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Felipe Turich

Felipe Turich



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Cast (feature film)

Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976)
Katharine Ross repeats her portrayal of Etta Place (from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid") in this adventure of the fugitive who, alone and desperate following the deaths of Butch and Sundance, seeks help from Pancho Villa in exchange for guns and ammunition.
Gun, The (1974)
The odyssey of an American handgun and the dramatic way it reshapes the lives of its various owners, in a plot similar to the famed overcoat in "Flesh and Fantasy" (1943).
Fer-De-Lance (1974) as Shaman
A disaster movie that has terror stalking a stricken sub, wedged deep below the sea and crawling with deadly vipers. In Great Britain, this film was released theatrically as "Death Dive," a somewhat more descriptive title.
Fuzz (1972) as Puerto Rican prisoner
Boston cops search for a bomber who has been targeting politicians.
Hook, Line and Sinker (1969) as Foreign mortician
Thinking he's dying, a man racks up huge debts, only to discover he was misdiagnosed.
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966) as Mañuel
Baron Frankenstein''''s granddaughter turns the legendary outlaw''''s partner into a monster.
One-Eyed Jacks (1961) as Card sharp
An outlaw seeks revenge on the old friend who betrayed him.
The Miracle (1959) as Proprietor
When a 19th century nun elopes, the Virgin Mary takes her place at the convent.
The Girl Most Likely (1958) as Sombrero proprietor
A girl accepts three wedding proposals at once and dreams of marriage to each man.
The Persuader (1957) as Pete
Teenage Doll (1957) as Squirrel's father
The Black Widows, a teenage girl gang, find one of their number killed; they suspect Barbara, sometime girlfriend of the leader of rival gang The Vandals. As the gangs prepare for a rumble, we glimpse the members' home lives, exaggerating every type of family dysfunction; but that of their "average American" quarry is no better. Full of shadowy urban night scenes.
Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957) as Doctor
A grounded flier gets mixed up with smugglers in Madrid.
Gun Battle at Monterey (1957) as Martin
An outlaw saved by a Mexican girl hunts the holdup partner who shot him in the back.
Back from Eternity (1956) as Sinister peddler
When an airliner crashes in the jungle, the repaired plane can only hold five of the survivors.
Giant (1956) as Gomez
A Texas ranching family fights to survive changing times.
Strange Lady in Town (1955) as Esteban
The arrival of a female doctor sets a Western town on its ear.
Jubilee Trail (1954) as Pedro
A pregnant widow ventures West in search of a new life.
Three Hours to Kill (1954) as Esteban
After escaping a lynch mob, an innocent man returns to find out who framed him for murder.
Border River (1954) as Pablo
Zona Libre is a small enclave across the river from America. Despotically ruled by General Calleja, it offers sanctuary to outlaws, at a price. Newly arrived is Clete Mattson who has $2million in gold to buy guns for the Confederacy. But who can he trust with so much money around? Certainly not Calleja, but maybe the eye-catching Carmelita? The General thinks she's his property but she seems rather to fancy Mattson. Whatever's going on, Mexico wants the place back.
Dawn at Socorro (1954) as Mexican proprietor
A gunfighter mends his ways to help save an innocent young girl.
Tumbleweed (1953) as Mexican
Wings of the Hawk (1953) as Guard
Gringo miner Gallager is caught up in the Mexican revolution of 1910-11 when corrupt administrator Ruiz appropriates his mine. Gallager saves the life of guerilla leader Raquel, then finds there's a price on his head; he becomes romantically involved with her in the course of a series of rescues and ambushes, leading up to Orozco's march on Ciudad Juarez.
Jeopardy (1953) as Mexican border official
A woman desperately seeks help to prevent her trapped husband from drowning.
The Hitch-Hiker (1953) as Mexican in car
A dangerous madman kidnaps two businessmen on a hunting trip.
Rancho Notorious (1952) as Sanchez
A cowboy infiltrates a bandit hideout in search of his girlfriend's killer.
Sirocco (1951) as Soldier
A mysterious American gets mixed up with gunrunners in Syria.
My Favorite Spy (1951) as Porter
A comedian poses as an international spy to recover mysterious microfilm.
Branded (1951) as Rubriz man
A gunman tries to pass himself off as a wealthy ranchers long lost son.
Tales of the West 4 (1951) as Don Carlos [Moreno]
Based on the true story of the 1987 Oxford University boat race mutiny and coach Dan Topolski's miraculous training of a haggard, rag-tag team into a winning outfit.
Havana Rose (1951) as Gen. Cucarotsky
Kim (1951) as Policeman
Rudyard Kipling''''s classic tale of an orphaned boy who helps the British Army against Indian rebels.
The Mark of the Renegade (1951) as Servant
Dakota Lil (1950) as Mexican escort
Bandit Queen (1950) as Ortiz
Zara Montalve (Barbara Britton), half Spanish and half America, returns to her native California in time to see her parents (Cecile Weston and Victor Kilian) murdered for their hacienda and gold by Sheriff Jim Harding (Barton MacLane) and his gang. Posing as Lola Belmont, an American visiting from Detroit, teams up with Joaquin Murietta (Philip Reed), posing as Carlos Del Rio), to form a Robin-Hood type band that takes vengeance on the gang and restores stolen gold to its rightful owners, aided by militia leader Dan Hinsdale (Willard Parker.)
Short Grass (1950) as Manuel
Steve Lewellyn (Rod Cameron), a drifter, comes into New Mexico just as it is about to be opened up to the law and to commerce by the oncoming railroad, but where a gun is still the deciding factor in disputes over grazing lands. He is set up as the intended scapegoat in a saloon robbery but escapes after killing the gunman in self defense. He picks up the robbery money but is wounded. Rescued by Sharon Lynch (Cathy Downs), daughter of an honest rancher, Steve gives her father the money to buy some short-grass acreage and becomes his partner, but is forced to leave the country after killing a neighboring rancher's brother, also in self defense. Five years later, he returns to the territory and finds Sharon and the other honest people being victimized by the rancher, who has vowed to get revenge on Steve.
The Lawless (1950) as Mr. [Juan] Rodriguez
A newspaper editor takes on the cause of oppressed migrant workers.
The Capture (1950) as [Juan] Valdez
Wyoming Mail (1950) as Pete
In 1869, the United States begins a railroad mail service to the West Coast which proves highly tempting to train robbers, in particular an organized gang with one of the mail's supposed guardians in their pay. Prizefighter Steve Davis, a former army intelligence man, is hired to track down the gang and save the Territorial Mail Service. Steve goes undercover in territorial prison, leans Morse Code from a fellow prisoner, breaks jail, infiltrates the gang...and finds time to romance dance-hall singer Mary, who proves to have hidden depths...
A Lady Without Passport (1950) as Slinky man
A secret service agent falls in love with an illegal immigrant.
Crisis (1950) as Voice on loudspeaker
An American doctor gets caught in the middle of a revolution when he's forced to operate on a South American dictator.
Crisis (1950) as Man with valise
An American doctor gets caught in the middle of a revolution when he's forced to operate on a South American dictator.
We Were Strangers (1949) as Spy
A Cuban American returns to his homeland during the Revolution and becomes involved in an assassination attempt.
The Bribe (1949) as Clerk
A sultry singer tries to tempt a federal agent from the straight-and-narrow.
The Big Steal (1949) as Guitar vendor
Seduction and murder follow the theft of an Army payroll.
Son of Billy the Kid (1949) as José Gonzales
The Doctor and the Girl (1949) as Father of boy with diphtheria
A doctor leaves his wealthy family to work in the slums.
To the Victor (1948) as Victor
An American blackmarketeer falls in love with the wife of Nazi collaborator.
Mexican Hayride (1948) as Silversmith dealer
Robin Hood of Monterey (1947) as Guard
The Cisco Kid tries to help a man framed for killing his father.
Honeymoon (1947) as Waiter
A teen bride eloping to Mexico suddenly falls for an older man.
Bells of San Fernando (1947) as Pablo
Mendoza ruthlessly controls the valley of San Fernando and his men guard the only entrance. When Mendoza announces he will marry Michael's girl friend Maria, Michael plans an escape. He hopes to reach the Governor and bring back the troops.
Masquerade in Mexico (1946) as Desk clerk
Beauty and the Bandit (1946) as Sick farmer
Love complicates the Cisco Kid''''s plans to return stolen money to the poor.
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio (1941) as Lieut. Mendoza
Outlaws of the Rio Grande (1941) as Pancho
La Inmaculada (1939) as Nacho
Little Miss Roughneck (1938) as Tonio
A talented 10-year-old singing prodigy, Foxine LaRue (Edith Fellows), who is only slightly less artificial and theatrical than her name, is pushed into vaudeville by her stage-mother mama, Gert LaRue (Margaret Irving), who is even more artificial and theatrical than her name. Foxine's pretty and older sister, Mary LaRue (Julie Bishop as Jacqueline Wells) makes sacrifices to support the trio. Al Partridge (Scott Kolk as Scott Colton), a hollywood agent becomes interested in Mary and takes the family trio to Hollywood in the hopes of Foxine getting into the movies. After several incidents by the rowdy Foxine on the train, and later at International Studios, Foxine is further from being in the movies than she was in New York. Gert decides that a "hoax" kidnapping is just the ticket to get Foxine the publicity to land a studio contract. That night Foxine dresses as a boy, disarranges her room, leaves a "ransom note" and hops a freight train. The police arrive the next morning and hear Mary accuse Al and Gert of staging the kidnapping, and they are arrested. Foxine leaves the train several hundred miles away and takes shelter with the good-natured Pascual Orozco (Leo Carrillo) and his family. The arrested pair are released when the police receive another ransom note (sent by Foxine.)
Un hombre peligroso (1935) as José Gomez

Cast (special)

Venice Medical (1983) as Senor Rojas
The story, set in Venice, California, follows the wacky hijinx of the doctors and nurses at the Venice Medical Clinic. In the pilot episode, the staff attempts to treat an odd assortment of patients, including a TV actress, a gang member, and a distraught young man on the edge.

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