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Also Known As: Died:
Born: December 30, 1934 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Hits (2014)
Django Unchained (2012)
A freed slave tries to rescue his wife from a ruthless plantation owner with the help of a bounty hunter.
Running Mates (2006)
A movie about an eccentric writer who is exposed to media frenzy when she becomes engaged to a politician during his bid for the presidency.
Inherit the Wind (1999)
Television movie based on the 1925 Scopes "monkey trial." Schoolmaster Bertram Cates is put on trial for teaching Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution to students in rural Tennessee. Prosecuting Cates is three-time presidential nominee, self-appointed Bible scholar and acclaimed orator Matthew Harri
Johnny Mysto Boy Wizard (1998) as Blackmoor
A young magician from Los Angeles comes into possession of Merlin's ring and ends up in King Arthur's court.
Invisible Dad (1998)
While on a camping trip, a boy and his father discover an object which causes the father to become invisible. The dad is then able to prevent some malicious co-workers from destroying his company.
My Magic Dog (1998) as Vito
Eight-year-old Toby finds he can always count on his dog, Lucky, even if Lucky is a ghost. Toby's wicked aunt is out to steal his inheritance unless Lucky can stop her in time.
Invisible Mom (1996)
The son of a wacky inventor discovers his dad's invisibility potion and accidentally gives his mother some.
Attack of the 60 Ft. Centerfold (1995)
In her attempt to beat out her rival Betty in becoming a famous magazine's Centerfold of the Year, Angel Grace sees a doctor who has a secret beauty enhancement program. In her zeal to win, Angel takes too much of the doctor's formula and grows to gigantic proportions. When Betty learns about the fo
Cabin Boy (1994)
En route to a luxury ocean cruise, an insufferably snide, spoiled rich kid mistakenly boards "The Filthy Whore," a dilapidated fishing trawler populated by a crew of scurrilous old salts who immediately enlist him as their menial cabin boy.
Wizards Of The Demon Sword (1991)
A spoof of sword-and-sorcery movies.
Aftershock (1990)
Blood Screams (1990) as Frank
Visitors to an obscure Mexican village are threatened by its bloody past.
Phantom Empire, The (1989)
When a man-eating, cannibalistic monster appears with a fortune in uncut diamonds around his neck, entrepreneur Denae Chambers sees dollar signs. She subsequently hires investigators and adventurers to find the underground source of the gems. However, once they're underground, the team soon learns t
B.O.R.N. (1989)
When a girl faces death if she doesn't receive an immediate organ transplant, her family agrees to pay an exorbitant amount for a transplant. Little do they know that they're paying a group of thugs who subsequently head out in an ambulance hunting for a suitable "donor." They kidnap three young w
Necromancer (1988) as Professor Charles Delonge
After being raped by three guys on campus, Julie, a college student who is unable to go to the police, turns to a "necromancer," who summons the spirits of darkness to enact vengeance. Shortly thereafter, each of the three guys disappears in gruesome fashion. However, the curse doesn't stop there,
Cyclone (1987)
Teri Marshall's boyfriend was assigned to deliver "Cyclone," a top-secret, armored motorcycle with rocket launchers and laser guns, to the U.S. military. After he is killed by enemy agents,Teri finds a video he made for her explaining how the bike works and where it needs to be delivered. Teri brave
Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal, The (1985)
Interviews and film clips pay tribute to the Oscar-winning fantasy filmmaker.
Human Highway (1982)
Lionel Switch is an auto mechanic who has a huge crush on waitress named Charlotte Goodnight. Lionel also has a fantasy of becoming a musician like his idol Frankie Fontaine. When Fontaine's limousine pulls up to his garage one day, Lionel is thrilled to work on the car, but trouble brews for Charlo
Black Heat (1976)
Kicks Carter is a streetwise policeman whose beat is Las Vegas. A crime gang is running guns, selling drugs, loan-sharking, and running a prostitution ring out of an upscale hotel in the city and Kicks is trying to put them out of business. But the interference of a womanvreporter is making his job
Win, Place or Steal (1975)
Three friends love to bet on the horses and always lose come up with a plan to beat the system. They decide to steal one of the racetrack's betting machines, print out winning tickets, and get back all of the money they have previously lost. But thkngs do not go smoothly when they enact their scheme
The Last Movie (1971) as Member of Billy's gang
A film shoot in Peru goes badly wrong when an actor is killed in a stunt, and the unit wrangler, Kansas, decides to give up film-making and stay on in the village, shacking up with local prostitute Maria. But his dreams of an unspoiled existence are interrupted when the local priest asks him to help stop the villagers killing each other by re-enacting scenes from the film for real because they don't understand movie fakery...
Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971) as Rico
Judith Fontaine (Regina Carrol) is looking for her sister Joanie, who has disappeared into the hippie community of Venice, California. It turns out Joanie has become the victim of Groton (Lon Chaney Jr.), an axe-wielding homicidal maniac working for Dr. Durray (J. Carrol Naish), who is really the last of the Frankensteins and is now running a house of horrors by the beach and is performing experiments on Gorton's victims. One night Count Dracula (Zandor Vorkov) visits the doctor, showing him the original Frankenstein creation that was buried in a nearby graveyard. The doctor revives it and uses it to take revenge on his professional rivals.
The Female Bunch (1971) as Bill
After a string of bad times with men, Sandy tries to kill herself. Co-waitress Libby saves her and takes her to meet some female friends of hers who live on a ranch in the desert. Grace, the leader of the gang, puts Sandy through her initiation and they get on with the real job of running drugs across the Mexican border, hassling poor farmers, taking any man they please, and generally raising a little hell. Soon Sandy becomes unsure if this is the life for her, but it may be too late to get out.
The War of the Gargantuas (1970) as Dr. Paul Stewart
Tokyo is attacked by rampaging Gargantuas, giant ape-like creatures in which one is good and the other evil.
Satan's Sadists (1969) as Anchor
The "Satans" are a very cruel biker gang led by Anchor. The gang goes to a diner in the middle of nowhere in the California desert where they begin to terrorize Lew and his patrons and his waitress, Tracy. After a little killing, one of the patrons named Johnny manages to escape from the bikers into the desert. They need to reach a town before the Satans catch up to them and kill them.
Free Grass (1969) as Link
Son of a Gunfighter (1966) as Johnny
A young man stalks his mother''''s killers.
War of the Gargantuas, The (1966)
Russ Tamblyn, Kumi Mizuno, Kipp Hamilton, Yu Fujaki, Kenji Sahara. Twin monsters with ape-like features roam the Japanese countryside. The good one is peace-loving, the bad one wants to step on everybody in Tokyo. In one of the more memorable scenes, a nightclub singer is performing "The Words Get Stuck in My Throat" when she is suddenly silenced by a very angry Gargantua. The band Devo used to do the song at live performances.
The Long Ships (1964) as Orm
Viking seamen battle a Moorish prince for possession of a golden bell.
The Haunting (1963) as Luke Sannerson
A team of psychic investigators moves into a haunted house that destroys all who live there.
Follow the Boys (1963) as Lieutenant Smith
Four Navy wives create mayhem as they follow their men around the Riviera.
How the West Was Won (1963) as Reb soldier
Three generations of pioneers take part in the forging of the American West.
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962) as The Woodsman
Fanciful biography of the German fairy-tale collectors, with reenactments of three of their stories.
West Side Story (1961) as Riff
A young couple from dueling street gangs falls in love.
Cimarron (1960) as William "The Kid" Hardy
A pioneer couple plays a major role in the settling of Oklahoma.
High School Confidential! (1958) as Tony Baker/Mike Wilson
A young police officer returns to high school undercover to investigate the drug trade.
tom thumb (1958) as tom thumb
A six-inch-tall boy takes on a pair of comical crooks.
Peyton Place (1957) as Norman Page
Small-town scandals erupt when a repressed woman deals with her daughter''''s move into adulthood.
Don't Go Near the Water (1957) as Ensign Tyson
Navy office workers scheme to build a recreation hall on a remote Pacific island.
The Young Guns (1956) as Tully [Rice]
A disaffected youth falls in with the wrong crowd back in 1897.
The Last Hunt (1956) as Jimmy [O'Brien]
Two frontiersmen clash over the slaughter of a buffalo herd.
The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) as Eric Doolittle
A reformed gunslinger''''s past keeps catching up with him.
Many Rivers to Cross (1955) as Shields [Cherne]
A pioneer woman sets her sights on a trapper.
Hit the Deck (1955) as Danny Xavier Smith
Sailors on leave in San Francisco get mixed up in love and show business.
Deep in My Heart (1954) as Berrison, Jr.
Musical biography of composer Sigmund Romberg, who fought to bring serious music to Broadway.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) as Gideon
When their older brother marries, six lumberjacks decide it''''s time to go courting for themselves.
Take the High Ground! (1953) as Paul Jamison
A tough drill sergeant prepares green recruits for service in the Korean War.
The Winning Team (1952) as Willie Alexander
Baseball great Grover Cleveland Alexander fights his way back from a blinding injury.
Retreat, Hell! (1952) as Jimmy McDermid
Father's Little Dividend (1951) as Tommy Banks
In this sequel to Father of the Bride, a doting father faces a series of comic trials when his daughter has her first child.
Cave of Outlaws (1951) as Pete Carver, as a boy
Gun Crazy (1950) as Bart Tare, age 14
Two disturbed young people release their fascination with guns through a crime spree.
Father of the Bride (1950) as Tommy Banks
A doting father faces mountains of bills and endless trials when his daughter marries.
The Vicious Years (1950) as Tino
Captain Carey, U.S.A. (1950) as Pietro
Webb Carey returns to Orta, near Milan, to find out who betrayed his World War II O.S.S. team and caused the death of several villagers. His old love Julie, whom he thought dead at the hands of the Nazis, is alive and married to the Barone.
Samson and Delilah (1950) as Saul
Epic re-telling of the story of the Biblical strongman laid low by love.
The Kid from Cleveland (1949) as Johnny Barrows
Teen baseball fan Johnny Barrows sneaks into the baseball stadium of the Cleveland Indians, then playing in the 1948 World Series; claiming to be an orphan, he befriends team members & broadcaster Mike Jackson. But it develops that Johnny has a troubled home life with his mother and stepfather, and is involved in juvenile crime. His 'better side' shows only when he runs away to visit the team again. Can Mike and the Indians (playing themselves) wrest Johnny away from bad influences?
The Black Book (1949) as Blanchard's son
Opponents plot to bring down Robespierre during the French Revolution.
The Boy with Green Hair (1948) as Boy
An orphaned boy mystically acquires green hair and a mission to end war.

Writer (feature film)

Human Highway (1982)
Lionel Switch is an auto mechanic who has a huge crush on waitress named Charlotte Goodnight. Lionel also has a fantasy of becoming a musician like his idol Frankie Fontaine. When Fontaine's limousine pulls up to his garage one day, Lionel is thrilled to work on the car, but trouble brews for Charlo

Cast (special)

TV Road Trip: New York (2003)
Explores the locales used in famous television shows. Stops include Twedes restaurant from "Twin Peaks," the cheeseburger sketch locale from "Saturday Night Live," and tours of locations from "The Sopranos" and "Homicide: Life on the Street."
Golden Globe's 50th Anniversary Celebration, The (1994)
A special celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golden Globe Awards. Features interviews with past winners and current celebrities, live performances and highlights from past ceremonies.
Dennis Hopper (1991)
A documentary about director/actor Dennis Hopper. Included are interview footage of Hopper himself, as well as with family members and colleagues and clips from films Hopper starred in and/or directed.

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