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Ronald Colman

Ronald Colman



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  • The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness.

    • Alfred Laverty
    • 2017-07-20

    Ronald Colman was a very great British Actor I was privileged to view in his last Movie as the Chinese Mandarin in The Inn OF The Sixth Happiness,as a youngster in Worcester,Mass.He is Sorely Missed!


    • Ginger
    • 2016-03-29

    If you doubt my opinion then I challenge you to first see him in Talk of the Town and then watch A Double Life and you won't know that it's the same person. He was such a good actor that he didn't require make-up to change his personality while portraying dual roles in the same movie, which he did in several of his films. And his Shakespeare was to die for... wonderful. Also; highly recommend the Ronald Colman Appreciation Society on Facebook, too!


    • Jill Springer Forrest
    • 2013-08-30

    Love British Film, TV & Cinema, it's the best period. Even though I always have on the captions to catch every different new word for things, the acting is top-notch & funnier than hell. Ronald Colman is a true idol to emulate in setting "THEE standard.". And his subtle sexuality is delicious and slightly devious....yum

  • Unrivaled...

    • margot
    • 2012-11-30

    Like others before have said, Random Harvest is my absolute favorite movie. Pairing with Greer Garson, another favorite, was non pareil (unequaled). It's just the most romantic movie with the cleverest plot, which must be totally original. They don't make movies like that anymore. Also liked Ronald Colman in Shangrila. Personfication of a true gentleman. Can't help wondering if he was like that in real life. I think I've watched Random Harvest 20 times if I've watched it once.

  • Ronald Coleman,gorgeous actor,awesome voice!

    • Bernadette
    • 2012-10-24

    I recently caught a Ronald Coleman movie on TCM, my favorite channel! Forgot how handsome he was and what a wondrous voice he had!!Now I have got to get some or all of his movies I can find.Random Harvest I think is my favorite. But I havent seen them all, so get back with me on that.Ha ha.So now when I get to Heaven when God meets me I hope He will let Ron come along behind me and smile and say"Welcome to Heaven, my dear!"

  • Can't get enough...

    • Grace Kathryn
    • 2012-07-18

    of Ronald Colman! One of the greatest! I wish more of his films were available. I want to see them all!

  • A great actor in Ronald Colman

    • Cathy
    • 2010-04-01

    One of the BEST actors of his time. I thoughly enjoy watching his films. I really love all his films. I would like to see more of them.

  • Ronald Coleman Wonderful - ActRESS Wife!

    • Jan
    • 2009-12-06

    We adore Ronald Coleman and his performance in A Tale of Two Cities in my opinion is one of the best performances by any actor ever. It is heart-wrenching and utterly believable. Comment about his bio on the TCM website - would be nice if you listed his wife(wives) as actresses, not actors. Someone may think it politically correct to write actor, but we find it bordering on offensive. I wonder what RC's daughter would think of her mother being called an actor, implying that she was a male. We could just call everyone 'Gender Neutral Joe Schmo' instead of Mr Schmo. Just a thought. Please revert to calling actresses actresses. Thank you. And Ronald Coleman's talent and voice are unmatchable. Is there any recording of his reciting poetry or literature? I imagine it would be a massive-seller, and it would be a very classy way for anyone to de-stress! Thanks for your time.

  • rating- Ronald Colman

    • helene levenson
    • 2009-11-24

    A great actor who has been forgotten by the modern film-viewing public.

  • TCM you need to find Colman's daughter!

    • Peggy
    • 2009-10-28

    TCM I love the interviews you do with family members of the stars. Any chance you could locate Ronald Colman's daughter Juliet? I am sure other fans would also enjoy hearing her comments about her famous father. Her biography on her father was wonderful and very informative. I own at least nine of his films and have recently found the recordings of Shakespeare's Sonnets that he did. I am also enjoying the radio broadcasts that I have been able to find. Ronald Colman's career was amazing going from the stage to silent films, then talkies and the radio, then to TV. What an amazing career!

  • Ronald Colman - my all time favoirte actor

    • Ziba
    • 2009-10-08

    Ronald Colman was a brilliant, decent, very handsome actor and such a gentleman, also in his private life. Without those airs and graces that others had ( and still have nowadays!) RANDOM HARVEST is my absolut favourite film, but I can also recommend CYNARA, THE LIGHT THAT FAILED, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, CONDEMNED, CLIVE OF INDIA, THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, A DOUBLE LIFE...and many more. He was also stunning in his silent films so as in BEAU GESTE. Ronald had the most beautiful velvet voice on this planet.R. Dixon Smith described him wonderful: ""Restraint, understatement, and subtlety, in conjunction with personal charisma. It was the light and unself-conscious way he carried himself that made him so appealing and which made his conflicts so much more deeply felt by his public. It was easy for men to feel that he was within their reach as a model-- smooth and suave, yet able to suffer the same self-doubts and pangs of love that every sensitive man experiences. And for women, he represented the best of all possible lovers: physically devastating and adroit, yet revealing a sense of romantic incompleteness, that sad but uncomplaining look in his eyes which made every female on the block want to protect him." -- R. Dixon Smith That´s why he´s my all time favourite one!

  • Need to see more of Ronald Colman Movies on TCM!

    • Regina
    • 2009-09-06

    Simply a wonderful actor.

  • Excellent actor: I want to see more!!

    • Lee
    • 2009-06-23

    I saw Random Harvest again for the second and it was just as good as though I watched it for the first time. I love to see this actor perform. You rarely see acting like this now days. I would love to see more of his films. Most actor and actress get a special day when we get to see all their films. I think the time has come to see all the films of Ronald Colman. Come on Robert Osborne lets make it a date!!

  • Thanks TCM - Coleman definitely a superb actor!

    • Peggy
    • 2009-06-14

    The other day you aired The White Sister, one of Colman's silent films. I am not usually a fan of the silent age but this was wonderful. Colman was great, not too over the top like some of the actors are in the silent films. I have been buying my favorite Colman films to add to my own library. That way I can see him anytime I want to. I must have watched Random Harvest, 20 times since it arrived! And I can't believe that each time the acting comes across genuine and fresh. Each time I see some other effect the director used to enhance the story. I am beginning to feel like Kitty, that he has spoiled me for other actors. I love the movies but today's films often lack depth and any kind of rich characters, for some reason movie makers must think graphic violence or sex are a good substitute for a truly courageous leading man or woman. Colman plays those wonderful characters with integrety who are willing to stand for what is right, even if it isn't easiest or to his advantage, what a refreshing change! (Prisoner of Zenda, Random Harvest, Lost Horizon, White Sister) So I turn to TCM and my own library of films to soothe my jangle nerves from the cares of today with Colman's velvet voice and handsome face and get lost in the classic films of yesterday. The only thing missing from the DVD's are Robert Osborne's wonderful comments.

  • Love the voice, Love the talent

    • Marilyn
    • 2009-05-24

    of this great, yet somehow ignored actor. Why does TCM only have 3 movies scheduled for this actor within the next 90 days? Why? His movies deserve more than that. Please, TCM. Please, pay homage to this extremely talented persona of the silver screen. Play his silents, play his talkies, play them all. Do a month for him. Is there going to be a 'Summer Under the Stars' this year, if so, doesn't appear you've selected Mr. Colman. TCM, you are missing out on an opportunity to view and to allow viewers to experience true greatness by avoiding this man's filmograph.

  • The Greatest Voice In Motion Picture History

    • David Brown
    • 2009-05-22

    There are few actors who could even come close to the power of his speaking voice: Olivier, Heston, Wells, Earl Jones are a few in his league, but even they cannot touch him. I have NEVER seen a bad Colman performance (Even the awful "Story Of Mankind" was partially redeemed by Colman and Vincent Price). I have seen almost every talking picture he ever made, and most of them can be considered classics: "Bulldog Drummond" & "Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back", "Condemned" (And I CANNOT STAND Ann Harding. She is without question my least favorite actress ever) "Raffles, "Talk Of The Town", "Lost Horizon", "Random Harvest", "The Light That Failed", "The Masquerader" (It was remade as "On The Double" (With Danny Kaye), and "Dave". And although they were very good, they were not in the same league with this film) , "Arrowsmith", and of course, "Champagne For Caesar" to name a few. Over and over again, you see nothing but great acting and of course, speaking from Colman.

  • Wonderful British Character Actor

    • Jill Clements
    • 2009-04-01

    ...especially when he was paired in films with Greer Garson. If you've not seen the films that Ronald Colman played the lead in, your missing great performances. He could bring his characters to life with such finesse. I love viewing his films repatedly... Jill

  • I hope TCM isn't ignoring Colman

    • Jan Tartu
    • 2009-02-11

    I follow TCM programming regularly. To the best of my recollection--and I recollect extremely well--I cannot recall a time when TCM honored Ronald Colman's birthday (February 9th) or made him "Star of the Month". Granted that (lamentably) he didn't make that many "talkie" motion pictures when compared to his close friend, William Powell. But when you throw in his silent films, many under the aegis of Samuel Goldwyn, then you have enough of a representative body of work to showcase in a month. Also, when TCM does show a Colman film, if there are comments by Robert Osborne, his comments RARELY, if EVER, have to do with Colman. There's usually some kind of oblique reference, preferring to skirt around him to one of the co-stars in the film, or the director, or the cinematographer, or the composer, etc. Next time watch a Colman movie and see what I's almost like Hearst banning any mention of Orson Welles in any of the Hearst newspapers, because any substantive comment about Colman himself is, inexplicably, off-limits!

  • The Great Ronald Colman

    • Kendall
    • 2008-12-29

    Ronald Colman was the greatest film actor of the 20th century. His warmth, depth of characterization, good looks, charm, and captivating speaking voice mesmerized several generations of film audiences. His performances had a way of holding the audience in the palm of his hand, a gift displayed particularly in such classics as Lost Horizon, A Tale of Two Cities, If I Were King", Prisoner of Zenda, Random Harvest, and A Double Life, to name just a few. When Ronald Colman romances Madeleine Carroll in Prisoner of Zenda, one hangs on his every word, delivered with depth of passion and elegance. Or what can top the immortal final lines in A Tale of Two Cities which cause a dramatic rush and bring a tear to the eye. Or the way he delivers the poetry of Francois Villon in If I Were King--"If I Were King, ah love, if I were king, what tributary nations would I bring to stoop before your scepter." It was a performance that had schoolchildren of the era learning the poetry of Villon. No actor had the ability to captivate audiences the way Colman could. The only thing holding Ronald Colman back from the recognition he so richly deserves is the failure to give him the kind of airtime that is regularly given to other lesser actors of his generation. TCM needs to devote a month to Ronald films, and screen many of his little or seldom-aired sound and silent films, such as those with Vilma Banky. Also, the company which owns "The Halls of Ivy" television series needs to release these on DVD. Of all the golden age television series which have made their way onto DVD, The Halls of Ivy is the most glaring omission.

  • Ronald Colman Forever!

    • Jay Young
    • 2008-08-09

    You ought to show some of his old swashbuckling silents. Like Two Lovers, or The Rescue, or Romola, or The Night of Love. You know, he replaced Valentino! Women really go for the romantic slim athletic type with all the intelligence and classy sophistication. You keep showing the same ones, when he had a whole long diverse career. You could have a retrospective on his life story, too.

  • An Amazing actor

    • Donna
    • 2008-07-05

    I would like to see more Ronald Colman films. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. Although he is a well established actor, his name was not mentioned as much as other so called legends in acting- and it should have.


    • Nora
    • 2008-05-14

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE show more Ronald Colman films. Why is TCM showing so many newer BAD films when there are so many films from the golden age of film that are being neglected????

  • Simply Amazing

    • Sam
    • 2008-03-12

    I was 15 when I first saw a Tale of Two Cities. Even then I was amazed by Ronald Colman's performance. I thought he was born to play Sydney Carton. I fell in love with him when I saw Random Harvest - the most romantic movie of all time. From the first scene, where we see the lost look of a Great War soldier who doesn't belong anywhere, to the last, when he finally finds his way home, only he could pull off it off. Thirty years later, he is still my favorite actor, and I wish he were more recognized. At least we can get a few of his movies on DVD now.

  • bravo for colman

    • michael york
    • 2007-12-30

    of the few actors who were stars of both the silent and sound eras colman has to rank among the best-always projected intelligence and he alwyas seemed to truly be listening to the other actors' dialogue as well-my favorite actor of all time is cary grant yet it is ronald colman who should have won jean arthur in that film-and that to me says alot about his talent

  • Neglected

    • KP
    • 2007-12-25

    I've only recently come across TCM and I'm perplexed why Ronald Colman is so neglected. This was one of the great stars of the silent era to the '30s and '50s, unsurpassed in such classics as Under Two Flags, A Tale of Two Cities, Lost Horizon, The Prisoner of Zenda, A Double Life, The Talk of the Town, to mention a few. He had more charm, grace and acting ability than all the pip squeaks we call stars rolled into one. So as as a classic movie channel, give credit where credit is due and let's a bit more of people Like Colman.

  • Ronald Colman for "Star of the Month"

    • Ruby
    • 2007-10-22

    Such an incredible actor, one of my all time favorites. It would be wonderful to have Ronald Colman movies featured all month long!

  • Coleman Collection

    • Patricek
    • 2007-10-13

    Is there a Ronald Colemen collection of films available in a DVD set? I have only seen a few of his most memorable movies and I have seen them at least 60 times each..Random Harvest, Tale of Two Cities ( my Thanksgiving Day tradition), Lost Horizon...oooo Lost Horizon...if only there were books on tape read by Ronald Coleman...but I would settle for a DVD collection so that I could see and hear him more often. Random Harvest pairs the two best speaking voices * in movie history, such a joy to watch but more to listen to. * mustn't forget Sir Lawrence.


    • Nora
    • 2007-09-06

    This guy was great. Comedy, drama, action...he did it all...well, except tapdance. Would love to see more of him on TCM.


    • Sandra
    • 2007-08-18

    Would love to see more of the unforgettable, Ronald Colman. He was talented, handsome and apparently a highly regarded actor during his time. Too bad there aren't more role models like him.

  • STAR-of-the-MONTH...PLEASE!!

    • Jules
    • 2007-08-14

    I agree with all posting and would love to see some of Colman's early 30s films..."condemned".."the man who broke the bank at monte carlo"..the masquerader".."raffles".."cynara"..."bulldog drummond strikes back" (with charlie chan..sidney toler)!! PRETTY PLEASE!!


    • Alexandra
    • 2007-08-14

    He was the quintessential gentlemen of the silver screen. His manner, his voice, his beautiful eyes demand the viewer keep all attention focused on matter the co-star. From his silent films days to the spectacular success of the 30s and 40s he honed his craft to perfection. His persona is one that should be honored and remembered. Just try to watch "Random Harvest" without going through a box tissues. I re-watched "A Double Life" the other day and thought what an incredibly under-appreciated actor. It has to be up to TCM to bring him to the forefront of classic stars who should not be forgotten.

  • Star-of-the-Month honor!!

    • Pataricia
    • 2007-08-14


  • Agree that we need a Ronald Colman month

    • Janet and Denise
    • 2007-06-10

    We fell in love with this man when we saw Lost Horizon. He is a great, overlooked major film star. He is Clark Gable with better looks, a better voice, more talent, and even more sex appeal! (sorry Clark)

  • Big Colman Fan

    • Robin
    • 2007-06-07

    Would LOVE to see Ronald Colman as star of the month. I have enjoyed his movies for many years. I never get tired of hearing his voice ! Would love to see The Light that Failed, Under Two Flags, If I were King & other earlier ones that aren't shown as much. Would love to see some of his silent movies. He was a talented actor & deserves the honor of Star of the month.

  • Ronald Colman month on TCM

    • Xanadu
    • 2007-06-06

    I have recently discovered the overlooked talents of the wonderful Ronald Colman through the few films TCM has aired, Random Harvest, Lost Horizon, Arrowsmith, etc. he's one of the most charming, intelligent and sensitive actors to grace the screen. TCM rarely shows any of his other films such as Double Life, Champagne for Caesar, If I were King, Raffles and even earlier silent films. He is certainly deserving of a tribute and I hope TCM will think so soon. Thanks


    • Will
    • 2007-03-28

    In my opinion, Ronald Colman is the greatest actor of all time. He would be universally recognized as such if he had appeared in more movies in the 30's 40's and 50's. Random Harvest is my favorite movie of all time. I also like a tale of two cities, if I were king (I loved that movie and Basil Rathbone - also one of my favorite actors, showed his versalitily), talk of the town and a double life. There are others, but the ones that I just mentioned stand out. Also one with Claudette Colbert, I don't remember the name of the movie. I may have missed it, but if I didn't, please have him as the star of the month sometime soon. There is no one better.

  • ronail colman for star of the month

    • erica marino
    • 2006-12-26

    i think ronald colman sould be star of the month because not only was he a great actor he made great films and i'd love to see more of his movies on tuner classic movie so pleasae vote him in thank you


    • Gail
    • 2006-11-16

    Please, honor the great Ronald Colman as Star of the Month. Colman deserves to be remembered. He was one of the few actors who made the transition from silent films to talkies. His voice, his looks, his talent made him one-of-a-kind. Ah, that voice, that wonderful voice. RC graced some of the most memorable films of the 1930s and 40s. His talent will not pass this way, again.

  • My favorite actor!

    • Darcy
    • 2006-09-08

    Show more of his films, please! We'll not see the likes of him again - but it's wonderful that his performances are preserved on film forever.

  • One of the best!

    • Bradamant
    • 2006-04-30

    I swooned for him 20 years ago at the age of 12. No one my age knows of him (even those few contemporaries who love classic movies), which saddens me. He quickly shot to number one on my list of favorite actors when I first became hooked on the classic movies, and he remains in the top spot to this day. I hope more people discover and appreciate this fine actor. A true gentleman with the most beautiful voice ever captured on film.

  • Love all his work..

    • Jan
    • 2006-04-17

    That voice, those eyes. I love Ronald Colman. I wish TCM would show more of his movies. He has done them all, comedy, drama, romance, adventure. I love A Tale of Two Cities, If I Were King, of course Random more of this actor please!

  • So extraordinary!

    • Dave
    • 2006-04-04

    Being a 50yr old man playing someone half that age. Such a great, convincing performance in Random Harvest. Wow!

  • Most beautiful voice ever!

    • Cathy
    • 2006-04-01

    The best in both comedy (Michael Lightcap) and drama (Anthony John/Othello) I vote him #1 actor of all time!

  • Love his sexy voice!

    • Eleanor Bridges
    • 2006-03-25

    I CANNOT believe, an actor, AS WONDERFUL AS Ronald Colman is, has had no reviews! What is going on here????? This is enough to make one roll over in a grave..I just cannot believe it!!!!!

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