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Keenan Wynn

Keenan Wynn


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Also Known As: Died: October 14, 1986
Born: July 27, 1916 Cause of Death: pancreatic cancer
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Last Precinct, The (1986)
A group of misfit cops, all dumped into one precinct, swipe a rival sheriff's drug-sniffing wonder dog to crack a drug ring run by a blind mobster, whose seeing-eye dog gets mixed up in the canine antics.
Code of Vengeance (1985)
Take "Shane" and have him played by Chuck Norris clone Charles Taylor as a mysterious drifter who helps a young single mother avenge her brother's murder and finds himself the target of bad guys (here a gang of dope smugglers on the Mexican border. This pilot to a prospective series called "Dalton"
Mirrors (1985)
A young ambitious ballerina from Detroit moves to New York City to become a dancer on the Broadway stage. The plot follows her professional and love life in New York, and the film uses several song-and-dance sequences.
Prime Risk (1985)
Julie, a gifted computer specialist, was turned down for the position she wanted at the local bank. In addition, she learns that some of the ideas she presented in her job interview have been stolen by the bank's current computer person, and she is furious. When Julie meets Michael, who is angry wit
Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., The (1983) as Piers Castillian
This reunion film brought Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, superspy stars of television between 1964 and 1968, out of comfortable retirement -- the former had become a computer company mogul, the latter the head of a trendy Park Avenue fashion salon -- to do battle once again with their arch enemy,
Hysterical (1983)
Wavelength (1983) as Dan
Capture of Grizzly Adams, The (1982)
Inspired by the 1976 feature film, "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams", the 1977-78 series about the fictional mountain man, played by Dan Haggerty, proved to be a popular family-oriented program -- although not garnering ratings high enough to warrant renewal -- and ended with Grizzly heading for
Best Friends (1982) as Tom Babson
Longtime roommates and professional partners find they aren''''t prepared to make it legal.
Piano For Mrs. Cimino (1982)
Bette Davis is a widow whose doctor has diagnosed her as senile, the courts have deemed incompetent, and her son wants placed in a nursing home. With the loving support of her granddaughter, the help of a young lawyer who agrees to represent her, and the new-found love for an old friend (Keenan Wynn
Monkey Mission, The (1981)
Robert Blake's second (of three) Joe Dancer movies has the hard-boiled private investigator teaming up with a chimp named Gregor, his trainer (John Fiedler) who happens to be an expert sneak thief, and an electronics genius of questionable repute (Keenan Wynn) to steal back a priceless vase looted f
Just Tell Me What You Want (1980)
When her older lover won''''t make their relationship legal, a woman takes up with a younger man.
Clonus Horror, The (1979) as Jake Nobel
A young man escapes from a govenment run project called Clonus only to find out that Peter Graves (Jeff Knight) a candidate for Presidency is a conspirator to keep Clonus a secret. Top government officials are aware of it and support the super secret project, because they are cloning themselves to live longer and better lives, at the expense of their clone counter-part, who is no more than a "slave" as far as human rights are concerned. The ethical and moral values are explored as the escapee (Tim Donnelly) known as Richard returns full circle back to Clonus, only to find his girlfriend lobotimized for government security purposes.
Sunburn (1979)
Dark, The (1979)
At night the Mangler stalks the streets of Los Angeles, killing and mutilating random victims. On the trail are a TV reporter (Cathy Lee Crosby), the father of one of the victims (William Devane), and a police detective (Richard Jaeckel), but despite their efforts only the mysterious psychic DeRenzy (Jacquelyn Hyde) knows what the killer is and how to stop it.
Billion Dollar Threat, The (1979)
A James Bondish superspy is assigned to thwart the devious plans of a master agent who is threatening to destroy the planet unless he is paid one billion dollars within forty-eight hours. This lighthearted thriller was the pilot for a proposed series.
Laserblast (1978) as Colonel Farley
Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate, too, and he goes on a murderous rampage. Eventually, the first aliens return to kill him as well, and then forget to take the gun again.
Coach (1978)
An Olympic Gold medalist is hired to coach the boys basketball team. But when Coach Randy Rawlings arrives, the sexist principle discovers he hired a woman. Blocked from firing her due to discrimination laws, he tries to make sure the team loses, so he can fire her for poor performance.
Piranha (1978)
When insurance investigator Maggie McKeown is sent to find two missing teenagers who were hiking near Lost River Lake, she hires a local man named Paul Grogan to be her guide in the area. The two come across an abandoned military facility whose only resident if Dr. Robert Hoak, who was formerly in charge of a secret project to breed piranha to be used in the Vietnam War. Although the project has been defunct for years, Hoak continued to raise the killer fish. When the doctor is knocked out, Maggie and Paul accidentally release the fish into a river that feeds into a lake which is used as a children''s summer camp and a new tourist resort. Maggie and Paul try to warn the local citizens, and are met with skepticism until the piranha begin to attack.
Sex and the Married Woman (1977)
A whimsical tale of how success can ruin a good marriage. The lives of a young couple are thrown into turmoil when the wife achieves sudden fame after publication of her book on her neighbors' sex lives.
High Velocity (1977) as Mr Anderson
Glove, The (1976) as Bill Schwartz
Sam Kellough is a modern-day bounty hunter in Los Angeles who decides to track down Victor Hale, a vicious, heavy-set ex-convict with a $20,000 bounty on his head, who is killing former prison guards with a leather-laced steel glove in revenge for them beating him with the same instrument while he was imprisoned.
He Is My Brother (1976)
Two young brothers, Randy and Jeff Remington, live through a shipwreck off the Hawaiian coast. When they make it to land, they find themselves in a leper colony run by a priest. At first, the boys are horrified by their surroundings, but learn campassion and begin to help care for the patients. But
Orca (1976)
A killer whale seeks vengeance for its mates murder by an unscrupulous seaman.
Quest, The (1976) as H H Small
Two brothers search the western frontier for their sister who was taken away as a child and is living with Indians in this pilot for the short-lived series (1976-77) that is more than faintly reminiscent of the storyline of John Ford's "The Searchers" (1956). Adding distinction to this movie are an
Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, The (1976)
A dramatization of the 1932 kidnapping of the Lindbergh infant, the search for the abductor, and his capture, trial and execution three years later. Anthony Hopkins won an Emmy for his acting in this movie which itself was nominated as Outstanding Special, as were J.P. Miller (original teleplay), Ri
Killer Inside Me, The (1976) as Chester Conway
Everyone figures Lou Ford, a small-town, Texas, deputy sheriff, to be a normal, good-old-boy kind of regular Joe. But no one knows about "the sickness" that drives him to kill.
The Shaggy D.A. (1976)
A lawyer running for district attorney starts turning into a large sheep dog at awkward moments.
Target Risk (1975) as Simon Cusack
A bonded courier, whose girlfriend is abducted while they are on a date, is blackmailed into faking a diamond robbery in this pilot for a series that never got off the ground.
Nashville (1975)
Country music stars get caught up in tangled affairs and an independent''''s political campaign.
Devil's Rain, The (1975) as Sheriff Owens
The Preston family has been cursed for generations because one of their ancestors betrayed the satanic priest John Corbis. Corbis has been following the family for decades in order to retrieve a book that would give him great power. Good and evil do battle and in the process, some of the Prestons are melted or converted to the dark side.
Internecine Project, The (1974) as E J Farnsworth
Former secret agent Robert Elliot (Coburn) will be promoted to government advisor. In order to make sure no-one will ever know about his dirty past, he has invented a very ingenious plan to get rid of his four helpers: he gets them all to unknowingly kill each other in the course of a single night. Unfortunately, one of the four has invented a retaliation scheme on his own...
Herbie Rides Again (1974)
A spunky widow uses her magical Volkswagen to fight off a corrupt land developer.
Hit Lady (1974)
Yvette Mimieux wrote this story and stars as a professional artist who moonlights (primarily in bikini) as a syndicate killer. Writer Tracy Keenan Wynn made his directorial debut with this movie, working for the first time with his father, Keenan Wynn.
Hijack! (1973)
Two veteran truckers are hired to haul a top-secret cargo from Los Angeles to Houston and are challenged by a series of hijacking attempts by a group who will stop at nothing to prevent delivery.
Cancel My Reservation (1972) as Sheriff Riley
After his doctor orders him to take a much needed vacation, talk show host Dan Bartlett heads out to a ranch in Arizona where he hopes to get a little rest and relaxation. However, Once he arrives, he stumbles upon the murder of an Native American girl and becomes the primary suspect. In order to cl
Snowball Express (1972) as Martin Ridgeway
When John Baxter inherits a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, he quits his job in New York and moves the family west to run it. Only to find that the place is a wreck. But together they decide to try to fix it up and run it. But Martin Ridgeway, who wants the property, does everything he can to ensure it will fail.
The Mechanic (1972) as Harry McKenna
An experienced hit man takes a beginner under his wing.
Wild in the Sky (1972)
A group of anti-war and anti-establishment activists plot to blow up Fort Knox with an atom bomb.
Assignment: Munich (1972)
The story of Jake Webster, a U.S. government undercover agent for the Internal Central Bureau, who operates in Munich, Germany, under the guise of a bar and grill owner. Webster seeks to help Cathy Lange, a beautiful girl who is being pursued by three men seeking $500,000, money stolen by her father, who was killed before he could reveal its location to his three accomplices.
B. J. Lang Presents (1971) as Old Charlie
Black Jack (1971)
The Animals (1971) as Pudge [Elliott]
Assault on the Wayne (1971)
Intrigue aboard a nuclear sub with foreign agents infiltrating the crew to get their hands on a top secret device.
Terror in the Sky (1971) as Milton
This TV carbon of Hailey's "Airport" has crew and passengers stricken by food poisoning, forcing a washed-up helicopter pilot on board to land the plane with the help of a stewardess. Previously it had been the basis for a drama "Flight into Danger" on TV's "Alcoa Hour" (1956) and then was made as
Cannon (1971)
In this pilot for the long-running series, a portly, well-heeled investigator looks into the murder of an old flame's husband and becomes enmeshed in a web of small-town corruption. Long-time character actor Conrad finally attained stardom with this role. Previously he had been one of the great radi
Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) as [Chief John] Poldaski
A young man''''s first sexual explorations are threatened by a string of murders.
Loving (1970) as Edward
A conflicted artist tries to find a sense of purpose in life.
Once Upon a Time in the West (1969) as Sheriff
A mail-order bride enlists an outlaw and a mystery man to help protect her land from a ruthless cattleman.
The Monitors (1969) as General
Unusual sci-fi invasion film, with a black-comedy twist: The Earth is taken over by The Monitors, aliens who run it like hall monitors in a 1950's high school, with overtones of Big Brother. The film follows the progress of the human underground rebellion. The twist is that as the film goes on, the audience's sympathies shift to the aliens, who are basically benevolent. When the humans manage to oust them, it's back to corruption and bribery by the usual suspects.
80 Steps to Jonah (1969) as Barney Glover
A young man hiding from the law takes refuge in a summer camp for blind children.
Smith! (1969) as Vince Heber
When the Indian Jimmyboy is accused of murder of a white man, he flees onto the ranch of Smith, who's well known for his tolerance for Indians, since he was raised by the old Indian Antoine. Smith helps Jimmyboy against the mean Sheriff and promises to speak for him in court, thus persuading him to surrender himself to the police.
Viva Max! (1969) as Gen. Barney LaComber
When his girlfriend tells him that his men wouldn't follow him to a house of ill repute, Max, a general in the Mexican army decides to perform some great act of heroism. He takes his men over the border into Texas and re-captures the Alamo. This upsets the Texans greatly. The Texas National Guard is sent to retake the mission. Normally this would be easy as Max's men have left all of their ammunition back in Mexico, but the State department insists that no one be killed and so the National Guard also goes in with unloaded weapons.
Mackenna's Gold (1969) as Sanchez
A group of men, lead by a questionable sheriff and a wanted bandit, descend upon the desert in search of a lost canyon of gold.
Finian's Rainbow (1968) as Sen. Billboard Rawkins, see note
A leprechaun follows the Irishman who stole his pot of gold to the U.S. South.
The War Wagon (1967) as Wes Catlin
A rancher and a hired gun join forces to take on the criminal who betrayed them both.
Run Like a Thief (1967) as Willy Gore
Point Blank (1967) as Yost/Fairfax
A gangster plots an elaborate revenge on the wife and partner who did him dirty.
Welcome to Hard Times (1967) as Zar
A broken-down sheriff tries to help his town stand against a mysterious outlaw.
Warning Shot (1967) as Sgt. Ed Musso
An officer goes on suspension when he shoots a suspect in self defense and the man''''s gun vanishes.
The Night of the Grizzly (1966) as Jed Curry
A man-killing grizzly is on the loose on the homestead.
Around the World Under the Sea (1966) as Hank Stahl
An underwater team circles the globe to test an earthquake warning system.
Stagecoach (1966) as Luke Plummer
Promise Her Anything (1966) as Angelo Carelli
A single mother must choose between two suitors.
The Great Race (1965) as Hezekiah
A bumbling villain plots to win an early 20th-century auto race.
Bikini Beach (1964) as Harvey Huntington Honeywagon
A millionaire tries to prove that his pet chimp is as smart as the local teens.
The Patsy (1964) as Harry Silver
When a star comedian dies, his comedy team, decides to train a nobody to fill the shoes of the Star in a big TV show (a Patsy). But the man they choose, bellboy Stanley Belt, cant do anything right. The big TV show is getting closer, and Stanley gets worse all the time.
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) as Col. "Bat" Guano
A mad United States General orders an air strike against Russia.
Man in the Middle (1964) as Lieutenant Winston
Court-martial drama about an American Colonel assigned to defend a fellow serviceman accused of murdering a British soldier while stationed in India during World War II.
Honeymoon Hotel (1964) as Mr. Sampson
Two bachelors on the prowl accidentally book a vacation at a resort for newlyweds.
Pattern for Plunder (1964) as Nick Rawlings
A mild-mannered, uptight bank clerk, Jean, meets and falls for a platinum blonde, Jackie, who's a compulsive gambler at a Riviera casino. And as they rollercoaster from scrounging for change to hotel suites, cars, and couture, it seems life itself is just a game of chance for Jackie--who's already s
The Americanization of Emily (1964) as Old sailor
A British war widow falls for an opportunistic American sailor during World War II.
Nightmare in the Sun (1964) as Song-and-dance misfit
Stage to Thunder Rock (1964) as Ross Sawyer
A lawman is forced to capture or kill the outlaw father-and-son team with whom he was raised.
Son of Flubber (1963) as Alonzo Hawk
An absent-minded professor gets into legal trouble because of his experiments with a gravity defying substance.
The Scarface Mob (1962) as Joe Fuselli
The pilot for the series of the same title. The exploits of Eliot Ness, the leader of an elite group of Treasury Department agents assigned to battle the underworld. In the pilot episode, broadcast as two one-hour segments of "Desilu Playhouse," Ness attempts to break up Al Capone's gang.
The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) as Alonzo Hawk
A college professor fights off corrupt businessmen to market his new anti-gravity invention.
King of the Roaring 20's--The Story of Arnold Rothstein (1961) as Tom Fowler
A gangster rises to the top of the gambling racket.
The Crowded Sky (1960) as Nick Highland
A passenger jet and a private plane head for a collision.
A Hole in the Head (1959) as Jerry Marks
A single father's bohemian lifestyle could cost him custody of his son.
The Perfect Furlough (1959) as Harvey Franklin
The Army assigns a female psychologist to chaperone a corporal who''''s won a date with a glamorous movie star.
That Kind of Woman (1959) as Harry Corwin
A kept woman falls in love with a young paratrooper during the final days of World War II.
Touch of Evil (1958) as
A narcotics agent risks his wife's life to investigate a crooked cop.
The Deep Six (1958) as Lt. Cmdr. Mike Edge
A pacifist finds his values challenged by the outbreak of World War II.
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958) as Reuter
In 1944, a company of German soldiers on the Russian front are numbed by the horrors and hardships of war when Private Ernst Graeber's long awaited furlough comes through. Back home in Germany, he finds his home bombed. While hopelessly searching for his parents, he meets lovely Elizabeth Kruse, daughter of a political prisoner; together they try to wrest sanity and survival from a world full of hatred.
Don't Go Near the Water (1957) as Gordon Ripwell
Navy office workers scheme to build a recreation hall on a remote Pacific island.
The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957) as Dandy
A kidnapped movie star falls for one of her captors.
The Great Man (1957) as Sid Moore
A radio writer preparing a tribute to a recently passed colleague discovers his idol had feet of clay.
Joe Butterfly (1957) as Henry Hathaway
The staff of "Yank" magazine are among the first American troops into Tokyo after the Japanese surrender. Their mission: produce an issue of the three days. To accomplish the seeming impossible, they reluctantly enlist the aid of black marketeer and arch-conniver Joe Butterfly, who sets them up in a palatial private mansion, complete with lovely daughter -- strictly against regulations. How much trouble can our heroes talk their way out of?
The Naked Hills (1956) as Sam Wilkins
An Indiana farmer heads to California in search of gold.
Johnny Concho (1956) as Barney Clark
Frank Sinatra, Keenan Wynn, William Conrad, Phyllis Kirk, Wallace Ford, Christopher Dark, Howard Petrie, Claude Atkins, John Qualen. Frank Sinatra is branded a coward by the townspeople of Cripple Creek, Arizona when he fails to stand up to the men that killed his brother. He eventually comes to grips with his yellow streak and returns for the big showdown. Co-produced by Frank Sinatra. Directed by Don McGuire who co-wrote TOOTSIE.
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956) as Caesar Gardella
A public relations man must cope with revelations about a wartime romance.
Running Wild (1955) as Ken Osanger
The Marauders (1955) as Hook
An honest rancher fights off greedy cattlemen.
Shack Out on 101 (1955) as George Bater
A greasy spoon diner provides a base for a spy smuggling nuclear secrets.
The Glass Slipper (1955) as Kovin
Musical adaptation of the story of Cinderella and her magical trip to the prince's ball.
Tennessee Champ (1954) as Willy Wurble
A boxer reforms his crooked manager.
The Long, Long Trailer (1954) as Policeman
Life on the road isn''''t what it''''s cracked up to be when a honeymooning couple invests in an oversized motor home.
Men of the Fighting Lady (1954) as Lt. Comdr. Ted Dodson
Men on a U.S. aircraft carrier fight to survive the Korean War.
All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) as Silva
Brothers on a whaling schooner become romantic rivals.
Kiss Me Kate (1953) as Lippy
Feuding co-stars reunite for a musical version of Shakespeare''''s "The Taming of the Shrew."
Code Two (1953) as [Sgt.] Jumbo [Culdane]
Three young men train to become motorcycle cops.
Battle Circus (1953) as Sgt. Orvil Statt
A doctor fights for his life during the Korean War.
Desperate Search (1953) as "Brandy"
A man fights to find his children after their plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness.
Phone Call from a Stranger (1952) as Eddie Hoke
David Trask, the sole survivor of an airplane crash, takes it upon himself to contact the families of the various victims. He is quite surprised at who he finds: the wife and son of a troubled doctor; a domineering mother-in-law of an aspiring actress; and the invalid wife of an obnoxious traveling salesman.
The Belle of New York (1952) as Max Ferris
A turn-of-the-century playboy courts a Salvation Army girl.
Skirts Ahoy! (1952) as Himself
Three women join the Navy to find husbands.
Sky Full of Moon (1952) as Al
An innocent cowboy in Las Vegas stumbles into a fortune and a glamorous girlfriend.
Holiday for Sinners (1952) as Joe Piavi
Three old friends reunite during Mardi Gras and try to forget their problems.
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (1952) as Michael Fisher
Seven stories celebrate the glorious diversity of American life.
Fearless Fagan (1952) as Sgt. Kellwin of Company J
When a circus clown is drafted, he tries to sneak his pet lion into the service.
Royal Wedding (1951) as Irving Klinger/Edgar Klinger
A brother-and-sister musical team find romance when they tour to London for Elizabeth II's wedding.
Texas Carnival (1951) as Dan Sabinas
A penniless carnival worker runs up a mountain of debts when he's mistaken for a millionaire.
Angels in the Outfield (1951) as Fred Bayles
The short-tempered manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates mends his ways in return for a little divine assistance.
Kind Lady (1951) as Edwards
A con artist and his criminal cohorts hold an old lady hostage in her own home.
Love That Brute (1950) as Bugs Welch
In 1928, Big Ed Hanley (Paul Douglas), boss of a gang of Chicago racketeers, has money and power, but he is bored. Watching some kids play in the park, he sees Ruth Manning (Jean Peters) and is interested at once. He tells her he has a couple of kids and gives her the job of taking care of them. He moves Mamie (Joan Davis) in as a housekeeper, but the best he can scrape up as a son is Harry, a pint-sized monster. A couple of henchmen sent by to rub Big Ed out by his rival, Pretty Willie (Cesar Romero), are relieved of their hardware by Quentin (Arthur Treacher), Ed's butler, and Bugs, his right-hand man. They march them downstairs, supposedly to drop in the river, but actually leave them in a very nice jail maintained by Ed for gangsters who drop by to rub him out. Ed's problems include keeping Ruth, who has begun to like him, from finding out about his activities, increasing his family and keeping uninvited guests from dropping by.
Three Little Words (1950) as Charlie Kope
Musical biography of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who surreptitiously helped each other out of jams.
Annie Get Your Gun (1950) as Charlie Davenport
Fanciful musical biography of wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley.
That Midnight Kiss (1949) as Artie Geoffrey Glenson
A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star.
Neptune's Daughter (1949) as Joe Backett
Mistaken identity complicates a polo player's romance with a bathing suit designer.
My Dear Secretary (1948) as Ronnie Hastings
Owen Waterbury, bestselling novelist, recruits aspiring writer Stephanie 'Steve' Gaylord as his latest of many secretaries. The stars in her eyes fade when she finds she is to work in his apartment, with a constant parade of eccentric visitors and slapstick provided by klutzy roommate Ronnie. Moreover, Waterbury's idea of work looks a lot like play, his interest less in books than in blondes. She leaves; to get her back, he swallows his playboy principles and marries her. Can the leopard change his spots? Can Stephanie turn the tables?
B. F.'s Daughter (1948) as Martin Delwyn Ainsley
A professor doesn't know his wife is an heiress.
The Three Musketeers (1948) as Planchet
Athletic adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure about the king's musketeers and their mission to protect France.
The Hucksters (1947) as Buddy Hare
A war veteran fights for honesty in the advertising game.
Song of the Thin Man (1947) as Clarence "Clinker" Krause
Society sleuths Nick and Nora Charles investigate a murder in a jazz club.
No Leave, No Love (1946) as Slinky
During a whirlwind two-day pass in New York, a sailor falls in love with an Englishwoman.
Ziegfeld Follies (1946) as Telephone user in "Number Please"
Legendary showman Flo Ziegfeld imagines the kind of Follies he could produce with MGM's musical stars.
Easy to Wed (1946) as Warren Haggerty
In this remake of Libeled Lady, a tough newspaper editor hires a gigolo to compromise a woman suing his paper for libel.
The Thrill of Brazil (1946) as Steve Farraugh
A theater producer is torn between his leading lady and his ex-wife while staging a show in Rio.
The Cockeyed Miracle (1946) as Ben Griggs
Father and son ghosts sort out their family''''s problems.
What Next, Corporal Hargrove? (1945) as Pvt. Thomas Mulvehill
A bumbling soldier and his scheming friend take France by storm.
Week-End at the Waldorf (1945) as Oliver Webson, the cub reporter
In this remake of Grand Hotel, guests at a New York hotel fight to survive personal tragedy.
Between Two Women (1945) as Tobey
Dr. Gillespie''''s young assistant finds himself pursued by two beautiful women.
Without Love (1945) as Quentin Ladd
A World War II housing shortage inspires a widow to propose a marriage of convenience with an inventor.
The Clock (1945) as The drunk
A G.I. en route to Europe falls in love during a whirlwind two-day leave in New York City.
Since You Went Away (1944) as Lt. Solomon
A mother and wife struggle to cope while her husband is off serving in World War II.
Lost Angel (1944) as Packy [Roos]
A girl raised to be a genius gets lost and discovers the simple pleasure of life.
See Here, Private Hargrove (1944) as Private Mulvehill
A green recruit has a series of madcap adventures in the Army.
Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944) as Major Bob Wilton
A spoiled rich girl refuses to let marriage interfere with man-chasing.
Northwest Rangers (1943) as "Slip" O'Marra
A Mountie tracks a childhood friend gone bad.
For Me and My Gal (1942) as Eddie Milton
An unscrupulous song-and-dance man uses his partner and his best friend to get ahead.
Somewhere I'll Find You (1942) as Sgt. Purdy
Brothers feud over a girl they both fall for while covering World War II.

Cast (special)

Highway Honeys (1983) as Tattoo Calhoune; Same As Draggin' Lady
The story, set in Sierra Madre, Texas, follows the experiences of Carol Lee and Datona Shepherd, a brother-and-sister team of clean-living tow truckers (for the Good Shepherds Towing Service). In the pilot episode, Carol Lee and Datona try to help an old friend keep his junkyard -- a junkyard sought
Winged Colt, The (1977)
A three-part fantasy about a retired movie stuntman and his nephew who acquire a mysterious colt born with wings.
Jeremiah of Jacob's Neck (1976) as Jeremiah Starbuck; The Ghost
The story, set in the town of Jacob's Neck, New England, follows the comic adventures of Police Chief Tom Rankin and his family when they move into a decrepit beach house haunted by the spirit of Jeremiah Starbuck, an eighteenth-century ghost who refuses to depart form his once earthly dwelling.
Joke and the Valley, The (1961) as Lambert Giles
The story, set in a sleepy little country town, tells of a drifter who takes refuge in a barn during a storm and becomes involved in a murder when he finds a body.
Power and the Glory, The (1961) as Bootlegger
The story of a dissolute, alcoholic priest caught up in the 1930 Mexican Revolution against the Catholic church who is pursued by a Communist police lieutenant determined to kill him.
Twentieth Century (1956) as Owen O'Malley
The story of Oscar Jaffe, a bankrupt theatrical producer, who schemes to sign Lily Garland, a famous movie star he molded (from a clerk named Mildred Plotka) to an exclusive contract and recover his theatrical fortunes. (The title refers to the Twentieth Century, a famed passenger train of the 1930
Broadway (1955) as Steve Crandall
The story of a nightclub dancer who becomes involved in the murder of a gangster. Based on the 1926 Broadway play by Philip Dunning and George Abbott.
Operation Entertainment (1954)
A tribute to the soldiers in greasepaint; the many members of show business who gave their services and time to the USO overseas during World War II and the Korean War.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)


Cast (short)

The Rock (1967)
This promotional short for the film "Point Blank" (1967) offers a behind-the-scenes look at location shooting on Alcatraz.

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