Academy Awards as well as other numerous awards and honors. I feel that Mickey Rooney is one of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen. He began his career in the silent era played comic strip character come to life, Mickey McGuire and in 1934 he dream came true when he signed a contract with MGM. One of the most versatile of actors, he could make your side split with laughter or he could make you cry right along with him as he famously turned on his tears. He was a directors dream because he could give them whatever they wanted. You want comedy? You got it. Drama? Taken care of. You want him to sing and dance? He can do that too. When he was paired with Judy Garland, they became MGM's "Dream Team". On screen they would make movie magic. They would go on to appear in ten films together spanning from 1937-1948. His life has not been easy and he has had his share of ups and downs and highs and lows and I admire his incredible work ethic, to always go on with the show no matter what. In 1939 he was the top male movie star in the world and held that honor for three consecutive years. By the time he was 40 he could not get a job. No one wanted him. In 1979 his career was resurrected through the Broadway musical "Sugar Babies". He NEVER gave up and that is what I admire about him. Mickey Rooney is one of the last of the great actors of Hollywood's "Golden Era". He has done it all and his is a great American, actor and patriot! Love you Mickey!

  • Simply The Best

    • Daisy M.
    • 2011-02-20

    Mickey Rooney is the best actor there is out there. The best movies, the best parts, the best lines, co-starring with the best actresses of all time. There will be no other Mickey Rooney. He is so funny, I can't watch one of his movies with out lauhing till I can't breathe. He is one of the rare actors who has it all, Singing, dancing, jokes, the looks. He is one of my favorite actors. Not only one of my favorites but one of the biggest reasons that I watch older movies. He did so many movies with so many other wonderful stars that you can't help but fall in love with them too. He can create chemistry with anyone else on the screen! You can hardly read about another actor in this time era without comming across his name in someway or somehow. You can hardly talk about him without comming across A TON of other actors as well. I will continue to watch his movies for the rest of my life. I wish i could meet him myself to talk about his movies. If I can't, I can settle to pop in Babes On Broadway and laugh until it hurts. I am just glad that he will always be in a movie for me, to put a smile on my face. So I will leave you with the best. Mickey Rooney.

  • A Talented And Versatile Actor

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2010-12-17

    Mickey Rooney is one of my favorite actors. He had the ability to play a variety of roles in all kinds of films, from dramas to comedies to musicals. In a career that spanned nearly eight decades, he was always good in every film he starred in, whether it was excellent, mediocre or sometimes just plain awful. He made the transition from child star to adult actor very smoothly, unlike many of his contemporaries. "Boys Town", "Captains Courageous", "National Velvet", "Killer McCoy", "The Strip" and "The Black Stallion" are among my favorite Mickey Rooney films. I'm glad you're doing a SOTM tribute to him. It gives me a chance to see some of his lesser known films. Thanks TCM and keep up the good work.

  • love him

    • xxxxxx
    • 2010-10-23

    I love Mickey Rooney he just captures my heart in his films. I wish I could meet him.

  • stablemates

    • Lindsay Manning
    • 2010-09-24

    i just loved the movie,but it is not mentioned in Mickey's credits, could you please show some more movies that are old and have horses and dogs in them ? We enjoy the old movies the most , the writing is far more cleaver than the scrips of today the fashion is out of this world. The charm is heart warming and we love when a movie makes us so sad that you just can't help cry, Tell Mr. Rooney we just love his work from the 30's and 40's and I wish we had worked together . Love Lindsay Happy Birthday Baby !

  • Mickey Rooney

    • nshepard
    • 2010-09-23

    Love him or hate him , this multi-talented actor, dancer, singer and entertainer has star power ! Rarely does an entertainer have this much energy and talent, Mickey Rooney has been an influence , how much depends upon your point of view. I think he has been a major player, since his involvement with films and the stage have greatly influenced others to obtain the same dream. What makes Mickey Rooney critically unique is that he was aware of the possibilites of show-business and embraced them with a zest that few others ever have. Even at the age of 2 he enjoyed performing in public and built an entire career upon it. He had what most child performers lacked, the vision to comprehend his surroundings and embrace them. Very talented , but he kept refining his skills and grew into a star. Serving his country in a perfoming capacity shows his loyalty and love for the USA. While his off-screen life was les than noble, the sign of immaturity, nobody is perfect, does take some of the luster off of his star, but his body of work stands on its own merits and it is huge ! Films , Stage, TV, with some of the biggest stars of all time ! He held his own ! Even as sunset falls, Mickey Rooney shines with the brightest ! Truly , one of the most energetic, talented versatile performers of all time . God Bless ...

  • Big things can come in small packages!

    • Matt
    • 2010-01-26

    Mickey may be small in stature but he's big in talent! A Great Entertainer with a very long career. I really enjoy his movies from the obvious ones like Boys Town, National Velvet, The Andy Hardy Series, & all the musicals he did with Judy Garland. But it's his less known movies like Devil is a Sissy, Killer McCoy, Young Tom Edison, Stablemates, Lord Jeff and Quicksand just to name a few really proves he has some true acting chops. Having seen just about all his movies I cannot even begin to pick a favorite. The versatility of his acting is uncanny. Mick could play a serious role as well as a comical one. He could go from a shy introverted quite loner in Drive a Crooked Road then transform himself to a big shot gangster killer in Baby Face Nelson which really shows Mickey's true talent as a Great method and character actor as well a leading man. Having been acting nearly all his life you can tell he really does loves it, yet we are the lucky ones to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I would just like to Thank the man for sharing his gift of talent to the world.

  • You are loved!

    • Diane Johnson
    • 2009-10-31

    Mr. Rooney, I just adore you. I think you are one of the finest actors of all times. I hope your health is good and that you are feeling alright. I watch every movie I can get my hands on with you in it. What I really wanted to say is thank you...thank you for enriching my life with your wonderful films and books. Thank you for giving so much of your life to entertain others. Thank you for allowing this old retired nurse to forget for a while and enjoy watching you show your stuff! Go Mickey, go! With warmest regards, Diane Johnson

  • One Of The Most Underrated Phenomenon's!!!

    • Danette
    • 2009-09-23

    I am so shocked! Today is Mickey Rooney's 89th Birthday,(Happy Birthday Mickey) But you wouldn't really have known it unless you were a True Fan. I sat down tonight ready to watch TCM channel thinking that they would have a Mickey Rooney Marathon going on, only to see absolutely nothing on him at all! Imagine An actor's career spanning 80 plus years, over 200 films, Having a remarkable 89 year run, and no movie marathon?? OHHH what a shame!!!! I did notice on their schedule very early this morning they showed a couple of his movies. Although A lot of us work and aren't able to catch those. I just feel that Mickey is one of the Greatest Actor's of all time, and believe he should receive the recognition that he so truly deserves. I see far less adequate actor's & actress's getting much more TV time than him. Just My Opinion...

  • One Of The Most Underrated Phenomenon's!!!

    • Danette
    • 2009-09-23

    I am so shocked! Today is Mickey Rooney's 90th Birthday,(Happy Birthday Mickey) But you would never really know it unless you were a True Fan. I sat down tonight ready to watch TCM thinking they would have a Mickey Marathon going on only to see absolutely nothing on him at all! Imagine An actor's career spanning 80 plus years, over 200 films, Having a remarkable 90 year run, and no movie marathon?? OHHH I just looked at the TV schedule and very early this morning they showed a couple of movies. Although A lot of us work and aren't able to catch those. I just believe Mickey is one of the Greatest Actors of all time, and I feel he should receive the recognition that he truly deserves. I see far less adequate actors & actress getting much more TV time.

  • Just Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jada Ward
    • 2009-08-06

    I have watched all of his movies with him as Andy Hardy and he is simply wonderful. He is truly a living legand. I look forward to every movie that he is in. He brings something that can not be explained to any performance.

  • Living Legend

    • Mark
    • 2009-05-03

    There will never be another Mickey Rooney! Yes he was a GREAT actor at the very least one of the best, if not the BEST of all time. But there was so many more talents he had such as Dancer, Song Writer, Director, musician, writer, inventor etc... During his younger years with MGM he made it to the number one box office star in the world for 3 years from 1939 to 1941. but in 1944 when he went in the service for 21 months and came back the world was changing around him. Thanks to some bad advice and bad choices (leaving MGM) his career was in a slump. but he kept on working. Mickey had many many ups and downs and almost as many wives. There were two things Mickey was not good at managing his finances or making his marriages work, until much later in his life. Mickey had a huge persona and ego. But he enjoyed a wonderful acting career that lasted for over 80 years. Thanks to him we are able to enjoy over 200 of his films. to me Mickey Rooney IS A LIVING LEGEND!

  • The Best

    • k
    • 2009-04-15

    He is

  • great

    • Ruby
    • 2009-03-20

    I love Mickey Rooney he's is a graet actor and he's so funny I love to watch him in the Andy Hardy movies.

  • Mickey Rooney - An Inspiring Legend

    • Kimberly
    • 2009-03-10

    I am a HUGE fan of Mickey Rooney; he has been an inspiration ever since I first heard his voice in "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", "Fox and the Hound" and "The Care Bear Movie". I first saw him in "Babes in Arms" and "Quicksand" and his performance is amazing and well played out. Mickey Rooney is a legend. He is exceedingly versatile and a gift from God. In spite of his many ups and downs in life, he has pulled through to be the man he is today and that gives me more inspiration to move on and learn to become a performer myself. His life and films have given me the backbone to move forward and unleash my catharsis in my writings, singing and sometimes acting. I hope that one day there is a marathon on him on TCM so we Rooney fans, even myself, can see more of his films that he was nominated for and was considered his best performances. His marriage to his wife, Jan, has reminded me of how much my father loved my mother even after she passed away last September, their love is still strong. Mickey and Jan's love is what keeps me going and hoping that my significant other and I will meet one day. If I ever meet him and his wife one day, I would like to thank them for being amazing versatile people and for giving all us of inspiration to be who we are and be the best entertainers we can be to make others happy.

  • Mickey Rooney - The Man could do it all!!

    • Danette
    • 2008-10-25

    Mickey was fantastic at whatever he done sing, dance, play many instruments, But boy could that guy act! He could make you laugh and cry sometimes both at the same time. Mickey would put his whole heart into his characters he made them so believable. Mickey Rooney was one of the most talented yet underated actors of all times.


    • 2008-10-24


  • The best actor of all time

    • Sarah Jernigan
    • 2008-10-10

    I am fourteen years young,And of every actor I have ever watched Mickey Rooney is my favorite. He has inspired me to do drama at my school, and wheneveer we have to write a report on an actor I ALWAYS choose him. And its also my dream to meet him. =)


    • corina
    • 2008-09-08

    Love your interviews of the best actors(I feel)in movies! Mickey Rooney always seems to me to be a character who does things his way....a stubborn and defiant spirit that comes through in his acting which is what I like about him. I wish only more good things and scripts to come his way b/c he's a damn good actor. Sincerely, Corina

  • Mickey & Judy...

    • kay
    • 2008-07-08

    Mickey & Judy Garland were totally terrific together...they both have to be on the list of the hardest working people in show business...and the most talented. I love watching those old movies and what's amazing is, Rooney is still making movies...we are blessed to still have him around...Thanks Mickey Rooney for all your hard makes us smile.

  • Babes on Broadway

    • Marilyn Aikin
    • 2008-07-06

    Mickey Rooney is the greatest talent I have ever seen I have all of his films But I am 82 yrs. old and I need to tell him so! Can you find a fan club address for me to write and tell him???? He can do it all!


    • Jessie Heuer
    • 2008-02-06

    Mickey Rooney is the greatest talent and the most enjoyable performer I have ever watched. I love him so much. He is my hero and the love of my life. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry. He is an amazing human being. He's truly the best there is and was. God bless you Mickey! I love you VERY much! JESSIE

  • The Greatest

    • Scarlett
    • 2007-09-30

    I consider Mickey Rooney the greatest actor in the history of Hollywood. You can say what you want about Gregory Peck and you can say what you want about all those other people, but Mickey was truly the greatest. He could sing, he could dance, he could make you laugh, he could make you cry, he could (and does) make you swoon. He had it all.

  • great actor

    • redeal
    • 2007-04-23

    fine gentleman

  • One of the greatest

    • Giuliana
    • 2007-04-20

    Mickey Rooney is to me one of the greatest actors that we have, his work on films such Boys Town, National Velvet,and The Black Stallion show a great talent and ability to engage the viewer in the story to the point that you believe he is the caracter. I love Mickey, I wish to get some information of him, I know he was in the movie Night at the museum, I was happy about that!!

  • amazing

    • olivia
    • 2007-02-04

    i love mickey rooney he is a great actor and musician and so handsome when he was young i love him and he is so talented

  • Mickey Rooney - Highly Underated Actor

    • Shirley Bertenshaw
    • 2006-07-31

    I do not understand why Mickey Rooney has not been honoured by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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