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Cast (feature film)

Jet Pilot (1957) as Lieutenant
An Air Force colonel in charge of an Alaskan base has his hands full when he falls in love with a defecting Russian pilot.
He Ran All the Way (1951) as Police doctor
A crook on the run hides out in an innocent girl's apartment.
The Du Pont Story (1951) as Francis C. du Pont
On the Loose (1951) as Mr. Tanner
When she's branded as a "bad girl," a troubled teen fights for her parents' approval.
Bannerline (1951) as Al
An idealistic small-town reporter tries to fight corruption.
Starlift (1951) as P. R. O. officer
An actress and an air transport crewman fall in love in this star-studded salute to the Korean war.
Little Egypt (1951) as Reporter
The Great Jewel Robber (1950) as Rogers
A master thief escapes from a Canadian prison farm and makes his way to New York.
Bright Leaf (1950) as Poker player
Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.
Outrage (1950) as Porter, prosecuting attorney
A rape victim runs away to escape her horrible memories.
Three Secrets (1950) as Ralph
A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.
Chain Lightning (1950) as Bombardier
A reckless jet pilot goes to work for a demanding aviation tycoon.
Intruder in the Dust (1950) as Black convict
Only a young boy and an old woman stand between an innocent black man and a lynch mob.
Highway 301 (1950) as
A brutal bank robber fights internal divisions within his gang.
The Breaking Point (1950) as Reporter
A desperate fishing boat captain rents his ship to some gunmen on the lam.
The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949) as Constable
A woman is saved from drowning by a mysterious submarine, but nobody believes her.
Angels in Disguise (1949) as Newswriter
The Bowery Boys go undercover to expose a gang.
Fighter Squadron (1948) as Gunner
A dedicated flyer pushes himself and those around him during a perilous World War II campaign.
A Double Life (1948) as Man in audience
An actor starring as Othello opposite his wife finds the character''''s jealous rage taking over his mind off-stage.
The Big Fix (1947) as Joe
Ken Williams (James Brown), a star basketball player on a college team learns that a police lieutenant (Regis Toomey) is the head of a gambling ring attempting to fix basketball games by bribing the players. With the aid of some of his ex-GI buddies, he exposes the gamblers.
The Perils of Divorce (1916) as Geraldine, age 8

Cinematography (feature film)

Avengers, The (1998) as Camera Operator (The Magic Model Company)
Mrs. Emma Peel and John Steed are spies who work for the secret branch of the British government called The Ministry. They are called in to investigate Prospero, a plot to blackmail Britain by controlling the weather. Emma Peel is suspected of being involved but it is discovered that she has a double who works for the real baddie, Sir August de Wynter. He threatens to freeze Britain, at one point unleashing a blizzard on Trafalgar Square.
Goldeneye (1995)
Armed with his license to kill, James Bond (Agent 007) races to Russia in search of the stolen access codes for "GoldenEye," an awesome space weapon that can fire a devastating electromagnetic pulse toward the Earth. However, Bond is up against an enemy who anticipates his every move: Alec Trevelyan, a.k.a. Agent 006, a mastermind motivated by years of simmering hatred. As Bond squares off against his former compatriot, he also battles Trevelyan''s stunning ally, Xenia Onatopp, an assassin who uses pleasure as her ultimate weapon. When the horrifying extent of Trevelyan''s plans is revealed, Bond must call upon his sharp wits and killer instincts in a deadly confrontation. From a destructive tank chase through the streets of St. Petersburg to the treacherous Cuban jungle, Bond finds himself playing a cat-and-mouse game to the finish.
Cape Fear (1991)
A deranged convict seeks revenge on the attorney who improperly defended him.
Hudson Hawk (1991)
A famous Manhattan cat burglar, immediately upon release from a ten-year prison term, is coerced--by various bad guys--into stealing three famous DaVinci artifacts, which, when linked together, make possible the transformation of lead into gold.
Batman (1989)
The Caped Crusader takes on his deadliest foe -- the Joker.
High Spirits (1988) as Camera Operator 2nd Unit (2nd Unit)
Trying to drum up tourist business, a castle owner advertises his estate as haunted and has his staff dress up as ghosts. The surprise twist is that as soon as the fake ghosts appear, so do the real ones.
Princess Bride, The (1987)
A fairy tale about a beautiful girl who is to be married to a nasty prince, but who is in love with another.
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
A timid shop clerk discovers a plant from outer space that lives on blood.
Spies Like Us (1985)
A pair of naive guys with aspirations to become government spies have their wish come true only to find out that they''re being used as decoys for a real spy team.
Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) as Camera Operator
Story of how Santa Claus came to be comes to the present when one of his elves, upset over a bad batch of toys, ends up in New York City working for a ruthless toy manufacturer. Santa must them come to his rescue.
Supergirl (1984)
Superman's young cousin Kara is also known as Supergirl. When a ring that is a Krypton power source is lost, she is sent to Earth to find it and learns that it is being used as a paperweight. Disguised as meek-mannered high-school student Linda Lee, she faces off against the evil villain Zaltar, who
Krull (1983)
A young prince must capture a five-bladed sword in order to save his princess and their planets from a terrible monster and his troops.
Dark Crystal, The (1982)
The last of the Gelfings, Jen and Kira join forces and embark on a dangerous journey to "heal" a precious Dark Crystal and restore order to their planet.
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
After a ship is sunk off the coast of Albania, the world''s superpowers begin a feverish search for its valuable lost cargo: the powerful ATAC system, which will give the bearer unlimited control over Polaris nuclear submarines. As James Bond (Agent 007) joins the search, he suspects the suave Kristatos of seizing the device. The competition between nations grows more deadly by the moment, but Bond finds an ally in the beautiful Melina Havelock, who blames Kristatos for the death of her parents. Agent 007 navigates his way through passionate encounters and risky confrontations which draw him into a world of arduous challenge, including, automobile chases, underwater battles, a tour over razor-sharp coral reefs, and an assault on an imposing mountaintop fortress.
Superman II (1981)
On the verge of giving up his powers for love, the man of steel is confronted with three super-criminals.
History of the World Part I (1981)
A parody of epic historical and biblical films, including such historical themes as "The Dawn of Man," "The Stone Age," The Spanish Inquisition," "The Bible," and "The Future."
Moonraker (1979)
When a U.S. space shuttle is stolen in a midair abduction, only James Bond (Agent 007) can find the evil genius responsible. The clues point to billionaire Hugo Drax, who has devised a scheme to destroy all human life on earth. As Bond races against time to stop Drax''s evil plot, he joins forces with Dr. Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. And 007 needs all the help he can get, for Drax''s henchman is none other than Bond''s old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed giant. Their adventure leads them all the way to a colossal, orbiting space station, where the stage is set for an epic battle which will determine the fate of all mankind.
Superman:The Movie (1978)
The legendary man of steel fights to save the world and his true love from Lex Luthor''''s criminal plots.
Deadlier Than the Male (1967) as Camera Operator
Walk in the Shadow (1966) as Cam focus
The Ipcress File (1965) as Focus
Secret agent Harry Palmer fights to survive brainwashing when a traitor hands him over to the enemy.
Doctor in Distress (1964) as Focus
An intern and his antagonistic boss bond over romantic problems.
There Was a Crooked Man (1962) as Cam focus
When a law-abiding demolition expert is duped by a gang of criminals into helping them he is caught and jailed. When he is released he goes straight and then notices a leading citizen in his town is cheating his neighbours.
No, My Darling Daughter! (1961) as Focus op
A British aristocrat tries to manage his daughter's romantic affairs.
No Love for Johnnie (1961) as Focus op
A British politician is torn between winning an election and being true to the woman he loves.

Writer (feature film)

Trailing North (1933) as Story

Producer (feature film)

Bloodknot (1995) as Associate Producer
A family consumed by the sudden death of a son gets an unexpected visit from a stranger claiming to have been his girlfriend. Quickly gaining the trust of the family, she eventually reveals the true motive behind her visit -- a long-lost family secret.

Music (feature film)

Flicks (1981)

Sound (feature film)

Dark Summer (1994)
A young black boxer begins an affair with his white junkyard boss's daughter.

Film Production - Main (feature film)

Falling Like This (2000)
Boyd has been in and out of prison his enire life and in a matter of hours he'll be free again. The first person on his list to see is Katie, the girlfriend who has been with him through thick and thin. But the excitement of this young love affair will eventually fall victim to the harsh realities o
Size of Watermelons, The (1996)
Alex, an aspiring 20-year-old filmmaker, hooks up with his friend, Gnome--an Anglo Hawaiian who runs a comic book store in Venice Beach, CA--to make a film about freeing Hawaii of the dominating Anglo culture. After various romantic and financial misadventures all the pieces come together, except tw
Closet Land (1991)
A woman in a nameless country is abducted by a man who brainwashes and tortures her, ostensibly because the children's books she writes are deemed subversive.
Number One With a Bullet (1987)
Two police detectives are escorting a crime boss to Los Angeles to testify in a court case. When the mobster is killed by an assassin during their watch, the officers investigate the murder and uncover a plot that incriminates their own department.
Murphy's Law (1986)
Ten years ago, police detective Jack Murphy helped put psychotic killer Joan Freeman in prison. Now Joan is out of jail and intent on getting her revenge against him, so she murders Jack's ex-wife and her current husband and frames Jack for the crime. When Jack is arrested, he is handcuffed to tough
Libido (1973)

Post Production (feature film)

Welcome to Woop Woop (1998)
While driving through the Australian outback, Teddy, a New York conman, is kidnapped by Angie, a sex-crazed tomboy to whom he has just offered a ride. Teddy is in heaven until wham... he's knocked unconscious and wakes up to find himself "happily married" in her native, remote town of Woop Woop, an

Misc. Crew (feature film)

Last September, The (1999)
The portrait of an end of an era--British rule in Ireland--and the demise of a class and way of life which had survived for centuries. A depiction of a young woman's coming of age in a brutalized time and place, the story is set in 1920 in County Cork, southern Ireland at the country home of Sir Ric
Last September, The (1999)
The portrait of an end of an era--British rule in Ireland--and the demise of a class and way of life which had survived for centuries. A depiction of a young woman's coming of age in a brutalized time and place, the story is set in 1920 in County Cork, southern Ireland at the country home of Sir Ric
Model by Day (1994)
A woman models by day and fights crime by night.

Cast (special)

2002 Olympic Winter Games (2002)
Coverage of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Olympic Winter Games XVIII (1998) as Commentator (Bobsled/Luge)
Coverage of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games from Nagano, Japan.
1994 Olympic Winter Games (1994) as Bobsled Play-By-Play; Luge Play-By-Play
Coverage of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games from Lillehammer, Norway.
1992 Winter Olympics, The (1992) as Analyst (Bobsled)
Coverage of the 1992 Winter Olympic Games from Albertville, France.
1988 Winter Olympic Games (1988) as Bobsled Analyst
Full sixteen-day coverage of the 25th Olympic Winter Games from Calgary, Canada.

Editing (special)

Debating Our Destiny: 40 Years of Presidential Debates (2000) as Editor
Special that features clips of debates with exclusive interviews conducted by Jim Lehrer over the past 10 years, with nearly all the debate participants, including Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Carter, Bush and Ford, as well as Vice Presidents Quayle and Mondale, plus contenders Geraldine Ferraro and

Film Production - Main (special)

Oscar Countdown 2001 (2001)
Live coverage of celebrities as they arrive for the 73rd annual Academy Awards presentation from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.
Third annual National Memorial Day Concert broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II. Includes music from the 1940s and dramatic readings to honor those who served in World War II.
Capitol Steps Comedy Campaign, The (1992) as Utility
The comedy group, The Capitol Steps, satirizes issues and personalities in the 1992 presidential campaign.

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