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Jack T. Collis

Jack T. Collis



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Cast (feature film)

Impulse (1984)
A young woman returns to her rural hometown, only to discover that the entire community is caught in a mysterious epidemic of irrational behavior.

Art Director (feature film)

North Avenue Irregulars, The (1979)
When crooks set up operations in a traditional town, a minister and a group of church ladies are willing to do anything, no matter how wacky, to get them out.
Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)
Regan MacNeil is now seventeen, and although she appears to be normal after her demonic possession as a child, she is monitored regularly at a psychiatric institution. A troubled priest, Father Lamont, visits her there to learn about the death of Father Merrin when he was performing the exorcism on her four years before. Regan has no conscious memories of that time, but as the priest''s investigation continues, the demon is brought back.
Delta County U.S.A. (1977)
Delta County is "Peyton Place" relocated in a staid southern community, with the communications barrier between the generations as solid as ever.
Last Tycoon, The (1976)
1930s studio executive Monroe Starr makes high money deals, calms nervous stars and carries on an affair. F. Scott Fitzgerald is said to have based the character on MGM legend Irving Thalberg.
One of Our Own (1975)
A hospital drama involving a neurosurgeon/chief of services who faces numerous crises -- including saving a fellow doctor's life after an incompetent physician makes an erroneous diagnosis. This was the pilot for Peppard's short-lived "Doctors Hospital" series (1975-76), that had Lampert, Campos and
Save the Tiger (1973) as Art Direction
A clothing manufacturer faces a midlife crisis and a failing business.
Magnum Force (1973)
A maverick San Francisco police detective hunts down a band of vigilante cops.
Killer By Night (1972)
A doctor's battle to stem a diphtheria outbreak puts him in conflict with a police captain who is using all his manpower to track down a cop-killer. Many elements of this pilot film revive memories of Elia Kazan's stunning "Panic in the Streets" (1950). The original title until the eve of airing: "T
Climb An Angry Mountain (1972)
A widowed rancher/sheriff clashes with a hard-nosed New York cop over the techniques for pursuing a fugitive Indian up the side of California's Mount Shasta.
Darker Than Amber (1970) as Art Director
The Delta Factor (1970) as Art Director
Hello Down There (1969) as Art Director
A wacky inventor creates an underwater home and takes his family, including his teenage rock-band playing kids, to live in it.
I Deal in Danger (1966) as Art Director
This Rebel Breed (1960) as Art Director
Island of Lost Women (1959) as Art Director
Two downed fliers find themselves trapped in a reclusive scientist¿s island home.
Born Reckless (1959) as Art Director
A saloon singer falls in love with a free roaming rider and tries to change his lifestyle.
Girls Town (1959) as Art Director
Chip is killed accidentally while trying to rape a blonde girl, who runs. Silver becomes the number one suspect even though she has an alibi, but due to previous brushes with the law she's sent to Girls Town, a home for young women in trouble with the law which is run by nuns. Silver is rebellious and causes trouble at the school, and her friend Sarafina totters near the brink of self-destruction because of an infatuation with a young singer. Meanwhile Chip's father hires a detective to find out the truth, and Chip's friend Fred gets Silver's sister in trouble at a drag race. Silver has a lot of problems all right.
Up Periscope (1959) as Art Director
A U.S. frogman infiltrates a Japanese-held island during World War II.
Frankenstein--1970 (1958) as Production Design
A descendent of Baron Frankenstein unleashes an undead murderer on the crew filming his forebear''''s story.
Fort Bowie (1958) as Production Design
Cavalrymen have to attack their own fort when it''''s taken by the Apache.
Violent Road (1958) as Art Director
Truck drivers take cargo of explosives over bumpy mountain road.
Macabre (1958) as Art Director
A doctor's daughter is kidnapped and buried alive, and he is given just five hours to find and rescue her.
Voodoo Island (1957) as Production Design
A tycoon hires an investigator to prove that voodoo doesn''''t exist.
Outlaw's Son (1957) as Production Design
An outlaw is confronted by the son he deserted years earlier.
Hell Bound (1957) as Production Design
A criminal gang plots the robbery of a ship carrying $2 million worth of surplus narcotics left over from World War II. The plan goes awry when the gang leader's girlfriend falls for an ambulance attendant who is an unsuspecting pawn in the scheme.
Bop Girl Goes Calypso (1957) as Art Director
A psychiatrist predicts that calypso will replace rock ''''n'''' roll.
The Girl in Black Stockings (1957) as Production Design
A young girl''''s murder leaves a hotel full of suspects.
Revolt at Fort Laramie (1957) as Production Design
Start of the Civil War splits troops at frontier fort.
Tomahawk Trail (1957) as Production Design
Renegade Apaches make things tough for a cavalry outpost. First, they steal all the horses of a column, which must make its way back to the fort on foot. Once there, the soldiers discover the entire population dead from an Indian attack. This leaves Neise, an unseasoned West Point graduate, in control. But he just doesn''t know how to handle the trouble, so up steps Connors, the tough sergeant who at least knows which way is up.
War Drums (1957) as Production Design
A white trader and an Apache chief fall for the same woman.
The Dalton Girls (1957) as Production Design
Jungle Heat (1957) as Production Design

Art Department (feature film)

Ghost Town (1956) as Set Design
Stagecoach passengers fall under attack by Indians and begin to reveal their true selves under the stress.
Three Bad Sisters (1956) as Set Design
A millionaire''''s daughter plots to kill her sisters and inherit all of her father''''s money.
Emergency Hospital (1956) as Set Design
Patients and staff face life-or-death situations during 12 hours in an ER.
Hot Cars (1956) as Set Design
To pay for his son''''s operation, a man gets mixed up with a stolen car ring.

Production Designer (feature film)

Far And Away (1992)
A turn-of-the-century story of two young Irish immigrants, he poor and she rich, who flee their homeland to settle in the American West.
Flight of the Intruder (1991) as Production Designer
Story set in 1972 in the South China Sea, about the missions of the Intruder, an A-6 low altitude bomber designed for flying in all weather conditions and at night, with no defensive weapons.
Next of Kin (1989)
A southern boy goes to Chicago where he becomes a cop and finds himself in the middle of a plot involving a vengeance-seeking Appalachian relative.
Alien Nation (1988)
Set in the future, 300,000 aliens from another planet immigrate to Los Angeles and integrate themselves into human society.
Running Man, The (1987)
In post-apocalyptic, totalitarian America of the 21st century, policeman Ben Richards is framed for a crime he did not commit. Ben escapes from jail, determined to prove his innocence, but is captured. As punishment, he is teamed with a woman named Amber Mendez and forced to participate in a violent TV game show called The Running Man. The two "contestants" face what is most likely a public execution, as they run a gauntlet of assassins armed with chainsaws and other brutal weapons. They can win the contest and obtain their freedom...if they survive.
Crossroads (1986)
Cocoon (1985)
A group of elderly people are rejuvenated by aliens after swimming in a pool.
Impulse (1984)
A young woman returns to her rural hometown, only to discover that the entire community is caught in a mysterious epidemic of irrational behavior.
Splash (1984)
A careless playboy finds love with a land-locked mermaid.
National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)
The Griswold family treks cross country en route to the Wally World amusement park.
Tex (1982)
Tale of two American teenagers growing up in the Southwest who are trying to make the right decisions with little parental guidance.
Night Shift (1982)
Chuck Lumley is a soft-spoken man who has the terrible job of being a morgue attendant during the night shift. Anxious to help a friendly prostitute named Belinda and influenced by his enthusiastic assistant Bill, who always has an angle, Chuck attempts to help Belinda, and make some fast money by t
The Four Seasons (1981)
Three middle-aged couples who vacation together find their loyalties to one another and their marriages tested when one of the couples divorces and the husband re-marries a much younger woman.
Paternity (1981)
A single man searches for a woman who will bear his baby with no strings attached. Trouble comes when that sense of Paternity gets in the way, not to mention a little love.
The Long Riders (1980)
The James brothers turn to bank robbery for revenge.
The Jerk (1979)
A naive young man seeks his fortune while trying to escape a deranged killer.
Last Word, The (1979) as Production Designer
An inventor battles against local government in order to save his home from demolition.

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