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Irene Dunne

Irene Dunne



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  • Irene Dunne--Absolutely the best!

    • Raquel
    • 2016-01-19

    From the first time I saw one of her movies, I fell in love with Irene Dunne. Nothing could have prepared me for the enormous talent that that lovely woman had. None of her films have ever bored me. She can truly make me cry! Like I said, I love her.

  • Irene Dunne--Absolutely fantastic!

    • Rebecca
    • 2016-01-19

    I adore Irenne Dunne! Unfortunately, I didn't always watch her films on TCM when they were initially shown. But, I finally woke up and recognized her lovely acting ability. In almost every movie, she can move me to tears. She is one of the absolute best!

  • First Lady of Hollywood....and Rightfully So!

    • Julia
    • 2015-06-04

    Irene Dunne is the ONE! She is the true epitome of elegance, grace, class and heart. Dunne can do it all! From heartwarming comedies to heart wrenching dramas, Dunne knows how to hold an audience. Her partnerships with Cary Grant and Charles Boyer produced some of her finest work. From good ol' comedies, such as My Favorite and The Awful Truth, to piogant, romantic and devestating targedies such as Penny Serenade and Love Affair, Irene Dunne has been able to entrance us all with just a lift of her brow. She is truly marvelous! Out of all her movies, I fell in love most with Theodora Goes Wild. From discovering love to becoming an individual, it had it all with a nice touch of pure comedy gold. Not only is it one of my favorites, but I hope through TCM that others can discover just how magical she is and allow her to become their favorite too. Please put more of her movies on air and let her true beauty shine.

  • Simply the Best

    • Lisa Brooks
    • 2014-06-22

    Like Mama Hanson in Miss Dunne's superlative "I Remember Mama," the women folk in my family were never idle--except when an Irene Dunne picture came on TV. Then they would stop what they were doing and become very wistful over that girl from Louisville. "She was from here you know." They would all say. And so that was how I was introduced to the best actress who never won an Academy Award. Oh well, I bet Irene didn't really mind. I mean her life and legacy continue to be much more than any statuette can ever reflect.

  • A real gem!

    • Kim Witte
    • 2013-09-23

    Irene Dunne is like an unexpected glass of champagne. It's bubbly and sweet but it can still carry a wallop. What a beautiful American gem.

  • Popularity

    • Joan
    • 2011-08-12

    Irene Dunne, the beautiful, talented Actress would want to be remembered as the wonderful wife, mother and grandmother that she was first! A great Actress second! She is so popular today, she would be amazed and happy! People are searching for goodness and reality and that always seemed to show through in every Character she played. I am still amazed at the young people that are so drawn to Irene Dunne, they so admire the work and "the woman" she was! You are still letting the "Net" down, Irene!

  • irene dunne

    • Tom
    • 2011-02-05

    Irene Dunne was fabulous! One question. Why didn't she win an academy award?

  • Show Boat

    • Rita
    • 2011-01-10

    Once you see the Irene Dunne version of Show Boat you know it's the best - support actors are wonderful. It's a shame the Dunne version isn't available on home video. In fact, with the variety of her roles, I think an Irene Dunne Collection or two would be most welcome to vintage movie fans like myself. Her smile and laugh make me want to spend more time with her movies.

  • Irene Dunne

    • David Burleigh
    • 2010-07-26

    I just recently watched two wonderful films starring this beautiful actress, whom I'd never seen before. Both movies co-starred Cary Grant, My Favorite Wife, and The Awful Truth. She was amazing in both of them, and their on screen chemistry and comedic timing was excellent. Looking forward to seeing much more of her work in the near future.

  • Irene is IT !!!

    • D.J.
    • 2010-06-19

    For my money Irene Dunne was the BEST...she'll always top my list. It's easy to throw around superlatives but she truly was one of a kind!

  • My favorite Actress of all time!

    • Michael Allen
    • 2010-02-19

    I love Irene Dunne. She is my favorite actress of all time!!

  • Madison's Lady of Film

    • Ted Sullivan
    • 2010-01-17

    We have our own movie star in Madison. Irene Dunne was a lady and a citizen of Madison. We honor our Lady of Films at the local "OHIO THEATER" on Main Street by displaying a historical plaque about her and in honor of her. When the theater shows Irene Dunne films, everyone comes to see our Lady of Films. If you are an Irene Dunne fan, come to Madison, Indiana and see our tributes to our Lady of Films.

  • Fan of Irene

    • Sharon
    • 2009-03-01

    I just loved Irene Dunne. What a great contribution to Hollywood history. She was very capable and enjoyable to watch.

  • ahhh...

    • carrie mosier
    • 2009-01-29

    irene is amazing..only a year ago i saw my first moive starring irene and since then i have been in aww of her wit, beauty and sass...movies today do not capture the talent and entertainment that the older movies possess.. i adore her..come to find out i live only 30 min from her childhood home which still stands..amazing....

  • Admiring Fan

    • Jeannine Shoup
    • 2009-01-25

    I have been a fan of Irene Dunne's for some time. I enjoy watching and listening to her. Every movie that I have watched of hers she has always performed the part as if she were the real person she was portraying. She has a wonderful voice when she sings. I wish TCM would show more of her movies more often. I didn't know until reading just now about her work with the United Nations. I don't find that hard to believe either. Just by her acting she seems like she would have a good soul for helping others.

  • Irene Dunne Biographies

    • Vern
    • 2009-01-01

    There are two excellent biographies on Irene Dunne. There are: Irene Dunne: A Bio-Bibliography, by Margie Schultz, New York, 1991. Irene Dunne: First Lady of Hollywood, by Wes D. Gehring (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2003). Both are available from Amazon or ebay.

  • WOW!

    • Patty
    • 2008-10-08

    Over the years I'd seen Irene Dunne in several films and admired her - I'm thinking particularly of "Penny Serenade," "I Remember Mama," and "Anna and the King." I didn't see "The Awful Truth" until a year or so ago. Wow! In it, she and Cary Grant are - what - scintillating? Perfect? What a pair! I understand it was this film that made Grant a star and introduced the wonderful character he perfected over the years - elegant, charming, self-effacing, very clever and amusing. But the two together, Dunne and Grant - unbeatable. I've since seen "My Favorite Wife" and really don't understand why they didn't do more many films together. I can't write about and do justice to Irene Dunne in "The Awful Truth." She is incredible and is at least as good or better at screwball comedy as/than: Hepburn, Lombard et al. Really, there's no one better.

  • She's Underrated!!

    • Nancy Morgan
    • 2008-08-31

    As a follower/fan/admirer of 30's and 40's movies, I believe Irene Dunne is very underrated as a talent in her movies. She acted in a range of film acting from drama (I Remember Mama) to her wonderfully funny performances with Cary Grant in My Favorite Wife and the extraordinally, cannot be duplicated, role in The Awful Truth. I have attempted to find an autobiography or biography of her life but have had no luck. If someone can direct me to this material, I would appreciate it - TCM and PBS are the only 2 channels I watch - Thank you for what you do!

  • A true Lady...with a capital L

    • Pete
    • 2008-08-18

    A truly gracious, talented and thoroughly entertaining performer. She was able to excell at whatever role she was in. Above all, she was a lady, and always portrayed a very down to earth humanity. It seems like a forgotten quality in today's films, but she had in undiminished quantities. She was totally believable as Cary Grant's wife in several films, and they looked so well together. His respect for her was obvious, and deserved. The fact that she never won an Oscar does not diminish the consistently excellent performances she always gave. That she never won was the Academy's loss, not her audience's. I don't think we will ever see her kind of acting again, but she was always real in ways that today's actresses can certainly benefit from...that is, a real Lady, with a Capital "L".

  • Very fine Actress

    • Allen
    • 2008-07-12

    This is a superb and funny Actress. The Awful Truth was a very funny and well done movie. This was the first time I have seen a movie with the Actress Irene Dunne. Now I can hardly wait to see any movie she is in. I hope TCM will show more?

  • My Favorite Actress

    • Michael
    • 2008-05-01

    Irene Dunne is my all time favorite actress. She was equally great in screwball comedies as she was in tear-jerker soap dramas. I do believe she is underated. She is the star of several of my all time favorite movies; "I Remember Mama", "The White Cliffs of Dover" (which I wish was on DVD), "My Favorite Wife", "Theodora Goes Wild", "Sweet Adeline", "Penny Serenade" " Joy of Living" My list could go on... Also I find it amusing that Irene Dunne was also my Great Nanna's favorite actress!!

  • Great

    • Ellen
    • 2008-04-16

    Irene Dunne is a wonderful actress. She is beautiful,classy, funny and a pleasure to watch. I want to see more please play all 44 of her movies.

  • Reply

    • BravesGal
    • 2008-02-06

    Ginger: The movie you are thinking of is "Random Harvest" which stars Greer Garson. It's not Irene, but it's great nonetheless.

  • One of my favorites!

    • PML
    • 2007-12-30

    It was a great Christmas present to have the opportunity to watch those wonderful movies with Irene Dunne. I never get tired of them and hope to see more next year. Thanks!

  • I don't Know!

    • Ginger
    • 2007-12-29

    Help! I can't find this movie that Irene Dunne plays in! I only saw a part of it, or about an hour of it, and I can't find it! She rescues a man from an asylum, and then they get married. They have a son, and then he goes off on a business trip....He gets hit by a car only to remember his life before he got married to Irene Dunne, and forgets all about her. He goes to his previous girlfriend...and that's where I missed it all. I only saw the middle part....

  • You were sooo great!!

    • Michelle
    • 2007-12-23

    Irene Dunne, was an exceptional beautiful actress. She had talent, grace and sophistication. I'm glad her resting place is 10 minutes from my house. I think I'll go take her some flowers. Thanks Ms. Dunne for all your hard work.

  • Irene Dunne

    • Ginger
    • 2007-12-18

    Along with her striking beauty, she has such classical comedy, and captivating emotions. He acting is! She seems to always know exactly what she's doing, and has such a calm sense of acting. Her beauty would not be as striking if it was not for a lot of her acting. Irene Dunne is a wonderful actress. Yes, she lives on even today, in every movie you watch she lives with you, even though it was years and years ago. She acts like either a friend to you when she acts, or an enemy. In The Secret of Madame Blanche, I was right there with her. She takes you along with her in every movie. Bravo, Irene!

  • The Awesome Truth

    • Steve Abel
    • 2007-11-18

    What a great year from TCM! Jean Arthur for January, Irene Dunne for December, and just a ton of great programming in between, too! Thanks, TCM.

  • One of the best

    • Tom
    • 2007-11-14

    Simply one of the best ever

  • Thanks

    • BravesGal
    • 2007-11-04

    Kudos galore to TCM for making Irene Dunne TCM's December Star of the Month!

  • First Lady and Great Lady of the movies

    • Paula
    • 2007-10-12

    Irene Dunne was everything a movie star should be: talented, versatile, glamorous, graceful. She was always a joy to watch, even if the movie wasn't. In addition, she was a wonderful human being: faithful to her husband, family and God. It's too bad there aren't more people in the world like her.

  • Irene was the First LADY of Hollywood!

    • Wendy
    • 2007-02-19

    Of all of the women of Hollywood, how many can say they never had any lovers and had only one husband? I can't think of anyone besides Irene Dunne! And the woman never aged! What a beauty she was, we need more like her! She truly was the First Lady of Hollywood!

  • The Most Engaging Actress of Her Time

    • Irene Dunne Fan
    • 2006-12-21

    I love Irene Dunne - her facial expressions, her smile, her sensitivity and tenderness, her comedic timing, her silliness. I've seen about 10 of her films and in each one, her character always grabs me whether it is Terry McKay or Lucy Warriner, Marta Hanson or Anna Owens. She was a graceful yet down-to-earth lady. She was and still is sorely underrated.

  • Nominated for 5 Oscars and Never Won!!

    • alice
    • 2006-12-11

    She can do it all....drama, comedy and musicals! I recommend all of her movies - she never made a bad one. It's a shame that so many of them are not available on DVD or VHS. Thanks TCM for reintroducing Irene to a new generation of fans! I can't wait to see the rarely seen "Stingaree" ('34) coming in April 2007!! No one can match her charming screen manner and nobody will ever top the duo of Irene Dunne & Cary Grant!!

  • Deserves more attention!

    • Todd
    • 2006-07-04

    I haven't seen all of her work, but everything I've seen so far has been great, and when there have been other parts of a film that I didn't think were great, she more than made up for it. She has a great presence and wit on screen.

  • Great Actress/Singer/Person

    • Vern Duckett
    • 2006-04-11

    Irene Dunne was a terrifically talent actress and singer. Her grace and charm in her movies was always a delight to watch. Please play more of her movies!

  • Teriffic Actress

    • Sean McGittigan
    • 2006-04-07

    I have seen only a couple of this actress' movies, and my mom was right shes great. i wish TCM would show more, even though the movies are old they are great.

  • FIRSTladyofhollywood

    • Joan McGittigan
    • 2006-02-26

    What a terriffic actress. It seems a wonderfuf person is shining through in each character she played. I am so gratefuf to have discovered Irene Dunne. Thank you TCM. Nothing to compare in entertainment today with this great lady.

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