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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor



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  • Exciting things regarding Elizabeth Taylor

    • Norb Novocin
    • 2015-06-19

    Estate Auctions Inc has some exciting news! RIght now, up for auction, is an unpublished memoir by Elizabeth's mother, Sara! Also, going up will be an original painting by Richard Burton. Coming up as well, a first edition of "Nibbles and Me" a book written and illustrated by Elizabeth as a child. Also, you'll find a Playbill to "Little Foxes" along with tickets to the play that starred Elizabeth, along with an invite to the after-party! To find out more, check it out: Official Press Release: Link to the unpublished Sara Taylor manuscript:

  • great actress!

    • Summer
    • 2014-03-03

    I have had people say I have some of her facial features, it made me feel special because she's very beautiful. I have to say she is one of my favorite actresses. She really feels the script and is not just acting, she's really going through her character in her roll in the films. Elizabeth Taylor brakes the scale in my opinion.

  • An Observation Upon Elizabeth Taylor's Passing

    • Robert White
    • 2011-06-10

    In a world that often over hypes...she was the real deal...a true super star...a gifted actress...a courageous humanitarian...a great beauty who's inner radiance made her simply breathtaking...

  • Great Actress!

    • Tammy
    • 2011-03-30

    Great Actress!

  • Liz is a US citizen, not UK!

    • Christine
    • 2010-10-07

    I don't know why her bio says her nationality is the UK. Her nationality is American. She is a US citizen. She was born in England of American parents while they lived there for a short while, which makes her an automatic US citizen and only a duel citizen because she was born on British soil. Her parents were from Kansas for God's sake. She holds an American passport and was raised from about age 6 in Los Angeles. She has always been considered an American actress and if you look at Wikipedia it says the same thing. I think this became an issue when Burton asked her to give up her US citizenship to become a Brit, which I think she did, but got it back when she reapplied. How is she a Dame when she is no longer a British subject? Even according to TCM Happy 78th B-day, Elizabeth, they expain how she was a british subject but an American citizen. Why do I care so much, don't know, I just do.She's one of ours, not one of their's. I guess you can call it nationalism. I will say though, that she is an icon of the film industry and from her wild escapades. And when she passes, it will ]bebe a big dealand all over the papers. She is pretty sick from what I've been reading. Can someone please change her nationality from the UK to the US?

  • The woman, victoress through misfortune

    • Tappanei Kanopolis
    • 2010-04-10

    Apr 10 2010 I certainly was a BIG fan of Elizabeth from my early movie-going days--i.e. when most films were without color. I recall the movie Giant and remember there were stars a-plenty in that bigger-than-life extravaganza. My long-time friend Dave made a big deal of the movie as we friends in US Army in the late 50's. The film no doubt played at the Base Theater. Dave named his Indiana home "Reata II" which I think was the homestead name in "Giant." Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was another memorable film. I think it was with Newman and the rascal Burl Ives - "there's one thing I hate -- and there's the smell of it in this room --and that's mendacity." It was Newman or the other(brother?) of his who made (for me) the memorable affirmation of over-drinking with this line: I haven't had enough (alcohol) until I hear (?feel) the "snap" (or "click" or "release") -- then I know I'm "there" I saw Butterfield 8 (--the ancient code for the telephone exchange = 28 (for "BU") 8 - thus 288) in my youngish NYC days (where I was a movie "addict") and I remember Elizabeth in her drunken scenes, which on one occasion sent her car with herself either thru a roadblock barricade, or over a drop-off -- a powerful scene since I remember it. The phone call (basis of the story) was likewise a BIG dramatic moment. I felt (agreeing with dozens of commentators) that she did NOT really deserve the Oscar. It was a "consolation" prize for overlooking her in "Cat" or "Raintree County," where she was stellar, but not "Oscared." I have heard raves about National Velvet and "Lassie" but I don't recall seeing them. I probably saw "Virginia Woolf" but don't recall anythin about it. I really was a bigger fan of "ET" in her hundreds of photo ops, esp. the LIFE cover shots. That way one could hold on to her when one can't in a "MOVING" picture where she's there one minute-gone the next. Finally I grew up (well after age 14 or so) knowing we had identical birthdays.

  • Biography of Elizabeth Taylor

    • Mrs Clarence Begley
    • 2010-04-10

    Ihave been a Big Fan of Elizabeth Taylor for more years than i care to remember and the never has been a movie that i didnt love ,she is the greatest movie actress, i have seen all her lassie come home movies, little woman National Velvet Father of the bride Fathers little dividen Cleopatria she totaly gives of herself S he has outdone herself in just about every movie she has Made. nobody works harder than she does.Besides being and actress has its advantages and the way she fought for and won for the down trodden people take Rock Hudson who we all knew had Aids she stood shoulder to shoulder with him and fought vallienty for far as im concerned she has earned her place in heaven many times over.i could go on and on about Elizabeth Taylor but i will stop here.One more word bless you Elizabeth Taylor Respectfully yours Carolyn Begley

  • A place in the sun

    • Derrick T. Ivory
    • 2010-02-17

    This film is very intoxicating, I don't have to spell it out or do I? OK you forced my hand ( ELIZABETH TAYLOR), her spellbound close-up's and flawless image along with her lith-model's-torso, and her acting ability in my synopsis, made this film worth printing. Also Mr. Montgomery Clift is more than a fine actor in his own right, just watch his resume of work on TCM. Ms.Shelley Winters is a very talented actor as well. This story is very simplistic you can't have your cake and eat it to. I have to mention Ms. Anne Revere who had a small part in this film as Montgomery Clift's mother. is a tremendous actor, but her career was cut short, can you imagine a direct descendant of Paul Revere being un-American I can't. One of life's lessons is sometimes the star that is dim, will take you farther than the one that shines the brightest. THE END

  • Thanks, Liz!

    • Jean Holt
    • 2009-09-26

    Thanks for your continued support of gays and lesbians. Without a doubt, lives have been saved because of your acceptance and understanding. In my small Alabama town, most gay people have to keep their sexual orientation secret because so many people are ready to judge and condemn. It would probably be impossible for an openly gay person to get a job here. I know for a fact the no gay teacher would be hired! Our daughter, Ginger, and her partner, Lauren, are fortunate that they can be themselves. Ginger is an Orthopaedic Oncologist at Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN) and Lauren is a top-notch attorney, also in Nashville. They are above reproach. Both are highly respected. They are openly gay. My husband and I are so proud! Ginger and Lauren are making young gay people feel OK about themselves. You have done that, too, on a much larger scale. I'm about your age, have never missed an Elizabeth Taylor movie, and have prayed for you when your health has failed. Admiring fan, Jean W. Holt, Professor Athens State University

  • Wow!

    • Kalee
    • 2009-07-17

    Elizabeth surprises me everytime i see her movies. She tap in so fast on her emotions and brings them out right on the table. She is one of the very few actress's that ever lived that are able to do that.

  • liz taylor

    • jim
    • 2009-07-03

    most beautiful woman in the world and one of the best actresses around. When she was sixteen she was film veteran renowned for her stunning beauty and acting ability. "A Place in the Sun" she was seventeen years old !!

  • An Actor for All Times

    • Prof_Alice
    • 2009-05-17

    Due to the childhood career, young adult issues and larger social concerns that the films of Dame Elizabeth Taylor reveal, she's become an actor whose work will transcend many more than one, two, or three generations. Dame Elizabeth could have taken great advantage of being a raving beauty. Wisely, from the beginning of her childhood acting career, she was groomed to be an actor, not a movie star. The difference being that an actor takes their performances seriously enough to want the whole production their working on to succeed. A movie star only wants to succeed so that they become popular: they're out for fortune and fame. An actor's focus is on the project as a while. A movie star's in on themselves. Dame Elizabeth's filmography offers plenty of examples that she was (retired) a great actor. Now she's a great humanitarian and a credit to her British title.

  • A true

    • Michael
    • 2009-05-15

    I have been a fan of Elizabeth's since I was a young boy after seeing her in the White Cliffs of Dover and have enjoyed watching her films ever since. I am fifty so have only ever seen 2 of her films on the big screen - The Taming of the Shrew and Cleopatra - they were great and I got a tremendous kick out of seeing Elizabeth magnified a thousand times. I have seen her in person twice - the Little Foxes in London and the Albert Hall tribute in 2000 when see was made a Dame. It was very exciting, in fact the AH I was seated very close to her and kept looking at her in the box. She has provided happiness and many people have enjoyed her performances and reading about her life, She is quite simply a star...............

  • A Treasure

    • Melissa_Aaron
    • 2009-05-15

    Unless the public can afford to buy them, the only films with Dame Elizabeth that are broadcast are the same classics aired repeatedly.TCM does better than most networks be showing great actor's lesser known works. Curiously, not Elizabeth Taylor's. Dame Elizabeth had reached the heights of her career when she dared playing parts that raised eyebrows. I suppose those are the ones other reviewers call her weird or wild ones. I prefer to view them as post-modern, ahead of the times when they were released and dealing with controversial social issues. I hope TCM helps to uunearth them, soon.

  • Why such a low overall rating?

    • Ellissa
    • 2009-05-14

    It is surprising that Dame Elizabeth's overall rating is low while her individual films are rated so high. Today's poll, when I voted, showed that 71% voted for her performance being the best, among other actors', in "Giant." I think she's been a great actor from childhood until her retirement. I enjoy all of her films.

  • Yes TCM, Show the Grand Dame's Wild Ones

    • Wilmma
    • 2009-05-08

    Don't want to ever see TCM become another overly-repetitious, top-40, cable network like the others have. To avoid that, I agree that TCM needs to show films like Dame Elizabeth's off the beaten trail, most obscured films. Don't underestimate your audience's ability to appreciate the films that older audiences condemned or didn't like. Dame Elizabeth's most unique & challenging films test her acting mettle to the hilt, they're so avant-garde. That's exactly what makes them so important. The Dame became Grand because she dared do them. Let's see those films now.

  • Show Us Dame Elizabeth's Later Films

    • ZZane
    • 2009-05-06

    As a constant viewer of TCM, I'm usually happy enough with Robert Osborne's choices of films to air. But, when it comes to Dame Elizabeth's, TCM seems not to understand what her greatest film contributions, with social value, are. Viewers of TCM only get to see the same films, the mainstreamed ones, repeatedly. I feel like they're being drummed into my mind. With such a wonderful library of films to choose from, I have to wonder why TCM, of all networks, limits what is shown of Dame Elizabeth's riskier films later in her acting career. She's awesome in them.

  • Time to Look Beyond Her Top 40

    • DavidaH
    • 2009-04-29

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor's filmography is much more vast than has been broadcast by television networks. Perhaps they believe viewers aren't ready to view her more controversial films. That we just want to see her with Spencer Tracy ad nauseum every other day! and when she's still a juvenile. Broadcast the Dame's heavy, challenging, engaging, adult themes films. We're ready to see how far ahead of her era her films really are. We can block the kiddies from seeing Brando playing her bisexual husband, if we want. But at least give us that choice, please.

  • Look to the Marginalized Films

    • 1899bogie1957
    • 2009-04-27

    I'd long known the most well known and most often broadcast films staring Elizabeth Taylor. So, I already felt she was a great actor. Much later in my life, after beginning to study films & filmmaking, I sought after Dame Elizabeth's most marginalized films: the "weird" ones. They're pure gold! What an actor to take on such cutting edge roles long enough ago that doing so was likely scandalous. I'd go so far to write here that some of her best films are those that have been marginalized for being "weird." They're right on point now. Brilliant actor.

  • The Grand Dame of Modern Drama

    • GeorgiaR
    • 2009-04-26

    Too few people continue to watch the movies of Dame Elizabeth Taylor: Big Mistake! A large portion of the great dramas she played the lead role in are modern, comptemporary, now. Dame Elizabeth was obviously not the only participant in those movies that were eras ahead of their time. That's what I appreciate about her whole life's work: it's visionary as if she's seen into the future. The future which is now but was filmed back when. I wish she'd write screenplays.

  • More than an Actor & Activist

    • soulforcee
    • 2009-04-25

    What I've admired about Dame Elizabeth is how down to Earth she truly is. When a friend's hurt, in need of help, in trouble, she's there for them. Her activism for HIV-AIDS has put the US government to shame. Her ideal of what money is good for, to do something for someone with it, is right on point. Because that's the quality of her character, its always come shining through the roles she's played. An actor has to drawn upon their own sensitivities to perform the emotions of a character. Dame Elizabeth has never lacked for a deep well of sensitivities.

  • Courageous Charity

    • f2008ilmzzz
    • 2009-04-17

    Those 2 words (above) will stick with me whenever I think about Dame Elizabeth. The roles she dared to take on took guts. The social issues she's still daring to take on requires courageous charity beyond the pale. Sure she's t-totally gorgeous and photogenic; masterfully articulate and defiant. Sensuous and quite serious. Loving, giving, kind, but outspoken about injustice. Dame Elizabeth's best films are the ones that the US public is still too narrow-minded to relate with. Betcha she'll be the rave of TCM in due time.

  • Beauty from Inside Out

    • ASingerSings
    • 2009-04-14

    More than a pretty face, more than a pretty figure, Dame Elizabeth Taylor has turned in the most daring and skilled acting career among her peers. Viewing films like, "The Driver's Seat (Identikit)," reveal how far ahead of her peers her work has been. A lot of her films are aimed to appeal to artists and intellectuals. To her credit, Dame Elizabeth chose not to act-down to please the every day crowds who just don't grasp the deeper meanings her films reveal. TCM needs to broadcast much more of Dame Elizabeth's films than those considered to be liked by the 'top 40' clique. Give us the chance to view some of her cutting edge performances that some may consider weird.

  • Beautiful Skill

    • 15michelangelo64
    • 2009-04-12

    When I think of the most beautiful actor who also had the most well refined acting skills, Dame Elizabeth Taylor tops my list...without a doubt. Obviously, as she aged on screen, she had to rely more & more upon her acting skills to generate the same level of sensation. That she sure did do. I've thought more than once, if I'd ever seen Dame Elizabeth up close face to face, when she was around 20 years of age, I'd have probably fallen faint! Now, I'd be tremulously awe inspired by the holistic body of work she's achieved.

  • Exceptional Soul

    • Calvert
    • 2009-04-02

    What hasn't already been written about the amazing acting skills and beauty of Dame Elizabeth Taylor? For a reviewer who can wax on, she's the one and only who leaves me speechless. My jaw drops seeing her nearly naked in "The Driver's Seat." Whatsmore, the character she dared to portray must have been quite a challenge. I think if I'd ever met Dame Elizabeth when she was Maggie the Cat in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," I may have fallen faint. How Paul Newman resisted her amorous advances as she tried to seduce him as her on screen husband must have been extremely difficult. There's something much more important about Dame Elizabeth: her bravery. When her dearest friend, Montgomery Clift, had his face smashed in a car crash after leaving a party at her home, Dame Elizabeth was the person, among all of those men there, who rushed to his nearly lifeless body, reached her hand into his mouth, pulled his teeth out of his throat, and saved his life. Loyal friend to many. The gift who keeps giving. The ultimate survivor. No wonder Dame Elizabeth could pour out extremely intense emotions through the characters she portrayed. She's such a deep person that she had the soul to draw upon to become all of those different types of charaters she played. I miss her being in films. But that survivor turned her rotten break with disabilities into truly great charitable activism.

  • Actress Turned Activist

    • MAC
    • 2009-04-01

    Thankfully, the fact that film insurers would no longer insure Dame Elizabeth only stopped her from acting. She's continued on with her life doing just well as a most influential activist for HIV-AIDS. I won't go further since it's possible my previous post here will show up, eventually!

  • Happy Birthday Liz

    • martha woodall
    • 2009-02-26

    This lady is so incredable

  • Elizabeth look alike

    • Beverly Johnson
    • 2009-02-20

    When I was 6 years old my aunt called my mother and said she had seen National Velvet and the little girl looked just like Beverly, for her to go see the movie. It started for me then..I am 74 and share a Feb. birthday, and looked up to Elizabeth and even had up and down in weight, husbands and looks. Even today someone will say you look just like "who was that actress"... I have prayed for Elizabeth over the year and wished some day to see her in person.

  • Meeting Miss Taylor

    • Karen Klindt
    • 2008-12-30

    I would like to meet Elizabeth. I am 50 years old and have been told by at least 100 people that I look like her. What an honor I feel. I live in Orange County, California. My phone number is 714-997-1967. E-mail is Look forward to seeing you. Karen

  • A Legend

    • Terry
    • 2008-10-27

    Elizabeth is an icon and legend and has been famous her entire life. She will be remembered for many years to come as a great beauty, an appealing actress, a larger than life personality and an extraordinary humanitarian.

  • Mesmerizing!

    • Lisa Louise
    • 2008-08-10

    Very few women can hold our attention in films, with both talent and beauty. She's my favorite of all time!

  • Elizbeth Taylor

    • Emilia
    • 2008-08-07

    Elizbeth Taylor is pretty face long time old. I saw the movie. I liked the movies. Elizbeth Taylor is very sick and very heart going to the hospital. she am fine okay. Elizbeth Taylor is growing up for to the high school and with other to the TCM Movies. she liked the dressess is prettys. GoD Bless Angles. Elizbeth Taylor felt very happy for to the many peoples. Tnank you.!!

  • Mistakes are Mistakes but Generosity is Generosity

    • Lila Beauregard
    • 2008-05-14

    What ever. She made a few mistakes and the only reason they are so controversial is because she was a star. She was a great actress and humanitarian if people did a little research they might find out that after Rock Hudson, a close friend of Elizabeth Taylor, died due to complications of AIDS she made up her mind to help fight a disease that wasn't well known at the time. She has created an AIDS foundation, not only that but the Queen doesn't make just anyone a Dame! you have to have influenced something or have done something really and truly amazing. I think it is just terrible the way people judge and attack her when they don't even know her. I know what you are probably thinking "well you don't know her either" and it's true, I don't but I pride myself in not tearing people down. Imagine your life being on display like an animal in a Zoo than start preaching how easy it is after you lose someone you love, being left alone, a widow, at such a young age. Then endure tragedy after tragedy and have your best friend nearly die infront of you, have a co-star get into a car wreck and die. have a dear friend die. When that happens you can say whatever you want, but until that time keep in mind how hard things were.

  • It's not as Easy as it Looks

    • Carly C-W
    • 2008-05-14

    It is true that Elizabeth Taylor is a really great actress. No one can say that Elizabeth was a bad person for what she has done because no actress that has ever set foot in Hollywood has had a life of complete bliss. Elizabeth Taylor, what more is there to say about such a spectacular person. Although you could hear or read all of the scadals and gossip on the internet, there's nothing harder than being an actor in a world that always seems to be against you. Like many of us assume, I always thought that actors were snobby, but some, if not most, suffer from low self esteem. I thought for the longest time that Elizabeth Taylor might pitty herself, after I read about her suicide attempts, the drugs and all that jazz, but later on I realized that to make it through those things and still have a smile on your face at the end of it all takes something special. If Elizabeth Taylor wasn't in the film industry at all, think how different the world would be. If you take one person out of a photograph or put someone in, it's an entirly different picture. People still say what they like and they still hold grudges, people will still judge and undermine her capability to act, but I think they're simply jealous. I mean who wouldn't want to look or act like Elizabeth Taylor for a day.

  • she reminds me of....

    • Kelia Rose
    • 2008-05-03

    liz taylor is a girl next door. simple looks with a simple mind. the only reason she will have a legacy is becasue whom she dated and married. her roles were effected upon who she knew and flirted around with. I am sure back then actress were pressured to be something their not. Sell out.

  • :) she was a nice actress. not the best but ok

    • Jenna M.
    • 2008-03-18

    I stated what i needed to.

  • cleo...... great film

    • mikey
    • 2008-02-28

    well, she was good in cleopatra.

  • Overrated beauty

    • Mariana
    • 2008-02-28

    Elizabeth Taylor is a beautiful Woman, but as we all know she has "violet eyes' when infact I believe she just had really blue eyes and due to (color) films back then they created the illusion of violet eyes. nonetheless she is pretty but nothing more. we all know she got where she was by doing sexual favours to many head honcos in the industry, unlike ms. hedy lamarr a true talent and beauty!

  • Blue-Violet eyes

    • Jessicalynn
    • 2008-02-01

    You many think many things about Elizabeth Taylor with her many affairs and pill adiction. Everyone thinks she has a simple life because she is a rich actress but that is not the case at all, she was just a child when she became a actress at the time not relizeing she was handing her life over to MGM. I feel sorry for her she just wanted love an when she found it, that person passed away. I also think she beautiful on the inside an the outside. I hope one day to be as strong an as beautiful as she is.

  • Beauty So Pure

    • Jada Ward
    • 2007-10-23

    I love her Blue-Violet Eyes. There is no one that can compare. she lights up a room with her shear elegance, so natural. She is the rearest of jewels.

  • u-blue007

    • sabrina
    • 2007-08-25

    Ilove her movies, shes amazing.Elizabeth is the only person in the world,with BLUE-VIOLET EYES.

  • Blue-Violet eyes

    • Jessica Lynn
    • 2007-08-20

    You many think many things about Elizabeth Taylor with her many affairs and pill adiction. Everyone thinks she had a simple life because she is a rich actress but that is not the case at all, she was just a child when she became a actress at the time not relize she was handing her life over to MGM. I feel sorry for her she just wanted love an when she found it, it passed away. I also think she beautiful on the inside an the outside. I hope one day to be as strong an as beautiful as she is.

  • Elizabeth Taylor, a vision on film

    • Matthew Slauter
    • 2007-06-22

    I first saw her in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof..and did she floor me..between that sultry, sexy, southern drawl, or her stunning good looks...she is by far the most elegant and beautiful creature to ever grace the screen. Words cannot explain how a young man feels viewing her for the first time. Magical and alluring, a spell cast,over and over again.

  • The best and the most beautiful actress ever

    • Cyana
    • 2007-03-23

    I've started watching her movies with "The taming of a shrew", which impressed me very much and made me decide to watch more of the movies. Furthermore i have watched over 40 of her movies and i am very impressed by most of her roles. My favorite movies are "The Sandpiper", "The taming of a shrew", "Suddenly, last summer", "Love is better than ever",....

  • Dame Liz

    • realitytvjunkies
    • 2007-03-14

    The first movie I saw her in was A Place in the Sun, I was 15 at the time and I watch it on a school night. The moment I saw her perfect face I was hooked.

  • The Best

    • Meghan
    • 2007-03-04

    Elizabeth Taylor is the best actress I have ever watched! I first saw one of her movies, "National Velvet," about 10 years ago when I was six years old! I immediately loved her and have watched her movies ever since! My favorites are Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra, National Velvet, Raintree County, and A Place in the Sun! She the Best!

  • the best actress

    • 2007-02-28

    In my babyhood life !!!! i remember a hot rose with name " Elizabet Taylor " .

  • She is Wonderful!

    • Kim
    • 2007-02-23

    Elizabeth Taylor is the reason why I started watching the Classics. The first film of hers I saw was Cleopatra which was three years ago when I was in high school. I thought she was so beautiful and a great actress. From then on I became such a big fan. I got into more of her films such as Cat on a Hot tin Roof, Giant, Suddenly, Last Summer, A Place in the Sun, and Raintree County which have all become my favorites. She is one of my favorite actresses , no matter whats on TV, if a movie of hers is on. I will be watching it!!

  • Brain tumor

    • Ronald Rasoletti
    • 2007-01-23

    Miss Taylor, I have always wathed your movies when I was a kid until I reached the ripe old age of 62. Your a wonderful actress. I'm not just saying this. I really think you are. I read your article and saw that you had a benign brain Tumor. That turned out for the best. I'm happy for you. I want to give you a little history aboout myself. Too make a long story short. I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer (Hemangiopericytoma)a brain tumor. I was told it was benign after the first surgery. in Jan 1993. I've had numerous surgeries from Laser brain resection, Pancreatic resection, to Gamma Knifes. It has metastasizes To my kidney, lung, rib, and liver. I've had many chemo treatments, to try and get some shrinkage of the tumors, with no success. My last resort was to travel to Texas to the Burzynski Clinic. To enter a gene therapy regimen. They found 4 cells that make my cancer and through gene silencing therapy they are hoping to get rid of this nasty disease. The drug companies mentioned won't pay for the drugs because they are not specific to my cancer. I can't get any financial help because I'm not poverty level. I am a middle income type family. The drugs cost $16,000. & $4,000. (Tarceva & Sutent) for a 30 day supply. I've been to all the drug assistant programs. To no avail. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm at the end of the road. I have to do this. I would appreciate any ideas you would have on this subject. Thanks for listening. Yours Truly, Ron Rasoletti

  • I love her.

    • Grafton Herring
    • 2006-12-03

    Before I seen one of Elizabeth Taylor, I was never interest in the old film, but her perform in Cleorpata captivated me and eversince, I have had interest in the older films. Too bad, the actors of today are not even comparable to her.

  • Elizabeth Taylor

    • Terry Hamman
    • 2006-08-31

    One of the greatest stars of the 20th century. She is still making headlines at 74. A real legend.

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