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Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford


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Also Known As: Died: August 30, 2006
Born: May 1, 1916 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Quebec, Ontario, Canada Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Our Hollywood Education (1992)
A look at the fabled Hollywood "dream factory."
Raw Nerve (1991) as Captain Gavin
Story about a series of murders that come to a man in visions, but no one seems to believe him until they actually happen.
Final Verdict (1991) as Reverend Lowell Rogers
Set in pre-World War I Los Angeles when she was a child, St. Johns recalls the special relationship she had with her father, a famous defense lawyer and his involvement in two sensational court cases.
Casablanca Express (1990)
Plot to kidnap Winston Churchill is foiled by American commando.
Border Shootout (1990) as Sheriff Danahar
Western about a sheriff in 1881 Arizona who gets involved in the capture of a group of men responsible for hanging two local Mexicans.
William Holden: The Golden Boy (1989)
A documentary about the life and career of actor William Holden. Included are clips from many of his films as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues, as well as an interview with Holden himself.
Virus (1980)
The Visitor (1979) as Detective
A young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the center of a battle between good and evil.
Gift, The (1979)
Pete Hamill's novel about a young Brooklyn man (Gary Frank) home on Christmas leave from the Navy in the early '50s for a nostalgic visit to his boyhood world. Glenn Ford is his hard-drinking, one-legged Irish father; Julie Harris is his supportive dreamer of a mother. Ford and Harris previously co-
Beggarman, Thief (1979)
The two-part, four-hour sequel to Irwin Shaw's "Rich Man, Poor Man" and the vastly successful miniseries made from it (and the subsequent, less-successful short-lived series, "Rich Man, Poor Man -- Book II," during the 1976-77 season). Moviemaker Gretchen Jordache, the sister not seen in either of t
Superman:The Movie (1978)
The legendary man of steel fights to save the world and his true love from Lex Luthor''''s criminal plots.
3000 Mile Chase, The (1977)
A professional courier's efforts to deliver a key witness cross-country to a New York court appearance comes under attack by professional gunmen in this pilot film for a prospective series.
Midway (1976)
The summer of 1942 brought Naval stalemate to the Pacific as the American and Japanese fleets stood at even numbers each waiting for the other to begin a renewed offensive. "Midway" tells the story of this historic June battle where a Japanese carrier force, in an attempt to occupy Midway island and lure the American fleet to destruction, was meet valiently by US forces operating off of three aircraft carriers and numerous escort ships. It was the first battle in which naval air power was extensivly used, and at its conclusion the Japanese Carrier force had been completly destroyed which lead the way for the US 1943 and 44 offensives which would eventually bring the Pacific War to a close.
Punch and Jody (1974)
A circus grifter finds his life suddenly complicated by the arrival of the teenage daughter he never knew he had. This pilot for a prospective series for Ford also included in its cast Ford's new wife, Cynthia Hayward, as well as his son Peter from his marriage to Eleanor Powell.
Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974) as Colonel Pete Moore
After two jets mysteriously disappear while pursuing UFOs and the Air Force officially refuses to recognize the incident, flight commander Glenn Ford disobeys orders to learn what happened to his men.
Greatest Gift, The (1974)
An impoverished small-town preacher struggles to provide for his family while leading a dwindling congregation, battling restless church deacons and standing up to a bullying sheriff in a small southern town in 1940. The subsequent short-lived series, "The Family Holvak" (9/7/75-10/27/75), reteamed
Jarrett (1973) as Sam Jarrett
An unrealized series project for Glenn Ford as an erudite investigator specializing in fine arts cases, here tangling with an urbane villain, a bogus preacher, and his nubile snake-dancer niece while tracking down some missing rare Biblical scrolls.
Santee (1973)
Santee is a bounty hunter who cherishes the memory of his son who was killed by outlaws many years ago. When he kills a criminal while doing his job, Santee takes the man's son along with him. The boy is furious, and swears to avenge his murdered father. Newly happy with his new adopted son, Santee
Heaven With a Gun (1969) as Jim Killian
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways.
Smith! (1969) as Smith
When the Indian Jimmyboy is accused of murder of a white man, he flees onto the ranch of Smith, who's well known for his tolerance for Indians, since he was raised by the old Indian Antoine. Smith helps Jimmyboy against the mean Sheriff and promises to speak for him in court, thus persuading him to surrender himself to the police.
Day of the Evil Gun (1968) as Lorn Warfield
A gunman tries to control a vengeful farmer whose wife has been kidnapped.
A Time for Killing (1967) as Major Charles Wolcott
Confederate soldiers keep the war's ending a secret so they can escape to Mexico.
The Last Challenge (1967) as Marshal Dan Blaine
A young gun wants to make his name by shooting it out with the town marshal.
Is Paris Burning? (1966) as Gen. Omar Bradley
Resistance fighters and secret agents struggle to keep the Nazis from destroying Paris before their retreat.
The Money Trap (1966) as Joe Baron
A cop with financial problems turns crooked.
Rage (1966) as Reuben
Bit by a rabid dog in Mexico, a doctor goes overland with a prostitute to get treated in time.
The Rounders (1965) as Ben Jones
Two ne''''er-do-well cowpokes look for sex and easy money in the modern West.
Dear Heart (1964) as Harry Mork
A middle-aged postmistress falls for an engaged man during a convention in New York.
Fate Is the Hunter (1964) as Sam McBane
An airline investigator refuses to believe pilot error caused a fatal crash.
Advance to the Rear (1964) as Capt. Jared Heath
Civil War rejects are sent to the West, supposedly out of harm's way.
Love Is a Ball (1963) as John Davis
A Riviera matchmaker tries to groom a young woman for a wealthy marriage.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) as Tom Corbett
A young boy plays matchmaker for his widowed father.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) as Julio Desnoyers
Members of an Argentinian family fight on opposite sides during World War II.
Experiment in Terror (1962) as John Ripley
A master criminal tries to force a bank teller to help him pull off a big heist.
Pocketful of Miracles (1961) as Dave the Dude
A good-hearted gangster turns an old apple seller into a society matron so she can impress her daughter.
Cry for Happy (1961) as Andy Cyphers
Army photographers on leave in Japan take over a geisha house.
The Gazebo (1960) as Elliot Nash
A suburban couple tries to cope with a murder victim whose body refuses to stay put.
Cimarron (1960) as Yancey Cravat
A pioneer couple plays a major role in the settling of Oklahoma.
It Started with a Kiss (1959) as Sgt. Joe Fitzpatrick
After a whirlwind courtship, an Army officer and his wacky wife try to make their marriage work.
Cowboy (1958) as Tom Reece
Real-life writer Frank Harris signs on as a ranch hand and learns the ropes from an experienced cowboy.
Torpedo Run (1958) as Lt. Cmdr. Barney Doyle
A submarine commander is forced to blow up a Japanese prison ship carrying his family.
The Sheepman (1958) as Jason Sweet
A tough sheep farmer battles the local cattle baron for land and a beautiful woman.
Imitation General (1958) as M/Sgt. Murphy Savage
A sergeant impersonates a slain general at a key moment during World War II.
Don't Go Near the Water (1957) as Lt. Max Siegel
Navy office workers scheme to build a recreation hall on a remote Pacific island.
3:10 to Yuma (1957) as Ben Wade
A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town.
Jubal (1956) as Jubal Troop
A rancher''''s wife falls for a wandering cowhand.
The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956) as Capt. Fisby
An Okinawan translator introduces U.S. occupation forces to the joys of local life.
Ransom! (1956) as David G. Stannard
A wealthy couple tries to cope with the press and the police when their son is kidnapped.
The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) as George Temple
A reformed gunslinger''''s past keeps catching up with him.
Blackboard Jungle (1955) as Richard Dadier
An idealistic teacher confronts the realities of juvenile delinquency.
The Americano (1955) as Sam Dent
The Violent Men (1955) as John Parrish
The wife of a crooked cattle baron plots his murder.
Interrupted Melody (1955) as Dr. Thomas King
True story of Australian opera singer Marjorie Lawrence and her battle against polio.
Trial (1955) as David [Blake]
A Mexican boy accused of rape and murder becomes a pawn for Communists and red-baiters.
City Story (1954) as Narrated by
Human Desire (1954) as Jeff Warren
An unhappy wife seduces a veteran into helping her get rid of her husband.
The Man from the Alamo (1953) as John Stroud
A survivor of the battle at the Alamo returns home to find his family has been killed by a bunch of thugs disguised as Mexican soldiers. He then grows intent on enacting revenge despite the lack of support for his cause.
Terror on a Train (1953) as Peter Lyncort
It's a race against the clock to defuse a time bomb on board a train filled with high explosives.
The Big Heat (1953) as Dave Bannion
A police detective whose wife was killed by the mob teams with a scarred gangster's moll to bring down a powerful gangster.
Appointment in Honduras (1953) as Jim Corbett
Plunder of the Sun (1953) as Al Colby
Mexican Aztec ruins hold the secret of a long-buried treasure.
Young Man With Ideas (1952) as Maxwell Webster
A country lawyer moves his family to Los Angeles.
The Green Glove (1952) as Michael Blake
A World War II veteran in France gets mixed up in murder while investigating a stolen treasure.
Affair in Trinidad (1952) as Steve Emery
A nightclub singer enlists her brother-in-law to track down her husband's killer.
Follow the Sun (1951) as Ben Hogan
The Flying Missile (1951) as Commander William A. Talbot
The Secret of Convict Lake (1951) as James Canfield
Jim Canfield, convicted of a crime he did not commit, escapes a Nevada prison with several hardened criminals. He leads them to the small farming community home of the man who not only framed him, but committed the crime. But Jim's plans for revenge are put on hold when he discovers that the local men have all joined the posse in the convict's pursuit, leaving their women behind. He soon becomes attracted to the beautiful and resourceful Marcia, who turns out to be the fiance of the man who framed him. Can Jim protect the women from his less-civilized comrades, fall under Marcia's humanizing influence and still maintain his murderous resolve?
The Redhead and the Cowboy (1951) as Gil Kyle
Gil Kyle finds himself caught up in the politics and unrest of the American Civil War and soon gets himself framed for a murder. His only alibi is Candace Bronson, who is aiding the Confederate cause and has left the territory to deliver a vital message about a Yankee gold shipment. So he sets off in pursuit, running into desperados, government agents, and guerrilla fighters, who are more interested in profit than ideals.
Convicted (1950) as Joe Hufford
A prison warden fights to prove one of his inmates was wrongly convicted.
The White Tower (1950) as Martin Ordway
Mountain climbers in the Swiss Alps mull over past problems while trying to conquer a perilous peak.
Lust for Gold (1949) as Jacob Walz
A German immigrant braves the wild West in search of gold and a woman to love.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) as Joe Miracle
After being betrayed, a gangster hangs out in a settlement house while seeking revenge.
The Undercover Man (1949) as Frank Warren
A treasury agent tries to convict a ruthless mobster of tax evasion.
The Doctor and the Girl (1949) as Dr. Michael Corday
A doctor leaves his wealthy family to work in the slums.
The Loves of Carmen (1948) as Don Jose Mizarabengoa
A Gypsy temptress seduces an innocent young officer, and then dumps him for another man.
The Return of October (1948) as Professor Bentley Bassett, Jr.
An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.
The Man from Colorado (1948) as Colonel Owen Devereaux
A Civil War veteran becomes a judge so he can take out his bitterness on the world.
The Mating of Millie (1948) as Doug Andrews
A businesswoman who wants to adopt a child must find a husband.
Framed (1947) as Michael Lambert
A femme fatale lures an unemployed man into helping her with a criminal scheme.
Gilda (1946) as Johnny Farrell
A gambler discovers an old flame in South America, but she's married to his new boss.
Gallant Journey (1946) as John Joseph Montgomery
An aviation pioneer fights his family's objections to invent a flying machine.
A Stolen Life (1946) as Bill Emerson
A twin takes her deceased sister''''s place as wife of the man they both love.
The Desperadoes (1943) as Cheyenne Rogers [also known as Bill Smith]
When someone robs the town bank before he can, a bandit joins forces with the sheriff to catch the real crooks.
Destroyer (1943) as Mickey Donohue
The crew of a torpedoed ship fights to take out an enemy sub.
The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942) as Martin Eden
Flight Lieutenant (1942) as Danny Doyle, also known as Danny White
A disgraced pilot sets out to regain his son''''s respect.
Texas (1941) as Tod Ramsey
Friendly cowhands end up on opposite sides of the law.
So Ends Our Night (1941) as Ludwig Kern
An anti-Nazi on the run and a young Jewish couple race across Europe trying to escape Hitler's ever powerful influence. When the political refugee risks his life to see his dying wife in Austria, he has a dangerous encounter with a rabid Nazi.
Go West, Young Lady (1941) as Tex Miller
A sheriff''''s girlfriend tries to unearth the identity of a masked bandit chief.
Men Without Souls (1940) as Johnny Adams
Blondie Plays Cupid (1940) as Charlie
The Bumsteads decide to spend a safe and sane 4th of July at Aunt Hannah's ranch. After missing their station, they hitch a ride with a young couple who are getting ready to elope. The young man, Charlie, sprains his ankle, so Dagwood is enlisted to carry the girl off for him. Dagwood climbs into her father's window by mistake, and just as the old man is about to explode with rage, Baby Dumpling explodes a firecracker which turns out to be a stick of dynamite. As the action reaches its peak, a gusher of oil suddenly springs up in the yard.
The Lady in Question (1940) as Pierre Morestan
When a jury member takes in the defendant he couldn't convict, she has a bad influence on his son.
Babies for Sale (1940) as Steve Burton
A reporter attempts to stop a crooked adoption racket, operating out of a supposedly charitable maternity home.
Convicted Woman (1940) as Jim Brent
An innocent woman sent to prison becomes the focus of a prison-reform movement.
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (1939) as Joe [Riley]
My Son Is Guilty (1939) as Barney
Tim Kerry, a cop on the beat in Hell's Kitchen, welcomes his grown son Ritzy home after a two-year prison term. Ritzy's former friends and his ex-girl Julia join with Tim in hoping he'll go straight. But local gang leader Claire Morelli (the former boss's widow) knows of Ritzy's talents from other ex-cons, and makes him an offer hard to refuse. A chain of double-crosses seems to make tragedy inevitable...

Producer (feature film)

Pocketful of Miracles (1961) as Associate Producer
A good-hearted gangster turns an old apple seller into a society matron so she can impress her daughter.

Cast (special)

All-Star Salute to Our Troops, The (1991)
A variety special honoring U.S. troops returning from the Persian Gulf.
World War II: A Personal Journey (1991) as Host
A four-part special tracing the history of World War II by the use of film footage, stills and personal recollections.
Rita Hayworth: Dancing Into the Dream (1991)
A documentary about Rita Hayworth, popular film actress and dancer of the 1940s. Included are rare home movies, film clips and interviews with her family and friends.
12th Annual Circus of the Stars, The (1987)
A special, taped before a live audience, featuring popular entertainers from the stage, screen and television, performing circus acts.
My Town (1986) as Amos
Amber Willer is a delightfully imaginative young girl who lives in a small community with her grandfather, Amos, and her brother, Tug. But a series of exciting things start happening which suddenly force Amber to take a new look at her community.
Sinatra: The First 40 Years (1980)
A black-tie party for Frank Sinatra on his 64th birthday -- and on the anniversary of his fortieth year in show business. Taped at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (1979)
The program salutes the golden age of television westerns.
Rowan and Martin Special, The (1973)
An hour of vaudeville-style music and comedy sketches hosted by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.
Glenn Ford's Summertime, U.S.A. (1973)
A music and comedy salute to the good ol' summertime.
America (1970) as Host
A musical tour of America.
Howdy (1970)
Music and comedy acts set against the social background of the fictional town of Mildew, Arkansas.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Louis L'Amour's The Sacketts (1979)
A traditional sagebrush saga based on two novels by Louis L'Amour, the foremost Western author on the contemporary scene, and the first dramatized for television of the seventy-four he has written (eleven are about the Sackett family). This four-hour movie focuses on the three Sackett brothers in Ne

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Cast (short)

Operation Teahouse (1956)
This short promotional film provides a behind-the-scenes look at "The Teahouse of the August Moon" (1956).
Have Faith in Our Children (1955)
In this short film, Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell urge moviegoers to donate to a charity for blind children.
Screen Actors (1950)
This short film takes a look at the off-screen personas of screen actors.

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