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Also Known As: Died: September 23, 2006
Born: October 21, 1921 Cause of Death: chest infection
Birth Place: Northampton, England, GB Profession: Music ...


Music (feature film)

Wildcats of St. Trinian's, The (1980) as Song ("St Trinian'S Theme")
The Reckoning (1971) as Music Composition and Conducting
Michael Marler, a successful business man in London, is about to make his way to the top. The death of his father brings him - after 37 years - back to his hometown Liverpool, where he is confronted with his lost Irish roots. He finds out that his father died because of a fight with some anglo-saxon teddy boys. It becomes "a matter of honour" for him, to take his revenge without involving the British police.
David Copperfield (1970)
A moody, sentimental fifth film version of the Dickens classic (the first in nearly thirty-five years) with a stellar cast composed of the giants of the British acting community providing much needed support to the virtual unknown in the title role. Laurence Olivier's cameo as Creakle won him an Emm
Battle of Britain (1969) as Cond
England defends itself against the Nazi Blitz.
Africa--Texas Style! (1967) as Mus comp & cond
Gypsy Girl (1966) as Mus comp & cond
A mentally challenged girl creates a graveyard for dead animals.
The Heroes of Telemark (1966) as Mus comp & cond
Norwegian resistance fighters try to stop Nazi experiments in nuclear warfare.
Operation Snafu (1965) as Mus comp & dir
An unlicensed street peddler brings his conniving ways to the military.
Heroes of Telemark (To Be Deleted), The (1965) as Music
During World War II, two Norwegians uncover a Nazi plan to build nuclear weapons and are left to sabotage it on their own after a British invasion fails.
The Chalk Garden (1964) as Mus comp & cond
A woman with a past signs on as governess for a troubled girl.
Tamahine (1964) as Mus comp & cond
A glamorous Polynesian raises temperatures at a boy''''s school when she comes to visit her cousin.
The Thin Red Line (1964) as Mus comp & cond
Dark tale of one man's determination to survive his tour of duty. Separated from his new wife after only eight days of marriage, private Doll suddenly decides that he will no longer blindly follow the orders of his superiors, following his own mind instead. What follows are a series of poorly planned attacks, in which Doll saves the day, time after time; eventually leading to the taking of the Elephant in the battle of Guadalcanal during World War II. Sgt. Welsh, Doll's immediate line officer grows an affinity for Doll, helping him through his first Kill, but never quite allowing himself to admit his admiration for the young soldier. The final scene of the movie brings home the true horror of war and the meaninglessness of it all.
Nine Hours to Rama (1963) as Mus comp & cond
"Nine hours to Rama" depicts the life of Nathuram Godse the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi. How Godse planned the assassination is shown in the film. How he became a Hindu activist who (unfairly) blamed Gandhi for the killings of thousands of Hindus by Muslims is revealed in a series of flashbacks.
Lisa (1962) as Mus comp & cond
A Dutch Jewish who has survived the horror of Auschwitz seeks the aid of a police inspector to leave Holland for Israel.
Whistle Down the Wind (1962) as Mus comp & cond
Little Kathy discovers a man wanted for murder hiding in her family's barn. When she askes him who he was, he says Jesus Christ just before he goes unconscious. Kathy and her siblings are convinced that he is Jesus and try to hide him from grown-ups.
The Lion (1962) as Mus comp & cond
A man visits his daughter on an African wildlife reserve to make sure she's not growing up too wild.
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (1961) as Mus comp & cond
When the school burns to the ground there's clearly been some arson around. The pupils are found guilty and the judge hands them into the care of a pretty dubious child psychiatrist. The sixth form are soon kidnapped and on their way to Arabia with the Ministry of Education, Barchester police, and an Army Bath Unit after them. But real rescue fourth form.
No Love for Johnnie (1961) as Mus comp & cond
A British politician is torn between winning an election and being true to the woman he loves.
Angry Silence, The (1960)
A young factory worker stands alone against a proposed strike.
Tunes of Glory (1960) as Music Composition and Conducting
When a popular colonel loses a promotion, it sets the stage for conflict with his new superior officer.
Chance Meeting (1959)
Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer (Hardy Kruger)hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacquleine Cousteau (Micheline Presle), an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts. He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan (Stanley Baker)who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline. Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van-Rooyen as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis (Robert Flemyng), explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton , a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.
Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) as Music Composition
A dowager tries to buy a lobotomy to silence the woman who witnessed her son's murder.
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958) as Composer
A missionary fights to bring Christianity and modern ways to China.
The Roots of Heaven (1958) as Music Composition and Conducting
In Fort Lamy, French Equitorial Africa, idealist Morel (Trevor Howard)launches a one-man campaign to preserve the African elephant from extinction, which he sees as the last remaining "roots of Heaven." At first, he finds only support from Minna (Juliette Greco), hostess of the town's only night club, who is in love with him, and a derelict ex-British Army Major, Forsythe (Errol Flynn.) His crusade gains momentum and he is soon surrounded by an odd assortment of characters: Cy Sedgewick (Orson Welles), an American TV commentator who becomes impressed and rallies world-wide support; a U.S. photographer,Abe Fields (Eddie Albert), who is sent to do a picture story on Morel and stays on to follow his ideals; Saint Denis (Paul Lukas), a government aide ordered to stop Morel; Orsini (Herbert Lom), a professional ivory hunter whose vested interests aren't the same as Morel's; and Waitari (Edric Connor), leader of a Pan-African movement who follows Morel only for the personal good it will do his own campaign.
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958) as Music Composition and Conducting
A missionary fights to bring Christianity and modern ways to China.
The Key (1958) as Music Composition and Conducting
The key to a woman's apartment may hold bad luck for her lovers.
Dunkirk (1958) as Music
True story of the Allied evacuation of occupied France at the start of World War II.
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957) as Music Conductor
To further the aims of the St Trinian's Marriage Bureau run by Flash Harry, the school contrives to win a competition with a European "Goodwill" trip as prize, to the horror of the Ministry of Education. Joe Mangan, father of a sixth former and hiding out at the school after a Hatton Garden diamond robbery, is persuaded to travel with the girls as their new headmistress, leaving the real one trussed up in the belfry. At least her arrival had allowed the remains of the Army unit sent in to keep order to evacuate.
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (1957) as Music
To further the aims of the St Trinian's Marriage Bureau run by Flash Harry, the school contrives to win a competition with a European "Goodwill" trip as prize, to the horror of the Ministry of Education. Joe Mangan, father of a sixth former and hiding out at the school after a Hatton Garden diamond robbery, is persuaded to travel with the girls as their new headmistress, leaving the real one trussed up in the belfry. At least her arrival had allowed the remains of the Army unit sent in to keep order to evacuate.
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) as Music
The Japanese Army forces World War II POWs to build a strategic bridge in Burma.
Island in the Sun (1957) as Cond The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Set on a fictitious island in the Carribean during colonial British rule. It focuses on the life of a young charismatic and handsome black male with political aspirations. He finds himself confused on returning home when his romantic liaison with a white female tends to conflict with his political views. As rumor has it an interracial screen kiss caused quite a commotion in the U.S. when the film was released. The plot is further strengthened by a look at the lives of a white ex-pat family also living on the island. The family has to deal with problems of infidelity, racism and murder.
Wicked As They Come (1957) as Music Composition
A ruthless woman takes advantage of gullible men to climb up the social ladder.
1984 (1956) as Music Composition
In a futuristic, state-run society controlled by "Big Brother" in which love is outlawed, employee of the state Winston Smith falls for Julia, and is tortured and brainwashed for his crime.
Trapeze (1956) as Music Composition
An aging trapeze star and his protegee fall for the same woman.
Port Afrique (1956) as Music Composition
Returning to his home in French Morocco, an ex-army flier finds his wife dead and suspects murder.
Hell in Korea (1956) as Music
A small platoon fights to keep control of a small hill during the Korean war.
Nineteen Eighty-Four (1956)
Post nuclear dystopic vision set in London in which the government controls everything, sex is illegal and everyone's paranoia is founded in reality.
Woman For Joe, The (1955)
The owner of some circus fairground attractions buys a midget to try and improve his luck. The move is a success and the small lad starts to help run the expanding shows. Problems start when he falls for a more normal size young Hungarian singer who then joins the circus.
A Prize of Gold (1955) as Music Composition
A U.S. officer in postwar Berlin turns to crime to help a beautiful refugee.
Value For Money (1955)
A young man from Yorkshire inherits a sizeable legacy from his millionaire father. He decides to try the nightlife of London and meets a young girl performing in a nightclub. She intends to take him for all he's got and he's quite happy to be taken.
Sea Shall Not Have Them, The (1955) as Music
During WW2, a British bomber equipage is forced down in the British Chanel. Trying to keep the moral, they talk about their lives waiting the rescue they sure will come. And they're right, every possible attempts are made by the special rescue team unities.
Night My Number Came Up, The (1955) as Music
At a fashionable dinner party in Hong Kong a pilot is coaxed into revealing details of a dream in which eight persons take off from Bangkok in a Dakota bound for Tokyo and crash in the Japanese mountains. Amongst those listening is Air Marshal Hardie who is due to fly to Tokyo the next day. Hardie initially dismisses the dream because he is scheduled to fly out in a Liberator, but as Hardie arrives at the airport he discovers that the Liberator has developed mechanical problems and has been replaced by a Dakota. When, just before the flight is due to depart, two soldiers board the plane making a complement of eight, Hardie fears that the Dream may be coming true and he is destined to die.
Constant Husband, The (1955)
An amnesiac wakes up to find out that he has married seven women and gets himself in quite a messy hassle.
I Am a Camera (1955) as Music
In the early thirties, aspiring writer Christopher Isherwood, living in Berlin, meets the vivacious, penniless singer Sally Bowles. They develop a platonic relationship while Sally has a wild time spending other peoples money.
The Deep Blue Sea (1955) as Music Composition
A woman is unhappy in her marriage to a boring, stiff judge, so she takes up with a wild-living RAF pilot, who ends up being more than she can handle.
Devil on Horseback (1954) as Music
You Know What Sailors Are (1954) as Music
Lt. Sylvester Green is making his crooked way shipwards with a couple of naval colleagues after a night's drinking and along the way they collect an old pram and three brass balls from a pawnbroker's shop. Passing the foreign vessel Agraria on the dock they notice some welding equipment and decide to have some fun. They attach the junk to the Agraria and paint it naval grey. Next morning when Green unsteadily arises his commanding officer has noticed the mysterious new equipment and trying to avoid exposure Green identifies it confidently as a '998'. From then on things only get more confused as soon everyone in the navy wants to know why this foreign ship has more up-to-date radar than they do. Green is coincidentally seconded to the Agraria as a radar instructor and soon (through the magical power of coincidence) the Agrarians (and everyone else) believe it is a powerful secret weapon. Green is held prisoner in the rather pleasant environment of the Agrarian palace where the President's many beautiful daughters have been instructed to fulfill his every desire. Eventually his girlfriend Betty (also in the Navy) and Lt. Smart come to Agraria to rescue him, but all is settled amicably in the end and the Agrarians get to manufacture their own 998's out of junk as a deterrent to their neighbours.
The Sleeping Tiger (1954) as Music Composition
A petty thief breaks into the home of a psychiatrist and gets caught in a web of a doctor who wishes to experiment on him and a doctor's wife who wishes to seduce him.
Hobson's Choice (1954) as Music
A widower father fights to control the lives of his three strong-willed daughters.
Twist of Fate (1954) as Mus comp and dir
A woman is taken in by the gifts she receives from a wealthy baker, unaware of his motives or his marriage status.
The Belles of St. Trinian's (1954) as Music
Schoolgirls take it upon themselves to uncover the mystery of a valuable missing racehorse.
Four Sided Triangle (1953) as Music Composition
Bill and Robin, helped by their childhood friend, Lena, develop a "reproducer" which can exactly duplicate any object. Bill, crushed when Lena marries Robin, convinces her to allow him to duplicate her, so that he may have a copy of her for himself. The experiment, at first deemed a success, seems to have worked only too well as the duplicate, Helen, is such an exact copy that she also loves Robin, not Bill. Bill hopes to rectify the situation with another radical experiment.
Albert, R.N. (1953)
When several escapes at an German pow camp go wrong, the prisoners begin to think, that there is an informer revealing their plans to the enemy. Then Lt Ainsworth, an artist in civvie street, invents a model head of a fictious prisoner, who can take the place of an escaper, when the men march back from the bath house, which is situated outside the camp.
Stolen Face (1952) as Music
A doctor repairs a female inmate''''s disfigured face to match the lovely woman who left him.
Ringer, The (1952) as Music
The Holly and the Ivy (1952) as Music
A minister''''s family torn apart by World War II reunites for the Christmas holidays.
Wings of Danger (1952) as Music Director
A plane crash uncovers a cargo shipper''''s ties to the crime world.
Eye Witness (1950)
Adam Hayward (Robert Montgomery), a successful New York City defense lawyer, receives a cable that the British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio Beach is now in trouble with the law in England. Taking the advice of his secretary to go to England rather than wire money, Adam arrives in his friend's village to find him about to stand trial for the murder of the hired stable-hand, Lawrence. Hayward learns that a witness exists who can testify that his friend, Baxter, shot Lawrence in self-defense. But the other witness is a woman who fled the scene and will not want to expose herself by coming forward. Though Hayward suspects Alex, the youthful war-widow daughter-in-law of Colonel Summerfield (himself a widower) he soon discovers that the mystery woman is the young and impressionable Sandy Summerfield, whom he must see to it is brought to the witness stand. As he is leaving the village to catch his plane, Hayward stops at Summerfield Manor to say goodbye. As he does so, he manages to bring father and daughter together. The film closes as Adam and Alex, deep in conversation, walk off into the garden.
The Forbidden Street (1949) as Music Composition
A wealthy British woman in Victorian London marries an impoverished artist from the slums and becomes victimized by a blackmail plot.

Writer (special)

Cheating Las Vegas (2000)
A look into the minds of those trying to beat the gambling system. In one instance, security camera footage chronicles the tracking and ultimate arrest of a scam artist.

Producer (special)

Cheating Las Vegas (2000)
A look into the minds of those trying to beat the gambling system. In one instance, security camera footage chronicles the tracking and ultimate arrest of a scam artist.

Film Production - Main (special)

Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALS, The (1999) as Production Manager
Documentary about the history of the U.S. Navy SEALS. Although not officially commissioned until 1962, the roots of the Navy SEALS can be traced back to the earliest days of the Navy. During World War II, the Navy Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU), a precursor to the SEALS, carried out some of the most

Music (short)

Copenhagen "City of Towers" (1953)
This short film takes the viewer on a tour of Copenhagen''''s most popular attractions.

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