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Also Known As: Died: March 9, 1996
Born: January 20, 1896 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Waikiki, in the Wake of Dreams (2001)
A history of the Hawaiian island of Waikiki from its Polynesian roots, through its popularity as a resort for the rich and famous during WWII, to its present role as a leading vacation spot.
Radioland Murders (1994)
On one fateful evening in 1939, WBN, a fourth radio network, is making its nationwide debut--and is engulfed in chaos. Penny Henderson, the station owner's secretary, has her hands full coping with a disgruntled sponsor, a tyrannical boss, an incompetent director, temperamental stars, unpaid writers
Wisecracks (1991)
A profile of successful female stand-up comics, from pioneers like Phyllis Diller to contemporary favorites like Paula Poundstone.
18 Again! (1988)
The mind of an 80-year-old man ends up in the body of his 18-year-old nephew.
Oh, God! You Devil (1984) as God; Harry O Tophet
A struggling songwriter sells his soul to the devil for success, but then God tries to intervene.
Two of a Kind (1982) as Ross "Boppy" Minor
In his television dramatic debut, George Burns is a geriatric relegated to a nursing home after his wife's death by son Cliff Robertson, and Robby Benson is his retarded grandson who takes on the task of getting the old man to shake off his lethargy and get back on his feet. James DiPasquale and Dor
Oh God! Book II (1980) as God
When God returns to earth, an 11-year-old girl promises to focus the world''s attention on the deity by creating an effective advertising slogan for him. Her new project is not well received by the adults in her life, and she is expelled from school and examined by psychiatrists.
Just You And Me, Kid (1979)
A retired entertainer helps a runaway elude drug dealers.
Going in Style (1979) as Joe
Three elderly men decide to better their lot by robbing a bank.
Comedy Company, The (1978)
An ex-comedian fights to keep a failing nightclub alive as a showcase for aspiring young comics.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) as Mr Kite
A small town band makes it big, but loses track of their roots, as they get caught up into the big-time machinations of the music biz. Now, they must thwart a plot to destroy their home town. Built around the music of the beatles, this musical uses some big name groups like Peter Frampton and Aerosmith.
Movie Movie (1978)
This parody of a typical 1930s double bill features two movies. The first is the black-and-white "Dynamite Fists" which tells the story of a boxer named Joey, his gruff but lovable manager, a gangster who tests Joey's loyalty to his manager, and the girl who is used as bait in the test. This is foll
Oh, God! (1977)
A grocer is selected by God to help spread a message.
The Sunshine Boys (1975)
A feuding comedy team reunites for a television comeback.
The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956) as
A small time investor takes on the management of a major corporation.
Honolulu (1939) as Joe Duffy
A movie star trades places with a Hawaiian plantation owner.
College Swing (1938) as George Jones
In 1738, a pact is drawn up between the Alden family and a highly respected Colonial college: If any female member of the family can pass her college exams within a 200-year period, ownership of the institution will be turned over to her. Two hundred years later in 1938, the last of the Alden girls, Gracie Alden hires Bud Brady to help her pass her exams. She also tries to win over no-nonsense professor Hubert Dash, who has no intention of handing his college over to a ditzy young lady like Gracie.
A Damsel in Distress (1937) as George
An American dancer on vacation in England falls for a sheltered noblewoman.
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936) as Mr. Platt
A failing radio station needs to put on a ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation.
College Holiday (1936) as George Hymen
A group of men are invited to spend the summer with a lady hotelier interested in eugenics.
Love in Bloom (1935) as George
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) as George
A radio star''''s efforts to save his station get him mixed up with con men, enemy agents and a beautiful countess.
Here Comes Cookie (1935) as George Burns
Many Happy Returns (1934) as [George] Burns
Gracie Allen (Gracie Allen) assumes the "management" of the shop owned by her papa Horatio Allen (George Barbier), turning it into a radio station and then an aviary---with the usual Gracie Allen logic---while distracted Papa is trying to get younger daughter, beauty contest winner Florence (Joan Marsh), married before she can head to Hollywood and get into the movies. The story moves to Hollywood, where, with Gracie around, kidnappers get kidnapped and the chatter between her and George Burns (George Burns)even takes a few satirized shots at Filmland, in addition to their usual unusual routines. Guy Lombardo, top-billed on the ads and posters with Burns and Allen but not the cast listings, and dance team Frank Veloz and Yolanda, fill in where needed between the cracks of the mostly on-the-fly plot, and they don't seem to be taking their gigs all that seriously either. Burns & Allen Radio fans, the few of us that still remember "Radio", will love it,while others are likely to give it a "say what" or 'duh", especially if they were raised on television comedy of the past 20 years.
Six of a Kind (1934) as George Edward[s]
The Whinneys share expenses for their trip to Hollywood with George and Gracie and thier great Dane. A clerk in Whinney's bank has put fifty thousand dollars in a suitcase, hoping to rob Whinney on the road, but instead Whinney takes another road and is himself arrested in Nevada.
We're Not Dressing (1934) as George
A marooned socialite finds herself taking orders from the sailor she had snubbed before their shipwreck.
International House (1933) as Doctor Burns
Madcap investors converge on a Chinese hotel to buy rights to a new invention-television.
College Humor (1933) as George Burns
College football players struggle with alcoholism, relationships and a singing drama teacher.
The Big Broadcast (1932) as George Burns
The manager at a local radio station puts on a singer (Bing Crosby) who is immediately a hit with his listeners. The problem is that the young singer doesn't seen to be too serious-minded about his career, which becomes a matter of concern for the station management.

Music (feature film)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) as Song Performer ("Fixing A Hole" "For The Benefit Of Mr Kite")
A small town band makes it big, but loses track of their roots, as they get caught up into the big-time machinations of the music biz. Now, they must thwart a plot to destroy their home town. Built around the music of the beatles, this musical uses some big name groups like Peter Frampton and Aerosmith.

Cast (special)

100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time (2004)
Comedy Central celebrates the best in stand-up comedy, as comedian panelists Dom Irrera, Judy Gold, Mario Joyner, and Greg Giraldo count down the top 100 comics of all time.
First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies, The (1995)
A retrospective of filmmaking over the past 100 years. Included are interviews with actors, directors and screenwriters, along with film clips and archival footage from current and past Hollywood productions.
First Annual Comedy Hall of Fame, The (1993)
Presentation of the first annual Comedy Hall of Fame awards. Includes tributes to lifetime achievement recipients Carol Burnett, George Burns, Walter Matthau, Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle and Red Skelton.
60 Minutes... 25 Years (1993)
A special commemorating the 25th anniversary of the CBS series, "60 Minutes."
What Is This Thing Called Love? (1993)
Compilation of excerpts from interviews conducted in the past 17 years by Barbara Walters in which well-known personalities discuss their experiences with love, romance relationships and marriage.
Bob Hope: The First Ninety Years (1993)
A gala special celebrating the 90th birthday of Bob Hope.
Montreal International Comedy Festival '93 (1993)
Broadcast of the finale of Montreal's Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Includes the induction of George Burns into the Humor Hall of Fame.
More of the Best of the Hollywood Palace (1993)
Special showcasing the top comedy and musical performers who appeared on the variety series, "Hollywood Palace," which aired on ABC from 1964 to 1970. Also included are never-before-seen outtakes.
Legend to Legend Night (1993)
A special in which celebrities pay tribute to their heroes.
Jack Benny: Comedy in Bloom (1992)
A special featuring vintage clips of comedian Jack Benny, as well as reminiscences by friends.
1995 Screen Actors Guild Awards (1992)
Live presentation of the first annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, with honors in four film and eight television categories, as determined by the Guild's 78,000 eligible members.
John Denver's Montana Christmas Skies (1991)
A special starring John Denver and his guests in Montana celebrating Native American Christmas traditions.
Meaning of Life, The (1991)
A special in which celebrities and others offer reflections on life. The theme of the special is drawn from the book "The Meaning of Life," created by "Life" magazine.
George Burns' 95th Birthday Party (1991)
A special commemorating George Burns' 95th birthday.
Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet to Come (1990)
A special commemorating Frank Sinatra's 75th birthday. The musical tribute includes footage from a Society of Singers performance in Los Angeles and Sinatra's birthday concert from the Meadowlands' Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey.
Bob Hope's "Don't Shoot, It's Only Me" (1990)
A television special based on Bob Hope's book of the same name that traces the past 50 years of Hope's comedy appearances throughout the world. Includes conversations with show-business celebrities Hope has worked with over the years as well as film clips from the early days of radio and television,
Television Academy Hall of Fame, The (1989)
A special featuring the installation of eight inductees into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' (ATAS) Television Hall of Fame, honoring individuals who have made lasting contributions to the television industry. The inductees in the fifth annual event are Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie
Fifty Years of Television: A Golden Celebration (1989)
A special highlighting fifty years in the history of television. Includes tributes to Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Walter Cronkite, Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope and Ed Sullivan. Clips of classic television moments are presented.
Bob Hope's Super Bowl Party (1989)
Bob Hope hosts this variety special saluting Super Bowl XXIII. Included are comedy sketches, musical numbers, and appearances by the two quarterbacks of the competing teams.
Bob Hope's Love Affair With Lucy (1989)
A Bob Hope special saluting the late comedian and actress Lucille Ball. Bob Hope and guest stars share anecdotes about the entertainer who influenced their lives and careers. Included are film clips from feature films and television programs.
Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening (1989)
A "Magical World of Disney" special saluting the opening of the new Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. Celebrities perform song-and-dance routines. Film clips spotlight world leaders and famous personalities, who name their favorite films and discuss how television and movies have affected their
2nd Annual American Comedy Awards, The (1988)
A live broadcast of the American Comedy Awards from the Hollywood Palladium. The ceremony, conducted without a host, honors the top comedic performers in all forms of American entertainment. Included is a special tribute to Blake Edwards, who receives the Lifetime Creative Achievement Award in recog
Disney's Magic in the Magic Kingdom (1988)
A variety special featuring unusual magic acts performed by world-class illusionists, broadcast from Disneyland in California.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1988)
A special broadcast of the eleventh annual gala tribute to the distinguished artists who are recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors, taped December 4, 1988 in Washington, DC. This year's honorees are Alvin Ailey, George Burns, Myrna Loy, Alexander Schneider, and Roger L. Stevens.
America's Tribute to Bob Hope (1988)
A star-studded salute to American comedian Bob Hope. The special was taped January 2, 1988 at the opening of the Bob Hope Cultural Center in Palm Desert, California. At the close of the special, Ronald Reagan presented Hope with the first "America's Hope Award." The award is slated to be given annua
Happy Birthday, Bob -- 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years With NBC (1988)
A three-hour special celebrating the eighty-fifth birthday of comedian Bob Hope, and his fifty years with NBC. Highlights include a retrospective of Hope's radio days, film clips from his most memorable movies and television shows, and singing and dancing performances by guest celebrities.
Caesar's 20th Birthday Celebration (1987)
Live broadcast of the twentieth birthday celebration for Caesar's Palace, the Las Vegas hotel and casino.
Super Picnic '87 (1987)
A music and comedy salute to comedian George Burns, taped at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.
Beverly Hills Christmas, A (1987)
A Christmas special featuring religious music and memories by celebrity guests.
Paris By Night With George Burns (1987) as Host
A special featuring George Burns conducting a tour of the world famous nightclubs of Paris.
Candid Camera: The First 40 Years (1987)
The fortieth anniversary of the popular television show is celebrated in this special. The program features highlights from past episodes, along with introductions and comments by guest stars who explain the various situations and offer their favorite segments.
NBC Investigates Bob Hope (1987)
In a spoof of "Olliemania" and the Iran/Contra hearings, Bob Hope is accused of selling jokes to cable television and diverting the profits. An investigation is launched into his alleged covert activities and, overnight, Hope becomes a national hero and "Hopemania" sweeps the country.
38th Annual Emmy Awards, The (1986)
A live three-hour telecast from Pasadena, California, of the thirty-eighth Annual Emmy Awards which honors excellence in the television industry. David Letterman and Shelley Long are this year's co-hosts. Veteran comedian Red Skelton, recipient of this year's coveted Governor's Award by the Board of
George Burns' 90th Birthday Special (1986)
A variety special celebrating comedian George Burns' ninetieth birthday. The event includes appearances by many celebrities in person and on pre-taped sequences.
Whatta Year... 1986 (1986)
A retrospective look at 1986, featuring various celebrities offering their views on the best moments of the closing year. Some of the featured categories of the year's best are music, news, sports and movies. Also included in the special is a poll in which five pre-selected candidates are voted on
Bob Hope Lampoons the New TV Scene (1986)
Bob Hope and his guests spoof various television programs of the 1986-87 season.
Born America: A March of Dimes Television Event (1986)
Originating live from Los Angeles, the 21-hour national telecast features top celebrities and entertainers in a tribute to the original thirteen states and their enduring contributions to America. Within that framework, the telethon explores nearly 50 years of achievement by the March of Dimes and w
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes All-Star 50th Anniversary (1986)
A special that highlights Warner Brother's half-century contribution to animated art. Included among the "guest stars" are familiar animated characters such as Bugs Bunny himself, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, the Roadrunner, Yosemite Sam, and Tweety Bird. Comments by live guest stars are inter
All-Star Tribute to General Jimmy Doolittle, An (1986)
A two-hour special centering around the 90th birthday celebration of World War II hero Jimmy Doolittle, who led the first offensive bombing mission on Tokyo in the spring of 1942. The program includes appearances by guest celebrities and a toast from President Reagan. Doolittle is credited with the
Bob Hope Lampoons Television 1985 (1985) as Guest
The program features Bob Hope and his guests lampooning the 1985 TV season.
Bob Hope Buys NBC? (1985)
Bob puts together a telethon to raise funds to buy NBC, his adopted network, in this hour-long variety special of music, dance, and comedy.
Walt Disney World's Happy Easter Parade (1985)
A celebration of Spring with a broadcast of the Easter Parade at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Night of 100 Stars II, The (1985)
A star-studded sequel to "The Night of 100 Stars." A celebrity benefit for the Actors Fund of America, featuring music, songs, dances and comedy. Three hundred and eight stars participated in a seven-hour marathon that was edited to three hours for television.
George Burns' How to Live to Be 100 (1984) as Host
An hour of music and comedy with George Burns.
George Burns: An Hour of Jokes and Songs (1984) as Host
A made-for-television version of George Burns' solo night club act.
Funniest Joke I Ever Heard, The (1984)
The program features celebrities and ordinary people telling their favorite jokes.
Parade of Stars (1983)
Celebrities perform in a benefit for the Actor's Fund Charity in a program that recalls vaudeville's golden age.
George Burns Celebrates 80 Years in Show Business (1983)
A star-studded salute to George Burns on his eightieth year in show business.
Bob Hope Special: Happy Birthday, Bob! (1983)
An eightieth birthday celebration for Bob Hope.
Kids From Fame, The (1983) as Host
Six of the stars from the television series "Fame" perform out of character at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
Grandpa, Will You Run With Me? (1983) as Host
A celebration of how the very young and the very old appreciate and enjoy each other via sketches and variety performances.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's Road to Hollywood (1983) as Guest
The program salutes, via clips, Bob Hope's film career.
George Burns and Other Sex Symbols (1982) as Host
George Burns hosts this humorous look at America's love affair with love.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope Laughs With the Movie Awards (1982)
A satirization of the 1982 Oscar nominees ("Atlantic City," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Reds," "On Golden Pond," and "Chariots of Fire"), hosted by Bob Hope.
Love Letter to Jack Benny, A (1981) as Host
An affectionate remembrance of comedian Jack Benny via film clips of his series and specials.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's 30th Anniversary TV Special (1981)
A salute to Bob Hope on the anniversary of his thirty years on television.
George Burns' Early, Early, Early, Christmas Show (1981) as Host
An early Christmas show of music, songs, and comedy sketches.
John Denver With His Special Guest George Burns: Two of a Kind (1981) as Host
Entertainers John Denver and George Burns bridge the generation gap and their two different styles as they celebrate their special relationship in this variety special which includes music, songs, and comedy skits.
100 Years of America's Popular Music (1981)
A star-studded celebration of American music.
George Burns in Nashville? (1981)
Music and comedy with George Burns at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
Ann-Margret's Hollywood Movie Girls (1980)
A freewheeling musical salute to Hollywood's "movie girls."
George Burns' 100th Birthday Party (1979) as Host
An hour of comedy and music celebrating George Burns' eighty-third birthday.
Other Broadway, The (1979)
British singer Abbe Lane and American storyteller George Burns perform on "the other Broadway," the theatre district Londoners commonly call the West End.
Goldie Hawn Special, The (1978)
A lively hour of music, song, and comedy with Goldie Hawn.
CBS: On the Air (1978)
The Columbia Broadcasting System celebrates its first fifty years of radio and television broadcasting.
Bob Hope Special: Bob Hope's All-Star Tribute to the Palace Theater (1978)
Bob Hope pays tribute to the Palace Theater, a well-loved vaudeville venue on Times Square in New York.
Circus of the Stars (1977)
Another installment in an irregular series of specials in which show business personalities perform circus acts.
George Burns Special, The (1976)
Music, songs, and comedy sketches with comedian George Burns.
Rich Little Show, The (1975)
An hour of comic impersonations with impressionist Rich Little.
Jack Benny's Second Farewell Show (1974)
Jack Benny's second attempt to announce his retirement from show business.
One More Time (1974)
The program features music and comedy stars of the past and present performing the material that made them famous.
Many Faces of Comedy, The (1973)
A rapid-fire laugh-a-thon tracing the origins and varied manifestations of humor, past and present.
Ann-Margret -- When You're Smiling (1973)
An edited (for length) version of Ann-Margret's Las Vegas night club act.
Osmond Brothers Show, The (1971)
An hour of songs and comedy with the Osmond Brothers.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jack Benny but Were Afraid to Ask (1971)
An hour of comedy sketches based on incidents in the life of comedian Jack Benny.
George Burns in the Big Time (1959) as Host
A music and comedy salute to vaudeville.

Writer (special)

George Burns: An Hour of Jokes and Songs (1984) as Writer
A made-for-television version of George Burns' solo night club act.

Music (special)

Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park Grand Opening (1989)
A "Magical World of Disney" special saluting the opening of the new Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. Celebrities perform song-and-dance routines. Film clips spotlight world leaders and famous personalities, who name their favorite films and discuss how television and movies have affected their

Cast (short)

The Lion Roars Again (1975)
This MGM promotional short advertises the studios resurgence into the movie industry in the mid-1970s.
That's Entertainment! (Gala Premiere) (1974)
This short film presents the gala premiere for "That''''s Entertainment!" (1974).
A Look at the World of "Soylent Green" (1973)
This short film gives a behind-the-scenes look at the science fiction film "Soylent Green" (1973).
Lambchops (1929)
In this short film, George Burns and Gracie Allen perform a comic routine along with the musical number, "Do You Believe in Me? I Do." Vitaphone Release 891.

Misc. Crew (short)

Excavating the 2000 Year Old Man (2012)
A documentary that explores the origin and influence of "The 2000 Year Old Man," the classic comedy routine created by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

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