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Richard Widmark

Richard Widmark



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  • Correction for the TCM bio

    • Jo DeLapo
    • 2018-10-30

    It was Richard Widmark's grandmother, not his grandfather, who took him to the movies several times a week as a toddler.

  • Just the Greatest

    • Shirley Carruthers
    • 2015-10-24

    I've recently been viewing on TV, quite a few of Richard's films, many I saw as a youngster , and confess he still makes my heart flutter! I didn't ever enjoy his evil roles, but, at the same time always appreciated his excellent acting ability, he was so natural in any part he played. Only recently discovered the sadness of Richard's passing, and found I hadn't seen Cheyenne Autumn, which due to an extremely kind Fan Club Member has sent me a disc with many others I hadn't seen I most indebted to her. I find I can watch them over and over again especially "Two Rode Together", "The Last Wagon" and "The Frogmen". Only when I Googled Richard Widmark, did I find he has sadly passed, his talent will live on and always be remembered. To my mind always had that special quality,namely wonderful facial expressions you could tell what he was thinking in any part he played Thank you for all the happiness you brought your Fans Richard.

  • Amazing

    • April
    • 2014-02-25

    After watching "The Last Wagon" on encore western, I started purchasing and watching Richard Widmark in numberous works, i.e., Pickup on South Street, Hell & High Water, Panic in the Streets, Cold Sassy Tree, My Pal Gus, etc, etc. I was amazed at his acting skills and talent for being able to portray almost any type of individual so realistically. Each movie I've watched continues to exemplify his ability as an actor. He is truly a lost legend in the entertainment environment. Actors and actresses today can learn alot from watching him. His generation was the real Hollywood.

  • Richard Widmark

    • Fred Mitchell
    • 2012-10-22

    I has always liked Richard Widmarks movies. He was one of the best,a great actor.What ever movie he was in , he he looked and played the part.He will always be remembered.I am always looking forward to seeing his movies.

  • great guy

    • margaret owen
    • 2012-09-21

    i have been a fan of richard widmark since i was 10 years of age and he is my number one all time pin up a good looking man who was a truly great actor he could convince you that he was the character he was portraying a real movie star who was truly under appreciated could stand his corner against any other great.

  • Widmark Movies

    • Rosemary Holusha
    • 2010-11-18

    Mr. Widmark was an original actor and he is always interesting to watch. He was the opposite of his peers and those who came after him. He did not seek publicity, in fact shunned it. His performances are stunning in their honesty and sincerity. I had the privilege of interviewing him when he gave very few interviews. It was not easy to do. If anyone is interested in learning how I managed to interview him when others could not, email me at

  • Pickup On South Street

    • Larry Bradford
    • 2010-09-29

    His 2 best films for me has to be "Pickup On South Street" followed by "The Long Ships". I'm always watching his films because his facial expressions and mannerisms really tell me what he is feeling. His finest hour was in "Pickup" as he is standing next to his lady as she lie in bed in the hospital after a beating and shot. I saw this film on TCM and went out and bought it. It is pricelss and Jean Peters is easy to observe.

  • Worth watching

    • B. Smith
    • 2009-09-12

    surperb actor

  • Loves his westerns

    • Donna
    • 2009-03-31

    Made several great westerns. Liked the last wagon, two rode together and Cheyenne Autumn. Wish Two rode together would come out on DVD have the other two.

  • one of the screens top villians

    • mitch
    • 2009-01-20

    richard widmark entered films late after having done broadway and thousads of radio tyrone power, david niven,john garfield, jack carson and glenn ford he would become a near super star. richard had a long life and career.

  • One of the best

    • Radu
    • 2008-11-22

    One of the best

  • A man you would always admire and remember

    • Pat Kamenicky
    • 2008-04-04

    My sincerest sympathies to the family of Richard Widmark who I adored. He was a fine actor with a charisma that made him a person you could never forget.

  • A fine man of the movies.

    • Anita
    • 2008-03-30

    Also a Hollywood Hunk. He made my heart sing when I watched him in his movies. This era of actors that are passing will be sorely missed.

  • Condolences to Widmark Family

    • Jill
    • 2008-03-29

    I was very saddened to hear of the death of Mr. Richard Widmark. I cannot think of one movie he ever made that I wouldn't be completely comfortable watching with my children or parents present. I got the impression that he was a good family man. If his family monitors the TCM Web site, I hope they will accept my sympathy.

  • "Big Fan I will miss you "

    • maria
    • 2008-03-29

    I could say a million things about Mr Richard Widmark but one word comes to mind "Outstanding !

  • one of the most underrated actors of our time

    • john cevetello
    • 2008-03-29

    provided much entertainment to his fans.will be missed

  • REAL MEN of the MOVIES

    • Wendy Winkler
    • 2008-03-29

    Richard Widmark was one of the real men of the movies. Men like John Wayne,Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden. We don't see the likes of actors like Richard Widmark anymore. If I had to pick a favorite Widmark movie, it would be Run for the Sun. He was incredibly attractive in that movie. He was one of those actors who could be tough and vulnerable. I guess what I am trying to say is that Richard Widmark was very good at what he did.

  • Another great movie star is gone

    • Jerome
    • 2008-03-28

    I just saw the TCM Remembers clip that showed Richard Widmark has died. He was another of the underrated actors in movies. He could play either the good guy or the heavy on either the city streets or the open range. He could also do well in comedy flicks as well. God bless him and his family...I will be grateful for the fine treasury of film roles he left for us to enjoy.

  • what a great smile

    • hope
    • 2008-03-27

    i feel sad that richard is gone.i feel like i lost a great friend. i always watch his movies.he had a great smile in all his movies.i miss him.what agreat guy.

  • Thank you Richard Widmark

    • o.a.c.
    • 2008-03-27

    He gave us so much joy and entertainment through the years. He will be sorely missed. One of the great ones!

  • The Great Richard Widmark

    • Linda
    • 2008-03-27

    I think he was a very good actor with very good looks. He had the less-common blond hair reflective of his heritage. It's great that he reached the ripe old age of 93. I also admire the fact that he was married to the same woman for about 50 years until her death. That says a lot--especially as part of the Hollywood crowd. I notice that he lived in CT--probably to avoid all of the pitfalls and chaos of Hollywood. It's sad to lose another of the great "Classic" Actors.

  • No One Better

    • Raymond
    • 2008-03-26

    He was one of the best actors along with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and others. He will be missed. Todays generation don't know what they are missed.

  • Richard Widmark

    • Craig Brewster
    • 2008-03-26

    Another great has left us today. A great actor . Great ones never go out of style!

  • Richard Widmark, a great Master Actor

    • Gerald Robbins
    • 2008-03-11

    Richard Widmark is a great master as an actor and as such deserves not only an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime's work but a Kennedy Center honor as well. He has profound depth in all his character interpretations and compelling magnetic power on the screen. It is high time that he be recognized for his artistry as an actor

  • Richard Widmark the world's greatest actor.

    • Rosemary H. Salem
    • 2008-03-04

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. There is some information in it of which I was not aware. I was a member of The Richard Widmark Fan Club, but resigned for personal reasons and I believe Mr. Widmark deserved an Oscar all those years ago. What a marvelous performer he is and I watch his films on TCM every opportunity I see one listed. I have started to collect his DVDs and have a long way to go, but I hope to eventually have them all. I am most interested now in his lost Madigan TV series and wish I could get them on DVD. Thank you very much for putting this article here for us to read and for showing Mr. Widmark's movies on TCM for us to enjoy.

  • Richard Widmark - Best Actor ever

    • Michael Gerstein
    • 2007-12-13

    Rosemary H. Salem, I agree. Richard Widmark has been overlooked for too long. The Oscars are all about marketing films. Glamour and profits. Forget them. They don't know about real acting ability. But Rosemary and many others do know and appreciate. If you just want charm, charisma, looks, personality, go look at George Clooney, John Wayne or Robert Mitchum. All good in their way. But if you want an actor with all the above qualities, plus the ability to make you feel you are there, in the scene, who brings a convincing, realistic presence to his parts, Richard is your man. And consistantly, in film after film. Of course, subjective, personal preference comes into choosing your favourites. Mine are Widmark, Garland and Astaire. But like the scriptwriters, Richard Widmark is completely undervalued. Except by those who know. Well said Rosemary!

  • more please

    • beverly o'leary
    • 2007-08-21

    i would like to see a day of richard widmark's movies. his westerns were out-standing - could act alongside the best such as john waynre and james stewart.

  • Richard Widmark

    • craig
    • 2007-08-17

    Didnt Mr Widmark pass away in 2006. If so his BIO is inneed of up dating?

  • My Idol - Mr. Richard Widmark

    • Rosemary H. Salem
    • 2007-08-10

    I posted a few minutes ago but I do want to ask if more of Mr. Widmark's films could be shown on TCM. I would also like to make a comment on how disappointed I am that with all of his excellent performances in films, televison and on the radio he was never given an Oscar for his fine acting ability. If anyone deserves (deserved) an Oscar, it is Mr. Widmark. He has been my favorite actor since I was ten years old and that was many, many years ago. All the members of the Richard Widmark Fan Club, including myself, love this fine gentleman and we all long to meet him in person. Even a phone call would be nice. Or, an e-mail.

  • The BEST in the business

    • Rosemary H. Salem
    • 2007-08-10

    In my opinion, I believe Mr. Richard Widmark is the best actor that came out of Hollywood. His performances in his films are superb and a better actor could never be found again. Long live this fabulous actor whom I wish that I could meet in person. I am a member of the Richard Widmark Fan Club and we all have a lot of wonderful things to say about this gentleman.

  • great actor

    • Donna Comeau
    • 2006-10-20

    I enjoy him in all his movies but mostly in his westerns. He is a strong character in all his movies. Wish they would put his westerns on tv more. Or put out a collections of his westerns on dvd.

  • Great Actor...

    • movielover11
    • 2006-09-19

    Richard Widmark was one of the best actors and it's unfortunate he wasn't nominated and given awards for his many great perforamances. He was excellent in his first film, "Kiss of Death" and he was always an exceptional acting talent. He had great versatility and gave many riveting performances. An extraordinary acting talent - one of my favorites.

  • Have we forgotten Richard Widmark?

    • Tamika Gadsden
    • 2006-06-12

    Simply put, one of the most intriguing artists to ever hit the silver screen. Richard Widmark has a talent that we do get to witness on TCM but not nearly often enough. The film "Pick Up On South Street", alone, is enough to leave you begging for more Widmark!!!

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