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Also Known As: Died: June 17, 2006
Born: February 29, 1920 Cause of Death: heart failure and emphysema
Birth Place: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

That Championship Season (1982) as Macken
A group of men who were teammates on their high school's basketball team get together for a reunion. After some visiting and drinking, old resentments and long-suppressed anger come to the surface, and the men find their long-time friendships in danger of ending.
Bogie (1980) as Dr Bogart
The Humphrey Bogart story from the early '30s until his death, covering the period as a struggling young actor through movie stardom and his marriages to Mayo Methot (the third Mrs. Bogart) and Lauren Bacall. Academy Award-winning writer Daniel Taradash, who co-wrote the screenplay to Bogart's "Knoc
Jennifer: A Woman's Story (1979) as Dick Leonard
The widow of a wealthy shipbuilder tries to hold onto his business and becomes involved with boardroom intrigue in her bitter struggle to maintain control of the company. The British TV series "The Foundation" was the basis of this movie.
Last Hurrah, The (1977) as Hack Wiles
Carroll O'Connor wrote and starred in this second screen adaptation of the 1956 best-seller (previously filmed by John Ford in 1958 with Spencer Tracy) about the aging and ailing head of a big-time political machine who schemes to stay in power and win a fourth term. Emmy nominations went to Burgess
Sisters of Death (1977)
During an all-girl secret society initiation, one of the new members is killed playing Russian Roulette. Many years later the survivors are invited for a reunion to a lavish estate, which turns out to be owned by the crazed father of the girl who died.
F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood (1976)
A drama dealing with the famed novelist's two markedly contrasting stays in the film capital: first in 1927, at the height of his popularity with the widespread acclaim for "The Great Gatsby", when he and Zelda dazzled Hollywood; then in 1937, with Zelda in a sanitarium and expenses mounting, when a
Murder or Mercy (1974) as Dr Raymond Eckworth
An eminent physician, accused of his wife's mercy-killing, is defended by a retired attorney and his ambitious lawyer son. This film's plot more than vaguely resembles "An Act of Murder" (1948) that starred Fredric March and his wife, Florence Eldridge.
Missiles of October, The (1974)
A three-hour television movie dramatizing the events surrounding the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, when the Soviet Union tried to establish nuclear ballistic missles on Cuba in defiance of the American demands that they be removed. Some months later, the U.S. removed its own missles from bases in Tu
So Long, Blue Boy (1973) as Ed Rilke
When a gay sculptor's lover learns that the sculptor is having an affair with his much older professor, the lover kills his competition. After this, the sculptor begins a passionate affair with a male model, only to have the model decide that he prefers women.
The Million Dollar Duck (1971) as District Attorney
To save it from being put to death, Professor Albert Dooley takes home a dumb duck from the research laboratory, which accidentally was exposed to X-rays. At home he discovers that it lays now golden eggs. Since he's broke all the time, his family welcomes this new source of income greatly, and tries to keep it secret. But their greedy neighbors become suspicious.
Anzio (1968) as General Howard
U.S. troops in World War II fight to survive the Allied landing in Italy.
The Sweet Ride (1968) as Psychiatrist
Tony Franciosa (Collie) is an aging bachelor who shares a beach house with some younger surfers. Collie is the leader of the group with the cardinal rule being that they share everything including the women they meet. This works well until a mysterious women (Jacquiline Bissit) shows up on the scene and is eventually beaten badly.
Alvarez Kelly (1966) as Captain Towers
A suave Mexican cattleman inadvertently gets involved in the Civil War.
The Carpetbaggers (1964) as Morrissey
A young tycoon takes Hollywood by storm to quench his thirst for power.
The Atomic Submarine (1960) as Cmdr. Richard "Reef" Holloway
In the far and distant future of 1968, many ships and planes are crossing the North pole to transport passengers and cargo. However lately more than eight ships and seven submarines have vanished mysteriously. The Tigershark is sent out to investigate their whereabouts and - if possible - remove the cause of their disappearance. But the life form Commander Vandover and his crew encounter may be too powerful even for their weapons of newest technology...
Woman Obsessed (1959) as Tom Sharron
After her husband dies in a fire, a woman is left to tend for her young son and the family farm on her own. Soon, she takes in a drifting handyman, they fall in love, and a resentment begins to build between the son and his new "step-father" who treats the boy harshly on purpose to prepare him for
The Flame Barrier (1958) as Dave Hollister
Carol Dahlmann enlists the Hollister brothers to help locate her missing husband. The husband was tracking a fallen satellite through the jungle. While tracking him down, the trio discover an unusually strong acid killing animals and people.
Monster on the Campus (1958) as Dr. Donald Blake
A college professor acquires a newly discovered specimen of a prehistoric fish. While examining the find he is accidentally exposed to it¿s blood, turning him into a murderous Neanderthal.
The Young Lions (1958) as Lieutenant Green
A Jewish soldier faces anti-Semitism when he enlists to fight World War II.
The Devil's Hairpin (1957) as Danny Rhinegold
The Hellcats of the Navy (1957) as Lt. Commander Don Landon
A submarine commander inadvertently causes the death of a romantic rival under his command.
Back from the Dead (1957) as Dick Anthony
The Unholy Wife (1957) as Rev. Stephen Hochen
An ambitious beauty marries a vintner, then falls for one of his workers.
The Wild Party (1956) as Arthur Mitchell
A former pro-football player falls on hard times.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) as Bob Hale
A novelist frames himself for murder to prove the fallibility of circumstantial evidence.
Running Target (1956) as Sheriff Scott
Arthur Franz, Doris Dowling, Richard Reeves, Myron Healy, James Parnell, James Anderson. In the mountains of Colorado, a sheriff pursues four escaped convicts with the aid of a volunteer posse, which includes a gas station owner (Doris Dowling) who is in love with one of the criminals who robbed her store. Music by Ernest Gold.
New Orleans Uncensored (1955) as Dan Corbett
Bobby Ware Is Missing (1955) as George Ware
Battle Taxi (1955) as Lt. Pete Stacy
A hotshot jet pilot joins a helicopter rescue team during the Korean War.
Bad for Each Other (1954) as Dr. Jim Crowley
A doctor returned from the Korean War must choose between setting up a glamorous practice and helping the poor.
The Eddie Cantor Story (1954) as Harry Harris
The beloved entertainer rises to stardom from humble beginnings in the slums.
The Steel Cage (1954) as Father Harvey
Flight Nurse (1954) as Capt. Mike Barnes
The Caine Mutiny (1954) as Lt. Paynter
Naval officers begin to suspect their captain of insanity.
Invaders from Mars (1953) as Dr. Stuart Kelston
A young boy learns that space aliens are taking over the minds of earthlings.
The Member of the Wedding (1953) as Jarvis Addams
When her brother marries, a 12-year-old girl faces the awkward pains of adolescence.
Eight Iron Men (1952) as Carter
A World War II squad tries to save a man trapped behind enemy lines.
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder (1952) as Phil Young
The Sniper (1952) as Edward Miller
An unhappy man goes on a killing spree.
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951) as Tommy Nelson
Two bumbling private eyes turn a boxer invisible to save him from being framed for murder.
Submarine Command (1951) as Lt. Carlson
A Naval commander torments himself over a crewman''''s death.
Strictly Dishonorable (1951) as Henry Greene
An opera star risks disaster when he marries a lovesick fan.
Flight to Mars (1951) as Jim Barker
A newspaper reporter and a bunch of scientists fly a rocket to Mars just to find out that Martians look exactly like us. Mars is running low on one of their natural resources (Corium), and plan to steal the Earth astronauts' rocket and conquer Earth. The Martian underground helps the Earthmen stop the insidious plan.
Tarnished (1950) as Bud Dolliver
Three Secrets (1950) as Paul Radin
A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.
Roseanna McCoy (1949) as Thad Wilkins
The Hatfield-McCoy feud heats up when one family''''s daughter elopes with the other''''s son.
Red Light (1949) as Jess Torno
An embezzler's revenge on the businessman who turned him in leads to a bloody vendetta.
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as Corp. Robert Dunne
During World War II, a marine sergeant must turn his recruits into fighting men.
The Doctor and the Girl (1949) as Dr. Harvey L. Kenmore
A doctor leaves his wealthy family to work in the slums.
Red Stallion in the Rockies (1949) as Thad Avery
Jungle Patrol (1948) as Mace Willard

Cast (special)

Man of Fear (1958)
"Doc" John H. Holliday, the famed gunman and psychiatrist, attempts to help the citizens of a town being terrorized by its sheriff.

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Amazing Howard Hughes, The (1977)
An intriguing if lethargic look at the life of Howard Hughes from his takeover of the Hughes Tool Company at eighteen, through his rapidly expanding business ventures. The film covers his interests ranging from golf and aviation to filmmaking and Hollywood starlets, his involvement in the Senate pro

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