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Deborah Brown


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Cast (feature film)

Fangs (2002)
Hysteria sets into the small town of Scottsville when a series of genetic experiments causes a large number of fierce, blood-thirsty bats to be unleashed. With an unwanted scientifically-engineered menace upon their turf, the local detective and veterinarian team up to rid the town of its nasty new
Twist of the Knife, A (1993)
When an old flame of Dr. Sloan's from medical school demonstrates a new medical technique, the patient dies, and Sloan's son suspects foul play.
Seven Hours To Judgement (1988)
A woman is murdered but a judge does not have the evidence to prove the guilt of the punks who committed the crime. In retaliation the husband of the murder victim kidnaps the judge's wife.
Girl Called Hatter Fox, The (1977)
A battle of wills between a concerned young doctor and ancient Indian witchcraft, with the future of a teenage Indian girl, sent to a state reformatory as an incorrigible, at stake.

Casting (feature film)

Asylum Seekers (2009)
Six bored people attempt to get admitted into an insane asylum in a bid to spice up their lives. With only one bed available, the six men and women must compete to prove who is the craziest in the bunch.
Hi-Life (1998) as Casting
It's Christmastime on the upper West Side and unemployed actor Jimmy is in trouble. He recently put money on Notre Dame with bartender/bookie Fatty, and now his five hundred-dollar bet has turned into a nine hundred-dollar debt. He turns to his girlfriend Susan for assistance, telling her that the m
Turning, The (1997)
Story about a young fascist man who is driven to desperate measures to keep his parents together in a small, forlorn mining town.
Metroland (1997)
Chris and Toni grew up togther on the outskirts of London in the early 60's, fueled with the desire to escape the suburban sprawl at the end of London Underground Metropolitan Line referred to as "Metroland." By the late 60's, Chris and Toni part, each in search of romance and adventure. Chris heads
Sudden Death (1995)
It's the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Pittsburgh Penguins are battling the Chicago Blackhawks as 17,000 frenzied fans, including the Vice President of the United States, are on the edge of their seats--unaware that an elite group of terrorists is about to make this a game no one will
Doppelganger (1993)
A young woman is convinced that she is being stalked by her doppelganger -- her ghostly double -- whose only emotion is hate and whose only desire is to destroy her.
Weekend at Bernie's II (1993)
Story takes place one day after the end of the original film. The two insurance clerks steal Bernie's body from the New York City morgue in order to clear their names of an embezzling charge.
Switching Parents (1993) as Casting (New York)
Based on the true story of 12-year-old Gregory Kingsley, who sued successfully to divorce himself from his natural parents.
Jack and His Friends (1992)
After discovering that his wife has been unfaithful with everyone from the ferry captain to the milkman, a man is kidnapped by a couple on the lam.
Emma and Elvis (1992) as Casting
A documentary filmmaker lost in the 1960s is inspired when she befriends some young activists.
Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, The (1991) as Casting (New York)
Travis Child is an aspiring country singer who plays in small clubs as he travels across the country with his younger sister Amanda who is his manager. Since Travis tends to drink too much and get involved with the wrong women, Amanda frequently has to get him out of trouble. While they are staying
Mannequin 2: On the Move (1991) as Casting (New York)
In this follow-up to "Mannequin" (USA/87), a peasant girl, cursed to endure a thousand years as a statue, awakens to the surprise of a store employee who falls in love with her.
Liebestraum (1991)
A man returns to his hometown and a series of dark secrets are revealed.
Mister Frost (1990) as Casting
A police inspector and a doctor at a psychiatric hospital study a murderer who claims to be the devil incarnate.
Mortal Sins (1990)
A businessman hires a Jewish private eye to investigate the murder of his partner, a Korean televangelist.
Prisoners of Inertia (1989)
After finally getting his wife out of the tub, a couple of New York newlyweds hit the streets and have a series of misadventures.
Tree of Hands (1989) as Casting (Usa)
Psychological thriller centering on a woman's attempt to cope with her son's tragic death, while her mother arrives on an ill-timed visit with her own remedies.
Lodz Ghetto (1988) as Casting
Created from the writings left by the Jews of the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, this film explores the struggles of a community to survive Nazi domination.
Sicilian, The (1987)
Story of the infamous Sicilian bandit Salvatore Giuliano, a man whose dream became a legend.
Sicilian (Director's Cut), The (1987)
Miles Morales is an African-American/Puerto Rican teen from Brooklyn who is trying to fit in at a new private school in Manhattan, but the adjustment is hard for him. His life becomes even more complicated when he is bitten by a radioactive spider and begins developing super powers including venom
Touch and Go (1986) as Casting
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1983)
Three separate stories about women and men trying to cope with their relationships with each other, parents and children.
Reuben, Reuben (1983) as Casting (New York)
I, the Jury (1982) as Casting
Jack Williams was the best friend of Vietnam veteran and detective Mike Hammer. When Jack is murdered, Mike makes it his business to solve the crime. He is helped by his secretary Velda, and partly helped, partly hindered by the Chief of Police, Pat Chambers. On the trail of the killer, Mike discove
Dragonslayer (1981)
In spite of the fact that it is terrorized by a fire-breathing dragon, the sixth-century kingdom of Urland seems to be at peace. This is because their king has entered into a pact with the beast, promising to sacrifice virgins twice a year if it will leave rest of the citizens alone. Usually, the virginal victims are taken from poor families. But when the king''s daughter is to be the next sacrifice, a wizard and his apprentice are recruited to use their magic to kill the dragon.
Mommie Dearest (1981)
Glamorous yet lonely star Joan Crawford takes in two orphans, and at first their unconventional family seems happy. But after Joan''s attempts at romantic fulfillment go sour and she is fired from her contract with MGM studios, her callous and abusive behavior towards her daughter Christina becomes even more pronounced. Christina leaves home and takes her first acting role only to find her mother''s presence still overshadowing her.
Attica (1980) as Casting Associate
Acclaimed dramatization of Tom Wicker's book recreating the incidents surrounding the 1971 revolt in New York's Attica State Prison that lasted for 23 days and resulted in the greatest casualty toll between Americans since the Civil War. Marvin J. Chomsky won an Emmy Award for his direction, and nom

Misc. Crew (feature film)

The War at Home (1979)
Citizens of Madison, WI, launch a massive campaign against the Vietnam War.

Location Casting (feature film)

Savage Bees, The (1976)
A swarm of killer bees from South America threatens New Orleans at the height of the Mardi Gras weekend. A neat little thriller that won an Emmy in the category of Film Sound Mixing.

Cinematography (special)

Commercial Jets (2001)
Documentary that traces the development of commercial aviation and the cutting-edge designs to carry more passengers farther, faster and safer.
Battle Gear (2001)
The program explores the evolution of armor and weapons.
Camping Technology (2000)
The story of the evolution of camping equipment, from prehistoric backpacks fashioned out of animal hides to the carefully-engineered clothing, tents and boots invented for high-altitude exploration.
Beyond Death (2000) as Camera
Documentary that asks the age-old question: Is there life after death? Members of respected academic institutions are trying to unlock secrets of the afterlife. People flock to mediums hoping to make contact with lost loved ones. Scholars, doctors, grief counselors, skeptics, mediums and those who c
Karen Carpenter: The E! True Hollywood Story (1997)
Special focuses on the life and death of singer Karen Carpenter who died at age 32 of heart failure caused by the eating disorder, anorexia-nervosa. Never-before-seen tour videos and photos, reenactments and exclusive interviews with friends reveal the rigors of the music business and the pressures
Dominique Dunne: An American Tragedy: The E! True Hollywood Story (1997)
Special focuses on the life and death of actress Dominique Dunne, the daughter of writer Dominick Dunne and sister of actor Griffin Dunne. Dominique was strangled to death by her boyfriend, John Sweeney, on October 30, 1982. In 1983, Sweeney's conviction on the reduced charge of manslaughter caused

Make-Up (special)

Sprite Presents: The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards Pre-Show With Brandy and Ray J (2000)
Brandy and Ray J talk with Source Award honorees and performers as they arrive for the awards presentation at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California.

Casting (special)

None Without Sin: Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, and the Blacklist (2003)
Documentary chronicling the conflicts of the House Un-American Activities Committee and how the Hollywood blacklist divided longtime friends and colleagues Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan.
Our Town (2003)
In Thornton Wilder's classic play, recently deceased wife and mother Emily Webb is allowed to relive her happiest day only to find that the living don't appreciate the gift of life nearly as much as the dearly departed.
Bodyguards (1995)
A mismatched pair of bodyguards work for a personal security agency.
Almost Royal Family, The (1984) as Casting
The eyes of the world are on the Henderson family when they set up their own kingdom on Great Mosquito Island in the St. Lawrence River, which is neither part of Canada nor the United States.

Film Production - Main (special)

Before Your Eyes: A Heart For Olivia (1995)
Verite documentary chronicling the story of Olivia Maize, the world's youngest heart transplant recipient (at 90-minutes old). Viewers are present as events unfold, without the presence of a correspondent, though actor Adam Arkin provides occasional narration to bridge elements of the broadcast.

Misc. Crew (special)

Twentysomething: What Happened to the American Dream? (1992)
A special in which Barbara Walters interviews eight people in their twenties about their lives, ideas, and how they feel about the American dream.

Casting (TV Mini-Series)

From the Earth to the Moon (1998)
Series based on America's Apollo space program from 1961 to 1972. Episodes include: the birth of the space program; the probe into the fatal launch-pad blaze of Apollo 1, January 27, 1967; the countdown to launch Apollo 7, October 1968; the first moon orbit by Apollo 8, December 1968; Apollos 9 and

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