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Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur



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  • Jean Arthur Angel

    • Ali
    • 2018-04-07

    I found Jean Arthur to appear, and sing like an Angel. She seemed to manifest an innocent, but strong demeanor. I have always had a great deal of respect for her as an actor, and a musician!

  • Jean Arthur

    • Jeaneen Andretta
    • 2015-02-17

    Personally I always find Jean Arthur to be so pleasant and pretty. One if my favorite actresses of all time. She was charming, funny, very talented and always lovely.

  • TCM doesn't forget anybody

    • codyjarrett
    • 2014-11-29

    Jean Arthur is one of the most underated actors. She has made many great classic movies, including my favorite, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, TALK OF THE TOWN, THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING, MR.SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON,ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS, THE MORE THE MERRIER. She started out early in film, silent films, so her fans didn't get to see much of her till the 30's and 40's. She retired early going to television.I wish she had made more films in her best years , the 30's-40's.YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU is such a spiritul film that always makes me smile, laugh, and teaches me about life, as it should be. Amazing cast.If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT! and enjoy.

  • Wonderful actress

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 2012-10-24

    With that earthy charm and perfect comedic timing, Jean Arthur is one of the great classic actresses. If you haven't seen much by her seek out her movies. Her top ten films are: The Talk of the Town, The Devil and Miss Jones, The Whole Town's Talking, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The More the Merrier, Easy Living, Too Many Husbands, You Can't Take it With You, Only Angels Have Wings, and Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

  • Jean Arthur as an Important Influence.

    • Wayne Forrest Reel
    • 2012-04-03

    Any force of nature is impossible to describe. Jean Arthur is no exception to this rule. She is, by far, my favorite actress and I admit I am addicted to her performances. Each time, I watch a Jean Arthur performance, I see something new, deeper, more complex. And I have gradually come to agree with with George Stevens and Frank Capra; she was the finest actress of her day. Known for her rare timing, her sweetness, her delicious voice, her pert looks, she is more and thoroughly modern. As with Myrna Loy, her performances hold up and do not feel dated. This is because, I think, she approached her roles, even her comedy roles, seriously. She underplayed her roles and somehow, although her roles were often not as flashy as her co-stars, she becomes the central truth of the film and compels you to watch...her! Her roles in her Capra films are not huge; they do, however, linger and grow in scope and in importance. Her character in Shane, is an example of how she infused life and truth, into a small role by making Marian in love with the Idea of Shane, rather in love with him. Over the years I have used many of her films in my psychology classes, government classes and history classes. My students (after getting over the black and white) adore her. And I think, subliminally, they subconsciously, develop ideas about what a woman should be, could be. Good for both genders to know. My only regret, is that she stopped making film. After seeing her in a 1965 episode of Gunsmoke, (Thursday's Child) and promos for her 1966 television series, she is still pert, young and at the top of her game. I cannot thank Miss Arthur enough, for her many honest contributions to our understanding of our society, of our relationships and of ourselves.

  • Sexy lady

    • Jack
    • 2011-06-23

    In her own unique way, jean has a lot of down to earth sex appeal. She's not especially pretty, but has a very nice little figure (see her in shorts sunning herself on the rooftop in "The more the merrier") which she never tries to show off, has a sexy voice and her eyes are so warm and inviting.

  • angelic perfection

    • ryan
    • 2011-05-18

    There are ways to describe Jean. Warm, affectionate, mysterious, sensitive, but words pale in comparison to her heart and beauty. Truly a treasure ahead of her time she held a class of benevolence that is perfect in my heart. I watch her and her soul lives on screen. She was and always will be the epitomy of elegance and character in cinema and in life. Her middle name of Georgianna is better suited to describe her because it is unique and one of a kind as she is. She is a wonderful actress and woman that deserves a great salute for her courage and determination in hollywood to be an individual and a pioneer in comedy and romance. God bless gladys georgianna greene now and forever. love ryan

  • Unique Star, Gifted Actress And Oh That Voice!

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-20

    Jean Arthur to me is likely one of the greatest of all female stars. An incredible body of work: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, The Talk Of The Town, A Foreign Affair and two masterpieces The More The Merrier and Shane. Ms. Arthur worked with Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, Frank Capra and George Stevens all whom adored her. In a great career Jean Arthur worked with Rita Hayworth, Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Cary Grant, Ronald Colman, John Wayne, and Joel McCrea et al Sadly ending her career far too soon, Ms. Arthur's last film was Shane and Jean Arthur's last appearance on film was a short lived CBS sitcom The Jean Arthur Show in 1966 (looking fabulous for a woman of 66). Some movies she passed on were Pocketful of Miracles, and the remake of Lost Horizon. Unique star, gifted actress, and oh that voice! Go to Jean Arthur The Actress Nobody Knew

  • Jean Arthur

    • Mobile
    • 2011-02-12

    A superbly gifted thespian who could grab any scene with her subtle grace and dignity while paired with the best of her time.

  • She got me into the classics

    • Kayti
    • 2010-08-29

    I was downstairs watching what was on my dad's TV and it was "If you could only cook." I liked it, so I asked for it when my birthday came around. And got it. Now, I have a couple of bookshelves packed with her and James Stewart, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, everybody. And it's all because of her and that one movie which was on at about 1 in the morning.

  • Shane Jean Arthur

    • m leach
    • 2010-05-01

    She was great. No huge ego like today-just talent.

  • Wonderful

    • micheal herron
    • 2010-04-26

    Thank God for TCM and classic movies !!! Jean Arthur is one of my favorite actresses !!! She is so funny and sweet and I love to hear her talk. I have a lot of her movies in my collection!!! If it were not for TCM I would not have known anything about her,and I would have missed out on one of the most wonderful actresses that ever walked the face of this earth !!! She will never be forgotten. She will always bring joy and laughter to my soul !!!

  • I love Jean Arthur

    • Christine
    • 2010-04-26

    I love Jean Arthur! Smart, cute, sexy, funny and a heck of an actress, mostly in comedy but also as a dramatic actress in Shane. The think that gets me is that she was born in 1900, so by the time so many of her movies were made, in the '40's, she was already in her '40's, and she looked so youthful. By that age most actresses aren't getting a lot of work, but her age didn't seem to be a problem, for her or her directors. Jean Arthur is a gem indeed, I'll watch anything that she is in, so I've been glued to TCM today.

  • Easz Living

    • Clarissa Smith
    • 2010-03-17

    I tried to find some Jean-loving people in the ''Wired New York Forum'', writing about ''New York in the 1930s“ and above all Jean Arthur, but nobody seems to care for her there. Now that I see that all the people who love Jean happen to be here, I can't help writing a few lines: Without TCM I never would have got EASY LIVING, which currently is my favorite movie. It's so cute and funny, in a very kind and human way! I had to see it every evening for two weeks, before I changed my home-program. You're right, ryan dehart07/21/2009: „Goodness ... inner beauty that sparkled from her heart ... dignety“! But it was hard to live in this world with those kind of qualities. Jean wanted to be like that. They told her to play kind of femme fatale in ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS, which she refused. I feel just like you Jean: No cheese-cake (they've to learn you're not cheap!), no conformity. I'd have liked to discuss that with you (instead of smalltalk), but I was born too late to meet you at a party. Nonetheless you have been wrong in one point, Jean: We don't forget you. There will always be people who can't help loving you, appreciating just your comedies.

  • Smart and Sexy

    • Mike
    • 2010-02-16

    Jean Arthur ranks second on my top ten list, second only to Norma Shearer. Arthur is far ahead of her time, her modern, unfussy performances a welcome change from the sometimes suffocating perfection and haughtiness of old Hollywood films. Her humane character portrayals and believable 'any girl' castings make her irresistably sexy...what guy can pass on a tough but kind, feminine heroine? I sure wouldn't. Her comic timing is perfection on screen, her style endearing and classy. As I've said before...what a woman!

  • WOW!!

    • TheMerm
    • 2010-02-15

    I have to agree with all the other reviewers. She was exceptional!!

  • What a Gem!

    • Holly
    • 2010-01-24

    I hope Warner Archive devotes some time to this gem, her voice alone cracks me up. Sign me up for an 8 movie valuepak for Jean Arthur!!

  • Awsome...

    • mcconnellsts
    • 2009-12-09

    If she's in it then I'm watching it...

  • One of the Great Actresses

    • Harold
    • 2009-09-01

    I love this woman.I have a lot of her movies in my collection of old movies. She had this kind of goodness in her that it is just hard to explain. I have never heard of any bad words said about her or any thing she had done during her time to make her look bad. She was also very pretty and young looking all through her life. She never really looked her real age. Even in her late 30s and early 40s she looked like she was between 25-30 years of age. She was really great at doing comedy and could do serious stuff as well. She never really go her due because of the corruption in Hollywood. To bad I never got to meet her in person.

  • class and character

    • ryan dehart
    • 2009-07-21

    I love Jean Arthur. I think she had such a great goodness that she had in her that flowed from her into her acting. She had remarkable outer beauty with an incredible inner beauty that sparkled from her heart. She had grace,charm, humor, heart, beauty, class, and style that gave her an uncanny and imaginative light. She was beauty and class personified with dignity and wit.

  • the wistful actress

    • dennis
    • 2009-03-10

    I saw her in the More the Merrier and she was delightful.I remember her in Gunsmoke on TV.It was a big thing that she made a comeback.I don't think she had acted since3 Shane.

  • Addictive. Soothing Joy!

    • Jyl Reybold
    • 2009-03-06

    A voice that makes you forget everything around you. You float through every movie she's in because she really was "The Actress nobody knew."Great book. I cherish everything I have of hers. Movies, memorabilia, books, photos etc.

  • An Unforgettable Voice

    • DonL
    • 2009-02-13

    Few movie stars have a voice that is instantly recognizable. Jean Arthur did. One didn't even need to see her to know that it was she who was speaking. She was terrific in all of her roles. It is surprising that she could manifest such self-confidence on the screen while having so little off the creen. While her films were before my time when they first appeared, I am thankful to be able to see them now!

  • A Gorgeous Actress

    • Leatha
    • 2009-02-10

    I love her appeal. She had grace and was truly funny to me. surprising that she had stage fright and feared getting in front of the camera. I liked her acting. She was very good in her roles, especially to have not gone to acting school. She learned from someone. She picked up well and quickly.

  • My Favorite!

    • C. Wood
    • 2009-02-10

    It's a good thing I wasn't around in the 1930s and 1940s - I would have been way too in love with Jean Arthur to lead a productive life.

  • Jean Arthur-sexy --that's right

    • tom
    • 2009-02-03

    Jean Arthur is very sexy. Want proof, watch The More The Merrier. In one scene while she is on the rooftop wearing very short pants, you can't take your eyes off her or her figure. Very talented,Very sexy!

  • Exceptional husky-voiced comedienne

    • andyjp
    • 2008-11-22

    Although I have been a fan of classic films for a long time I am ashamed to admit that I have only recently become more familiar with Jean Arthur's work. I knew her name but not really her work. I am so glad that I have found her. But I bought a TCM book on 50 classic actresses of the studio period and she is first in the alphabetitical list. The listing about her was intriguing and I really took notice when I bought 'The talk of the town' since then I have been buying every DVD I can find with her in. She has been in some great films, 'the more the merrier' is probably my favourite but i also love 'easy living' and 'you can't take it with you'. 'mr. smith...' and 'mr.deeds...' and are also excellent, as is 'the talk of the town', 'a lady takes a chance', 'only angels have wings', and 'a foreign affair'. I am trying to get hold of 'the devil and miss jones' and several lesser known films. the other reviewers are right, she isn't in a bad film. How did she manage that? It is great to read that her directors and co-stars also thought very highly of her. She is an exceptional talent and it is a shame to think that sometimes she is overlooked.

  • Great Comedienne

    • Riccardo
    • 2008-08-27

    George Stevens rated Jean Arthur as the greatest comedienne of the era. The "screw ball comedy" genre can not be imagined without her. She helped create it. She was an extremely intelligent and quick witted actress who made the director's job easier. A classic Hollywood actress in the first rank...and like Ginger Rogers, the other great comedienne of the 30s and 40s, underrated.

  • One of the Greatest actresses of the 20TH Century.

    • Chuck Wilson
    • 2008-07-29

    All one has to do is watch The More the Merrier with Joel McCrea or You Can't Take It With You with Jimmy Stewart to be hooked as a Jean Arthur fan. It is an actor's goal to play in a movie that fifty years from now will be noted as one of the best classics of all time. Yet, few actors have such a movie in their body of work. Yet, Ms Arthur not only had one such movie great classic; she had several. I would argueably say at least five. Mr Smith Goes to Washington with James Steward; Mr Deeds Goes to Town with Gary Cooper; You Can't Take It With You with James Stewart; The More The Merrier with Joel McCrea and Shane with Alan Ladd. Then throw in Arizona with William Holden; A Lady Takes A Chance with John Wayne; The Devil and Miss Jones with Charles Coburn; The Talk of the Town with Cary Grant; and A Foreign Affair with Marlene Detrich. She played with the biggest stars and her movies are always enjoyable. Yet, she never won an academy award. She was branded as an actress who was difficult to direct. I love Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor, two actresses with great success earning Academy Awards and nominations. Yet I didn't like all of their movies. Not so with Jean Arthur. I always feel uplifted and positive after viewing one of her movies. She was truly one of the great actresses of all time.

  • Jean Arthur - An American Treasure

    • Chuck Wilson
    • 2008-06-22

    As one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses, Ms Arthur has an impressive list of great all-time favorite movies from which to choose. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and You Can't Take it With You with Jimmy Stewart; Mr Deeds Goes to Town with Gary Cooper; Arizona with William Holden; The Devil and Miss Jones with Bob Cummings and Charles Coburn; The More the Merrier with Joel McCrea and Charles Coburn; The Talk of the Town and Only Angels have Wings with Cary Grant; A Lady Takes a Chance with John Wayne; and Shane with Alan Ladd. It would be hard to find a better list of great actors and great movies put together in one catalog. She was one of the most appealing and popular stars of the 40's & 50's. Her appeal reached people of all ages and her movies have the same enjoyment today and when they were made fifty years ago. I find it amazing that so many people today don't know who she is. She doesn't share the same notoriety as Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn or Joan Crawford; but in my estimation, she was easily in the same category with these great stars. It is too bad that she didn't continue acting in her later years. This is one star that shines just as bright today as she ever did. She will never be forgotten.

  • Fine actress

    • brian
    • 2008-05-03

    One of the more underrated actresses of all time. Often played a modern, career woman in a time when that woman was rare. She made it believable.

  • Amazing!!

    • Carly
    • 2008-03-04

    Her acting style is unique and engrossing. You would never know of her near debilitating stage fright, she conquered her fears and changed the film business. The TCM tribute to Jean Arthur Jan. 2007 was the best month of my life.

  • Jean Arthur: Just Great

    • Annie Laurie
    • 2008-02-19

    Underated, charming actress with unique about her (and other greats like Charles Boyer, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, Norma Shearer, Irene Dunne and Loretta Young to name just a few) in Star Machine by Jeanne Basinger. Loved her in San Antonio with a young, handsome William Holden and the set in D.C. comedy The More the Merrier with Joel Crea...very funny.

  • Makes me as a woman proud

    • Claudette
    • 2008-02-11

    I love that Her name tops the roster of credits for Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington, while she plays the gal behind the hero who literally pushes and pulls him throughout the film til he gets it right. All the more gratifying since the film only recognized "boys" as our youth whom we must provide care and attention. Ms Arthur portrayed smart, independent and asseretive women with a lot of humor and spirit. The fact that she played roles that little girls and women could admire and absorb is important. The fact that she showed acting talent and great comic timing makes it all the sweeter.

  • My Favourite actress!

    • Maureen
    • 2007-11-14

    I wish they would show more of Jean's films!

  • The more Jean Arthur movies, the merrier.

    • Serena
    • 2007-10-15

    The most profitable actress at Columbia during the 30s and 40s is sadly forgotten today. People don't know the wit or joy they're missing out on. Whether she's turning from a cynical woman who melts by falling in love with Jimmy Stewart or playing a concerned mother and wife, Ms. Arthur brought a glow to every role she played, a brilliant combination of shyness and confidence. She suffered from a bad case of stage fright throughout her career, so it feels both ironic and heroic of her to re-christen herself after two great historic figures, Joan of Arc and King Arthur. Her courage and brilliance shouldn't go unnoticed by film buffs. Newcomers should start off with "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," work through the Carpa and Stevens comedies and end with "Shane," her last film performance.

  • Always fun watching Jean

    • Patricia
    • 2007-08-12

    Hope to see more of her on TCM.

  • Jean Arthur was truly the best

    • Michael J. McCabe
    • 2007-07-14

    Everything about Jean Arthur's screen performances fascinates me because she always gets to the heart of the matter and is mesmerizing to experience in the process. Her acting style is straightforward yet complex. I love the fact that she kept her private life to herself and allowed her films to speak for themselves. She was a glorious and beautiful presence on screen. How wonderful that there was a Jean Arthur!

  • Jean Arthur "Star-of-the-Month"

    • Gail
    • 2007-02-06

    Thank you, TCM for making Jean Arthur your January Star-of-the-Month. She has been my favorite actress since watching "The Talk of the Town" in the 1980s. What a talented and delightful actress she was. I hope you will continue to honor her with films not available on DVD. TCM, as always, comes through! Now, on to Ronald Colman for Star-of-the-Month...that would be a treat.

  • I am glad that Ive seen Jean Arthur

    • Pat Toner
    • 2007-01-30

    I am 47 and only knew her from Mr Deeds and thanks to TCM Ive seen enough to say that this was one hell of an actress It is an honor to view her work She is truly one of the greatest and I wish that my Dad was still around that I could watch movies with him and discuss her work

  • What an actress!

    • Janice
    • 2007-01-30

    Jean Arthur has always been one of my favorite actresses. She was such a versatile performer - able to do comedy and drama with equal success. Actresses like her are surely missed these days! It's so hard to believe that she suffered from such terrible stage fright because it's never noticable in her movies.

  • How Wonderful

    • Laura
    • 2007-01-28

    Jean Arthur is a great actress. As soon as you see one of her films you want to see all of them. It suprises me, like many others, that she is not more well known. She is a beautiful amazing actress with telnt beyond others. I wish I could have met so many of these old talented stars.

  • Why isn't she more famous?

    • Valerie
    • 2006-10-08

    Jean Arthur was amazingly beautiful, talented, and funny. She lights up the screen with every performance, and her voice is at the top of my list of favorite voices. She is my idol. If only there were more actresses like her nowadays! It's a shame the population at large doesn't know who she is, because they're really missing out.

  • A Delight

    • Brian T.
    • 2006-08-01

    Ms. Arthur was a very gifted & talented actress who probably didn't receive the recognition she deserved since she did most of her best work in comedy. She had a certain charisma and charm that makes her movies a delight to watch. Thanks to TCM for airing her movies and hope to see more in the future.

  • A Shining Star

    • P.A. Allen
    • 2006-06-04

    Jean Arthur glows in her performances. It seems impossible she suffered terribly from screen fright because she appears to portray her character's emotions so effortlessly and naturally. Thank goodness she struggled through enough to leave us with her films. Hooray for TCM for showing them!

  • Wonderful

    • Myrna
    • 2006-03-01

    Ms.Arthur, althought very private and shy, was one of the most outgoing and funny ladies to grace the silver screen. She didn't think people need to know anything about her life off the screen/stage and she was right. Her most notable role was most likely Mr.Smith Goes To Washington, but she was so much more than that one character. Grace, beauty, and independence flowed out of her. Ms. Arthur will be greatly remember by many.

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