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Production Companies (feature film)

Pyrates (1991)
A story about the adventures of a Chicago couple who start fires whenever they make love.
Age Isn't Everything (1991)
The story of a 25 year-old Harvard graduate who doesn't know exactly what to do with his life.
Party Plane (1991)
Mister Johnson (1990)
Set in West Africa in the 1920s, the story revolves around the relationship between a young British officer in charge of building a road between Northern and Southern Nigeria and a well educated black man acting as a liaison.
Fear (1990)
A psychic helps the police solve a series of bizarre murders. When a threatening voice begins whispering into her mind, she realizes that the killer is also psychic.
Enid is Sleeping (1990)
A woman accidentally kills her sister and tries to dispose of the body.
Deathstalker III (1989)
Evil ruler wants the head of Deathstalker as he searches for a secret treasure.
Options (1989)
A Hollywood agent heads for Africa in order to get a beautiful princess to sign over her life story rights for a TV movie, but gets caught up in a kidnapping scheme and a romance instead.
Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues (1989)
A restrospective of the singer's career.
Dream a Little Dream (1989)
An elderly couple find themselves trapped in the bodies of two teenagers.
C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. (1989)
A spoof about jump-starting the dead.
Twister (1989)
Story of an eccentric family on a Kansas estate, battling each other while a tornado rages outside.
Big Man On Campus (1989)
Adventures of a college wise-guy and his friend, a modern-day Quasimodo, who lives in the UCLA bell tower.
Paperhouse (1988)
A lonely girl''s dream life merges into her real life.
And God Created Woman (1988)
A falsely imprisoned woman will try anything to win her freedom. When an initially successful escape lands her back from where she came, she seduces an innocent carpenter who works at the prison, convincing him to marry her with the hopes that it will gain her an early parole.
Jack Frost (1988)
Midnight Crossing (1988)
With a cache of a million dollars buried on a remote island 35 miles from Cuba, a band of fortune-seekers set out to recover it. Along the way, they must not only avoid detection by Cuban authorities and pirates, but deal with constant betrayals and double-crossing on their own boat.
Lair of the White Worm, The (1988)
A terrifying legend comes true after a discovery in an ancient ruin, and a female vampire is unleashed.
Computer Beach Party (1988)
When they learn that the city is planning on annexing the unspoiled section of beach where they hang out, two buddies use their computer skills to figure out just who is behind this new plan and just how they can stop it.
Unholy, The (1988)
A new priest is assigned to a parish where his predecessors have met violent deaths.
Tunnel, The (1988)
Romantic triangle involving an artist obsessed with a married woman.
Transformations (1988)
A smuggler lands on a plague-ridden planet, is contaminated, and becomes a monstrous lizard-like creature.
Future Hunters (1988)
Futuristic time travel tale involving a legendary spear that when joined with its missing shaft can change the doomed future of the world.
Pinocchio's Christmas (1988)
It is Pinocchio's first Christma and he sells a book Geppetto gave him for present money. Unfortunately, Cat and Fox trick him out of it and he ends up joining a holiday marionette show to make up for the money he lost. When he finally leaves, Pinocchio steals a girl puppet, resulting in him being c
Wonderland (1988)
Two homosexual teenage boys from Liverpool decide to elope together and, in so doing, run into a series of problems.
Survivor (1988)
Waxwork (1988)
Teenagers victimized inside a wax museum where the midnight show is recreating famous murder scenes.
Dark Before Dawn (1988)
The farmers versus corporate America.
Les Saisons du plaisir (1988) as Video Distributor
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Classics, The (1988) as Video Distributor
The famed, all-volunteer choir from Salt Lake City, Utah performs classic Christmas carols. In addition to footage of the choir's performance, various holiday scenes are also shown.
Wind, The (1987)
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)
The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holds up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.
Coda (1987)
After a young coed falls from a university tower window to her death, the wrong man is arrested for the murder.
Man On Fire (1987) as Video Distributor
A wealthy family in Italy hires former CIA agent John Creasy to protect their daughter, Samantha, from kidnappers. Creasy, burned-out from the horrors of combat in Vietnam and Beirut, has no interest in guarding a 12-year-old girl but needs the job. Initially irritated by Samantha's questions about
Good Morning Babylon (1987) as Video Distributor
The life and death of two Italian brothers who came to America, worked in Hollywood during the silent film era, and died during World War I.
Underachievers, The (1987) as Video Distributor
Valet Girls (1987) as Video Distributor
Rocktober Blood (1986)
A dead man comes back to earth with a message from Hell.
Transmutations (1986)
A satanic beast terrorizes a small Irish village.
Höhenfeuer (1986)
A maternal, sexually provocative adolescent girl has an incestuous relationship with her deaf-mute, younger brother on an isolated farm in the Alps.
Mesmerized (1986)
Smooth Talk (1986)
A small-town teenage girl, in the throes of coming-of-age, becomes determined to lose her virginity and does so with a much older, mysterious ladies'' man.
Crawlspace (1986)
An apartment house manager uses secret passages to prey on female tenants.
Blue Velvet (1986) as Video Distributor
A small-town boy unearths a world of corruption when he stumbles upon a severed ear.
Trick or Treat (1986) as Video Distributor (Video-Sweden)
High school loner Eddie Weinbauer writes a letter to his idol, heavy metal rocker Sammi Curr, but before he can mail the letter, Eddie learns that Sammi has been killed in a hotel fire. Devastated, Eddie goes to see a disc jockey who knew Sammi, and he gives Eddie the only copy of Sammi's last, unre
Hail Mary (1985)
Lifeforce (1985)
When a space mission involving American and British astronauts encounters an alien craft, the humanoids within are brought aboard the shuttle. Back on Earth, one of the extraterrestrials, who appears to be a gorgeous woman, proceeds to suck the life force out of various Londoners, turning the town into a city of roaming half-dead people. When Tom Carlsen, a surviving astronaut, realizes what is happening, he sets out to stop the ruthless alien presence.
Re-Animator (1985)
Ocean Drive Weekend (1985) as Video Distributor
Blue Man, The (1985) as Video Distributor
Children in the Crossfire (1984)
Four Catholic and Protestant children from war-town Ireland have their lives and attitudes changed after a summer in the U.S. with foster families. This drama is a companion piece of sorts to director George Schaefer's Emmy Award-winning "A War of Children" of a decade earlier, dealing with another
Company of Wolves, The (1984)
After hearing her grandmother''s stories about dangerous men, a 13-year-old girl has nightmares that transform her into Little Red Riding Hood.
Red Heat (1984)
Sloane (1984) as Video Distributor
Violated (1984) as Video Distributor
She (1983)
Blastfighter (1983) as Video Distributor
After serving time in prison for killing the man who murdered his wife, a policeman travels to rural Georgia to live off the land, see his daughter, and live in peace. But a bunch of poachers who provide a sadistic biologist with animals for his experiments ruin the possibility of peace in his new l
Very Close Quarters (1983) as Video Distributor
Bloodsucking Freaks (1982)
The story of Dr. Sardu who turns out to be hiding a prison of horrors in his basement. With the help of his creepy assistant he plans to kidnap a prima ballerina in preparation for his greatest Theatre of the Macabre experience.
Whodunit? (1982) as Video Distributor
Butterfly (1981)
Jess Tyler is hermit who has lived in the desert for years, protecting an abandoned silver mine. One day, he is surprised by the return of his grown daughter Kady, who was taken away as a baby when his wife left him. Kady has been rejected by the rich young man who fathered her illegitimate child, a
Bell Jar, The (1979)
Julie Harris in an adaptation of Plath's autobiographical novel, which details a young woman's summer in New York working for a Mademoiselle-like magazine, return home to New England, and subsequent breakdown all amidst the horrors of the fifties, from news of the Rosenbergs' execution to sleazy disc jockeys and predatory college boys.
Changeling, The (1979)
A recently widowed composer moves into an old mansion haunted by the ghost of a child who died there 70 years ago.
American Christmas Carol, An (1979)
Set in Depression-era New Hampshire, a miser named Benedict Slade is given an unusual opportunity to change his ways. Inspired by the novella "A Christmas Carol," written by Charles Dickens.
Seniors, The (1978)
Ben, Larry, Alan, and Steve are about to graduate from college. They are terrified of the prospect of actually having to work hard for a living, so they come up with a plan to support themselves as graduate research students by getting a foundation grant to study sexuality in college-age women. But despite their success at getting paid to bed down pretty girls, the work-load becomes too great, so they open the "study" to businessmen who pay to participate. Only a small mind would call it prostitution, and only a pessimist would think it could backfire....
For the Love of Benji (1977)
Benji the dog goes to Athens. After an international spy puts a secret oil formula in the folds of his paw, Benji finds himself being chased through the ancient city by several villains, but the clever dog has no problem outsmarting them.
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1977)
A thirteen-year-old girl turns to murder after her father dies.
Food Of The Gods, The (1976)
Morgan and his friends are on a hunting trip on a remote Canadian island when they are attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Looking for help, Morgan stumbles across a barn inhabited by an enormous killer chicken. After doing some exploring, they discover the entire island is crawling with animals that have somehow grown to giant size. The most dangerous of all of these, however, are the rats, who are mobilizing to do battle with the human intruders.
Benji (1974)
A stray dog sets out to rescue two kidnapped children.
Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)
Life is hard growing up in the Ozarks in the Great Depression. But Billy Coleman saves his money and eventually buys two coonhounds that become his best friends and his partners in his quest to win the annual coon-hunt contest.
Walking Tall (1973)
Buford Pusser is a tough, Tennessee sheriff, determined to clean up gambling, moonshine whiskey, and prostitution in his town, and is known for using a big stick to smash things up when necessary. Eventually, the criminals in the town form an alliance against Pusser in an effort to take back the town, beating him up and murdering his wife. Now Buford Pusser is really mad...

Production Companies (special)

World Of Audubon: If Dolphins Could (1990) as Domestic Video Distributor
A documentary about current research on the highly developed abilities and intelligence of dolphins. The film also investigates puzzling incidents of dolphins dying in large numbers, as well as the ongoing problem of these mammals being netted and killed by fishing vessels.
World Of Audubon: Wolves (1989) as Domestic Video Distributor
A documentary focusing on controversial efforts to revive populations of several species of wolf in remote wilderness areas of the U.S.
Crisis in the Atmosphere (1989) as Domestic Video Distributor (Through Live Home Video)
An exploration into the serious repercussions that result from the accelerating greenhouse effect in the Earth's atmosphere and the increase in global temperature. A special in the "The Infinite Voyage" series of documentaries.
White Wolf (1988) as Domestic Video Distributor
A documentary examining the behavior of the white arctic wolf.
Explorers: A Century of Discovery, The (1988) as Domestic Video Distributor
A "National Geographic Specials" presentation which celebrates a century of scientific exploration and commemorates the National Geographic Society's 100th anniversary. The program chronicles the Society's historic expeditions using rare archival footage as well as new material.
Bob Goldthwait -- Share the Warmth (1987) as Video Distributor
An "On Location" special featuring comedian Bob Goldthwait performing from the Bottom Line in New York City. His routines touch upon such subjects as the family unit, world affairs, and the music industry.
Elayne Boosler Broadway Baby (1987) as Domestic Video Distributor
Elayne Boosler's second special for Showtime finds the comedian fulfilling a childhood dream of performing on Broadway.
Sharks (1979) as Video Distributor
A documentary focusing on the deadliest predator in the sea: the great white shark. The program features underwater photography and interviews with marine biologists.
Scared Straight! (1978) as Domestic Video Distributor
A documentary which profiles a very successful program instituted at Rahway State Prison in New Jersey. The program involves the twice-a-day meetings conducted between juvenile offenders and hard core criminals, with the intent of trying to scare the young lawbreakers into going straight.

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