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Overview for George Gershwin
George Gershwin

George Gershwin


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Also Known As: Died: July 11, 1937
Born: September 26, 1898 Cause of Death: brain tumor
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Music ...


Music (feature film)

Acrimony (2018)
Party, The (2018)
Post, The (2017)
Trainwreck (2015)
Big Eyes (2014)
Walter Keane became a household name in the 1950s, when his oddly emotional and best-selling paintings of big-eyed children made him a coveted TV talk show guest. But was the art really his? His wife Margaret claims that Walter's only contributions to the work were his signatures. The Keanes subsequ
Big Eyes (Theatrical) (2014)
After 7-year-old Jocelyn is abducted from a Colombian resort, her parents must risk everything to bring her home again.
Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)
Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman use their time machine-the Wabac-to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes the Wabac out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidentally rip a hole in the unive
Labor Day (2013)
Thirteen-year-old Henry Wheeler struggles to be the man of his house and care for his reclusive mother, Adele, while confronting all the pangs of adolescence. On a back-to-school shopping trip, Henry and his mother encounter Frank Chambers, a man both intimidating and clearly in need of help, who co
Great Gatsby, The (2013)
1922 New York was a city swinging to jazz rhythms, fueled by champagne and rapid growth. In the midst of this heady atmosphere, one young man, Nick Carraway, becomes intent on understanding the events surrounding the charismatic, wealthy and mysterious Jay Gatsby.
Ginger & Rosa (2012)
Johan is making a lavish last meal for his wife. Fred is on his weekly visit with the kids. Trond has lost the ability to control his violent impulses towards his young wife who has recently given birth. There are no answers here or psychological explanations, just the minutes before each man commit
Edge of Darkness (2010)
Thomas Craven is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department and a single father. When his only child, twenty-four year old Emma, is murdered on the steps of his home, everyone assumes that he was the target. But he soon suspects otherwise, and embarks on a mission to find out abou
Eat Pray Love (2010)
Liz Gilbert had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having - a husband, a house, a successful career - yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone,
Public Enemies (2009)
No one could stop John Dillinger and his gang. No jail could hold him. His charm and audacious jailbreaks endeared him to almost everyone-from his girlfriend Billie Frechette to an American public who had no sympathy for the banks that had plunged the country into the Depression. But while the adventures of Dillinger''s gang-later including Baby Face Nelson and Alvin Karpis-thrilled many, J. Edgar Hoover made Dillinger America''s first Public Enemy Number One and sent in Melvin Purvis, the dashing "Clark Gable of the FBI.'''' However, Dillinger and his gang outwitted and outgunned Purvis'' men in wild chases and shootouts. Only after importing a crew of Western ex-lawmen (newly baptized as agents) and orchestrating epic betrayals-from the infamous "Lady in Red'''' to the Chicago crime boss Frank Nitti-were Purvis, the FBI and their new crew of gunfighters able to close in on Dillinger.
Me and Orson Welles (2009)
In a whirlwind week in 1937 in New York City, a young aspiring actor named Richard is thrown into the middle of Orson Welles Mercury Theatre Company on the eve of the opening of Welles historic staging of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. During this week he will find romance with a worldly older woman,
Leatherheads (2008)
In 1925, Dodge Connolly is a charming, brash football hero who is determined to guide his team from bar brawls to packed stadiums. But after the players lose their sponsor and the entire league faces certain collapse, Dodge convinces a college football star to join his ragtag ranks. The captain ho
Definitely, Maybe (2008)
A thirtysomething Manhattan dad is in the midst of a divorce when his 10-year-old daughter, Maya, starts to question him about his life before marriage. Maya wants to know absolutely everything about how her parents met and fell in love: Will''s story begins in 1992, as a young, starry-eyed aspiring politician who moves to New York from Wisconsin in order to work on the presidential campaign. For Maya, Will relives his past as an idealistic young man learning the ''ins'' and ''outs'' of big city politics, and recounts the history of his romantic relationships with three very different women. Will hopelessly attempts a gentler version of his story for his daughter, and changes the names so Maya has to guess who is the woman her father finally married. Is her mother Will''s college sweetheart, the dependable girl next door Emily? Is she his longtime best friend and confidante, the apolitical April? Or is she the free-spirited but ambitious journalist Summer? As Maya puts together the pieces of her dad''s romantic puzzle, she begins to understand that love is not so simple or easy. And as Will tells her his tale, Maya helps him to understand that it''s definitely never too late to go back--and maybe even possible to find a happy ending.
Run, Fat Boy, Run (2008)
Five years ago Dennis was at the altar about to marry Libby, his pregnant fiancée. He got cold feet and ran for the hills, and he's been going in circles ever since. When Dennis discovers Libby's hooked up with high-flying-go-getter Whit, he realizes it's now or never. He enters a marathon to show h
Man of the Year (2006)
Acerbic performer Tom Dobbs has made his career out of skewering politicians and speaking the mind of the exasperated nation on his talk show. He cracked scathing jokes at a fractured system night after night--until he came up with a really funny idea: why not run for president himself? After a flip comment, Dobbs ignites a grassroots movement that puts him on the ballot. Hot on the campaign trail, he debates elected drones and says exactly what frustrated voters have often thought. Nov. 2nd later, the muckraker wins--only to learn that a computer voting error gave him the victory. With time ticking on the inaugural clock, Dobbs has a big decision to make: should he go back behind the mike or stay in the Oval Office?
Take the Lead (2006)
Pierre Dulaine is a Manhattan dance teacher and competitor who volunteers his time to teach ballroom dancing to a diverse group of New York inner-city high school students serving detention. The students are initially skeptical of Dulaine, especially when they learn what he''s there to teach them, but his unwavering commitment and dedication slowly inspire them to embrace his program. In fact, they even take it one step further and combine Dulaine''s classical dance with their unique hip-hop style and music to create a high-energy, unique fusion. As Dulaine becomes a mentor for his students, many of whom haven''t had much to strive towards in their lives, he inspires them to hone their craft for a prestigious city ballroom competition, and in return they share with each other valuable lessons about pride, respect and honor.
Wedding Weekend, The (2006)
A group of guys who sang a cappella together in college reunite 15 years later to perform at a friend's wedding. The group takes a break from their less-than-perfect lives in Manhattan for a long weekend of rehearsals at a rambling family beach house, their significant others, spouses, and one Swed
Spanglish (2004) as Song ("They Can'T Take That Away From Me")
Married couple John and Deborah Clasky have their mundane lives forever changed when a fiery new housekeeper, Flor, and her intelligent daughter step into their home. Although Flor and John do not share a common language, Flor speaks only Spanish and John speaks only English, they soon find themselves romantically attracted to each other. This connection acts as a catalyst for both John and Flor to reevaluate their lives and motivates them to solve their respective family problems.
The Aviator (2004) as Composer
Billionaire aviator Howard Hughes takes Hollywood and its women by storm.
Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
In 1953, a time when women's roles were rigidly defined, free-spirited, novice art history professor Katherine Watson begins teaching at the prestigious all-female Wellesley College--which despite its academic reputation, is an environment where success is measured by 'how well' the students marry.
Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
In 1953, a time when women's roles were rigidly defined, free-spirited, novice art history professor Katherine Watson begins teaching at the prestigious all-female Wellesley College--which despite its academic reputation, is an environment where success is measured by 'how well' the students marry.
American Splendor (2003) as Composer
Harvey Pekar is file clerk at the local VA hospital. His interactions with his co-workers offer some relief from the monotony, and their discussions encompass everything from music to the decline of American culture to new flavors of jellybeans and life itself. At home, Harvey fills his days with re
The Human Stain (2003) as Composer
Coleman Silk is a man who, throughout his life, has been a master of deception and self-reinvention. As a promising college student, Coleman's first love, Steena, is shattered by a secret. Years later, as an esteemed professor, his career is ruined by false accusations. Now as he embarks on a scanda
Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Based on a true story, Frank W. Abagnale was employed as a doctor, a lawyer and as a co-pilot for a major airline company all before reaching his 21st birthday. A successful con artist and master of deception, Frank is also a brilliant forger, whose skill at check fraud has netted him millions of dollars in stolen funds, much to the chagrin of the authorities. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty has made it his prime mission to capture him and bring him to justice. However, Frank is always one step ahead of Carl baiting him to continue the chase.
Together (2002) as Song ("It Ain'T Necessarily So")
Xiaochun has been playing the violin ever since was able to hold it. Now, a prodigy at 13, with several awards to his name, he is the pride and joy of his father, a chef who has put all of his hopes on his son's success. Father and son set out for Beijing, where the boy will further his studies. The
Hart's War (2002)
Fourth generation Col. William McNamara is imprisoned in a German POW camp during WWII. Still, as the camp's highest-ranking American officer, he commands his fellow inmates, keeping a sense of honor alive in a place where honor is easy to destroy, all under the dangerous, ever-watchful eye of Germa
Yi Yi (2000) as Song ("Summertime")
NJ Jian, his wife Min-min and their two kids are a typical middle-class family, sharing their Taipei apartment with Min-min's elderly mother. NJ is a partner in a computer hardware firm which made big profits last year but will go bankrupt soon if it doesn't change direction. He warms to the idea of teaming up with Ota, an innovative designer of games software in Japan, and enjoys spending time with the charming and urbane Japanese man. Things start to go wrong for the Jians on the day that Min-min's brother Ah-Di gets married. That's the day when Min-min's mother suffers a stroke and is rushed to hospital in a coma from which she may never awaken.
For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story (2000)
Biopic about Arturo Sandoval, the Cuban jazz trumpeter who struggled against the Cuban government's attempts to suppress his art. Sandoval's early music career was stifled in Cuba, where he was forced to play in state-run orchestras, but he chose to stay because of his passionate love for his wife,
Return to Me (2000)
Set in Chicago, a contemporary fairy tale about a recently widowed architectural engineer, Bob Rueland, whose life takes a horrible turn when his wife's life is suddenly taken. He is haunted by her memory, and is still desperately in love with his wife. To cover his pain, and avoid dealing with his
Love's Labour's Lost (2000)
A musical adaptation of William Shakespeare's play, set in the glamorous court of the King of Navarre. In 1939, the King and his three best friends swear off women for several years so they can devote themselves to philosophical study. However, when the Princess of France arrives on a diplomatic mis
The Cider House Rules (1999)
An orphan trained in medicine sets out to find his place in the world.
Bicentennial Man (1999)
In the first decade of the new millennium, with advances in technology overtaking the sovereignty of human compassion, Richard Martin buys a gift, a new NDR-114 robot. The product, an android, is named Andrew by the youngest of the family's children. This adaptation of Isaac Asimov's short story tak
The Cider House Rules (1999)
An orphan trained in medicine sets out to find his place in the world.
Walk on the Moon, A (1999) as Song ("Summertime")
Set in Woodstock, the summer of 1969, a frustrated, beautiful young Brooklyn housewife, Pearl Kantrowitz, spends her summer in the Catskills. Her world is turned around when she has an affair with a free-wheeling traveling salesman, Walker Jerome--a charming and quietly seductive hippie. Pearl canno
Bachelor, The (1999)
Twenty-nine-year-old bachelor Jimmy has been dating Ann for three years and feels compelled to finally ask for her hand in marriage. However when he does, the proposal comes out all wrong. Instead of accepting his offer she walks out on him. When Jimmy''s grandfather dies, leaving a will stipulating that his grandson must marry by age 30 or forfeit a $100 million inheritance, he tries desperately to either win her back or find a new bride -- with his next birthday only 27 hours away.
At First Sight (1999)
When New York architect Amy Benic falls in love with blind, charismatic masseur Virgil Adamson, she convices him to undergo experimental surgery that will allow him to see the world as she sees it - in all its chaotic, colorful glory. In this new, exciting time together, they soon learn that all gif
Fantasia 2000 (1999)
Walt Disney's dream of creating a "concert film" with a perpetually changing musical repertoire is at last realized with the debut of the animated extravaganza, "Fantasia/2000." The film introduces seven spectacular new animated sequences set to the music of the masters and spotlights the return of
There's Something About Mary (1998)
There's something about Mary that still bewitches Ted. Although he hasn't seen her in over a dozen years, since that shameful prom night, his heart still flutters at the recollection of her. He's still crazy about her after all these years, and curious as to her whereabouts. At the insistence of his
My Giant (1998)
Sammy Kanin is an agent with a winning personality who is perenially small-time because he can''t distinquish a talented individual from a showoff. He finds himself in Romania where a teenage client is working on a film. However, he gets lost and is having trouble finding the set. When he finally reaches the location, the ungrateful star fires him on the spot. Dismayed, Sammy angrily speeds off only to crash into a ditch. When he awakes, he is in a local monastery where the ward is a 7-foot, 7-inch tall guy named Max. Sammy sees a gold mine he can exploit and promptly has Max in America under the guise of seeing Max''s long-ago girlfriend, Lillianna, who now lives in New Mexico. Lillianna, however, wants nothing to do with Max, which prompts Sammy to concoct a scheme in order to force a reunion.
Meet Joe Black (1998)
The story of a media tycoon William Parrish, whose charmed life and orderly household are suddenly disrupted by the arrival of an enigmatic young man named Joe Black who suddenly insinuates his way into Parrish's life--both in his business and private affairs. Determinedly attached to Parrish's side
Real Howard Spitz, The (1998)
Howard Spitz is a cranky, has-been detective novelist out of money and out of luck - until he meets eight-year-old Samantha, who convinces him he has what it takes to write children's books. Faster than you can say "Moo" the 'Crafty Cow Detective' series is born and Howard is on his way to greener p
Celebrity (1998)
Lee Simon, a journalist, has just split up with his insecure wife Robin. He launches into a series of sexual escapades that include a film star, a supermodel and an aspiring actress. Meanwhile, Robin considers plastic surgery and imagines a life on her own. However, both eventually find love again:
Living out Loud (1998)
A film about New York state of mind which chronicles the life of Judith Nelson, a woman who has lived the life of a wealthy, Fifth Avenue doctor''s wife. But after her husband abandons her for a younger woman, Judith is left to reconcile the silence of her plush Co-op--a silence filled with memories and frustrations. When her isolation is interrupted by a chance, fleeting romantic encounter, Judith sees the world through new eyes. Refreshed with the possibilities of a new life, she befriends her building elevator operator, Pat--a familiar yet nameless face--and she discovers he, too, has a life filled with loss and dreams beyond this invisible daily job. Together, they confide in and console each other.
Proposition, The (1998) as Song ("They Can'T Take That Away From Me")
As told by Father Michael McKinnon, the story is set in 1930's Boston. Arthur Barret, an attorney and adviser to FDR, and Eleanor Barret, a successful author, have decided to have a child. Unfortunately, Arthur is impotent, forcing the couple to go outside of conventional means. Top Harvard Law stud
As Good As it Gets (1997)
An obsessive-compulsive writer comes out of his shell to help a struggling waitress and an injured artist.
Mojo (1997)
A gangster in 1950s SoHo tries to take control of the career of rising pop star Silver Johnny only to become caught in a violent battle with the club owner who discovered the singer. When the club owner is brutally murdered, his vengeful son and the club's pill-popping employees prepare for a showdo
L.A. Confidential (1997) as Song ("But Not For Me")
Detectives clash while investigating political corruption.
That Old Feeling (1997)
A young woman is about to marry a very straight-laced rising young politician. Her long divorced parents (with their current spouces) attend the wedding and the old sparks begin to ignite between them.
Neil Simon's Jake's Women (1996)
Adaptation of Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical play about a middle-aged writer and the women in his life, real and imagined (his wife, his sister, his therapist, his daughter, his girlfriend and his deceased wife).
Miami Rhapsody (1995)
After accepting the marriage proposal of her zoologist boyfriend, a young copywriter gets cold feet when she discovers that each member of her family is engaged in an extramarital affair.
Neon Bible, The (1995) as Song Composer ("How Long Has This Been Goin' On")
Deep in the night, a solitary train winds its way through the dark countryside. Riding in one of the compartments is a sad-eyed sixteen year old boy, David. As he peers out through a window into the blackness, David begins to see images of his own life, fragments of the past. So begins this lyrical
Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994) as Song ("But Not For Me")
A young man''''s chance encounters with a beautiful woman are complicated by his close-knit extended family.
It Could Happen to You (1994)
In lieu of a tip, a New York cop offers a recently bankrupt waitress half of his lottery ticket. It turns out to be the winning ticket and, much to the chagrin of his avaricious wife, the good-hearted officer decides to honor his pledge.
That's Entertainment! III (1994)
Classic musical numbers and rare behind-the-scenes footage show how MGM created the screen''''s greatest musicals. Featuring clips with Gene Kelly, Lena Horne and Debbie Reynolds.
Poetic Justice (1993)
The loss of her lover to gang violence and her alcoholic mother''s suicide has made Justice a recluse whose singular form of expression and survival is her poetry. Abandoned and alone, Justice''s tough-talking persona masks her insecurity and distrust of people. Lucky is a stalwart postal carrier who has successfully resisted the temptations of a seemingly natural existence on the streets. Dedicated to raising his daughter while her mother spends her days on crack, Lucky''s ambition to transcend the limitations of life in the hood compels him to spend weekends in Oakland in his cousin''s eight-track garage studio, recording rap songs that enable him to creatively voice his inner rage and build hope for his future. Both Justice and Lucky are recluses and dreamers pushing through the status quo to make their own destinies. Against the backdrop of urban despair and loneliness, they struggle to find love, hope and, ultimately personal transformation.
Public Eye, The (1992)
Set in early 1940s New York, a tabloid photographer gets involved in a black-market gas rationing coupon scandal. The story is very loosely based on the life of the famous tabloid photographer, Weegee.
Hero (1992)
Ace reporter Gale Gayley literally falls into the story of a lifetime when she's a passenger on an airplane that crashes into a Chicago bridge. In the smoke and darkness, she's saved by a rude, foul-mouthed "hero," who promptly disappears into the night... leaving only his shoe behind. When Gale's T
Jennifer Eight (1992)
A police detective connects a series of brutal murders and falls in love with the killer's next victim; a young, blind woman he has sworn to protect.
Indian Runner, The (1991)
Drama about a family in the Midwest, focusing on two brothers and their attempt to establish a balance in their relationship and their lives.
He Said, She Said (1991)
Conservative Dan Hanson and liberal Lorie Bryer debate the issues on the editorial page of the Baltimore Sun. But when their mistrust turns to attraction, they have to deal with a relationship that threatens to derail both of their lives.
My Girl (1991)
Story about a precocious 11-year-old girl, being raised by her widowed father, who learns to love her wacky family with the help of her best friend.
The Fred Astaire Songbook (1991)
A loving tribute to Astaire the singer.
Betsy's Wedding (1990)
The father of a bride faces a serious dilemma when problems with his construction business threaten his daughter''s wedding.
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
Chaos results when a developer levels the building which housed a purveyor of Gremlins.
Enemies, A Love Story (1989)
Comedy drama set during the 1940s and 1950s in Coney Island and Brooklyn, revolving around a Holocaust survivor who finds himself involved with three women at the same time: his first wife, his present wife and his current mistress.
Loverboy (1989)
A college student earns money during his summer vacation delivering pizzas to frustrated Beverly Hills wives.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
A man and a woman turn a feud into a lasting friendship, until love threatens to ruin everything.
See You in the Morning (1989)
When a couple, who have both been married before, decide to marry, they must confront the problems which arise from the children of their previous marriages.
Los Amores de Kafka (1988) as Music
Set in Prague, 1920. Franz Kafka, engaged to a woman he doesn't love, meets a married woman with whom he develops an intense relationship.
Beaches (1988)
Childhood friends share their triumphs and tragedies through the years.
Man On Fire (1987) as Music ("Someone To Watch Over Me")
A wealthy family in Italy hires former CIA agent John Creasy to protect their daughter, Samantha, from kidnappers. Creasy, burned-out from the horrors of combat in Vietnam and Beirut, has no interest in guarding a 12-year-old girl but needs the job. Initially irritated by Samantha's questions about
Invocation Maya Deren (1987) as Music ("The Man I Love")
Beyond Therapy (1987)
Manhattanites Bruce and Prudence are each looking for a meaningful romantic relationship and have been encouraged by their psychiatrists to find someone through the personal ads. Their first meeting is disastrous, but they begin to hit it off during their second date. However, Bruce''s bisexual, live-in lover does not want to share Bruce and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him to himself.
Someone to Watch Over Me (1987)
A cop acting as a bodyguard of a murder witness falls in love with the woman he''s protecting.
Witches of Eastwick, The (1987) as Music ("Someone To Watch Over Me")
An adaptation of John Updike''s best-selling novel, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK is a star-studded special-effects extravaganza about the battle of the sexes. A trio of bored, sexually repressed New England women--Alex (Cher), Jane (Susan Sarandon), and Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer), each of them left to live without their respective husbands--innocently conjures up a mysterious stranger who, they are convinced, will relieve their frustrations. This mystery man is Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson), the filthy rich, wild-eyed Devil incarnate, who buys a local mansion.
Off Beat (1986)
Library worker(Reinhold), filling in for policeman friend at rehearsal for a dance recital, falls in love with female cop.
After Hours (1985)
A slightly nerdy yuppie ends up going to SoHo one night for what he hopes will be a nice date, but ends up getting caught up in one weird turn of events after another with a menagerie of oddball characters. Soon, he finds himself the accused suspect in a string of burglaries in the neighborhood, becomes the object of a witchhunt by a posse of SoHo denizens, and can''t find a way to get back uptown to where he lives.
White Nights (1985) as Music ("There'S A Boat Dat'S Leavin' Soon For New York")
A top Russian ballet dancer, who defected to the US, crash lands back in his own country. The KGB throws him in Siberia to live with an American expatriate and his Russian wife as a way of convincing him to stay in his homeland.
Kak Molody My Byli (1985) as Music
Hot Dog...The Movie (1984)
David Naughton, Patrick Houser, Tracy N. Smith, John Patrick Reger, Frank Koppola. A bumpkin from Hicksville seeks beautiful babes and wild times at a posh ski resort and ends up creating a sensation on the slopes. A sophomoric comedy in the grand tradition of PORKY''S.
City Heat (1984)
A Kansas City police lieutenant who is on the trail of a horde of underworld scumbags with a private detective that keeps getting in his way.
Once Upon A Time In America (1984)
Drama about the rise and fall of Jewish-American gangsters in New York at the beginning of the century through the 1960s.
Deal Of The Century (1983) as Song ("Someone To Watch Over Me")
Arms dealer, Eddie Muntz is attempting to sell war planes to a South American dictator, but in order to that, his girlfriend has to sleep with the dictator and his friend has to be convinced to do one more killing.
Purple Haze (1983) as Music ("Rhapsody In Blue")
Malaria (1982) as Music
They All Laughed (1981)
Three private detectives who work at the same agency are given the assignment of following three attractive women whose husbands suspect them of cheating on them. Before long, the women are romantically involved with the detectives.
Manhattan (1979)
A TV comedy writer falls for his best friend''''s girl.
Killer of Sheep (1979) as Song ("Lullabye")
A black slaughterhouse worker copes with the stress of raising a family with little money.
Manhattan (1979)
A TV comedy writer falls for his best friend''''s girl.
Choirboys, The (1977)
The careers and personal lives of a group of bigoted and hard-drinking Los Angeles policemen are examined. Although the officers provide emotional support for each other, they are lacking in sensitivity and judgement on the job. And when one of them accidentally shoots a teenage homosexual in a city
New York, New York (1977)
A jazz musician and a singer fight and love their way through the show biz world of the late forties.
A Matter of Time (1976) as Songs
An eccentric countess teaches a hotel chambermaid to follow her dreams.
Violer er bla (1975) as Music
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More (1974)
A widow dreaming of a singing career ends up waiting tables in Phoenix.
Janis (1974) as Music
Ain't Misbehaving (1974) as Music
Lady Sings the Blues (1972) as Composer
Billie Holliday fights drug addiction to make a name for herself as a jazz singer.
What's Up, Doc? (1972) as Composer
The accidental mix up of four identical plaid overnight bags leads to a series of increasingly wild and wacky situations.
Star! (1968) as Composer
Gertrude Lawrence rises to stage stardom at the cost of happiness.
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) as Composer
A small-town girl hits the big city in search of romance Roaring Twenties style.
Feelin' Good (1966) as Composer
When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965) as Composer
A wealthy playboy gives up partying to help a Nevada farm girl make her ranch a success.
Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) as Composer
A small-town songwriter tries to sell his work to a stranded singing star.
But Not for Me (1959) as Composer
Russ Ward, after 30 years of producing Broadway plays, is ready to quit. His secretary, Ellie Brown, on being given notice, tells him she loves him. Russ proceeds to turn this into a hit play starring Ellie and romance her in a May-December affair.
Porgy and Bess (1959) as Composer
In this legendary Gershwin opera set among the black residents of a fishing village in 1912 South Carolina, Bess - a woman with a disreputable history - tries to break free from her brutish lover Crown after he becomes wanted for murder. The only person willing to overlook her past and offer her shelter is the crippled Porgy. Their relationship is threatened by the disapproval of the townspeople, the presence of her old drug supplier Sportin' Life - and the threatened return of Crown.
Funny Face (1957) as Composer
A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village unknown into an international supermodel.
The Helen Morgan Story (1957) as Composer
A singer rises from sordid beginnings to fame and fortune... only to lose it all.
Beau James (1957) as Composer
The story of Jimmy Walker who became mayor of New York in the '20s. Used by professional politicians and money-grabbers, Walker himself was "stupid but clean", although his open affair with Betty Compton cost him dear.
That Certain Feeling (1956) as Composer
When Larry Larkin's syndicate complains that his comic strip isn't as amusing as it once was, he calls in neourotic ghost-writer Francis X. Dignan to help him with the strip. But things get complicated when Francis rekindles his love for his ex-wife, who happens to be Larkin's secratery and soon-to-
Three for the Show (1955) as Composer
A woman begins to enjoy life with two husbands in this remake of Too Many Husbands.
Sincerely Yours (1955) as Composer
Hearing loss creates professional and romantic crises for a concert pianist.
Pete Kelly's Blues (1955) as Composer
The jazz band''''s leader gets mixed up with gangster in ''''20s Kansas City.
The Glenn Miller Story (1954) as Composer
The famed bandleader fights to establish himself and keep his family going.
A Star Is Born (1954) as Composer
A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
Young at Heart (1954) as Composer
A cynical songwriter upsets the lives of three musical sisters.
Three Sailors and a Girl (1953) as Composer
Three sailors on leave back a Broadway hit.
Somebody Loves Me (1952) as Composer
With a Song in My Heart (1952) as Composer
This film focuses on the rise of an aspiring songstress.
Meet Danny Wilson (1952) as Composer
Danny Wilson and partner Mike make a meager living singing in dives and hustling pool. One night they meet entertainer Joy Carroll, who gets them a job at racketeer Nick Driscoll's posh nightclub. But Nick wants a high price: half of Danny's future income. Danny's career skyrockets, but his position at the top of the heap, and his one-sided romance with Joy, prove extremely unstable.
Starlift (1951) as Composer
An actress and an air transport crewman fall in love in this star-studded salute to the Korean war.
An American in Paris (1951) as Composer
An American artist finds love in Paris but almost loses it to conflicting loyalties.
Lullaby of Broadway (1951) as Composer
A star's former servants try to keep her daughter from learning of her fate.
Young Man with a Horn (1950) as Composer
A young trumpet player is torn between an honest singer and a manipulative heiress.
I'll Get By (1950) as Composer
Updated version of "Tin Pan Alley" concerns two songwriters and their romantic entanglements with the pretty pair of sisters helping them plug their songs.
Tea for Two (1950) as Composer
An heiress has to say no to every question for 24 hours if she wants to star on Broadway.
Nancy Goes to Rio (1950) as Composer
Mother-and-daughter singers compete for the same role and the same man.
John Loves Mary (1949) as Composer
A World War II veteran's marriage of convenience threatens his real wedding plans.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) as Composer
A vaudeville clown neglects his family while fighting for stardom.
The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) as Composer
A married musical team splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.
You Were Meant for Me (1948) as Composer
A small town girl finds married life difficult with a bandleader in the 1920s.
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947) as Composer
In the late 1800s, Miss Pilgrim, a young stenographer, or typewriter, becomes the first female employee at a Boston shipping office. Although the men object to her at first, she soon charms them all, especially the handsome young head of the company. Their romance gets sidetracked when she becomes involved in the Women's Suffrage movement.
Humoresque (1947) as Composer
A classical musician from the slums is sidetracked by his love for a wealthy neurotic.
The Man I Love (1947) as Composer
A night-club singer gets involved with a mobster.
The Jolson Story (1947) as Composer
The singer and star of the first "talkie" risks it all to become a star.
Ziegfeld Follies (1946) as Composer
Legendary showman Flo Ziegfeld imagines the kind of Follies he could produce with MGM's musical stars.
Under Western Skies (1945) as Composer
In a film that was closer to being a "sanitized" version of and contained more elements akin to Mae West's and W.C. Fields' "My Little Chickadee" than it did from anything John Ford had done, or was to do, a traveling show arrives in a small Arizona town and finds much opposition from local townspeople. They plan to stage the show in the saloon and the leading lady, Katie (Martha O'Driscoll), gets involved with the local school teacher, Tod (Noah Beery, Jr). and a mysterious masked bandit, King Randall (Leo Carrillo).
Rhapsody in Blue (1945) as Composer
Fictionalized biography of George Gershwin and his fight to bring serious music to Broadway.
George White's Scandals (1945) as Composer
Two sets of lovers come together while working on a big musical.
Broadway Rhythm (1944) as Composer
A retired vaudevillian clashes with his producer son.
Hello Frisco, Hello (1943) as Composer
So's Your Uncle (1943) as Composer
Girl Crazy (1943) as Composer
A womanizing playboy finds true love when he's sent to a desert college.
Lady Be Good (1941) as Composer
Married songwriters almost split up while putting on a big show.
Strike Up the Band (1940) as Composer
A high-school band sets out to win a national radio contest.
The Goldwyn Follies (1938) as Composer
A movie mogul hires an innocent girl to teach him what the average audience member likes.
A Damsel in Distress (1937) as Composer
An American dancer on vacation in England falls for a sheltered noblewoman.
Shall We Dance (1937) as Composer
A ballet dancer and a showgirl fake a marriage for publicity purposes, then fall in love.
Komposition in Blau (1935) as Music
Girl Crazy (1932) as Addl new mus
City slickers try to turn a broken-down ranch into a resort.
Girl Crazy (1932) as Composer
City slickers try to turn a broken-down ranch into a resort.
Delicious (1931) as Composer
A Scottish immigrant falls for a dashing playboy engaged to another woman.
Song of the Flame (1930) as Composer
This was a screen version of the 1925 operetta by Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach,Herbert Stohart, and George Gershwin. The story of the movie is about a peasant ( Bernice Claire ) who is known as "The Flame" who leads a revolution in Russia. This peasant who is in love with a Russian prince (Alexander Gray) saves his life by agreeing to sacrifice her virginity to an evil fellow-conspirtator (Noah Beery).This was an all Technicolor musical which was had a sequence in Vitascope (a Warner Brother's wide screen process)
King of Jazz (1930) as Composer
Paul Whiteman and his orchestra lead a series of musical numbers with brief, comedic sketches in between.

Music (special)

New York City Opera: The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess (2002)
The 1935 American classic opera by George Gershwin in collaboration with Ira Gershwin and DuBose and Dorothy Heyward tells of a love affair between an old beggar and a beauty from Catfish Row, a 1920s Charleston, South Carolina, slum.
Kitty Carlisle Hart: My Broadway Memories (1999) as Music
Kitty Carlisle Hart shares stories about her life and the history of American musical theater. She also performs classic songs by some of Broadway's most renowned composers.
Cincinnati Pops Holiday: A Family Thanksgiving (1999)
Erich Kunzel leads the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra in a concert of Thanksgiving holiday music from the Music Hall. The concert includes special guests Richard Thomas, John Schneider and Sandi Patty. Performers tell the story of Thanksgiving through art, music, dance and drama.
Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra in Concert (1999)
Concert telecast of a performance by Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra from Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City. Features 82 young musicians between the ages of eight and 13 from across the United States and England, chosen from live auditions in New York, Houston, Chicago and
Colorado Symphony: Jazz For Orchestra (1999)
Music special featuring pianist Marcus Roberts and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marin Alsop. The program also features the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble.
Gershwins' "Crazy For You", The (1999)
A presentation of the Paper Mill Playhouse production of "Crazy For You," an adaptation of the 1930 George and Ira Gershwin musical "Girl Crazy." Banking heir and song-and-dance man Bobby Child, is sent by his mother to foreclose on the Gaiety Theater in Deadrock, Nevada. Instead, he falls in love w
Red Hot + Rhapsody (1998) as Songs
Music artists reinterpret the songs of George and Ira Gershwin for a concert to benefit AIDS awareness from Webster Hall in New York City. Combines musical performances with footage, artist interviews and other discussions on the impact of AIDS in 1998.
Sarah Brightman in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (1998)
Sarah Brightman performs from the Royal Albert Hall with the English National Orchestra conducted by Paul Bateman, and special guests Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Itzhak Perlman: Behind the Music -- A Video Companion to His "Personal Picks" (1998)
Special featuring excerpts of Itzhak Perlman performing the pieces selected for his CD, "Itzhak Perlman's Personal Picks."
Porgy and Bess: An American Voice (1998)
Documentary exploring the history of the controversial American opera, "Porgy and Bess," written by George and Ira Gershwin. Includes footage of rehearsals and early performances of the opera, dramatizations, and interviews with singers, actors, scholars and critics.
Carnegie Hall Opening Night 1998 (1998)
A celebration of the opening of the season at Carnegie Hall with a centenary salute to composer George Gershwin.
Gershwin on Ice (1997) as Music ("I Got Rhythm" "Embraceable You" "Let'S Call The Whole Thing Off" "A Foggy Day In London Town" "Rhapsody In Blue")
A tribute to George and Ira Gershwin, America's premiere songwriting team. Ice-skating performances are accompanied by Gershwin classics.
Einstein: Light to the Power of 2 (1997) as Music ("They All Laughed (At Christopher Columbus)")
A young African-American girl meets renowned physicist and Princeton University professor Albert Einstein, who teaches her the basics of his theories, and learns along with her how to fight for what they believe in.
Great Performers at Lincoln Center: A Celebration of the American Musical (1997)
Acclaimed vocalists perform some of America's most beloved songs. Broadcast live from Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.
Ira Gershwin at 100: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1997)
Concert tribute to popular American lyricist Ira Gershwin, from Carnegie Hall, taped on his 100th birthday.
Al Jarreau: Tenderness (1996)
Concert special featuring Grammy Award-winning vocalist Al Jarreau.
Kennedy Center 25th Anniversary Celebration, The (1996)
Salute to the performing arts in honor of the 25th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.
Grand Night For Singing - Public Television's Gift to You, A (1996)
A special hosted by Tyne Daly featuring opera greats performing a wide variety of musical standards.
CAPITOL FOURTH -- 1996, A (1996)
Fourth of July concert from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Includes a salute to George and Ira Gershwin.
Three Sopranos, The (1996)
Three sopranos -- Kathleen Cassello, Kallen Esperian and Cynthia Lawrence -- perform a medley of operatic arias and Broadway show tunes at the Century Plaza Towers in Los Angeles.
Bobby McFerrin: Loosely Mozart -- The New Innovators of Classical Music (1996)
Special features improvised performances of Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor, Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and new classical compositions inspired by Appalachian folk tunes. Bobby McFerrin conducts the Orchestra of St. Luke's in this concert.
Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters, The (1996)
Examination of the movie poster art of illustrator Reynold Brown.
Cincinnati Pops Holiday: Erich Kunzel's Halloween Spooktacular (1996)
From Cincinnati's Music Hall, the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, conducted by Erich Kunzel, plays a selection of Broadway show tunes, movie melodies, Halloween-themed pop songs and haunting classics to commemorate the Halloween holiday. Guest artists Robert Guillaume, Tom Wopat and the illusionists, The
Sound of Julie Andrews, The (1995)
Julie Andrews performs a musical salute to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, a medley of songs by George and Ira Gershwin, Kurt Weill show tunes and selections from her films "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins."
Berlin Philharmonic Concert at Waldbuhne: American Night (1995)
This year's summer concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic at Waldbuhne, Germany, presents music by American composers.
Marsalis on Music (1995)
Series for young people in which trumpet virtuoso and composer Wynton Marsalis teaches the fundamentals of classical music and jazz.
Gershwin (1994)
Music documentary about the production of a record album, "The Glory of Gershwin," produced by George Martin for harmonica player Larry Adler.
Pavarotti: My Heart's Delight (1994)
Tenor Luciano Pavarotti performs operatic arias in a 1993 outdoor concert from his native Modena, Italy.
Ballanchine Celebration (1993)
Two ninety-minute programs airing back to back of excerpts from Balanchine ballets. Climax of the New York City Ballet's two-month long, 73-work retrospective of the choreographer's works.
Gershwins' Porgy and Bess, The (1993)
Performance of George Gershwin's opera about the inhabitants of Catfish Row.
For Better Or For Worse (1993)
Portrait of five couples who have been married more than 50 years.
CAPITOL FOURTH -- 1993, A (1993)
1993 Independence Day concert telecast live from the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (1992)
Broadcast of the fifteenth annual gala tribute to the distinguished artists who are recipients of the 1992 Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime achievement: actor and dancer Ginger Rogers, jazz vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropo
Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra (1992)
A special featuring a concert by 65 young musicians, Disney's Young Musicians Orchestra, in Pasadena, California. Includes their participation in a week-long summer music camp in Los Angeles.
Richard Tucker Gala: A Salute to American Music (1992)
A broadcast of a concert in honor of the late American tenor Richard Tucker.
Kathleen Battle at the Metropolitan Museum (1992) as Music ("Summertime")
A concert in which Kathleen Battle performs a recital of classical and popular music from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
Michael Feinstein & Friends (1991)
A special hosted by Michael Feinstein featuring music by American composers from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.
1991 Miss America Pageant, The (1991)
A presentation of the "Miss America Pageant" broadcast live from Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Jacksonville Jazz IX (1989)
A broadcast of the ninth annual National Florida Jazz Festival, held in October 1988, and featuring highlights of performances by contemporary jazz artists and vocalists during the three-day event.
Ask Me Again (1989)
A comedy about two people who have grown up together thinking they are opposites. Against her wishes, Elizabeth and Nelson are thrown together by their parents, who hope to create the perfect romantic alliance. In order to put an end to her parent's persistence, Elizabeth convinces Nelson that they
Capitol Fourth 1989, A (1989)
A television special celebrating the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Congress. E.G. Marshall hosts the tenth annual Fourth of July concert from the West Lawn of the Capitol building.
Baryshnikov Dances Balanchine With American Ballet Theatre (1989) as Music ("Who Cares?")
Mikhail Baryshnikov dances the lead role in two Balanchine ballets -- Stravinsky's classic "Apollo" and Gershwin's jazzy "Who Cares?"
Maureen McGovern on Stage at Wolf Trap (1988) as Song ("Strike Up The Band" "S'Wonderful" "They Can'T Take That Away From Me" "Summertime")
A special featuring jazz singer Maureen McGovern performing at Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna, Virginia, as part of the "On Stage at Wolf Trap" series.
American Film Institute Salute to Jack Lemmon, The (1988)
An entertainment special honoring Jack Lemmon as the 16th recipient of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award. The program was taped March 10, 1988 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Grand Night: The Performing Arts Salute Public Television, A (1988)
A tribute to public television's unique contribution to the performing arts, bringing together celebrated artists from the fields of ballet, modern dance, classical music, opera, light opera, and drama.
Celebrating Gershwin (1987)
A two-part special that celebrates the music and life of composer George Gershwin. The first part, "The Jazz Age," traces the composer's career from 1919 when he had his first hit, "Swanee," through the '20s when he composed his first big orchestral piece, "Rhapsody in Blue." The second part, "'S Wo
Happy New Year, U.S.A.! (1987)
A three-hour live gala counting down the New Year with all-American music from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, jazz from famed jazz club Ethel's Place, and fireworks from Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
New York Philharmonic New Year's Gala Concert (1987)
A gala New Year's Eve concert with the New York Philharmonic under the direction of Zubin Mehta, telecast live from Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.
Celebrating Gershwin (1987)
A two-part special that celebrates the music and life of composer George Gershwin. The first part, "The Jazz Age," traces the composer's career from 1919 when he had his first hit, "Swanee," through the '20s when he composed his first big orchestral piece, "Rhapsody in Blue." The second part, "'S Wo
National Symphony Orchestra Plays Gershwin, The (1987)
A concert of orchestral music by composer George Gershwin, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra, and taped at Wolf Trap Farm Park, America's only national park for the performing arts. The concert marks the farewell appearance of conductor Andrew Litton, who appears at both the podium and th
Tribute to American Music: George Gershwin, A (1986) as Songs ("Of Thee I Sing" "Embraceable You" "Our Love Is Here To Stay" "S'Wonderful" "Swanee" "Strike Up The Band" "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'" "Bess, You Is My Woman Now" "Summertime")
The first of four specials focusing on popular and enduring American composers. The music of George Gershwin is highlighted in this segment, with various performers presenting his music before a live audience which includes the President and Mrs. Reagan.
Capitol Fourth -- 1986, A (1986)
In celebration of Independence Day, the National Symphony is conducted by its music director, Mstislav Rostropovich, in a live concert from the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, accompanied by a fireworks display.
Sylvia Fine Kaye's Musical Comedy Tonight III (The Spark and the Glue) (1985)
Songs and scenes by Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, and Irving Berlin, performed by some of the country's leading musical comedy stars, and hosted by Sylvia Fine Kaye. The performance was taped before a live audience at Los Angeles' Wilshire Ebell Theatre.
Naked Gershwin, The (1985) as Music
The musical styles of George Gershwin are revealed in a concert consisting of musical excerpts and letters and stories by and about Gershwin and his friends.
Rhapsody & Song: A Tribute to George Gershwin (1980)
A concert taped at Symphony Hall in Newark, New Jersey, saluting composer George Gershwin.
Music From America: Rhapsody in Blue (1976)
In an "all-American" concert filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Leonard Bernstein is the and piano soloist in a performance of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," and also conducts music by Aaron Copeland and John Philip Sousa.
Of Thee I Sing (1972) as Music
A musical about John P. Wintergreen, a presidential candidate with an irresistible platform based on silver linings and love.

Music (short)

The Flame Song (1934)
In this short film, a prince is such a playboy that his subjects revolt and place his cousin (who is worse) on the throne, forcing the former prince to find a way to overthrow the dictator. Vitaphone Release 1762-1763.

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