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Art Director (feature film)

Requiem for a Gunfighter (1965) as Art Director
A professional gunfighter is mistaken for a judge in a small town plagued by bandits.
Young Dillinger (1965) as Art Director
An embittered young convict becomes Public Enemy Number One.
The Bounty Killer (1965) as Art Director
A tenderfoot goes after easy money as a bounty hunter.
The NEW Interns (1964) as Art Director
A trio of young doctors face romantic problems while fighting to survive in a big city hospital.
The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (1963) as Art Director
Three servants help their master duplicate his great grandfather's global tour without spending a dime.
13 Frightened Girls (1963) as Art Director
A diplomat's daughter gets mixed up in international intrigue and murder.
The Man From the Diners' Club (1963) as Art Director
A gangster tries to use a Diner''''s Club clerk as the fall guy in a scheme to fake his own death and escape his police problems.
The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962) as Art Director
On a trip to the past, the classic clowns turn a timid scientist into the legendary strong man.
Don't Knock the Twist (1962) as Art Director
A TV executive tries to create a musical special to save his network.
The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962) as Art Director
(Com ''62,BW). Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita, Carol Christensen, Edson Stroll, Emil Sitka, George Neise, Nestor Paiva. The stooges accidentally launch a top secret military weapon which implicates them in a sticky situation involving Martians and the U.S. Army. The great Frankenstein-like Martian makeup is by Frank McCoy.
The Underwater City (1962) as Art Director
The Interns (1962) as Art Director
Five interns clash with the head of surgery while trying to balance medical studies and romance.
Valley of the Dragons (1961) as Art Director
A comet transports two enemies to a jungle on the moon.
The Atomic Submarine (1960) as Art Director
In the far and distant future of 1968, many ships and planes are crossing the North pole to transport passengers and cargo. However lately more than eight ships and seven submarines have vanished mysteriously. The Tigershark is sent out to investigate their whereabouts and - if possible - remove the cause of their disappearance. But the life form Commander Vandover and his crew encounter may be too powerful even for their weapons of newest technology...
The Legend of Tom Dooley (1959) as Art Director
Michael Landon, Jo Morrow, Jack Hogan, Richard Rust, Dee Pollock, Ken Lynch, Ralph Moody. Unaware that the Civil War is over, a trio of Confederate soldiers rob a Union stagecoach, killing two men, and bringing about their own downfall. Ted Post (HANG ''EM HIGH) directs this fatalistic western which features The Kingston Trio performing the popular theme song over the title credits.
Submarine Seahawk (1959) as Art Director
Paratroop Command (1959) as Art Director
The Cry Baby Killer (1958) as Art Director
17-year-old Jimmy Walker (Jack Nicholson, in his screen debut) is brutally beaten by Manny Cole (Brett Halsey) and two of his teen-age punk friends, Joey (Ralph Reed) and Al (James Fillmore), because Manny wants to move in on Jimmy's girl, Carole Fields (Carolyn Mitchell). Later, Jimmy shows up at the hangout of the teenage crowd to take Carole away, and challenges Manny to a fight. Manny's two buddies move in with brass knuckles, and one of them pulls a pistol, which falls to the ground in the scuffle. Jimmy picks it up and shoots Manny and Al. A police officer orders Jimmy to surrender, but he panics, thinking he killed the pair, and dives into a small storeroom, and holds Sam (Smoki Whitfield as Jordan "Smoki" Whitfield) and Mrs. Maxton (Barbara Knudston) and her small infant baby hostages. Police Lieutenant Porter (Myron Healey) and others plead with Jimmy to surrender and release the hostages, but the terrified Jimmy threatens Sam and Mrs. Maxton with death if they break out. A large crowd gathers and almost breaks through the police lines to storm the storeroom. Porter decides to use tear gas, with a rescue unit standing by to help Mrs. Maxton and her baby. Jimmy is captured, but because he shot in self-defense, looks forward to leniency...and on such things 45-years-and-counting careers are born.
Hot Rod Gang (1958) as Art Director
A young man enters a rock band to raise money so he can enter a big drag race.
Jet Attack (1958) as Art Director
The Bonnie Parker Story (1958) as Art Director
In the 1930s, amoral blonde tommy-gun girl Bonnie Parker cut a swath of bodies across the South-West. Starting out on gas stations and bars with side-kick Guy Darrow she graduated to bank hold-ups with Darrow's brother and, after bloodily springing him, her jailed husband. But there was never any doubt who was in charge.
Suicide Battalion (1958) as Art Director
Second World War drama, set in the Philippines about a group of men recruited for the dangerous mission of destroying an American base to keep strategic papers out of enemy hands when Japanese forces invade. The men spend their last hours drowning their sorrows in a bar, but time is running out.
High School Hellcats (1958) as Art Director
A new student befriends an all-female gang bent on bucking authority and terrorizing their school.
Motorcycle Gang (1957) as Art Director
A troublemaker returns to town only to find his old tearaway pals have joined a supervised motorcycle club. Friction erupts between him and the new leader about this goody-goody setup, and about the charms of gang moll Terry.
Voodoo Woman (1957) as Art Director
Deep in the jungles a mad scientist is using the natives┬┐ voodoo for his experiments to create an indestructible being to serve his will. When a party of gold seekers stumbles upon his village, the scientist realizes that Marilyn the expedition┬┐s evil leader is the perfect subject for his work.
Reform School Girl (1957) as Art Director
For refusing to squeal on her delinquent boyfriend, a teen girl is thrown into reform school where she ends up meeting his ex-girlfriend and the jealous tempers fly.
Burden of Truth (1957) as Art Director
Semi-documentary on how marijuana dealers lure small-town teenagers into heroin use and prostitution and how the police help to fight it.
Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957) as Associate (Art Direction)
A teenage couple making out in the woods accidentally runs over an alien creature with their car. The creature's hand falls off, but it comes alive, and, with an eye growing out of it, begins to stalk the teens. Meanwhile, Joe the town drunk wants to store the body in his refrigerator, but some of the alien's buddies inject alcohol into his system, and Joe dies of an overdose.
Dragstrip Girl (1957) as Art Director
Rival teens challenge themselves to a dragstrip race, and the winner runs of the girl.
Girls in Prison (1956) as Art Director
Protesting innocence (of course), 21-year-old Anne Carson, convicted as an accomplice to a bank robbery, finds herself in prison with 3 equally glamorous cellmates in form-fitting uniforms: tough Jenny, unbalanced Dorothy, and deceptive, sweet-talking Melanee who (it's implied) makes unwanted lesbian advances toward Anne. The prison chaplain takes an interest in her case...or is it in her? As Anne meets the darker side of prison life, she learns that her greatest danger is the existence, somewhere out there, of unrecovered bank loot everyone thinks she hid.
The She-Creature (1956) as Art Director
A mysterious hypnotist (Chester Morris) reverts his beautiful assistant (Marla English) back into the form of a prehistoric sea monster that she was in a past life.
Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956) as Art Director
A group of concerned adults try to ban rock and roll music in their town because they think that the music promotes juvenile delinquency. It's now up to a disc jockey and a hipster to defend the music in a televised trial. The movie also features several rock and roll performances, most notably from Fats Domino.
Runaway Daughters (1956) as Art Director

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