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Roy D'Arcy

Roy D'Arcy


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Also Known As: Died: November 15, 1969
Born: February 10, 1894 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Chasing Danger (1939) as Corbin
When American newsreel cameraman (Foster) stationed in Paris is sent to cover an Arab rebellion he finds a financier presumed dead but actually fomenting desert warfare.
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939) as German officer on film set
True story of the dancing team who taught the world to two-step.
Under Strange Flags (1937) as Morales
It's 1914 in Mexico and Tom Kenyon is trying to safely transport a load of silver. General Barranca who is battling Panch Villa wants the silver. Villa's Captain is secretely working for Barranca and he convinces Villa that Tom is one of Barranca'a men and should be shot. The pleading of Tom's mother helps Tom and Villa become friends and he is released. But when Tom returns Villa is not there and the Captain orders his immediate execution.
The Legion of Missing Men (1937) as Sheik Ibrahim-Ul-Ahmed
El capitán Tormenta (1937) as Samson
Revolt of the Zombies (1936) as General Mazovia
On the Franco-Austrian Frontier during WW I, an oriental priest, chaplain of a French colonial regiment, is condemned to life imprisonment because he possesses the power of turning men into zombies. As the priest,in his prison cell, is preparing to burn the parchment containing the location of the secret formula, Colonel Mazovia (Roy D'Arcy, the accented version of Theodore Lorch) kills the priest and takes the partially-burned parchment. Fade to after the war to an expedition of representatives from all the Allied countries (only those with colonial interests it appears) being sent to Cambodia to find and destroy forever the Secret of the Zombies. The group includes Colonel Mazovia (somewhat akin to sending the fox to guard the hen house) ; a student of dead languages, Armand Louque (Dean Jagger) ; Englishman Clifford Grayson (Robert Noland) ; and General Duval (George Cleveland) and his daughter Claire (Dorothy Stone.) Armand falls in love with Claire, who accepts his proposal of marriage in order to spite Clifford whom she really loves. Later, when Claire, following an accident, runs to Cliff for comfort, Armand breaks the engagement, leaving her free to marry Cliff. Further accidents, caused by Mazovia, results in the natives refusing to work and the expedition returns to Pnom Penh. Armand fins a clue which he had overlooked before and returns to Angkor against orders. After viewing an ancient ceremony at the temple, Armand follows one of the servants of the high priest out of the temple, through a swamp, to a bronze doorway. When the servant leaves, Armand goes through the door to a room paneled in bronze, with an idol holding a gong in one hand in the middle of the room. He accidently strikes the gong, and a panel in the wall opens revealing a small metal tablet. He translates the inscription and realizes that it is the secret for which they have all been looking. He alone now has the power to make zombies out of people, beginning with a practice run on his servant before taking up that little matter of the fickle Claire. Armand is not one to be trifled with.
Hollywood Boulevard (1936) as The sheik
Captain Calamity (1936) as Samson
In the South Seas, Bill Jones (George Houston), captain of the schooner "Marigold", is known as Captain Calamity as he is quick to fight or frolic. Stone broke on the island of Quica and with his ship in need or re-stocking, Bill accepts an ancient Spanish doubloon from a young Australian named Carr (Barry Norton)in exchange for taking him to Tapillo, where Carr can take a ship to Sidney. Bill gives the doubloon to trader Joblin (Louis Natheaux)for supplies, and does not bother to correct the trader's impression that he has found a fabulous horde of pirate gold. With Madame Gruen (Margaret Irving), a slatternly jade who runs a waterfront boarding house, and Samson (the ever-oily Roy D'Arcy), her paramour, Joblin schemes to seize Captain Bill's supposed treasure trove. Together, they gather a a crew of cutthroats, led by Black Pierre (George J. Lewis), leader of the scum of the waterfront dives, to seize the treasure. Bill also meets Dr. Kelkey (Crane Wilbur), loser in many bouts with a brandy bottle, and his ward, Madge Lewis (Marian Nixon), on a mission to find the man who murdered and robbed her father in Australia. Bill agrees to help her, but does not remember her as the young girl he had saved from a sinking ship a dozen years before.
Three Women (1935) as
Kentucky Blue Streak (1935) as Harry Johnson
Outlawed Guns (1935) as Jack Keeler
To pay off his gambling debts to Keeler, Babe Rivers sells his and his brother Buck's cattle and then joins Keeler's gang. After the gang pulls off a stage holdup, Keeler takes the gold and double-crosses them sending the Sheriff to their hideout. When Babe gets caught and the lynch mob forms, Buck sets out to free his brother.
Orient Express (1934) as Josef Grunlich
Sing and Like It (1934) as [Mr. Gregory] The leading man
A gangster tries to turn his tone-deaf girlfriend into a singing star.
Flying Down to Rio (1933) as Greek
A dance-band leader finds love and success in Brazil.
File 113 (1932) as de Clameran, a well-bred crook
Sherlock Holmes (1932) as Manuel Lopez
Moriarty is sentenced to death, and Sherlock Holmes prepares to retire to the country and marry his girl (sic). But Moriarty has sworn that Holmes, Lt-Col Gore-King of Scotland Yard, and his trial judge shall all be hanged too. When Moriarty escapes and proceeds to put his threat into operation, Holmes has to postpone his retirement.
Shadow of the Eagle, The (1932)
The Eagle uses sky writing to make threats against a corporation. Nathan Gregory owns a travelling fairground and is thought to be the Eagle. Craig McCoy is a pilot who goes looking for the Eagle when Gregory turns up missing.
Love Bound (1932) as
Discarded Lovers (1932) as Andre Leighton
From Broadway to Cheyenne (1932) as Jess
When Owens' gang shoots it out in a New York nightclub, detective Breezy Kildare is wounded. After he recovers he takes a vacation at his father's ranch in Wyoming. Here he meets Owens again and finds him running a protection racket. When Breezy tries to stop him, Owens makes plans to eliminate Breezy.
The Gay Buckaroo (1932) as Dave Dumont
Girls Gone Wild (1929) as Tony Morelli
The Woman From Hell (1929) as Slick Glicks
Dee Renaud is a girl playing the "Devil" in an amusement concession at a beach resort. Slick Glicks, the barker, promises the yokels that if they're able to catch the "Lady From Hell," she will reward them with a kiss. But when Glicks tries to go beyond kissing, Dee is rescued by Jim Coakley, son of a New England lighthouse keeper. She marries him out of gratitude and they move to his home on an island off the rockbound coast. Dee tries to convince Jim's salty old father, Pat, that she'll be a good and faithful wife. But she's a passionate woman with a bit of the devil in her, and she flirts with Jim's best friend Alf, who invites her to elope to Havana with him. When Pat is incapacitated, however, Dee loyally remains in the lighthouse to operate the beam and avert a shipwreck.
The Black Watch (1929) as Rewa Chunga
Captain Donald King of the British Army goes to India just as World War I breaks out, convincing his comrades that he is a coward. In reality, he is on a secret mission to rescue British soldiers held prisoner there.
The Last Warning (1929) as Carlton
A producer decides to reopen a theater, that had been closed five years previously when one of the actors was murdered during a performance, by staging a production of the same play with the remaining members of the original cast.
Beyond the Sierras (1928) as Owens
A masked avenger takes on claim jumpers.
Beware of Blondes (1928) as Harry
Forbidden Hours (1928) as Duke Nicky
A king risks his throne for love of a commoner.
The Actress (1928) as Gadd
A theatrical troupe from the west end of London loses its leading lady (Rose Trelawny) when she goes off to marry a rich young man from the other side of town (Arthur Gower). The rest of the play deals with the budding romance and trials and tribulations of their love, as well as the changing face of late-19th-century theatre.
Domestic Meddlers (1928) as Lew
Riders of the Dark (1928) as Eagan
A lieutenant from the U. S. Cavalry is assigned to bring law and order to a frontier town ruled by a gang of cattle rustlers.
On ze Boulevard (1927) as Count de Guissac
A waiter who''''s just won a fortune is the target for society thieves.
The Road to Romance (1927) as Don Balthasar
The beautiful Serafina is captured by Balthasar's pirates on an island near Cuba, but the redoubtable José Armando arrives from Spain to effect her rescue.
Adam and Evil (1927) as Mortimer Jenkins
A wealthy society wife discovers her husband has an evil twin brother.
Winners of the Wilderness (1927) as Captain Dumas
Able wilderness fighter Colonel O'Hara loves Rene, daughter of the commander of the French forces during the French and Indian War. The Indians, under Pontiac, kidnap Rene. O'Hara hopes to rescue and wed her.
Frisco Sally Levy (1927) as I. Stuart Gold
Lovers? (1927) as Señor Galdos
Buttons (1927) as Henri Rizard
Bardelys the Magnificent (1926) as Chatellerault
A notorious womanizer falls for the woman he has bet he can trick into marriage.
Beverly of Graustark (1926) as General Marlanx
Valencia (1926) as Don Fernando
A woman recognizes the superiority of true love over infatuation when she barters her own love for the sailor''s freedom.
The Temptress (1926) as Manos Duros
In this silent film, a woman forsakes husband and lover to pursue a young engineer.
Monte Carlo (1926) as Prince Boris
An American adventurer on the run from detectives finds love.
La Bohème (1926) as Vicomte Paul
In this silent film, a starving artist falls in love with a sickly seamstress in 19th-century Paris.
The Gay Deceiver (1926) as Count de Sano
The Masked Bride (1925) as Prefect of police
Graustark (1925) as Dangloss
Pretty Ladies (1925) as Paul Thompson
A headlining comedienne falls in love with a drummer after literally taking a fall off the stage.
The Merry Widow (1925) as Crown Prince Mirko
In this silent film, a European nobleman courts the wealthy American widow he once loved to save his bankrupt homeland,

Cast (short)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1925 Studio Tour (1925)
This short film provides a silent tour of MGM studios in 1925.

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