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Dana Andrews

Dana Andrews



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  • Anything But Wooden

    • southerngent
    • 2018-12-28

    My first Hollywood crush,always reminds me of my dad.Brown eyes,wavy dark hair,possessed a Southern charm.Called "Hollywood Enigma" in an excellent bio,Dana Andrews was a family man,3rd son of a preacher,who made up his mind,and followed thru despite hard times to become a top-notched actor.Met both wives at Pasadena Playhouse.Popular stalwart of 1940s and most of 1950s,he struggled with inner demons/alcoholism and overcame demon alcohol.Deserves many kudos,don't know if he was ever appreciated during his career.

  • Always watchable, a true Star

    • Kate
    • 2018-04-03

    A great actor, could say more with a look than other actors could with an entire speech. His films were varied, some not worthy of him, but Dana could carry a film on his own, just from the quality of his acting. I've tracked down most of his films now and recommend a little known film called "No Minor Vices" - he's brilliant in it.

  • Wooden,Never!

    • woodenmyhindfoot
    • 2015-02-17

    My all-time favorite actor!Was it the wavy hair or the soulful eyes or the deep,Southern-tinged voice?It was all plus so much more.When he was taking movies not quite on a keel with his best from the 1940s,he was still awesome!Charlie Sheen should take classes from Mr Dana,he could learn about pain and self-condemnation.Can't see Dana as anything but honest and full of integrity,hence being Pres Screen Actors in 1963.I think he could've pulled off Atticus Finch,too,as much as GregPeck was ideal.Maybe he was who he was because he was a preacher's son,and therefore a real family man.His family certainly has much to be proud of,and his drinking problem did not define him in the slightest.I remember his Public Service announcement,and admire his honesty.

  • Can't Help Loving This Man

    • lovemydana
    • 2015-01-18

    Dana,Carver Dana Andrews,where else would his professional name DANA Andrews come from?Solid family man,3rd son of Rev Charles Andrews and his wife ANNIS,older brother of actor Steve Forrest,youngest son and solid actor in his own right.Good family man.Highly recommend his biography,HOLLYWOOD ENIGMA,great bio,great info on this more deserving leading man.Much appreciation for all the loving fans who've contributed their wonderful comment here,it makes me proud,esp in this time with so many who diss actors for their looks,or just general trashy,bullying comments.TCM is the greatest,and agree that Dana should get a Star Of The Month tribute,he was up there for many years,overcame a fierce dependence on alcohol and lived to tell about it.(Or would it be use of alcohol vs dependence,not sure of proper term).

  • Ahead Of His Time

    • Ed
    • 2014-09-20

    In being a "sensitive", actor who often played "complex" or "flawed" characters, before these were popular traits in Hollywood leading men, Dana Andrews was ahead of his time. However, these adjectives don't do justice to his talent. Like many of the other reviewers here, I was distressed to see "wooden" used to describe any of his acting. It's always been exciting and very emotionally moving to watch the way he conveys so much in subtle ways (again ahead of his time). I can't recall a false, self-conscious, or unconvincing moment from him in any of the movies that I've seen. Again, like many of the other reviewers, I have often found myself thinking "great--Dana Andrews", when I come across a movie of his.

  • Glad There Are Many Other Dana Fans

    • thankstoallhisfans
    • 2014-05-25

    First movie remember him in was SWAMP WATER,esp that scene when he says "You been cottonmouth bit".Loved that accent.Read Hollywood Enigma,saw Steve Forrest x 2 talking of Dana in short clip with preview this week for LAURA and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES2 of his greatest.He and Robert Young both very underappreciated.Love Dana,Bon & Steve.My father looked a bit like him,same dark wavy hair and brown eyes.May all 3 men be having a great time in The Great Beyond.All very decent gentlemen.

  • Oh, those "stolid" "wooden" actors!

    • Jene Byrnes
    • 2014-01-03

    I seem to have a thing for so-called stolid or wooden actors. Between John Lund and Dana Andrews (what a position to be in!) I must, again, take forth my keyboard to defend an actors honor. Andrews - stolid? As another reviewer wrote, he simply underplays a scene. I challenge - nay, defy! - you to watch the scene where he honorably gives Teresa Wright the brush off in "The Best Years of Our Lives" and not see the exact. moment. his heart. breaks. If you can handle it, re-watch his scenes from the same film in the "plane graveyard" - his desperation, alienation, and loneliness seem drawn from a very real place within his psyche. All kidding aside, there is something empathetic about Dana Andrews - the pain telegraphed by small movements of his features seem to testify that here is a man who has lived through some heartbreak, who has experienced some dark nights of the soul. I feel strangely tender and protective towards his characters - many of whom seem to bluff their way out of pain through false bravado. Except Joe Lilac - there I have to admit Dana's just a log wearing a pout. I read no menace in that character. He could have played the part in knee pants with one of those giant lollipops. But, we all have our shortcomings - feet of clay, people.

  • It was all behind those eyes

    • Kyle
    • 2013-07-04

    Did TCM's bio writer ever watch a Dana Andrews performance? "To the point of being wooden" my (bleeeep). Dana Andrews was the master minimalist. Everything he needed to portray was there... fear, anger, confusion, skepticism, love, desperation, contempt, humor, the works. But not in guffaws or quivering jaws. It was all in and behind those eyes that gave away everything that his characters' frequent tough-guy facades were trying to hide. And what the eyes didn't tell you, the mouth did, in the same way... instead of the big grin or the anguished contortion he'd flick a smirk or a sneer that did away with a paragraph of words. The first Dana Andrews movie I saw was "Curse of The Demon". I've been hooked ever since. From the hits such as "Laura" to obscurities like "Swamp Water", ANY time I see a movie on with Dana Andrews in it, I'm watching.

  • Top Notch Actor/Singer

    • daisyflower
    • 2013-05-24

    Under appreciated gentleman. Loved the Bio, "Hollywood Enigma." Surprised not more info from Steve Forrest. He needs a blog.

  • New biography on Dana Andrews

    • David Knox
    • 2013-01-12

    Hollywood Enigma, Dana Andrews by Carl Rollyson (2012) is a new biography which details his life from his escape from a small Texas town to stardom. Thoroughly researched and loaded with personal comments from Dana's own journal, you will love it. Thanks to the biographer and to Dana's family for their openness/assistance in revealing this most wonderful man. He had a goal and accomplished it. He did not get "caught up" in the mendacity of Hollywood. He was faithful to his wife and friends. He was open about his frailties. What a man! Thanks to TCM for showing some of his movies.

  • Middle name was Dana, no Daniel

    • Anonymous
    • 2012-11-01

    Dana Andrews was my uncle and I've seen so many combinations of his name, or the spelling thereof. His name was Carver Dana Andrews. Thank you for your great coverage of him and his work. He was a truly wonderful man, on screen and off.

  • A Truly Talented Actor

    • My Honey
    • 2012-07-22

    Dana and brother Steve Forrest always 2 favs of mine.True Southern gentlemen.Loved Dana most of all in THE OX-BOW INCIDENT,love the wavy hair not slicked down for once.Lovely speaking and singing voice.Seemed a solid family man.He was underappreciated in many film roles.Should not have lost popularity as he grew older.Maybe not the draw of other actors,but he was always a solid performer.Miss you,Dana!

  • Most Underrated Actor of all time

    • Laura
    • 2012-04-02

    Dana Andrews is the most underrated actor of all time. He is the reason I love old movies. In my opinion, it was his persona more than any other actor's that most precisely nailed down the spirit of film noir. Not an old-fashioned hero, but a modern man unsure of who to fight or how. His humbleness, often bitter but always appealing, really sets him apart: most other actors' appeal rested on their being the best in something---the most in some way, whether in brains, courage, virility, etc... Dana Andrews never really gave that impression, despite his undeniable good looks and graceful physique, he really seemed representative of the good, solid, but ultimately unremarkable man, and while many actors managed to be rather sexy in spite of such an ordinariness, Dana Andrews somehow made the ordinariness itself sexy. Amazing. And oh god, don't even get me started on his voice. It does things to me.

  • dana - forever!

    • bozodotcom
    • 2010-08-31

    there are some actors, male and female, that always give excellent perfomances in whatever they do and mr. andrews was one of them. i knew, just knew, that when i saw his name on the marquee that story, plot and performances would be top-knotch with him aboard. bravo!

  • dana andrews

    • ethel goldtein
    • 2010-07-22

    I loved him, his looks, expecially his voice, his beautiful body. There is something about is entire persona that has me watching Laura every day , and never tire doing that. He was special, and I am continually attracted to his physical person, his wonderful, flat stomach. Never a bulge, even as he aged. I discovered him while watching "The Best Years of Our Lives", and have loved watching his movies ever since. I am 86 years old, and I think that because he was from my era, so to speak, that is why he appeals to me so much. I have that same dark side as he had. Reat in peace!

  • My favorite actor

    • Laura
    • 2010-04-27

    Dana Andrews could convey more depth of emotion wiith those eyes , and that VOICE that most actors could in an entire movie. From the excellent commentary given by his daughter Susan on the Fallen Angel dvd, I have always thought he would have made an incredible Jay Gatsby. With the noir craze, he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Laura, Best Years, Fallen Angel. Here's to Dana. An amazing talent, gentleman, and class act.

  • Unforgettable actor

    • Eileen Brown
    • 2010-04-26

    In the movie The Best Years of Our Lives Dana Andrews gave a brilliant performance as Captain Fred Derry. I cannot imagine any other actor playing that role. He had wonderful chemistry with Teresa Wright.

  • A Wonderful Actor Who Deserves more Recognition

    • Shari Greene
    • 2010-04-25

    When I was younger I use to watch classic movies a lot and my favorite actor was Dana Andrews. Through the years I would see him, but it wasn't until recently when you showed "The Best Years of Our Lives" that I wondered why he wasn't given more opportunities. He was so wonderful in that picture, and he wasn't even nominated for an Oscar. I read recently that he doesn't have a star on Hollywood Blvd. which seems unbelievable to me. He was outstanding in Ox Bow Incident, Laura, The Purple Heart (I know the film is dated somewhat). The North Star, A Walk in the Sun, and my new favorite Western, Canyon Passage. I would love to see My Foolish Heart with his co-star from Canyon Passage, Susan Hayward. I hope you show more Dana Andrews movies and he deserves a night, like Farley Granger.

  • Great actor

    • Bob Karam
    • 2009-10-18

    So many great performances by male actors from Hollywood's better years that it's impossible to make a list of the top ten. All attempts on my part have consistently included James Mason for FIVE FINGERS, Robert Donat for GOODBYE MR. CHIPS and Dana Andrews for A WALK IN THE SUN.

  • So Underated

    • Maurice H
    • 2009-08-04

    Dana Andrews always gave us a good performance be it as a downed flyer, a detective investigating a murder, or as a sgt trying to take a nazi farmhouse. Always dependable he is missed by his legion of fans!

  • A Great Actor!

    • Susan H
    • 2009-06-16

    I agree - he is not at all "wooden", unless the part called for it. Look at "The Best Years of our Lives", or "The Ox-Bow Incident", "The Purple Heart", "State Fair", "Boomerang" and the movies with Gene Tierney are great. He was great in war movies, noir's, family and dectective movies - or whatever the part called for. He was used by various directors, like Otto Peminger & Elia Kazan - demanding directors. They would not use a "wooden" actor. I love his movies and with more were shown on TCM.

  • Wonderful Actor!!

    • karen abernathy
    • 2009-06-16

    Dana Andrews is an awesome actor. My favorite movie is State Fair. He is so handsome in that and has such a sexy speaking voice. They should have let him sing for himself in that. Who could blame Jeanne Crains' charactor for falling in love with him? What's not to love? I can watch it over and over. The only better looking man on tv is Robert Osborne! I spend time with him everyday as I watch all my favorite old movies.

  • Dana Andrews was a talented and versatile actor.

    • Shirley Martin
    • 2009-05-08

    Anyone who writes of Dana Andrews's acting as being wooden or who says he had a limited acting range never saw him in "The North Star" or "The Oxbow Incident." He could play more and varied parts than any other actor I can think of.

  • So Underrated

    • Tild
    • 2009-04-27

    Like all the other commenters here, I think Dana Andrews was terribly underrated as an actor. He also had what I consider one of the finest, most expressive speaking voices I have ever heard. Cynicism, world-weariness, tenderness, disillusionment, a dry sense of humor -- Dana Andrews' voice captured every nuance and shading of a wealth of emotions in fine detail. I would love to have been able to hear him read fiction -- he would have been an audiobooks superstar! Watch (and Listen): Laura, The Best Years Of Our Lives, Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Walk In the Sun, The Oxbow Incident, While the City Sleeps.

  • They don't make men like him anymore

    • josie
    • 2008-09-25

    I wish they would show more of his movies He was so great. I loved him in Laura and The Best Years of Our Lives. I watch it every time it is on. He had it all and did'nt even know it.

  • i think he was great

    • Marilyn
    • 2008-07-28

    he is very underrated, much like frederic march ended up to be. He was up there with the best. I even think he was great as the mobster boyfriend in 'Ball of Fire'. I have yet to not like him in any part I've seen him play. And he was handsome, the kind of guy I would have liked to have been alive back in the day, just to have laid eyes on him, personally.

  • Capt. Fred Derry, A Shining Role

    • Barry
    • 2008-07-01

    If the only movie he ever made was "The Best Years of Our Lives", he gave more to Acting in that one film then most actors can claim in their entire careers.

  • Believable

    • JW
    • 2007-12-29

    Who doesn't believe that he was a war hero coming home in " The Best Years of our Lives".


    • Dean
    • 2007-11-26

    I cannot believe that Andrews was not nominated for supporting for the Ox-Bow Incident--to me, he OWNED this movie more than its star, Henry Fonda. The Academy really botched that one, lol Plus, he sure is nice looking, and not sure if i agree with "wooden" (TCM's adjective)..


    • MILTON
    • 2007-10-12


  • One of the best.

    • Melinda
    • 2007-06-19

    Dana Andrews was one of the best actors, and never truly got the credit he deserved, in my opinion. He was handsome, talented, and starred in some of the best films of the 20th century. He's the strong, handsome type I could see as the caring partner or father that I would want taking care of me, at least in his films. I do so wish TCM would make him a star of the month, and I wish more film fans would watch his movies. I am convinced they would love him and his movies as much as I do. Dana Andrews could truly do it all...drama, comedy, suspense, and musicals, and did what all good actors do: make it look so easy and flawless.

  • *****

    • izzy
    • 2007-06-02

    ***** A brillant performer and person. Very underated.... Perhaps he shared his opinons about hollywood and this somehow hurt him or surely he would of won an oscar.

  • Excellent actor

    • gcota
    • 2007-05-18

    dana andrews was an excellent actor but never got the credit he deserved. perhaps he was too much of a gentlemen to be popular like some of the other so called big stars.

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