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William Tannen

William Tannen



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Director (feature film)

Night of Terror (2006)
A crazed killer tracks a troubled family during a relentless storm.
Cutter, The (2006)
A former cop turned Los Angeles P.I. takes on a case of a missing diamond cutter that leads him on an adventure of love and villainy spanning Nazi Germany to the present day Jewelry District.
Hero And The Terror (1988) as Director
A serial killer escapes from prison.

Cast (feature film)

Hero And The Terror (1988) as Civic Engineer
A serial killer escapes from prison.
The Great Sioux Massacre (1965) as Miner
General Custer''''s fight to win equal rights for Native Americans leads to his undoing.
Noose for a Gunman (1960) as Willetts
An honest gunman takes on a corrupt land baron.
Badlands of Montana (1957) as Outlaw
The Tijuana Story (1957) as Miguel Fuentes
(Dra ''57,BW). Rodolfo Acosta, James Darren, Robert McQueeney, Jean Willes, Joy Stoner, Robert Blake, Paul Newlan. Mexican newspaperman Rodolfo Acosta wages a one-man war against a powerful crime syndicate in this inspirational melodrama based on a real-life incident and narrated by the original reporter who broke the sensational story, Paul Coates.
Jailhouse Rock (1957) as Record distributor
After learning to play the guitar in prison, a young man becomes a rock 'n' roll sensation.
A Hatful of Rain (1957) as Executive
A man tries to deal with his brother's drug addiction and his growing attraction to the man's wife.
Last of the Bad Men (1957) as Deputy Harris
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (1956) as Dee Havalik
Howard Duff, Victor Jory, Maggie Mahoney, Angela Stevens, David Orrick, William Tannen. Retired gunslinger Howard Duff is forced to strap on his sidearms once more when cattle baron Victor Jory starts his strong arm tactics.
The First Texan (1956) as Secretary
After arriving in Texas to escape a scandal back east, a lawyer becomes involved in the independence of Texas.
Friendly Persuasion (1956) as Supply sergeant
A peaceful Quaker family's sanctity is tested during the Civil War.
Three for Jamie Dawn (1956) as Mr. Douglas
Jupiter's Darling (1955) as Roman courier
A beautiful Roman mounts a romantic campaign to halt Hannibal's invasion of the empire.
Bobby Ware Is Missing (1955) as Helicopter deputy
Devil Goddess (1955) as Nels Comstock
Johnny Weissmuller guides Professor Blakely (Selmer Jackson) and his daughter Nora (Angela Stevens) into forbidden Kirundi land, home of the fire-worshipers, in search of missing scientist Ralph Dixon (William M. Griffith). In addition to finding Dixon worshiped as a fire god, they uncover a treasure of sapphires, rout a party of renegade whites and Johnny rescues Nora from flaming death on a ritual altar just before a volcano erupts molten death.
Dial Red O (1955) as Devlin, reporter
The first of the five films where Bill Elliott played a detective lieutenant in the L.A Sheriff's department, Dial Red "O" (the correct title with the number 0 (zero), as on a telephone dial, shown in ") opens with war-torn veteran Ralph Wyatt (Keith Larsen) getting word that his wife is divorcing him, and he flees the psychiatric ward of the veteran's hospital, wanting to talk to her. His escape touches off an all-out manhunt, led by Lieutenant Andy Flynn (Bill Elliott) of the sheriff's department. Wyatt's wife, Connie (Helene Stanley) is having an affair with Norman Roper (Paul Picerni), a judo expert in Wyatt's old Marine unit. When Roper refuses to divorce his own wife (Regina Gibson) to marry Connie, they have a violent quarrel in Connie's apartment. Roper kills Connie and incriminates Wyatt, who is arrested and held on suspicion of homicide. Convinced that Roper is the real murderer, Wyatt escapes from his cell in the Hollywood Sheriff's office, and goes to Roper's home. Lt. Flynn has discovered evidence pointing to Roper as the killer, and arrives in time to prevent Wyatt from killing him. Jazzman Shorty Rogers (and his Giants) are also on hand as part of the Hollywood night life. The Elliott role name was changed to Andy Doyle for the following four films in the series, as there was a real Andy Flynn working in law enforcement in Los Angeles.
The Great Diamond Robbery (1954) as Intern
A diamond cutter unwittingly helps a jewel thief.
Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl (1954) as Steve Castle
Anthony Dexter, Eva Gabor, Alan Hale, Jr., James Seay, Richard Karlan, Lyle Talbot, John Crawford. When Captain Kidd is reprieved from the gallows by a greedy nobelman who wants to know the location of his buried treasure, he sets off across the seven seas with faithful slave girl Eva Gabor in tow.
The Law vs. Billy the Kid (1954) as Dave Rudabaugh
The young outlaw tries to go straight.
Sitting Bull (1954) as O'Connor
After defeating Custer at the Little Big Horn, the famed chief tries to save an Indian sympathizer from court-martial.
Jesse James vs. the Daltons (1954) as Emmett Dalton
A young gunslinger, rumored to be the son of Jesse James, sets off in search of his legendary father and joins the Dalton Gang. Originally show in 3-D, this western programmer was directed by William Castle (he became well known for his gimmick horror films like "The Tingler").
Woman's World (1954) as Executive
An executive plans to fill a high-ranking position by interviewing the candidates'''' wives.
The Human Jungle (1954) as Cab driver
Danforth (Gary Merrill) is assigned to take over the police department in a section of a large city saddled with juvenile delinquency, petty crimes, graft and also a recent unsolved murder of a strip-tease dancer. Recognizing the laxity of the department he implements many changes and soon finds himself under fire by the newspapers, the attorney of a racket leader and the denizens of this human jungle. He calls this a cop's war that is the same as a soldier's war with the difference being that people hate cops. His cause isn't helped when a rookie policeman accidently kills an innocent bystander. And he has to protect police informer Mary Abbott (Jan Sterling) from Swados (Chuck Connors), a killer in the hire of the man behind the petty mobsters.
The Bad and the Beautiful (1953) as Reporter
An unscrupulous movie producer uses everyone around him in his climb to the top.
99 River Street (1953) as Director
A taxi driver gets mixed up with jewel thieves.
Jack McCall, Desperado (1953) as Spargo
Wrongly accused of treason, a Civil War veteran tries to clear his name.
Dangerous Crossing (1953) as Ship officer
When a bride goes on a ocean liner with her new husband, he goes into hiding, and she becomes the target of a murder conspiracy.
Raiders of the Seven Seas (1953) as Ramon
A legendary pirate captures a Spanish galleon and tries to claim a countess as his bride.
El Paso Stampede (1953) as Joe
In the last of the "Rocky" Lane series, federal marshal Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) saddles up "Black Jack" and heads for the Mexican border to investigate cattle rustling during the Spanish-American War. He gets a job with feed-merchant Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller), and discovers that Nugget's wizened little helper,Josh Bailey (Edward Clark), has been giving cattle shipment information to the town dentist, Mason "Doc" Ramsey (Stephen Chase), who is the secret leader of the rustlers headed by Floyd Garnett (Roy Barcroft.) When Ramsey and Garnett steal some of Nugget's cattle feed, Rocky follows them to their hideout through a waterfall into a hidden valley (El Paso is overun with such scenic delights.) The outlaws have kidnapped Alice Clark (Phyllis Coates)and Rocky captures Ramsey after Garnett is killed in a gun battle. Alice is rescued, the stolen cattle are recovered and Rocky moves on to his next film assignment, which was more than five years later when he turned up as the sheriff in Universal's "The Saga of Hemp Brown." This film had two working titles, "Stagecoach To Cheyenne" and "El Dorado Gold Rush", which lasted until somebody read the script and found no mention of gold rushes, El Dorado, Cheyenne or stagecoaches-to-anywhere. The waterfall in a hidden valley would have fit Cheyenne better than El Paso, but it would have been a heck of a cattle drive to get the herd across the Mexican border.
Law and Order (1953) as Stranger
Having cleaned up Tombstone, marshal Frame Johnson quits after an attempted lynching, and hopes to settle down on a ranch near Cottonwood with his sweetheart Jeannie. Before he can do so, it looks like he may have to clean up Cottonwood too. But how great a sacrifice will he make for law and order?
Eyes of the Jungle (1953)
Another feature film from the makers of the "Ramar of the Jungle" television series in which three TV episodes were stitched together and sent out as a feature film. Let somebody who knows the series(or cares) identify the TV episodes but the three used here were about a phony fossil hunter; recovery of a gold plaque stolen by two Americans; and the third was about the breaking up of a slave girl ring. The TV influence carries on when the heroes are about to embark on a fourth adventure at the end.
Code Two (1953) as Officer Kane
Three young men train to become motorcycle cops.
Cruisin' Down the River (1953) as
Beaurefard Clemment (Dick Haymes), a New York night club crooner, inherits a broken-down Georgia showboat. He decides to turn it into a nightclub. He falls in love with Sally Jane (Audrey Totter), the granddaughter of Thadeus Jackson (Cecil Kellaway), arch enemy of Beau's late grandfather. Many, many songs (see Soundtrack) and a parody of "Ten Nights in a Barroom" (a Blake Edwards touch), with music featuring the Bell Sisters.
Kiss Me Kate (1953) as Cab driver
Feuding co-stars reunite for a musical version of Shakespeare''''s "The Taming of the Shrew."
Flat Top (1952) as Commander
Scaramouche (1952) as Le Blanc
In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.
Jet Job (1952) as Col. Jamison
Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (1952) as Doc Edwards
The famed explorer leads an anthropologist to a lost civilization of giants.
Talk About a Stranger (1952) as Bryant
Small-town gossips rage over the arrival of a mysterious stranger.
Road Agent (1952) as Bill Collins
Cowboys fight bandits trying to take over the trails.
Flame of Araby (1952) as Captain of the guards
Blue Blood (1951) as Sparks
I Was an American Spy (1951) as U.S. Army captain
A war widow spies for the U.S. in Japanese-occupied Manila.
Show Boat (1951) as Man with Julie
Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
Up Front (1951) as Doctor
Based on the famed W.W.II cartoons: Lowbrow G.I.s Willie and Joe, on the Italian front, are good soldiers in combat, but meet the antics of gung-ho Captain Johnson and other military snafus with a barrage of wry comments. On a 3-day pass in Naples, Joe's penchant for wine and women involves the pair with luscious Emi Rosso and her moonshiner father, whose tangled affairs land them in ever deeper trouble.
Insurance Investigator (1951) as Hood
The Flying Missile (1951) as Lieutenant
A Yank in Korea (1951) as Lieutenant Lewis
A tough sergeant has to teach a hotshot young soldier how to be a team player.
New Mexico (1951) as Pvt. Cheever
Captain Hunt of the cavalry is trying to promote good relations with the Indian chief Acoma. But Hunt's superiors in the military insist on pursuing policies that will provoke a conflict, and Chief Acoma is not willing to let himself be insulted.
Santa Fe (1951) as Telegraph operator
Four brothers end up on opposite sides of a shootout.
The Strip (1951) as Deputy
A jazz drummer fights to clear his name when he's accused of killing a racketeer.
Roaring City (1951) as Gannon
Dennis O'Brien (Hugh Beaumont) is hired by Barton (Stanley Price) to bet on Harper, an old fighter, against Lundy (Greg McClure), placing the bets in the name of Steve Belzig. Lundy dies of a blood clot during the bout. At Barton's hotel, after the fight, Dennis finds Gannon (William Tannen) and Lundy, where he learns that Belzig is Lundy's real name and that Barton and Gannon had the fight fixed for Lundy to take a dive in the first round, but Barton told Lundy to wait until the seventh and Harper didn't last that long. Dennis is knocked out and comes to to find police Lt. Burger (Richard Travis) in the room with him with Lundy dead. Accused of the murder and out on bail, Dennis starts his own investigation and finds that Gale Chase (Rebel Randall) is connected with Gannon. He makes Gannon think that Gale is double-crossing him, but is arrested by Burger before he can harm Gale...(end first story...start second story)...Irma Rand (Joan Valerie) hires Dennis to pose as Ted Fallon, husband of her step-daughter Sylvia (Wanda McKay). She introduces him to Eddie (Abner Biberman) and Bill Rafferty (Anthony Warde), who knock him out and he awakens to find himself next to the body of the real Ted Fallon. He goes to Sylvia's apartment where he is again slugged by the two thugs, but this time he awakens and finds both men dead. The always-late Lt.Burger accuses him of these crimes. He learns from his buddy, Professor Shicker (Edward Brophy) that Sylvia had cashed $30,000 worth of bonds belonging to Rafferty and is planning to flee the country with Irma. Catching up to them Dennis and Burger learn that Irma killed Ted Fallon...and Sylvia, believing that Rafferty did it, killed him and Eddie.
Best of the Badmen (1951) as Adjutant
A band of notorious outlaws help a friend against a corrupt federal agent.
Three Secrets (1950) as Bobby Lynch
A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.
Convicted (1950) as Guard
A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.
The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) as Fuller Brush man
A daffy door-to-door saleswoman blunders into a murder investigation.
All the King's Men (1950) as Man in city bar
A backwoods politician rises to the top only to become corrupted.
Annie Get Your Gun (1950) as Barker
Fanciful musical biography of wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
Key to the City (1950) as Sgt. Foley
Two mayors meet and fall in love during a convention in San Francisco.
Three Little Words (1950) as Photographer
Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.
Chain Gang (1950) as Harry Cleaver
A reporter gets a job as a prison guard to document inhuman conditions.
Tales of the West 1 (1950) as Buck Williams
Pygmy Island (1950) as Kruger
Jungle Jim searches for a female Army captain who's gone missing.
Armored Car Robbery (1950) as Johnson
A police officer tries to find half a million dollars stolen by gangsters.
Father Is a Bachelor (1950) as Willis
Five orphans ''''adopt'''' a loner and set out to find him a wife.
Dial 1119 (1950) as Announcer
A killer holds the customers at a bar hostage.
David Harding, Counterspy (1950) as Radio operator
Sunset in the West (1950) as John Kimball
Near the border, outlaws are hijacking trains and using them to transport large quantities of rifles. Roy gets involved when the train that was to pick up his cattle fails to stop. Helping out the Sheriff, Roy brings in a suspect. He identifies him as a wanted man but the outlaw escapes with Roy as a hostage. Roy is taken to the gang leader's house where another hijacking is being planned. They also plan to get rid of Roy.
When You're Smiling (1950) as Technician
Riders of the Range (1949) as Trump Dixon
Two ranch hands try to save the boss''''s son from a gambling debt.
The Mysterious Desperado (1949) as Elias P. Stevens
A cowboy is accused of his father''''s murder.
I Cheated the Law! (1949) as Jack
Scene of the Crime (1949) as Detectve
A detective tries to solve a policeman's murder.
The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) as Doorman at theatre
A married musical team splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.
Alaska Patrol (1949) as Dajek
Abandoned (1949) as Taxi driver
Any Number Can Play (1949) as Gambler
The owner of a gambling casino tries to win back his estranged wife and child.
Command Decision (1949) as Officer
A senior officer faces the horror of sending his men on suicide missions over Germany during the last days of World War II.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) as Photographer
A beautiful woman takes over a turn-of-the-century baseball team.
Lust for Gold (1949) as Eager fellow
A German immigrant braves the wild West in search of gold and a woman to love.
An Innocent Affair (1948) as Gaylord
Doing business with an ex-flame drives an ad man''''s wife mad with jealousy.
Homecoming (1948) as Attendant
A married man's wartime love affair spells trouble when peace comes.
Alias a Gentleman (1948) as Interne
An aging convict tries to keep his daughter from following in his footsteps.
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Traveler
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
B. F.'s Daughter (1948) as Warrant officer
A professor doesn't know his wife is an heiress.
Cass Timberlane (1948) as Chauffeur
An aging judge creates a scandal when he marries a younger woman from the wrong side of the tracks.
Luxury Liner (1948) as Chief steward
The daughter of a ship's captain becomes a sea-going cupid.
A Southern Yankee (1948) as Secret Service man
A bellboy masquerades as a spy and lands behind enemy lines during the Civil War.
High Barbaree (1947) as Officer of the deck
A downed pilot looks back on his life as he awaits rescue in the South Pacific.
Cynthia (1947) as Clerk
A sheltered girl uses music as a means of winning her independence.
Killer McCoy (1947) as Thorne's cameraman
A lightweight boxer gets mixed up in murder.
Little Mister Jim (1947) as Sergeant
After his mother''''s death, a young boy tries to help his father stop drinking.
It Happened in Brooklyn (1947) as Captain
A returning GI and his friends try to make it in the music business.
This Time for Keeps (1947) as Soldier
A famous singer's son falls for a swimming star.
Dark Delusion (1947) as Chauffeur Walters
A young doctor tries to keep a neurotic beauty from being committed.
The Beginning or the End (1947) as Loudspeaker voice
True story of the Manhattan Project and the race to build the atomic bomb.
Three Wise Fools (1946) as Prosecutor
An orphan girl melts the hearts of three crusty old men.
Boys' Ranch (1946) as Larry Stewart
A ball player creates a ranch for troubled kids from the city.
Two Smart People (1946) as Clerk
In New Orleans, lady crook tries to steal a con man''''s hidden loot.
Week-End at the Waldorf (1945) as Photographer
In this remake of Grand Hotel, guests at a New York hotel fight to survive personal tragedy.
This Man's Navy (1945) as Red
Two Navy vets compete to see whose son is the bigger hero.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945) as Hard-boiled assistant/Dr. Snide's voice
A pair of wacky lackeys try to take Tinseltown by storm.
Son of Lassie (1945) as German soldier
The beloved collie goes to war to help the resistance in occupied Norway.
The Canterville Ghost (1944) as Jordan
A ghost who died a coward tries to inspire U.S. GIs to become heroes.
Maisie Goes to Reno (1944) as Lead man
On a trip to Reno, a Brooklyn showgirl tries to stop a soldier and his wife from divorcing.
Thousands Cheer (1944) as Prison sergeant
An egotistical acrobat joins the Army and falls in love with his commander''''s daughter.
The Seventh Cross (1944) as Guard
Seven men escape from a concentration camp and fight their way to freedom.
An American Romance (1944) as Test driver
A European immigrant becomes a master of industry but almost loses his family.
Meet the People (1944) as Mr. Quinn
A fading stage star tries to revive her career by taking a job in a shipyard.
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) as Eugene Shepherd
A small-town girl fights for her big chance on Broadway.
Pilot #5 (1943) as American soldier
While their buddy flies a suicide mission, World War II airmen recall the events that led him to this noble sacrifice.
Harrigan's Kid (1943) as
A disgraced jockey teaches a boy to ride and cheat.
Salute to the Marines (1943) as Adjutant
A retired Marine gets caught in the middle of the Philippines campaign.
Stand by for Action (1943) as Flag Lieut. Dudley
A Harvard graduate serving on a battleship is faced with the realities of war.
The Youngest Profession (1943) as Hotel clerk
Teenage autograph seekers cause trouble at MGM.
Air Raid Wardens (1943) as Joseph
A pair of bumblers stumble upon Nazi spies on the home front.
The War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942) as Soldier at War Department
A Washington matron tries to ignore the effects of World War II.
Three Hearts for Julia (1942) as Reporter
When his wife threatens him with divorce, a reporter courts her again.
Dr. Kildare's Victory (1942) as Morgan
A young doctor with a broken heart succumbs to the lure of a socialite.
Grand Central Murder (1942) as Curly
A detective investigates an actress's murder in a train car.
Maisie Gets Her Man (1942) as Manager at Army post
A Brooklyn showgirl launches a stage act with a hick comic.
Mr. & Mrs. North (1942) as Station master
A sappily married couple discover a murder victim in their closet.
Ship Ahoy (1942) as Grimes
A dancer sailing to Puerto Rico hides government messages in her tap routines.
Rio Rita (1942) as Pet store owner
A pair of nitwits try to stop Nazis from infiltrating a Western ranch.
Nazi Agent (1942) as Ludwig
An Allied sympathizer discovers his twin brother is a Nazi spy.
Woman of the Year (1942) as Ellis
Opposites distract when a sophisticated political columnist falls for a sportswriter.
Pacific Rendezvous (1942) as Jasper Dean
An expert at deciphering codes takes on an enemy spy ring.
Fingers at the Window (1942) as Devlan
A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.
Joe Smith, American (1942) as Eddie
Nazi spies in search of government secrets kidnap a munitions worker.
Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942) as Mike
When a circus kidnaps Boy, Tarzan and Jane follow him to New York City.
Cairo (1942) as Mechanic at the pyramid
A war correspondent in Egypt thinks a screen star on tour is a spy.
For Me and My Gal (1942) as Driver
An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
Love Crazy (1941) as Attendant
A businessman concocts a series of harebrained schemes to keep his wife from divorcing him.
The Penalty (1941) as State trooper
Federal agents use a gangster's son to catch him.
The Get-Away (1941) as Driver
A jailed cop befriends a mob chieftain and stages a breakout with him.
I'll Wait for You (1941) as Driver
A wounded gangster's recuperation on a remote farm leads to love.
The Big Store (1941) as Fred [Chris] Sutton
A detective and his zany pals take over a failing department store.
The Wild Man of Borneo (1941) as Actor in motion picture scene
A braggart masquerades as a primitive throwback.
Whistling in the Dark (1941) as Robert Graves
A radio detective is kidnapped and forced to plan the perfect murder.
Two-Faced Woman (1941) as Skier
A woman pretends to be her own twin sister to win back her straying husband.
The Trial of Mary Dugan (1941) as Driver
Down in San Diego (1941) as Matt Herman
Teenagers take on enemy spies at a Navy base.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) as Interne Fenwick
A scientist's investigations into the nature of good and evil turn him into a murderous monster.
Bitter Sweet (1940) as Secretary at employment agency
A voice teacher and his star pupil run away together to a life of love and poverty.
Sporting Blood (1940) as Ted Milner
A young man trying to rebuild the family racing stables falls for the daughter of a bitter rival.
New Moon (1940) as Pierre
A revolutionary leader romances a French aristocrat in Louisiana.
Flight Command (1940) as Lieut. Freddy Townsend
A cocky cadet tries to prove himself during flight training.
Sky Murder (1940) as Gus
Detective Nick Carter tries to prove a beautiful immigrant innocent of murder.
Wyoming (1940) as Reynolds
Outlaw pals are tempted to go straight.
Phantom Raiders (1940) as Sailor
Detective Nick Carter tries to stop enemy agents from sabotaging the Panama Canal.
I Love You Again (1940) as Clerk
A solid married man discovers he's forgotten a past existence as a con artist.
Gallant Sons (1940) as Spath
When a man is charged with murder, his son''''s schoolboy friends set out to solve the case.
Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940) as
A vaudeville team breaks up when both men fall for the same gorgeous hoofer.
Stand Up and Fight (1939) as Lewis
A southern aristocrat clashes with a driver transporting stolen slaves to freedom.
It's a Wonderful World (1939) as Actor
A runaway poetess helps a fugitive prove himself innocent of murder charges.
Broadway Serenade (1939) as Assistant stage manager
Career conflicts threaten a singer''''s marriage to a young composer.
The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939) as Bates
A young doctor tries to help a woman suffering from psychosomatic blindness.
Within the Law (1939) as Clerk
A wrongly convicted woman studies law and seeks her revenge.
Judge Hardy and Son (1939) as Officer
A small-town judge tries to save an elderly couple from eviction while coping with his wife''''s illness.
The Devil's Party (1938) as Master of ceremonies
The Mad Miss Manton (1938) as
A daffy socialite gets her friends mixed up in a murder investigation.
Dramatic School (1938) as Student
A young actress struggles to make a hit on stage and in married life.
When Love Is Young (1937) as Norman Crocker
Exclusive Story (1936) as Kent
A newspaper''''s attorney tries to get the goods on the numbers racket.
Small Town Girl (1936) as Tom, one of Bob's friends
After marrying a drunken playboy, a young girl tries to capture his heart while he's sober.
Speed (1936) as Doctor
A race-car driver fights to prove the worth of his new high-speed carburetor.
Tough Guy (1936) as Heming
To save his beloved dog, a boy runs away from home, only to get mixed up with gangsters.
Crash Donovan (1936) as Tony
Biography of a Bachelor Girl (1935) as
A portrait painter is reunited with a lost love when her upcoming memoirs threaten his political career.
She Couldn't Take It (1935) as Cesar
Murder in the Fleet (1935) as Pee Wee Adams
Seamen hunt down a deadly saboteur.
It's in the Air (1935) as Pilot
The Band Plays On (1934) as [Julius] Rosy [Rosenberg]
Four street kids mend their ways when they take up football.

Writer (feature film)

Cover-Up (1991) as Screenwriter
An Iraqi terrorist group is blamed for an attack on a U.S.naval outpost near Tel Aviv. An American journalist sets out to understand what really happened and prevent a world war.
Inside Edge (1991) as Screenwriter
A cop with unorthodox methods falls in love with the girlfriend of a mafioso.

Producer (feature film)

Inside Edge (1991) as Producer
A cop with unorthodox methods falls in love with the girlfriend of a mafioso.

Cast (short)

Our Old Car (1946)
In this short film, a man traces his history by the succession of cars his father owned.
Purity Squad (1945)
This short film focuses on the USFDA''''s efforts to ensure drugs are properly tested before sold to the public.
A Gun in His Hand (1945)
In this short film, a man joins the police force with the intention of getting away with crimes.
Dark Shadows (1944)
This short film focuses on a psychiatrist investigating the murder of another psychiatrist.
Main Street Today (1944)
This short film promotes the U.S. war effort at home in a small town.
Easy Life (1944)
In this short film, a high school dropout finds that leading a life of crime is not all he thought it would be.
Don't Talk (1942)
This short film focuses on industrial sabotage during wartime.
Mr. Blabbermouth! (1942)
This short film, part of the U.S. pro-war movement, suggests citizens avoid listening to rumors during wartime.
Mighty Lak a Goat (1942)
A gang of children try to clean the mud from their clothes, but gain a pretty horrific stench in this comedic short.
Keep 'Em Sailing (1942)
In this short film, an FBI agent goes undercover to investigate the sabotage of American cargo ships.
Main Street on the March! (1941)
This short film focuses on America''''s changing mood to events leading up to WWII.
Respect the Law (1941)
This short film focuses on how "minor" lawbreakers can do more damage than major criminals.
More Trifles of Importance (1941)
This short film highlights medical discoveries that were discovered by accident.
1-2-3 Go! (1941)
In this short film, a gang of children form a society to promote automobile safety awareness.
Forbidden Passage (1941)
This short film documents the U.S. Department of Immigration''''s efforts to halt the smuggling of illegal immigrants into the country.
That Inferior Feeling (1940)
In this comedic short, Joe Doakes attempts to provide a lecture on men who suffer an inferiority complex.
Jack Pot (1940)
This short film focuses on illegal gambling and bookmaking.
The Story of Dr. Jenner (1939)
This short film focuses on country doctor Edward Jenner, who developed the vaccination through his research of smallpox.
Drunk Driving (1939)
In this short film, an up and coming businessman mixes drinking and driving with tragic consequences.
Miracle at Lourdes (1939)
In this short film, a doctor suffers a crisis of faith when his wife is struck down with a crippling disease.
The Ash Can Fleet (1939)
This short film presents the story of David Bushnell, inventor of the submarine and the depth charge.
"Servant of the People" The Story of the Constitution of the United States (1937)
This historical short film looks at the Founding Fathers of the United States and the creation of the Constitution of the U.S.
The Perfect Set-Up (1936)
In this short film, a radio and television engineer falls into a life of crime by dismantling alarms for robberies.
Hit and Run Driver (1935)
In this short film, a man runs over a young couple on a deserted road, then tries to cover up the incident.
Alibi Racket (1935)
This short film focuses on a police interrogation that cracks the false alibi of a criminal.
A Thrill for Thelma (1935)
In this short film, a young girl, wanting a life of luxury, takes the "easy" way and winds up in jail.
My Grandfather's Clock (1934)
In this musical short, a murder has been committed and two detectives are on the case!

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