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William Holden

William Holden



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  • dance scene in picnic

    • shayna
    • 2018-10-01

    the dance scene wasooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous---the expressions on their faces was priceless

  • in love with william holden

    • dee
    • 2018-09-30


  • gorgeous fabulous man

    • lou lou
    • 2018-08-16

    i watch every movie i can of bill's. loveis a many splended thing is my favorite, i cry every time i see it.. just watched "network" last night. even though he ws older the love scenes were still moving. will love him til i die.

  • in love with william holden

    • dee
    • 2018-08-16

    just finished the book "audrey & bill" a fabulous read. he (in my opinion) is the handsomest and charming man that ever lived. he is 100 today and ashes in the pacific---but will always be in love with him and his memory

  • Fell in love with this gentleman

    • carrie lacy
    • 2018-07-05

    He was a gentleman all his movies show how thoughtful he was with co-stars.. A very disturbed man that couldn't find himself because of a bitter wife towards him.. He loved animals and tried to help save them from poachers and extinction. #1 GENTLEMAN.

  • Charm beyond the smile

    • ojc
    • 2018-04-24

    A likeable, well-respected actor on screen. In personal life, a wildlife activist with a serious drinking problem. To some like H. Bogart he was never more than "Smiling Jack". Pleasant second-rate actor with an infectious grin, broad chest, and a competent presence in action films and comedies. To others he was a versatile actor willing to move beyond his comfort zone. Perhaps not a Tracy or Frederick March but a good solid performer. Time has been both bad and good to Mr. Holden. Younger generations if they know him at all know him for the cynical news satire Network and the trail blazing Wild Bunch and of course his collaborations with Billy Wilder. But most of his other movies have fallen by the wayside. However, the same could be said of many 50's stars. In the end it is hard to sum up his effect in films. He was very capable and charming but I cannot say he really stands up with the very best of American cinema. But even his biggest critics should admit he was much more than just a charming grin.

  • Be still my beating heart!!!

    • Julie
    • 2015-06-13

    When I was very young I was a big movie fan and remember seeing "Stalag17". I probably was only about 12 years old and remember thinking what a gorgeous guy the main man was but not quite understanding the gist of the story. Since then I have seen one or two dvd's starring William holden and am quite entranced with his acting, his charisma (of which he had much) and his all round talent. I have just recently watched"Love is a many splendoured thing" after receiving it in a set of 3 "oldies" and boy what a spunk he was in that!!! Today I started reading the book by Han Suyin and have thought the movie followed the story so well. Many of the quotes in the book were replicated in the movie. The book is a very well worth read. It didn't matter which part was given to this man he played it close to his gorgeous chest and put heart and soul into it. What an untimely death for him. Todays actors don't hold a candle to this Golden boy.

  • name?

    • stella v. pagano
    • 2015-02-20

    in a 1929 movie" Weary River " there was an older actor named William Holden. How is it in the 1939 film "The Golden Boy "Franklin Beedle Jr. took the same name?

  • Young William Holden

    • Maria Ramos
    • 2014-09-02

    Always loved Holden in his later movies but just watched Rachel and The Stranger, OMG didn't know how gorgeous he was as a young actor! A loyal fan, love him!

  • Classic Actor

    • Belinda
    • 2014-04-11

    I have recently discovered William Holden after watching Breezy and I've instantly become a fan; and only to find that he was incredibly handsome man in his younger days. I'm currently watching Love is a many splendoured thing and I love the gentleness of his character. I hope to see many of his great films soon. Marvelous actor!

  • Fantastic William Holden

    • Keane M
    • 2014-03-23

    I'm a huge fan of classic films (especially 50s films) and I'm glad that I have been able to watch some of William Holden's great films. I have not seen many, but the few I have seen have been amazing. William Holden is by far the best actor I have watched on screen. He was an incredible actor; massively underrated. What is amazing about William Holden is that when you watch him on screen, you can relate to him. And from what I have read, he seemed like a wonderful human being too, well loved and respected.

  • The Incomparable William Holden

    • MaggieM
    • 2013-09-20

    My earliest memory of movies are the westerns of the 1940s though the only western that I recall today as vividly as the first time I saw it as a child was "The Streets of Laredo" with William Holden as the "bad/good" guy. Over the years I saw quite a few of his movies and recently again became interested in his films when I acquired one of his under-rated movies called "The Proud and the Profane" based on the Marine Corps novel "The Magnificent Bastards", a movie I had seen in 1956 since I loved the Marine Corps. I now own 62 of William Holden's films and am trying to finish my collection and desperately searching for his Emmy TV-Movie "The Blue Knight" which I never had the opportunity to see. What can I possibly say about William Holden as an actor. Even movies he made that seemed to be rejected by critics and viewers at the time of original release really need to be looked at again for deeper understanding of his performances. In each of the 62 films that I now own and have watched at least more than once I cannot find any single film in which he gave a bad performance; as a matter of fact, even his most critically rejected films stand out because it is Holden's acting that gave believability to every role. I do agree with many professional reviewers that his greatist performances came when he portrayed desperation, weariness, vulnerability, but with a dignity and nobleness of spirit that breaks through the surface regardless of the circumstance in which he finds himself particularly when a viewer sees the quality of some of the movies he was forced to do via the terrible Hollywood studio system in which he had to work. William Holden was the greatest, most unique actor we will ever view on the screen, past, present or future. Every role he played was filled with a part of himself, at a cost none of us can truly understand, but hopefully more fans can appreciate as the years pass as more of his films become available in DVD.

  • Breezy

    • Jean
    • 2013-09-09

    I have just seen the movie(rather late I may add).I found him to be rough at first, cold ,self centered,detatched yet as the movie progressed he began to realize what he was missing in life.Very well played by him ,excelent acting by all involved . Mr. Holden was superb in the role and seemed very honest in his emotions. I found the film to be simple,honest and heartfelt. An excelent fim, with an excelent actor at the wheel.

  • compasionate man

    • steph
    • 2012-11-13

    william holden will always be remembered for his compassion and handsome sexy smile that lit up any room he walked into he had a wonderful aura and was very define and very good looking hes highly rated as the most iconic film star of all time he will always be loved theres only one william holden

  • william holden

    • stephanie turner
    • 2012-11-13

    a passionate interesting sexy handsome charitable wonderful honest great lengendary lovable rogue whos work will never be forgotten and whom shall never be replaced he was one in a billion he had a wonderful heart and loved giving i knew that the first time i ever watched his films it was like i knew him and what kind of guy he was his work lives on and so does his charity and always will.

  • william holden

    • stephanie turner
    • 2012-11-13

    william holden was a creative throw together and see how its goes adventurous guy he was a brilliant actor with a rare passion that has never been seen in other film stars you could watch william holden 24/7 and never get bored, he was charitable good hearted and his passion for animals as been shown to be sincere he was a sincere guy who did not mince his words he was a legend and will always be remember im only 32 and i love his films and endless talent theres only one william holden/ bill beedle he was a good father who loved his children very much he was kind caring and i knew that within watching one of his films for the first time it was like i knew him and there was something about him i liked william holden will never be forgotten and hell be remembered for days to come we support his charity 101% he was respectful a true gentleman he was a lovable rogue with decent morals a wonderful guy all round.

  • Superstar

    • David Atkins
    • 2011-02-27

    Few Actors had the track record of Bill Holden: Golden Boy, Sunset Blvd., Born Yesterday, Stalag 17, Picnic, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and later on in his career Network, The Wild Bunch, and a brilliant Billy Wilder film Fedora. William Holden was leading man to just about every great lady star of his era: Susan Hayward, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Holiday, Faye Dunaway et al. Brilliant in three Wilder films Sunset Blvd, Stalag and Fedora. Holden's dance with Kim Novak in Picnic is a erotic screen highlight. No record of Holden can be left without mentioning Barbara Stanwyck's great moving tribute to Holden as Ms. Stanwyck was given an Honorary Oscar, and also Stefanie Powers who in her book recounts her affair with Holden, the great love of her life and to whom she has funded the William Holden Wildlife Refuge in Kenya.

  • William Holden, Actor, Man

    • Colette Cornelius
    • 2011-01-25

    What an outstandingly handsome, talented, earnest, compelling actor and sensitive, intelligent and compassionate human being. From what I've seen and read about him, he was a "one of a kind" performer and person. He was superb in his broad acting talents from comedy to drama: my favorites being: his very funny I love Lucy appearance to outstanding performances in Golden Boy, Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Country Girl, Born Yesterday, Bridge on the River Kwai, Love is a Many splendored Thing, The World of Suzy Wong and Executive Suite, to name a few. He is irreplaceable and new performers could learn so much from his wide body of work. I still saddened by his death even after 30 years. However, his accomplishments will live forever in his films and his love for endangered animals in the William Holden Wildlife Foundation set up by his partner, Stefanie Powers. Long live William Holden!

  • Wow!

    • Christine
    • 2010-09-01

    What a yummy looking man!!

  • Hooray For Holden

    • Sharon DiRienzo
    • 2009-08-09

    William Holden was a gifted, sensitive actor, who never gave a bad performance. With a screen presence that was off the charts, the actor lit up the screen with his handsome face and melodic voice. His acting skills, sometimes, underrated, provided a fantastic career spanning over 40 years and roles in every film genre. While William Holden won an Oscar and an Emmy, I believe he found true peace and satisfaction in traveling to Africa and later purchasing the Mount Kenya Safari Club, which after his death became the William Holden Wildlife Foundation. He was a gift to the world and still sorely missed.

  • Most handsome actor, past, present .future

    • Donna B. Cavallo
    • 2009-04-17

    Since I was a young girl, back in the fifties. I use to watch his movies, to this day I still have a huge crush. COULD I GET A COPY OF ALL OF HIS MOVIES. I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE PROBABLY ALL.

  • True Movie Star!

    • lynikins
    • 2009-04-04

    Just watched "Love is a many Splendored Thing" on TV - absolutely adore this film! William Holden was a "true" Hollywood Movie Star - and wasn't he just gorgeous! He made such a wide different span of films from action to love stories. Not many of todays so-called movie stars can match him.


    • julie
    • 2008-09-18

    William Holden-wow-what an actor-I saw him in "Picnic" in that dance scene with Kim Novak-and i just was amazed and very interested in anything I could find out about him and any movie I could watch-I am very interested in anything I can find out about him-so if anyone has any new stories or comments I would just love to hear about it-he was soooo talented-his range was simply out of this world!

  • One of the world's greatest actors who ever lived

    • aldora terrell
    • 2008-08-16

    William Holden has defied all odds as an actor.His stunning persona on screen makes him not only an American icon in my book but a truly gifted actor as well. On of my favorite movies was Alvarez Kelly. The way he had a no holds barrede attitude towards his enemies was very inspirational. He has truly emerged himself as an accomplished actor. Despite his alcoholism and his troubled marriage he still sets the bar for those who love him today. Regardless of the past, he will always remain one of my all-time favorite actors along with Kevin Spacey. I intend to continue to enjoy his movies and to purchase more without a doubt. He will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED in my heart. Here's to America's Golden Boy, William Holden!!!!!!

  • Amazing

    • Simoa
    • 2008-06-13

    He has become one of my favorite actors. I wold love to know more about him and I would love to see more of his movies. He was so talented and handsome.


    • B. Scheidle
    • 2008-06-04


  • IMHO, the finest film actor ever!

    • Phil Baird
    • 2008-01-27

    Bill Holden epitomized the charismatic actor that totally commanded the screen--no matter the film. Holden's ability to project inner strife, which seemed to be close to the surface both in and out of the movies, was close to unique. It was easy for audiences to relate to him as he suffered or triumphed, rose or fell, smiled or grimmaced. Without question, Holden also carried a dignity about him that sparked his roles. That, and his killer good-looks, helped to cement his reputation as a life-long lady killer as well. His final act, to provide for a living legacy through his foundation to preserve and protect wildlife, speaks volumes of just how thoughtful and caring this man truly was. We have never seen the like of William Holden in American cinema.


    • BRENDA
    • 2007-12-10


  • great actor...william holden

    • Carmela
    • 2007-09-19

    william holden was one of the great actors of his time. his sex appeal was tremendous.


    • vinestwilliamaudreyjohn
    • 2007-08-20

    two words: SEX APPEAL

  • Great Actor

    • Fabiola Sciutto
    • 2007-06-17

    One of the greatest classical actor, he never gave a bad performance. More of his catalogue deserves to be available on DVD.

  • Wonderful Actor

    • Angel
    • 2007-02-05

    Now I've only seen a handful of William Holden's movies, but I've really enjoyed whats been seen. When he comes on screen you just wanna stop everything else and hear what he has to say, that is a characteristic that all actors should have, and rarely do nowadays. Still I'll always have TCM movies, and theese are good enough to stand in the gap.


    • Diane
    • 2007-02-05

    William Holden was an excellent actor and sexy to boot! He had apresence on screen that made you want watch him and only him. His love of animals told a lot about the man's soul If only Audrey Heoburn would have been just as "satisfied" with adoption, I think they would have been happily married. Holden had a visectomy because he relized young after his son Scott was born, that he was not very good at the day to day parenting stuff. (Not everyone is meant to be a parent to another human being, some of us prefer cats, dogs, horses, etc. I learn something new about his acting technique every time I see another movie I have not seen in years. I miss William Holden

  • Excellent Actor!

    • Kaye
    • 2006-10-05

    I love watching any movie with him in it! His part as a gigolo in "Sunset Boulevard" was so fun to watch! They just do not make them like this anymore! He played his part perfectly in "Sabrina". He is always easy on the eyes to watch in anything!

  • William Holden: What a Hunk!

    • Barbara Lovejoy
    • 2006-09-03

    For years I have been an on again off again fan of William Holden. But it was not until I bought the DVD of "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" that I really began sit up and take notice so to speak. I could watch that movie over and over and have. One of my other favorite movies is "Stalig 17" for which he won an Oscar and deservingly so. Even though I was born in 1950 when he was just reaching his popularilty, I was brought up with the love of good movies, and boy did he ever make them. Yes, I am proud to say I swoon over William Holden.

  • correction for "profession"

    • molly
    • 2006-07-25

    He was honorably discharged as a CAPTAIN. He was also a world reknown bussiness man, avid hunter and animal conservationist.

  • The big screen loved Bill Holden...

    • L Young
    • 2006-04-30

    The big screen loved Bill Holden as much as we loved seeing him up there. Handsome, talented, truly unique actor who put his stamp on some of the most enduring roles in motion picture history. Who can ever forget The Bridges at Toko Ri or Love is a Many Splendored Thing? And there are so many more roles -- too many to mention. There is only one Bill Holden and we'll never see another like him. One of the finest actors ever to appear on screen.

  • A Beloved Actor

    • John & Leonor Crawley
    • 2006-04-24

    The bottom line is: We both love him.

  • One of my favorites

    • Mare
    • 2006-04-01

    I think William Holden is under rated.

  • Class and superb ability

    • Deborah Coté
    • 2006-02-27

    Fabulous, handsome American superstar, who gave a winning performance for every role he played. They don't make them like this, anymore, and it's a shame. One of the all time greats. There should be major film festivals devoted to his work.

  • William Holden is a really cool dude!

    • Bill Brown
    • 2006-02-27

    In every movie that I have seen with Bill Holden as the main character, he is cool, mild mannered and very composed as an Actor.

  • Best of the Best

    • Heather Allen
    • 2006-02-01

    By far, William Holden is the sexiest and greatest actor ever!

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