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Cyril Chamberlain

Cyril Chamberlain



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Cast (feature film)

Carry On Cabby (1967) as Sarge
A taxi driver fights to save his line from a fleet of beautiful female cabbies.
Gypsy Girl (1966) as Hubberd
A mentally challenged girl creates a graveyard for dead animals.
Ring of Treason (1964) as Anderson
The film is based on the actual events of the Portland Spy Ring trial in the U.K. A disgruntled Navy Clerk is transferred to a secret research establishment and is subsequently black-mailed/paid by Czech intelligence to procure secrets for them. He seduces the secretary who controls the most secret documents, and they enjoy the fruits of their treachery until the British authorities begin to close in on them.
Get On With It (1963) as TV director
The marketing department of a pharmaceutical company decides to enlist a dentist to endorse it's brand of toothpaste although they would be struck off for doing so. They hire two recent graduates who find themselves tied into a contract they failed to read. Having decided that the product is rubbish, the graduates set about developing a new, better toothpaste which they consider worthy of being struck off for.
The Swingin' Maiden (1963) as
An American airline firm plan to buy a new British passenger plane, but the deal hits trouble when the plane's designer Jack Hopkins and Kathy Fisher the daughter of the Airline owner, take an instant dislike to each other, after crashing into each other in a quiet country lane. With each blaming the other for the accident, the arrangement looks in trouble, unless nature takes a hand.
Operation Bullshine (1963) as Orderly sergeant
Nearly a Nasty Accident (1962) as Warrant Officer Breech
One night in the lives of young Native American men and women--transplants from Southwest reservations--living in the Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles, as they flirt, drink, party, fight, and dance.
Flame in the Streets (1962) as James Dowell
A union leader fights to win equal rights for West Indian immigrants.
Carry On Teacher (1962) as Alf
Student try to sabotage a popular headmaster's plans to leave for another job.
Roommates (1962) as L.A.M.A. porter
Music students try to help each other academically and financially while sharing quarters in London.
Two-Way Stretch (1961) as Warder George
A convict plots to commit the perfect crime while still behind bars.
Carry On Constable (1961) as Constable Thurston
A flu epidemic forces a police sergeant to take on four bumbling newcomers.
Beware of Children (1961) as Cafe owner
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1961) as Army captain
When the school burns to the ground there's clearly been some arson around. The pupils are found guilty and the judge hands them into the care of a pretty dubious child psychiatrist. The sixth form are soon kidnapped and on their way to Arabia with the Ministry of Education, Barchester police, and an Army Bath Unit after them. But real rescue fourth form.
Carry On Nurse (1959)
Patients in a surgical ward rebel against the tyrannical head nurse.
A Night to Remember (1958)
The crew and passengers of the Titanic fight to survive when the legendary ship strikes an iceberg.
Carry on Sergeant (1958)
A drill sergeant struggles to turn his last squad of draftees into a crack platoon.
Cross-Up (1958) as Foster
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957) as Captain
To further the aims of the St Trinian's Marriage Bureau run by Flash Harry, the school contrives to win a competition with a European "Goodwill" trip as prize, to the horror of the Ministry of Education. Joe Mangan, father of a sixth former and hiding out at the school after a Hatton Garden diamond robbery, is persuaded to travel with the girls as their new headmistress, leaving the real one trussed up in the belfry. At least her arrival had allowed the remains of the Army unit sent in to keep order to evacuate.
Doctor at Large (1957) as Pc
A young doctor tries to survive a series of disastrous internships.
Simon and Laura (1956) as Bert
In the 1950's days of only BBC television, a wet-behind-the-ears producer has the idea of basing a family drama series on a real-life happily married actor couple. Unfortunately he chooses the Fosters, who need the money and so do the show. Actors they may be, but happily married they most surely are not.
Green Man, The (1956) as Sgt Bassett
A professional assassin long out of work, is pulled back into the racket when he''s hired to knock off a politician vacationing at a seaside resort known as The Green Man.
The Way Out (1956) as Anderson
A man tells his wife that the police are after him for having killed a bookie during an alcoholic binge, but that he is innocent and is being framed for the murder. The wife and her brother hide him and try to find out who the real killer was. The more they investigate, the more holes they begin to find in the husband's story.
The Gamma People (1956) as Graf
A mad scientist uses gamma rays to turn the country's youth into either geniuses or subhumans at the bidding of an equally mad dictator.
Trouble in Store (1955)
A stock boy in a London department store aspires to better things.
Impulse (1955) as Gray
Doctor at Sea (1955) as Whimble
Dr Sparrow is assigned to a naval ship with only two women aboard.
Raising a Riot (1955) as Policeman
Doctor in the House (1955)
A medical student tries to balance partying with healing the sick.
Hell Below Zero (1954) as Factory ship radio operator
A whaler signs on to locate a young woman''''s missing father.
The Diamond Wizard (1954) as Castlet
U.S. Treasury Investigator Joe Dennison (Dennis O'Keefe) is sent to England on the trail of a gang of thieves responsible for stealing a million dollars from a U.S. Treasury vault. One of the crooks is on his way to England to spend the money on phony diamonds. Scotland Yard Inspector McClaren (Philip Friend), assigned to work with Dennison on the case, is also working on the disappearance of Dr. Eric Miller (Paul Harmuth), an atomic scientist. Dennison discovers while interviewing Miller's daughter Marlene (Margaret Sheridan) that she is wearing a brooch containing a phony diamond, and the brooch had been made by her father.
You Know What Sailors Are (1954)
Lt. Sylvester Green is making his crooked way shipwards with a couple of naval colleagues after a night's drinking and along the way they collect an old pram and three brass balls from a pawnbroker's shop. Passing the foreign vessel Agraria on the dock they notice some welding equipment and decide to have some fun. They attach the junk to the Agraria and paint it naval grey. Next morning when Green unsteadily arises his commanding officer has noticed the mysterious new equipment and trying to avoid exposure Green identifies it confidently as a '998'. From then on things only get more confused as soon everyone in the navy wants to know why this foreign ship has more up-to-date radar than they do. Green is coincidentally seconded to the Agraria as a radar instructor and soon (through the magical power of coincidence) the Agrarians (and everyone else) believe it is a powerful secret weapon. Green is held prisoner in the rather pleasant environment of the Agrarian palace where the President's many beautiful daughters have been instructed to fulfill his every desire. Eventually his girlfriend Betty (also in the Navy) and Lt. Smart come to Agraria to rescue him, but all is settled amicably in the end and the Agrarians get to manufacture their own 998's out of junk as a deterrent to their neighbours.
The Lavender Hill Mob (1952)
An overlooked gold transporter with twenty years service plots to steal a million pounds of gold.
Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951) as Harry
A naïve and talentless girl wins a beauty contest by mistake only to find herself caught up in the troubles of show business.
Quartet (1949) as Reporter
W. Somerset Maugham introduces four of his most famous short stories.
Stolen Life (1939) as
This Man in Paris (1939) as Swindon

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