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Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift



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  • Still Not Forgotten!

    • AnnaMarie
    • 2016-01-17

    While watching the Golden Globe Awards, it was nice to know that Tom Hanks mentioned Monty Clift as one of those great actors. After all of these years, Monty is still not forgotten.

  • Another Year of Celebrating

    • AnnaMarie
    • 2015-10-18

    Happy 95th Birthday, Monty! Hope you're celebrating your special day in a better life.


    • Colleen
    • 2015-02-20

    We will never see another like him, pure talent. Intelligent and decades ahead of his time,knew the studio system was evil to the core, and despised it. He should be admired for that alone. The so called movie stars of today cannot hold a candle to his talent.

  • Thanks TCM on Monty's 94th Birthday

    • AnnaMarie
    • 2014-10-17

    Thank you TCM for showing a few of Monty Clift's movies on his special day! Always a dedicated fan!

  • Happy 93rd Birthday, Monty!

    • AnnaMarie
    • 2013-10-17

    Thanks TCM for showing one of Monty's movies on his special day! I was able to see this one before I headed out to work this morning. Next year please show all of Monty's 17 movies on his special day just like you do with other stars. We need to keep this legend alive! I am also thrilled that Matthew Bomer will be portraying Monty in his upcoming movie called "Monty Clift" in 2015. Monty is finally getting some recognition that he deserves.

  • An Unforgettable Legend

    • AnnaMarie
    • 2013-09-27

    47 years have passed since your death and your dedicated fans still admire you and your gifted talent as an actor. Happy 93rd Birthday this coming October 17, 2013, Monty! I have read both biographies on Monty and found them both so interesting. Wish someone at that time could have helped him with his alcohol and pill addictions, he would have lived much longer and made more movies. I will always treasure the ones that he had made, for he was truly a great actor. TCM why do you show Monty's movies in the wee hours of the morning? How about us fans who have to work all day, we sure would like to see him after a long weeks' work at a much reasonable time, like from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I think it's great that this web site is getting more and more fans each year.....please keep Monty alive!

  • The Actors Actor ~ Hero

    • MsKoali
    • 2012-08-07

    We all have seen A Place in the Sun. I was 9 when Montgomery Clift passed away so I knew his name and image. I always heard the sensitivity in the voices of people when they spoke of him. I heard Liz Taylor seeming to advocate for him, a few times, posthumously. I learned he was a New York stage actor like Brando and many others. Montgomery Clift balked at film and tv and going to Hollywood. He gave in when it seemed promised he would choose his work and guide his own way. Still, never forget, Hollywood wants to control it's talent ~ even this rare talent. But his film acting is so smooth and comfortably developed ~ how he did have these skills. He started young and stayed on stage. He remained with method acting in spite of it's non-conformity with Hollywood. He is the actor's actor. If you see many actor's in him; it is because they emulated him. He was his generation's proctor. They walked after his method. They knew to be in awe of him. He shines and he is a light on the screen. He doesn't make mistakes. Red River; From Here to Eternity; Judgement at Nuremberg - (he's the best one in that) ; The Heiress; The Young Lions. He is unexpectedly the standout; no matter who is cast with him; he is slightly the more memorable one. You warm and expect him and wait for him. You watch him and listen. You are proud you saw him. These are understatements. I wish he were alive still. I wish there were more films. I will see them all. It is what it is ~ he can't be captured and contained. He has to be viewed acting. Montgomery Clift. He is the actor's actor.

  • The Genius

    • Gary M. Jones
    • 2011-11-28

    One of the few actors that actually made me believe. Monty didn't just play his characters; he became his characters so much to the point that many fail to comprehend exactly what he was doing. Monty is genius, and will forever be loved. Through his performances of film, he is ageless, timeless, and forever.

  • Doesn't Get Any Better

    • Peggy Duncan
    • 2011-07-04

    Montgomery Clift is truly mesmerizing. It doesn't matter if he's delivering heartbreaking or exciting news, he captures you and you're on his side. His way seems right when it's self-destructive. A reflection of his true life? Don't know for sure, but there's surely something deeply emotional and lonely that comes across. No matter how many times I watch his movies, it's like seeing him for the first time. "A Place In The Sun" is right at the top, with From Here to Eternity close behind (Frank Sinatra stole that one from him) even though he pulls you into his struggles until you hurt with him. Skill and beauty beyond measure - a true gift was given to us in the form of Montgomery Clift...

  • Montgomery Clift- Movie Legend

    • Aljaz
    • 2009-08-02

    My favourite actor. After all this time he´s still America´s romantical ideal and probably the only actor who was even more beautiful than his leading ladies. What a beauty, what a talent- a unique combination. The brightest star. An actor and an artist, the king of sensitivity. Just one look at him and you´ll never take your eyes off! Even in my dreams I can´t imagine anyone prettier. Great guy- a real MOVIE LEGEND!

  • Monty lives on!

    • Aljaz
    • 2009-08-02


  • the best actor and most unforgetable

    • L Logan
    • 2008-10-13

    please show any of the specials about Montgomery Clift-he is the best and the most sensitive I would also love to see Wild River

  • Monty

    • Carlos
    • 2008-09-07

    Monty is one of the few actors in hollywood who has the looks and the talent to keep you staring at him while he delivers intense, introspective complex performances. Definitely the best in my humble opinion.

  • Amazing actor

    • Stefany
    • 2008-06-18

    It is such a shame that his name isn't as well known as Marlon Brando or James Dean. Clift was such a versatile actor and should be remembered by people of all ages. I am only 18 but tell everyone to watch his films! He was great in The Search and was completely different as George Easton in A Place in the Sun (one of my favorites). His acting style was so different during the 1940's (and so on) and made his character's not so stiff and almost robotic, but REAL. He was NOT only a pretty face and should not be scrutinized for being a homosexual. He should be remembered solely for being an amazing, natural, actor who brought CHARACTER to his characters.

  • I love monty!!

    • Kim
    • 2008-06-07

    I can't help but smile whenever i see him in a Place in the Sun

  • Happy Birthday, Monty!!!!

    • Mary
    • 2007-10-17

    Happy Birthday, Monty!! You were the greatest actor ever and you will never be forgotten. Love, Mary

  • Fantastic Actor

    • Chelsey
    • 2007-08-14

    Monty Clift had such great talent and appeal that, no matter what role he played, all eyes were on him. It's heartbreaking that he lived such a troubled life and died so young.

  • Brilliant performer

    • cju
    • 2007-08-13

    I'm so sorry he didn't get to live up to his full potential. He is the reason so many great actors are around today. His best performance I think is in The Search, a real gem that is hard to find these days. He was amazing in A Place in the sun and From Here to Eternity. He is just as important a film actor as Brando was - Just a shame his personal and medical problems took him down and he died so young.

  • Brilliant talented man

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    He was such a brilliant actor. He was so talented and he didn't even know it. Brilliant man.

  • Monty - The most beautiful actor ever!!!!

    • Mary
    • 2007-06-20

    The first film I had ever seen starring Montgomery Clift, was "I Confess" from 1953. I didn't know who he was at the time, but I absolutely fell in love with his beautiful face and his phenomenal acting ability. He is one of those special people, who really knows how to draw you in with his charm and sincerity. I think Monty's penetrating eyes are his most striking feature. He looks like a very kind, gentle person with a heart of gold. I really wish that I could have had the opportunity to meet this wonderful man, and tell him how much I admire his work and great talent. It is truly unfortunate that he passed away at such a young age. If he had lived longer, he would have accomplished even more. Mr. Clift is truly a legendary actor. Most modern day actors just can't measure up to Monty. Monty, you are an angel, who definitely earned your wings! Love, Mary


    • Natalie
    • 2007-05-15

    Montgomery Clift is the best of the best. Its hard to find a great actor like him nowadays! LOVE YOU MONTY!

  • a legend

    • michael york
    • 2006-10-10

    he did not make many films but wow what a body of work! and he made so many classics my favorite films of his are red river wild river and the misfits i am not however a fan of his best known filmfrom here to eternity but he is by far the best thing about it i wish i had been around to see some of his legendary stage work also esp. the skin of our teeth-what a cast!

  • Amazing.

    • Elaina
    • 2006-08-21

    I think Montgomery Clift is one of the best actors of his time. He is stunning, both before, and after the accident. The Search is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

  • Wow! What an actor

    • LaurenF
    • 2006-07-09

    Watching this man act puts you on the edge of your seat, he is truly like no other.

  • 40 years since his death

    • Prewitt
    • 2006-07-05

    not just the greatest actor of his generation but one of the greatest film actors of all time.

  • Shouldnt be forgotten!

    • Leah777
    • 2006-06-15

    Better than James Dean but since he died in middle age and not while his looks were still breath taking due to a car crash, people forget a great actor.


    • s walls
    • 2006-06-02

    One of the VERY BEST of all time. Handsome, intense,prepared,professional,gifted. Troubled, like many talented people, he had demons. He left us MUCH TOO SOON, but he left a body of work that is unmatched. I LOVE HIM.(I always view Red River as a Montgomery Clift movie,not a John Wayne oater- Smile)

  • Montgomery clift

    • Laura
    • 2006-05-11

    Montogmery Clift was one of the greatest actors of all time.

  • Monty

    • Matt
    • 2006-01-28

    Montgomery Clift

  • One of the greatest actors ever to lived...

    • Mary
    • 2006-01-23

    Montgomery Clift is one of those actors who has a dark life. You can't stop but to feel sorry for the guy. After enduring everything that has gone on his personal life, he was still able to do his best works ever. No doubt, that Monty was a gifted actor, dedicated to his craft. One of a kind! We would be lucky if we ever get to see anybody close to his caliber in our generation today. They don't make them like that anymore.

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