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Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford



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  • Never Got the Recognition Deserved

    • Jen James
    • 2017-07-15

    Only recently did I discover what a great actor GF was. I knew who he was but because he wasn't flamboyant like Burt Lancaster, for instance, I didn't see his movies. He had such a subtle way of acting. I now am going back and watching them all. What a pleasure. I get some on Amazon streaming, YouTube and some from the library. I believe from reading the book his son wrote, I have learned much. Apparently Harry Cohen was a tyrant. Once he left him and started making movies like Blackboard Jungle, working with different directors did he really shine. Very unfortunate that he never got an Academy Award. He deserved it.

  • Glenn Ford, man of many faces!

    • Narelle
    • 2016-02-26

    I have a big crush on Glenn Ford, and want to see ALL of his movies. However, many of them are not available online and I wonder if anyone knows where I can access them please?? Young man with Ideas. Rage Babies for Sale The Gazebo Man From the Alamo Follow the Sun Heaven With a Gun It started with a Kiss Mr Soft Touch The Visitor Interrupted Melody The Money Trap Happy Birthday to Me The Lady in Question The Sacketts Human Desire The Courtship of Eddies Father Can anyone help me find these movies online please? I want to see the full movies for free. I have tried everywhere. Only trailers and film clips are available. Thanks

  • 3-10 to Yuma

    • Connie Cannizzaro
    • 2015-11-10

    Excellent movie and I have been watching many movies of Glenn Ford and did not realize what a good actor he was, he should of won an Oscar.

  • the fastest gun

    • film boy jeff
    • 2011-01-07

    not only is Glen Ford the one of only two actors to receive the Goldne Spur Award (along with John Wayne), he is the consummate tough-guy facade. Only the coolest quiet man, of the same cut of Steve McQuee, this show really rocks! A quiet man with a past comes to reckoning with Mr. Broderick kicking ass, close behind. Broderick, more of the Wallace Beery bad-guy school of acting, challenges Ford to see whom is the fastest gun. Expert cinematography and direction make this a Glen Ford a classic must-see. I hope you will see it today! Congrats to TCM once again.

  • Glenn Ford, a one of a kind

    • Classics Lover
    • 2010-09-26

    What an actor....what a man....what a hunk ! This man could do it all, westerns, comedies, film noir, drama, you name it. I have seen the majority of his films, and mainly because of his talent and presence , all of them were extremely entertaining. He and Rita Hayworth had an explosive chemistry that very few can equal no matter how hard they may try. He and Evelyn Keyes also had great chemistry....heck, this man had chemistry with anyone that stood next to him. I really wish TCM would air more of his obscure films, like "Babies for Sale," and "Rage." Glenn Ford is the man ! ! !

  • my leading man

    • ashlee
    • 2010-05-01

    I fell in love with Glenn the minute I saw him. The first movies I saw with him were "Gilda" and "A Stolen Life." He was always a believable actor and he always had a presence on screen. Later I found out that his birthday was the day I moved to my current residence. I also share my birthday with the day he passed away. As perfectly stated by Gilda, "Maybe that means something." I know he has a biography coming out, I'm just waiting for it to hit the book stores. Happy Birthday Glenn!

  • Glenn Ford

    • Nancy
    • 2010-04-13

    One of Glenn's movies that you do not mention, was made in the mid '60's called 'Rage'. Glenn did a very good job in acting as the person who had contracted rabies.

  • Torpode Run -- Movie Listing

    • Ken Royalty
    • 2009-10-09

    Torpedo Run is an excellent movie for a number of reasons, including: (i) it is a WWII submarine movie of high quality and realism, with a significant historical backdrop; (ii) it is well acted and really shows Glenn Ford's considerable acting skills and stage appeal; and (iii) it reflects his calm, low-key, but determined and capable, approach to acting (& probably also to life)-- which, in my opinion, has been honed in part by his distinguished service in the US Marine Corps. Consequently, I think that this movie, in particular, should be listed in his filmography. Ken Royalty

  • movie with glenn ford

    • judy pantoga
    • 2009-08-08

    glen ford played in a movie or a tv series, with sam elliot, it had something to do with eagles in the name of it, and i am wondering what the name of it is and can we still buy it., i think it was from the time they were young till they were older, thanks for the help judy

  • Delightful to Watch

    • Crickle
    • 2009-07-15

    I've enjoyed films with Glenn Ford in them such as "Pocketful of Miracles" which he co-stars in with Bette Davis, and "Gilda," co-starring Rita Hayworth. He sure seems to be one of the great actors of the golden era to me.

  • Great actor

    • Glen Woods
    • 2008-06-09

    He is with out a doubt a great actor. In the fastest gun alive he was the up-most timid man I have ever seen, until he out that gun on.then it was like Holy cow where did that come from.

  • Very good, versatile actor

    • Jan
    • 2008-06-05

    I always rate an actor by his ability in comedy, because I feel this is more difficult than drama to get across to an audience. Ford was excellent in comedy 'Teahouse of the August Moon' and 'The Gazebo' being great examples. However, if you like westerns, he was very skilled in those too, '3.10 to Yuma' and 'Cimarron' being excellent examples of his skill as a horseman and the fact that he was just a very convincing cowboy. Let's not forget drama and film noir with 'Blackboard Jungle' and 'Ransom!' and 'Gilda' and 'The Big Heat'. Maybe not a 'great' actor but certainly more versatile than a lot of the so-called 'greats'.

  • Wow

    • Jenny
    • 2008-05-18

    He's a really good actor. not just good, probably one of the best. He played his parts really well, that you felt what the character must've been feeling.

  • Great

    • Brando4ever
    • 2007-08-11

    He is a good actor. He should have won on Oscar. And he was handsome. He's got such a beautiful smooth face.

  • Mr. Glenn Ford

    • Karen
    • 2007-07-25

    Glenn Ford was truly a gifted actor, and he displayed this wonderful talent in practically every genre of films. Also, he was absolutely, positively, incredibly and thoroughly sexy. Naturally, manly and joyfully sexy. When he starred with Rita Hayworth in several films, it's a wonder the screen didn't melt with all that sexy voltage taking place. Yes sir, I just love me some Glenn Ford !

  • thank mr. ford

    • michael york
    • 2006-09-29

    resounding boos to the academy for never recognizing this mans talent in so many films he was so believeable his integrity always seemed to shine through he could take the most ordinary role and imbue it and make it a real person and when his best work is seen as a whole you notice his versatility too! the cynicism in gilda the sheer villainy in 3:10 to yuma the conflited teacher in blackboard jungle the helplessness while he watches his wife suffer in interrupted melody the dark comic joy of the gazebo not to mention the big heat trial and probably everybodys favorite the sheepman he does hold a special place in the hollywood pantheon and i hope he knew how much he was loved by film fans

  • Glenn Ford's Strength of Character

    • Elissa M.
    • 2006-09-06

    Glenn Ford is an actor whose mere presence in films emanates strength of character. His name alone conjures up the words integrity, strength and conviction. Ford portrayed characters with such naturalness, such ease, he simply is one of those rare and gifted actors who made it look easy and yet, mastered what so few have done, and that is, made it believable. He tended to be cast as amiable and easy going heroes who are nevertheless tough and introspective. The defining formula throughout all of his films were the moral absolutes that he portrayed in his characters. He was always true to them. The fascinating thing was his reactions to those around him. He always allowed his face to reveal his thoughts with each scene, thereby allowing us, the audience, to walk with him. Whether it was portraying the film noir protagonist in the film that made him a star, Gilda (1946), the honorable police detective in The Big Heat (1953), the stern outlaw in 3:10 to Yuma (1957), the clever and comedic dude in Pocketful of Miracles (1961), or the indelibly earnest father in Superman (1978), Glenn Ford gave us a human character who had evolved off the page into someone real. At the centre of every Glenn Ford role was a man who had strengths and weaknesses, who would face the test or challenges thrown at him with powerful and intense human truth. A determination and force of will was always on display for us to cheer him on. His vulnerabilities within each portrayal remained consistent from film to film, yet his talent and workman-like delivery stretched the canvas in a new direction each time. Thank you Mr. Ford for all the wonderful movie moments.

  • Glenn Ford - embodied versatility and excellence

    • Nancy DeSombre
    • 2006-08-14

    Whether he played a villain (3:10 to Yuma) or a calm peace officer (Experiment in Terror), whether in comedy (Teahouse of the August Moon) or in stark drama (Blackboard Jungle), Glenn Ford provided excellence in every movie. His versatility was never adequately recognized or rewarded. His movies today, especially the delightfully zany "The Sheepman" are magical to discover.

  • He could do it all

    • desiree
    • 2006-06-20

    Glenn Ford is one of a handful of silver screen legends who are still with us. Thankfully, we can enjoy their movies on video and on TCM. They don't make them like this anymore. He could act in any genre. He was such a natural, believable, the principled man with courage and idealism, showing strength and determination. They don't make them like him anymore either.


    • Judith F. Schoner
    • 2006-06-01

    I just want to leave a message for a great actor to remember all the wonderful movies he was playing in. It is always a pleasure to watch him at TCM, and hopefully, we have the chance to see him many more times. Thanks TCM.

  • would like to know how glenn is doing these days

    • deb
    • 2006-04-24

    haven't heard anything new in a year about glenn ford, last time was his son was writing a book about his dad. that he moved in to his house to help him. hope all is well, miss a great man on the screen these days. always will be in my heart.

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