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Judy Garland

Judy Garland



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  • Judy had a pure heart

    • A. Rich
    • 2016-06-10

    Judy was pure. (See website, judy garland, too pure for this world) I can relate to that cause I'm too pure to be understood too. Goody goody is the word I've been called. I love Judy just like a good Christian loves Jesus, who I also love. The reason I love Judy that way is because Judy was so pure of heart. That's what I am too.. Im a good Christian and I love Jesus.

  • Not a chip off the old block

    • A. Rich
    • 2016-05-18

    Judy Garland and her mother could not have been more different from each other. How could someone so mean and heartless give birth to someone so wonderful, beautiful, sweet, kind, pure, and loving? Judy Garland's a wonderful angel.

  • Judy's mother, the real wicked witch of the west

    • A. Rich
    • 2016-04-20

    The stories I've read about how Judy's mom treated her as she was growing up sicken me so much! First, Ethel (Judy's mom) considered the pregnancy an accident and even considered an abortion. Then Ethel was just plain abusive to poor Judy her entire childhood. There's a fine line between encouraging and pushing your child to act and what Ethel did. Ethel made Judy work 18 or more hours a day hardly even letting her ever sleep. And if she was sick, Ethel would just yell "I dont care!! Get out there and act or I'll hurt you!!" And it was Ethel, not MGM that started forcing Judy to take addictive pills at age 8! MGM just continued it. And Ethel was meaner and more cruel to Judy than to her two sisters. Ethel definitely considered Judy (Frances) the runt of the Gumn sisters. The mistake. The embarrassment. Ugly. And many other horrible hurtful names Ethel called poor Judy. Judy Garland was one of the most wonderful, sweet, talented, and beautiful human beings ever to grace this planet. I don't blame Judy for hardly wanting anything to do with her mother anymore once she was grown. I believe in honor thy mother and father, but there is still a limit on how cruel a mother can treat her child.

  • My turn to sing, Judy Garland, to you

    • N. Guy
    • 2016-03-31

    (To tune of "Dear Mr. Gable") Dear Ms. Garland, I am writing this to you And I'm hoping you can read this from up above Your passing made me sadder Cause your singing made me gladder And I thought I'd write this to tell you so Judy you made me love you I didn't want to do it I didn't want to do it Judy you made me love you And I wish you knew it I really want you to see this I know that you've ascended to heaven up above And when I get there too I can tell you you're the one I love Judy, you know you've made me love you

  • I love it

    • Anokhi
    • 2016-01-03

    I basically love your works Judy Garland.

  • Judy Garland

    • Joe J Leclair
    • 2015-12-30

    The best multi-talent that ever was, in her profession, bar no one.

  • The life of Judy Garland

    • A.Rich
    • 2015-11-21

    People have said that Judy died because she simply wore out, and if she hadn't died in 1969, it would've been a year or two after that. I'm not sure 100% if this is true, but she probably wouldn't have lived to her 90s like both my grandmothers did. ( if that was the case, there's a chance she still would've been alive now. Judy would be 93 now. My grandmothers made it to 94 and 96). But Judy lived a much more hectic, turbulent life than most of us has. And it was not just the drug abuse. Think of all of the years Judy made all of her films, performing all her concerts, and doing her TV shows and other activities. Judy put forth more time and energy on everything through her years than most of us would do in 400 years. The woman only slept about 2 to 3 hours a night every night for most of her life. She would work 16 - 18 hours a day on the set during most of her MGM film making years, and then she would often go out for other activities such as parties, going to clubs(such as when she was eloping with Artie Shaw or Vincent Minelli( who she ended up marrying)). Then her concert years were no quieter. Always up and around, moving from place to place, performing, performing. And she was a drug addict from the time MGM started making her take all those pills during the filming of Wizard of Oz straight through the rest of her life. Only taking a couple of small breaks during the months she was pregnant with her kids. At least no one could ever say her life was boring. She had more excitement than most of us.

  • Angel Judy

    • Spencer
    • 2015-08-04

    I Still love you Judy. I still love your beauty, your wonderful singing, and the kind, loving woman you were(are). Your soul never died. I still hope to see you in heaven someday. I will always believe in God and in heaven. No athiest will ever convince me otherwise.

  • Endless wonders of Judy

    • Spencer
    • 2015-06-14

    I also greatly loved Judy singing When I look at you- Presenting Lily mars. My love for Judy's songs, movies, and for Judy is endless.

  • Judy and Liza

    • Spencer
    • 2015-06-14

    I also love and was wonderfully touched by the last scene in The good ol summertime with Judy Garland and baby Liza. And the scene before it when Van Johnson confessed his love for Judy( something I can completely identify with him for doing) and then Judy returning the love. And then Judy and Liza looking so happy. (The story obviously showing us that Judy and Van got married and had a daughter) And it being Judy's real life daughter Liza. The whole thing was just wonderful.

  • Love you

    • Spencer
    • 2015-06-05

    Judy Garland, I love you so much! I'll see you over the rainbow.

  • Judy Garland angel

    • Spencer
    • 2015-06-04

    My favorite Judy Garland songs where she looked the most beautiful and sang the most heavenly: How about you - Babes on broadway, Embracable you - Girl crazy, Over the rainbow - Wizard of oz, and many more. Movie scenes with Judy at her most touching and wonderful: Judy saying goodbye to lion, scarecrow, tinman - Oz, Judy laughing at Rooney by car on road (scene where she drives away holding sign that says "no riders") - Girl crazy, Judy comforting Tootie (Margarate Obrien) right after she gets upset and smashes the snowmen - Meet me in St Louie, and many others. Judy, you're an angel. I'll see you over the rainbow.

  • Judy Garland, loving girl

    • Spencer
    • 2015-05-31

    After reading the website entitled Judy Garland, too pure for this world (and many other sites all saying the same thing about Judy, that in real life, she was just so kind and loving to everyone), I have had a stronger, more pure love for her than ever before. I already loved Judy for her wonderful singing voice, her beauty, and her passionate acting in her films. Now after reading this site that says how Judy was so pure, kind, and loving, to where many people just didn't understand her. The site also says that her loving, passionate acting in her films was just a viewing of her true self off the screen. It breaks my heart so much how MGM and other people treated this wonderful girl so poorly, how Judy's pill addictions were formed by MGM forcing her to keep taking them, and how Judy got dumped and betrayed by several different men that she thought loved her. All Judy wanted was to be loved back, and I have all of that love for her that she needed, but due to a cruel twist in fate, God had us on this earth during two different time periods, and she passed before I was born. Judy Garland, someday when I join you in heaven, I can finally tell you directly how deep and pure my love is for you, and how you deserve to recieve all the love in the world. To Liza Minelli, Lorna and Joe Luft, I don't. Know if you read these websites, but if you do, I want you to know that your mother was one of the greatest miracles God ever created. I wish that Judy is, right now and always, able to see and hear you, me, and everyone who's ever had a pure love for her from up there over the rainbow. I start to shed tears everytime I remember Judy Garland is no longer on this earth, and I shed tears every time I watch her films, youtube clips, and hear her sing. To God, please love and take the best care of this wonderful, loving soul.

  • Judy Garland

    • Spencer
    • 2015-05-11

    June 10, 1922: A wonderful angel was born and placed on this earth with us. (Thank you God) June 10, 1922 - June 22, 1969: The wonderful angel lived and gave millions of people including myself lots of joy and happiness with her beauty, her heavenly singing voice, her passionate and terrific acting in her films, and the way she was so kind and caring to peaple in real life. Judy had a heart of gold. She was truely a sweet, passionate, caring, loving girl. She was also absolutly goergous with those big, beautiful brown eyes, those thick, red kissable lips, and her beautiful hair. Did I already mention she had the most beautiful singing voice. (Thank you God for bringing us this girl to the world) June 22, 1969: sadly, Judy left us and went to where the wonderful angels like her go, she ascended up over the rainbow into heaven. (I hope you are taking the best care of her, God)

  • Wish you could hear me

    • A. Rich
    • 2015-04-14

    Judy, I've read some of your quotes about how you've wished for a few words of love from one man, rather than applause from 1,000 people, and you stating how lonely you were and that you only wished for someone to love you. Well I long to give you those words of love, I would never have let you be lonely, and I love you with all of my heart and soul. I wish that you could hear me from up there over the rainbow, and that you are able to look down and read what I am writing about you. Your phisical body might have died in 1969, but your sweet, kind, loving soul will never die. And that's the part of you that made you such a wonderful being. That's what made you beautiful, that's what made you able to sing like an angel, and that's what made you such a pure, loving person. Your beautiful soul.

  • Last add on

    • A.Rich
    • 2015-03-29

    I also loved Judy singing How about you in Babes on broadway and Ive got rythmn in Girl crazy

  • Just to add on

    • A. Rich
    • 2015-03-28

    I forgot to mention in my review below that I also loved hearing Judy sing Zing went the strings of my heart. Again, she was and is wonderful.

  • Just an add on

    • A.Rich
    • 2015-03-28

    I forgot to add to my review below that I also loved hearing Judy sing Zing, went the strings of my heart.

  • Judy Garland I love you so much

    • A.Rich
    • 2015-03-28

    I've done lots of reading about Judy's life. I've watched her movies such as Oz, meet me in St. Louis, and babes in arms. I know that Judy was never just acting. She carried a real love and passion in her heart. Judy was truely a loving, caring, passionate person in real life too. Sadly, she started enduring many unfair hardships as she got older. The studio executives and directors at MGM are the ones that got her started on her drug addictions by forcing her to take them. They also constantly put ongoing pressure and criticism on her about her weight and her looks and they failed to see how beautiful she already was. They didnt treat her well, such as when she kept giggling during the scene where she had to slap the cowardly lion, the director handled it by slapping Judy. I mean come on, I realize they need to seriously get the take right for the movie, but let her enjoy her happy, laughing spirit for a few minutes first instead of immediately slapping it out of her. Judy had also had her heart broken several times such as when Artie Shaw unexpectedly dumped her. She got hurt numerous times after that. Judy didn't deserve any of this. I am happy though that her dad, sisters, her children and Mickey Rooney loved her. I have a love for Judy that is so deep, so pure, and will never die. Judy sang like an angel when she sang good morning, the trolly song, have yourself a merry little christmas, and especially over the rainbow. She moved me so much. She also moved me during many different movie scenes including when she was saying goodbye to the scarecrow, lion, and tin man and the last scene after Dorthy wakes up. I know Judy had a real love and spirit inside her then and it was not just acted. Judy Garland is an angel. On June 22, 1969, she simply went where angels go, to heaven. Or as she sang it, over the rainbow. Judy, when I pass on someday, I wish to join you and well both be over the rainbow together, forever. Then, there really will be no place like home.

  • I love you judy garland

    • A. Rich
    • 2015-03-08

    Judy is the greatest most wonderful actress and singer to ever live and her scene in OZ where she sings "over the rainbow" is just beyond wonderful and amazing. Never has anyone else touched me so. It's so sad how her life was cut short and she's no longer on earth with us. All I wish for when I die is to be over the rainbow with my family and with Judy garland in heaven.

  • no one to compare

    • leena phillips
    • 2015-02-06

    i have never heard a better voice than hers in range and style. she was just a matchless talent may she rest in peace.

  • Most accurate comment ever

    • Richard
    • 2014-06-10

    I heard a few years ago that Frank Sinatra was once asked (supposedly by Johnny Carson) who Sinatra considered to be HIS favorite singers. Sinatra reportedly replied: "Someday we'll ALL be forgotten, except for Judy." I'm not a fan of Sinatra, but if this story is true, Frank gave Judy the simplest, greatest, and most accurate assessment of her talent and her immortal legacy. If the story is NOT true, the sentiment expressed IS true. She was, and IS, the best - ever.

  • My Judy Research Report

    • Bianca
    • 2013-01-14

    This is so fasinating! By the way, I am a 5th grader so pardon for my spelling errors. Anyways, I chose this site to find information for my Music class and I thought that this had all the information that I need, right where I want it. The only flaw I thought was about her education. It really said almost nothing about her Elementary, Middle, and High school years. I don't know if that information about her is unkwon or what, but if it is known, I please ask you all to try and add some of that for other researchers. Well, this might not be my best review but other than that Education flaw, this website is perfect! I had recommended to my teacher and my music teacher. Also my friends and classmates because I find the information here easy to find, and well detailed. Judy Garland was a wonderful person and I would have loved to meet her if I was in her time. Judy seemed probably depressed knowing that she didn't have a "normal" childhood, considering she began he career at 4. But then again, there is no normal, and I think she is strong about that. Her voise is BEAUTIFUL, and well, I'm glad I chose this site to research her. Again, sorry for my errors and if this isn't an actual "'review", but I thought that I'd just share my thoughts.

  • Judy

    • Gloria
    • 2012-07-20

    An incredible talent! She could make you pee your pants, sing your heart out and cry your eyes out, sometimes all at the same time. The greatest talent that has ever lived - she could sing like an angel, she was an amazing actress (one of the best of her time, even though some don't give her enough credit), and she could dance like the best of 'em. She was truly amazing. And in my opinion a beautiful, stunning woman. May she never be forgotten and live on to share her God-given abilities with the world and future generations to come. She was just too special. I love you, Judy!

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    • Judy Judy Judy
    • 2012-06-15

    Thank you for making us aware of this song.What a talented actress and singer,Liza the same.Some people are never forgotten by the fans because of what they gave us.So what if she gained weight off and on.Make a larger size.Studios killed how many with their money grubbing race to capitalize on their stars talent.Hollywood kills,as it did this lovely lady.

  • No One Comapres To Judy

    • Taylor
    • 2011-12-02

    Judy Garland was the greatest preformer that ever lived. She made dancing and singing seem effortless, as she did both flawlessly. She may have gone through depression and heartbreak many times, but she held her head up high and never gave up. She truly cared about her fans, childern, and career. She is an inspiration for everyone.

  • judys great

    • maxie
    • 2011-01-24

    great actress need more of her n channel she is the only thing i look for on this channel maybe some other stuff but barely mostly judy though she was the greatest entertainer so we need more of her could you do presenting lily mars or listen darling or something that isn't exactly her most well known. anyways she's the one me and all my friends want to see she is marvelous

  • World's Greatest Entertainer!

    • 2010-11-04

    Judy was the greatest talent the world has or will ever see. She didn't just get up on stage and sing for her supper, she got up on that stage looked out nto her audience and connected with them. She loved her audience, she was their friend, she didn't just sing and leave. Judy would have stayed and sang and connected with those people all night if she had enough songs. She was special, she wasn't just Dorothy Gale who flew into Oz, or Esther Smith trying to impress the Boy Next Door, she was a person, a person who lived for the thunderous applause of an audience, she was special. Alot of people when they hear her name they think "Oh! She had such a tragic life!, well boy do I hate that! Judy lived her life to the fullest! Sure, she had some big downs, but she also had big ups. Who doesn't have ups and downs in their life? And people says "Oh she was an addict!", yes, she did use sleeping pills, but back then, no one knew about how dangerous they were, if they did do you think Judy would have taken them? Probably not. Judy was a happy, and hilarious person. She never wanted the public to see her upset, she joked all the time about her trips to the hospitals and things like that. I love Judy Garland, and so do many other people, and it's sort of sad that she is not extremly well known today as she attracts all audience members of all ages. Judy Garland can be described very simply: "World's Greatest Entertainer".

  • Judy garland rocks

    • Morgan Brewster
    • 2010-09-10

    Judy garland was the greatest performers of all time. she had problems behind the scenes of all the cameras. she was 5 times. She had a very hard life she died very young. She loved her children very much.

  • All Hail Judy Garland

    • Kelli Hipp
    • 2010-07-07

    Ever sence Wizard of Oz came back to my life I have realized that Judy means alot to me. She has done so much for me. I promise to Judy's grave that I'll be loyal to her like a puppy for the rest of my life. She was the greatest actress I've ever mentally met. I love Judy Garland!

  • She had it all

    • Christine
    • 2010-06-10

    Judy Garland had it all. Besides beauty, she could sing, dance and act to boot. How one small person could have so much talent inside and out is a gift from God. Wouldn't many of us wish to have just an inkling of her talent. She is a true Hollywood icon who died way too young. RIP Judy and Happy Birthday!

  • Judy Garland

    • Albert Poland
    • 2010-04-01

    Quite simply, the greatest talent of the 20th Century.

  • Absolutely Phenominal, My Idol

    • Sydney Henry
    • 2010-03-10

    Judy is the reason I love classic movies. She is the most amazing singer I have ever heard. There is no one like her and there never will be. She is who I turn too in times of need when I have no one to comfort me. She brings me peace. She is an amazing actor and her ability to play dramatic roles is impeccable. One of the most amazing talents of any generation.

  • Incomperable, stunning, genius period.

    • Christie
    • 2009-11-14

    Never was and never will be another with such talents, such beauty, and such wit!

  • Loves Me some Judy Garland

    • Tabatha
    • 2009-11-04

    JUdy is an all time favorite or mine. Her talent is unspeakable. I love every movie she has ever made. Even though, she died the year I was born I still love to watch her craft on the screen. She is amazing!


    • I <3 Judy
    • 2009-11-02


  • Troubled Talent

    • Riccardo
    • 2009-09-26

    Probably the screen's greatest female singer...and immense talent for performance...and a timeless musical star...with one of the most delightful of all film musicals to her credit. Her emotional fragility..for whatever source, limited the full development of her career. But her return to the concert stage was a triumph.


    • Susan Gallagher
    • 2009-09-15

    The most stunningly, gorgeous and incomperably, talented woman in the history of the silver screen! Who else can make sing, act, dance, make you pee in your pants, and make your heart melt away/ cry until there are no more tears left at the same time.

  • TCM Bio...

    • Steve S.
    • 2009-09-03

    How can u mention M. Monroe & J. Dean in the same sentence as Judy Garland - ridiculous!!!! Judy was a God-blessed genius!!!!

  • JUDY

    • Steve
    • 2009-08-11

    The greatest Entertainer

  • Best. Performer. Ever. Period.

    • Hannah
    • 2009-08-07

    That is all there is to it I think. She could dance, she could sing, she was funny, and while she might not have been the best when it came to the painkiller addiction, but she was definitely a product of her environment. MGM made her a drug addict and made her insecure about herself, but it did not manifest itself in her work and that is a TRUE performer. She was all around great and I would have loved to meet her, and I am only 16 years old. She is my all time favorite actor and that may sound weird coming from a young woman but that is just the truth :).

  • The Adult Judy Garland Films

    • Chris_Crafton
    • 2009-07-17

    I know that many fans love the younger Judy Garland films with Mickey Rooney. I like her in them but Rooney gets on my nerves. So I prefer the films Judy Garland made when she was an adult and Rooney was out of the pictures. Her last, I could go on singing, is one that I could watch any ole time. It's not the story or the other actors in it that makes me love it so. It's her singing, her total immersion in her performances. The sillier musicals don't do as much for me. "Easter Parade" is one exception, however. When she woos the older, reitred Astaire as a man would a woman at the end and begins singing the theme song, then dances real close to him with her back to the camera, that's got to be one of the sexiest moments in film history made by the two of them. I nearly fall apart whenever I hear her sing "Easter Parade," and can't explain why. The lady exuded talent from her every pore.

  • Thanks for appreciating Judy TCM!!!

    • David
    • 2009-05-16

    I was so ecxited on her birthday to see she was celebrated on TCM with many of her best films! That was an amazing day.everyone at home got together for hours and hours of Judy Singing her heart out, acting like a dream, and showing both comedic and dramatic range. Thanks TCM

  • The Greatest Woman Ever

    • Kevin
    • 2009-04-22

    The Most Beautiful too

  • Judy A Legendary Icon

    • Claude
    • 2009-04-15

    A Serious Performer

  • Great Singer

    • Cole
    • 2009-04-15

    She was Brilliant

  • The Best Performer Ever

    • Donald
    • 2009-04-15

    The Headline says it all

  • Brilliant

    • Joseph
    • 2009-04-12

    the greatest Performer whos ever lived

  • Missed it

    • Jimmy
    • 2009-04-12

    Man I was mad I really wanted to watch it I'm a bit older than she is and it's hard for me to stay up. Maybe I should just get a Tivo

  • Judy in General

    • KayKay
    • 2009-04-12

    Judy Garland is my role model..she was BRILLIANT!! there is no one else in the world that can even compare to her!!!

  • dorthy

    • cynthia ann
    • 2009-04-10

    oh shes soo sweet as dorthy i love judy garland somewhere over the rainbow

  • Beauty

    • Kevin
    • 2009-04-06

    such a babe and a great performer as well

  • My favorite actress.

    • Kira
    • 2009-04-04

    Judy Garland, I could say so much about her, but I am limited to only 2,000 words. I feel as if we are family, as odd as that sounds, but we are connected by music and acting. She was a beautiful person, singer, and actress. Im not famous, but I love to sing and act, I only hope that one day I am remembered like she. I first seen her in the Wizard of Oz. I use to cry all the time when the tornado hit. I still watch it, I know every word. I know all her movies, and I love them all. I wish I could have met her, one day I will. I hope too go see the movie set where Oz was made, to see her home, and to just have a moment like I were to meet her. She would be a damn good actress to this day, but she had a greater calling, she had to watch over all of us somewhere the rainbow.


    • jp9698
    • 2009-03-13

    Judy Garland is the best person that i have ever seen

  • Judy Garland: A Star for Life.

    • Kaylee
    • 2009-01-28

    Judy Garland: A Star for Life.

  • Simply the Greatest

    • Megan
    • 2009-01-10

    Judy Garland was THE greatest. Ever. No performer, inside or outside of Hollywood, has been able to even touch her talent, her humor, her vunerability, or the depth that she has brought to the world. They say the stars that shine the brightest last the shortest time; that was certainly the truth with Judy Garland. She was the greatest there's ever been, and possibly ever will be.

  • I Love Judy Garland

    • ginger
    • 2008-12-16

    I think that Judy Garland was great even though i'm only eleven and not seen all of her movies i always wish that i can see them in person and ask them questions. I don't think that i would know about them if it wasn't for TCM. I wish that people still made movies like that so that i can actually be in a movie with singing and dancing. I like her so much that for one of my shcool talent shows i singed, "Over the Rainbow" I wish that you didn't have to be someone famous to talk on TCM. I wish that someone can respond.

  • Best Actress

    • Tim
    • 2008-12-13

    Easily the greatest actress ever born and the most beautiful

  • Review on Judy Garland

    • Ktig
    • 2008-12-13

    The Best Actress who has ever lived. she was cheated out of two Oscars I admit I watch the Oscars every year even though it's all politics She would have two oscars if the Oscars were fair I mean how did Clarke Gable lose for Gine with the Wind he had such a powerful performance yeah he could lose performing the way he did.

  • Greatest

    • david
    • 2008-10-09

    I wish she could have seen herself as others do. Beautiful woman, great personality, great actress, great singer. I wish she had recorded more songs in her lifetime. I recently heard her sing "As Long As He Needs Me" from Oliver! It gave me chills. There will never ne another person like this.

  • Just beautiful

    • Beka
    • 2008-09-24

    She did wonderful work at MGM and more after that. People think that she was just another fatality to prescrp. drugs but she left more than a legacy, life in every song she sang that still speaks to people world wide.

  • Judy, Judy, Judy

    • Scarlett
    • 2008-09-17

    Though I adore Judy, I've always thought that other people don't truly appreciate her...I mean, say Judy Garland to someone, they'll think of a little girl with pigtails in a blue-and-white checked gingham dress. I don't think a lot of people realize that she was so much more than Dorothy Gale. (By the way, The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie, so don't think I'm knocking it)

  • the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2008-07-28

    judy made mgm in my opinion. thats all i have to say about that..............


    • Vivian
    • 2008-07-25

    I consider Judy Garland the most talented entertainer ever.


    • Kyrsten
    • 2008-07-01


  • Tragic ending for a great star

    • Julie
    • 2008-03-21

    I absolutly love Judy Garland and I can watch her movies and listen to her music constantly. She was and still is to me the greatest Actress and Singer there ever was. She was one of a kind. Her life was never easy and still you could never see the heartache she was going through in her movies. Even her death didn't come easy and also way to early. But with the wonderful music and great movies she has left behind she will never be forgotten.

  • she my Favorite

    • Lucille Wallace
    • 2008-03-17

    Judy Garland is my favorite actress in every way:) She has a WONDERFUL sing voice at the age around 3,4 or 5 and is very BEAUTIFUL - Lucille Wallace

  • Judy Garland

    • Joyce
    • 2008-02-03

    Long after we are gone her voice will last forever.She could hold a note longer than anyone I've heard and like Bette Davis acted like no other Judy Garland sanglike no other. Here we are almost 40 years later talking about a star as fresh as she was then She sang from the heart. That is the only way that she could sing. Not a bad dancer and actress either.

  • Judy - The Best There Is, There's No One Better!

    • Ed
    • 2008-01-27

    Judy is what "having talent" means. A rare, true, remarkable, legendary, extraordinary talent. I don't have to explain Judy. See and hear her and if you don't get her you just don't know what greatness is.

  • my Favorite actress

    • Lucille Wallace
    • 2008-01-11

    She s wonderful and sings very well I LOVE her

  • phenominal judy garland

    • linz
    • 2007-11-04

    judy garland is truly amazing. natural beauty and talent= enough said


    • mandy
    • 2007-09-29


  • Judy is the best

    • None Ya
    • 2007-08-24

    Judy shouldn't be number 8 on the greastest female stars of all tim list, she should be first

  • Happy Birthday

    • Haley
    • 2007-06-10

    Today's Judy's 85th birthday!! She's definitely the finest musical actress ever to grace the screen and stage. She will always be remembered for her amazing voice, screen presence and personality. Truly talented in every way. Happy Birthday Judy!


    • Genevieve
    • 2007-06-09


  • Judy

    • Ana
    • 2007-06-02

    Judy Garland is an incredible actress and should be remembered throughout all the ages

  • My hero

    • Katylyn
    • 2007-05-03

    Judy is my hero. She's so incredible. She has so much emotion, an incredible voice, a sparkling personality, the ability to play any role...need I say more? Love ya, Judy.

  • .

    • Angela
    • 2007-03-13

    Truly one of the greatest entertainers of all time! She had such a huge talent, and at the same time a fragility, a vulnerability, that made people love her all the more.

  • Awsome Actress!!! Judy Garland

    • Patty
    • 2007-02-12

    I have loved Judy's films ever since i was a young girl. i love the emotion Judy puts into the roles she plays, she makes it real to the audiance. i love all of the films she has played a part in. Although, i haven't seen all of her films, i love them all the same. i am 17 and i love turner classic movies!!!

  • Her appeal seems to remain undiminished.

    • Jaytee
    • 2007-01-30

    Hadn't really wanted to enter comments; just vote, but the system won't let me. What I find fascinating about Garland is not only the woman herself, but the reactions of the public to her. Some like her, some loathe her, but no one can deny her artistry.

  • Truly a Beautiful Actress

    • Haley
    • 2007-01-15

    Judy never saw herself as beautiful and I can't see why. When you look at her in such movies as Meet me in St Louis or Presenting Lily Mars, she's better looking in my opinion than even Lana Turner. But she had something more than those others, she could sing. Not in an ordinary way but like no other. The way she belts out a song gives you chills down your spine. Judy was truly special, adding a comedic flair in a lot of her movies. for example, from For Me And My Gal, "Who's the want-ad with the squirrel around his neck?" I absolutly love Judy Garland and as a 14 year old can say that no one can ever add up to her. She was one of a kind, unique. No words can describe the impact she had on my life.

  • Best Ever

    • Jessica
    • 2007-01-03

    Best Entertainer that ever lived! She's more talented then most actresses but she had something extra! Most special person there was she could sing dance and act etrememly well and was very pretty, prettier than most. I love judy garland and she will never die :)

  • We'll Never Forget You Judy

    • Laura
    • 2007-01-02

    I think, along with many others, that Judy really is the best prefomer that ever lived. She has tremendous talent and never gave up. It's horrible that she had to suffer so many personal and proffesional down points. No one will ever preform with as much talent, emotion and spark as you did. We Love You Judy!

  • The girl who lives forever

    • Elle
    • 2006-11-21

    Judy's charm, talent, and her humble emotions on camera show another shadow of yourself. Shows a shadow that your always too busy to see. Whenever she sings I stop thinking and I just start listening to those beautiful lyrics either singing the blues or a song of love, the world stops...As if listening to the voice so many years ago that was misunderstood. And it seems as if the world continues to listen through fans around the world. Which will always make her the girl who lives forever.

  • I LOVE JUDY!!!

    • Christine
    • 2006-11-02

    I think Judy Garland is the best performer that ever lived! She had a hard life even with the fame and fortune. She was a great actress,she could make you laugh or make you cry in a great way! Her singing was beautiful and always wants me to sing to the songs! She could keep up with Gene Kelly and Fred Astair with her dancing ,she was awsome! There will never be another Judy! I'm only 13 years old but I understand what she went through and just wanting to be loved by someone! She was the best and always will be!

  • Everyone's Dorothy

    • James Kelton
    • 2006-10-30

    There is scarcely a child alive that doesn't know or hasn't been touched by Dorothy Gale. Miss Garland's performance in "The Wizard of Oz" was spot on in a role that has kept the musical fantasy alive and fresh over sixty years. It's more than her simple, lyric singing of "Over the Rainbow". There is an honesty and growing wisdom about the young lady's work that makes it a perfect match of role and actress. She is L. Frank Baum's American farmgirl: sincere, teary at times, angry at injustice from witches and wizards and delighted by her friends and their surroundings. Judy Garland's Dorothy is a heroine, discovering confidence the way the "trunk-born" star seldom could off the screen or concert hall stage. This beaming sense of self spills over a few years later in Minnelli's "Meet Me in St. Louis" where garland and Tom Drake play out one of the best boy/girl scenes ever filmed turning out the amber hued gas lights in the 1903 Smith home after a party. While more of a singing tour-de-force for the star, she nonetheless comes across as a warm, blooming girl of the time; a former tomboy who sees herself through the antics of her little sisters as she grows into a life of corsets, dance cards and the boy-next-door. This fable of family does not have the perils faced in Oz but as true and exciting because of the heart with which she played it, Judy Garland had moments and glimpses of greatness in other films but her contributions in these two alone will serve to keep us fascinated by this tiny Minnesota girl with a voice that took us where "bluebirds fly."

  • The World's Greatest Entertainer? YES!!!

    • Dick
    • 2006-10-17

    Has any other entertainer been so well remembered as Garland? Or been continuously labeled the greatest performer of the 20th Century? NO. She could light up a movie better than anyone, and in concert, when she is control of her talent, no one could match her for her ability to entertain, charm and dazzle an audience. She was the first female performer to get the ovations and cheers usually reserved for the likes of Sinatra and Presley, and her music is still be re-released 37 years after her passing. The Greatest by far!

  • JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Najalyn Idehen
    • 2006-10-01

    I think that Judy Garland was the greatest singer who ever lived.She might of have had her share of problems,but I still loved her.I wish her.


    • michael york
    • 2006-10-01

    the saddest mistake in oscar history was judy not winning best actress in a star is born what more could she prove? it is the ultimate film performance by any actress period.

  • The best!!!

    • Sydney Henry
    • 2006-09-27

    She ids the worlds best and greatest entertainer of the 20th century. The will never be another Judy Garland.

  • Greatest Performer

    • Hanna
    • 2006-09-09

    What a talent!!! She could act dance and boy could she sing. It is sad that she had such a hard life but her movies are all my favorites.

  • LOVE HER!!!!

    • Liz
    • 2006-08-31


  • Judy is the best that ever lived!

    • Christine,13
    • 2006-08-05

    Judy Garland is not just an actress singer or a dancer, she was a legend! She loved performing for her fans.Well...I think that was her favorite thing to do.She has been performing at age 2 with her sisters! She had a hard life but I guess it showed in her acting because she acted so natural in her wonderful movies. She even kept up with Gene Kelly&Fred Astair with her dancing. Judys voice is so beautiful i can't even explane it!When Judy made a movie or sang she put her all into it, even if she was sick or she couldn't take the preasure from everyone. She is my favoriye and someday I hope to be like her!

  • none

    • gigi
    • 2006-07-06

    she was an amazing singer and a really good actress

  • judy is the best actress/singer of all time

    • Melissa whitemyer
    • 2006-07-03

    i think that judy garland is the best actress of all time i love to watch all of her movies and i love to listen to the songs she sings i expescially like the trolley song from Meet Me In st louis although she had a very sad life in all the movies she did she always looked happy and never sad listening to her sing makes me wish i could have met her because she was a wonderful singer and a very good actress.

  • Judy is the bomb

    • Tabatha
    • 2006-06-29

    Judy Garland is my favorite actress of all time. I think she was way beyond her years. There was not a actor or singer in her time that could hold a candle to her. She is a well renowned icon even until this day.

  • love judy

    • barbie
    • 2006-05-21


  • Judy Garland

    • becky
    • 2006-05-10

    she could do it all, act, sing and dance. what more could you ask for.when i listen to her music it always puts a smile on my face. when i watch one of her films i admire her talent. she had so much of it and even her rival lana turner said she would swop all of her beauty for half of judy's talent. though her life was so tragic it never showed in her films or songs or even her live perfomances. she is a legend that will NEVER be forgotten.

  • Judy Garland

    • brittney
    • 2006-04-29

    She'll always be remembered.

  • Awesome Actress, the best in Hollywood!

    • Deborah Denise
    • 2006-04-07

    Judy Garland, was hands down the best actress in Hollywood. They should have called her one take Judy, that being, whenever she came on the set, and they would show her the dance routine, or what her lines were. She automatically picked them up that one time. The most talented of her time. It's so sad that her life ended the way it did, I will always feel that Hollywood dealt her a raw deal, they atleast should have paid the IRS for her, why not, she made them millions, and they got her started on perscription drugs. Again Awesome actress and singer.


    • Lisa
    • 2006-04-02

    Judy was absolutely the best!!

  • Always Remembered

    • Lydia
    • 2006-03-23

    Judy Garland was the best actress, singer to date. She had great humour, drama , singing and dacing abilities. I don't know anyone else who can posess all qualities. She was a great star and a great legend. She will always be remembered.

  • Miss Show Business

    • Natalie Garland
    • 2006-03-17

    I LOVE Judy Garland. There are no better words to describe her with but Miss Show Business. She did it all: film, music, radio, TV, everything. She is an outstanding performer. She is my all-time favorite singer. Long live the legend.

  • One of the all-time greats

    • Scott
    • 2006-03-16

    What can be said about this legend that hasn't already been said? In spite of the lurid legends and tawdry stories, Judy Garland's performing genius shines through. She was the most naturally gifted performer in Hollywood history. She could sing, dance, act, and even be a comedian. She did it all! And she did it with such effortless ease that no less than Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly (among others) referred to her as the most naturally talented partner they ever had. Garland was also one of the few performers to have mastered every entertainment medium of the 20th Century: Vaudeville, Radio, Stage, Film, and Television. A great lady with an amazing voice and amazing talent. She'll never be forgotten!

  • Judy Garland had it all

    • Chrisy Wilson
    • 2006-03-16

    Judy Garland had it all. She had the voice, the talent, the beauty, the body. Her acting can not be compared with anyone else because she had all of it. She could make you laugh, cry, and be sympathetic. She was so good she could make you laugh just by her face or make you cry with the sound in her voice. Like I said she had it all.

  • Talented Actress

    • Angela
    • 2006-03-16

    I love watching Judy's movies. They are entertaing, i watch them over and over again. She was a very talented actress and singer.Sadly she left to soon from this world, but the legacy she left behind would be appreciated from generation to generation!

  • Amazing beyond words

    • Jill
    • 2006-03-15

    I dont know what to put there is so much to put for her and not enough space to type, She was just so amazing. Her acting is still tremeous 80 years later all I can say is TCM doesn`t play enough of these movies! I will live through her singing amd her movies till the day I die. Her voice puts me in the bests of moods on the worsts of days. Oh Judy you will live on.......

  • Amazing Voice

    • Angela
    • 2006-03-12

    I have recently started watching judy's movies and listening to her music. When my day isn't going well i just listen to my ipod and put on one her songs and my it puts a smile on my face. She had life in her voice that makes people want to listen to her. i think that people should listen to her music more, its uplifting and will up a smile on you face.

  • So Wonderful

    • Dave
    • 2006-03-11

    Althoguh I am young, I can really apreciate Judy and the long lasting impact she has had on pop culture. She had such an amazing voice, and she was SO beautiful, she was truely taken from this earth too soon.

  • judy so misunderstood

    • chiguy9160
    • 2006-01-18

    she made an effect on my early singing career and i find other different things about her that still impresses me today

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