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Also Known As: Died: February 15, 1973
Born: February 5, 1918 Cause of Death: cancer
Birth Place: Beverly Hills, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971) as Clark
The Monster that Challenged the World (1957) as Lt. Cmdr. John "Twill" Twillinger
An earthquake unleashes a horde of giant prehistoric monsters.
Trail Guide (1952) as Tim Holt
Two cowhands sign on to protect a wagon train.
Road Agent (1952) as Tim Holt
Cowboys fight bandits trying to take over the trails.
Target (1952) as Tim Holt
Two cowhands join forces with a lady Marshall to fight a land-grabbing scheme.
Desert Passage (1952) as Tim Holt
A cowboy doesn''''t realize the man he''''s been hired to drive to Mexico is an outlaw.
Saddle Legion (1951) as Dave Saunders
A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.
Overland Telegraph (1951) as Tim Holt
A cowboy tries to prevent the sabotage of a transcontinental telegraph.
Pistol Harvest (1951) as Tim Holt
A shipping magnate uses murder to escape an old debt.
Hot Lead (1951) as Tim Holt
A pair of cowboys take on train robbers.
His Kind of Woman (1951) as Bill Lusk
A deported gangster causes problems for guests at a Mexican resort.
Gunplay (1951) as Tim Holt
Two cowboys hunt down the killers of a young boy''''s parents.
Border Treasure (1950) as Ed Porter
Two cowboys fight to protect a jewel shipment slated to help Mexican earthquake victims.
Rider from Tucson (1950) as Dave Saunders
In order to make Tug Cardwell (William Phipps) sign over his rich gold claim to them, Avery (Robert Shayne), Gypsy Avery (Veda Ann Borg) and Jackson (Marshall Reed) hire Rankin (Douglas Fowley) to kidnap Tug's sweetheart Jane Whipple (Eliane Riley). Rankin hides Jane and then demands half the mine from the other crooks. Dave Saunders (Tim Holt) and Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin), friends of Tug's, find Jane and taker her to safety. The conspirators then shoot Rankin, capture Tug and force him to take them to his claim. Dave and Chito are close behind.
Storm Over Wyoming (1950) as Dave Saunders
Two drifters get caught in the middle during a cattlemen-sheep men feud.
Rio Grande Patrol (1950) as Kansas
A cowboy signs on to stop gunrunners from crossing the Mexican border.
Law of the Badlands (1950) as Dave, also known as Chuck Bennett, the Tioga Kid
Texas rangers try to infiltrate a band of counterfeiters.
Dynamite Pass (1950) as Ross Taylor
Highwaymen invade a road built by cowboys.
Masked Raiders (1949) as Tim Holt
Two marshals take on a Wild West Robin Hood.
Brothers in the Saddle (1949) as Tim Taylor
When he thinks his brother has let him down, a cowboy goes bad.
The Mysterious Desperado (1949) as Tim Holt
A cowboy is accused of his father''''s murder.
Stagecoach Kid (1949) as Dave Collins
Stagecoach owners try to save a friend''''s ranch from crooks.
Rustlers (1949) as Dick McBride
Two cowboys get mixed up in rustling and counterfeit schemes.
Riders of the Range (1949) as Kansas Jones
Two ranch hands try to save the boss''''s son from a gambling debt.
Guns of Hate (1948) as Bob Banning
Two drifters are falsely accused of murder.
Indian Agent (1948) as Dave Taylor
A cowboy tries to stop outlaws from hijacking food supplies intended for an Indian reservation.
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) as Curtin
Dobbs and Curtin meet up in Mexico, and go to work for a contractor, MacClane, who takes them away to remote site and tells them they will be paid when the job is finished. When they are finished, they return to town to find MacClane to get their wages. MacClane gives them a few dollars, and says he'll just go to the bank and pick up the payroll for them. Dobbs and Curtin then meet up with an old prospector, who claims the hills are still full of gold, and if they can get the cash, he'll go with them. They eventually get the cash from MacClane after a little "persuasion", and all three set off for the hills as good friends, but will they return that way?
Gun Smugglers (1948) as Tim Holt
A young boy threatens to follow in his outlaw brother''''s footsteps.
The Arizona Ranger (1948) as Bob Morgan
A disgraced veteran wanders the West alone until he decides to help a battered woman.
Western Heritage (1948) as Ross Daggett
An outlaw leader uses a forged Spanish land grant to claim land from the local ranchers.
Wild Horse Mesa (1947) as Dave Jordan
Dave and Chito are working for Melburn who is looking for wild horses. Olmstead has his men looking for then also. When Dave finds them first, Olmstead buys them from Melburn and then kills him. A clue leads Dave to Olmstead's where he breaks in and finds the murder weapon. When he takes his evidence to the Marshal he learns Olmstead has been murdered and he is the one under arrest.
Under the Tonto Rim (1947) as Brad Canfield
When the Tonto Rim gang attack Brad's stagecoach, they take the strongbox and kill one of his workers. Learning the gang member Patton is in jail, Brad gets himself thrown in also. Chito helps break him out and he takes Patton with him. Patton leads him to the Tonto Rim hideout, but needing to get to the Sheriff, Brad finds himself a prisoner.
Thunder Mountain (1947) as Marvin Hayden
"Thunder Mountain" is the first of Tim Holt's 29 postwar westerns spread over the five year period from June, 1947 to June, 1952. While the film has one Zane Grey title, it has more elements in it from Grey's "To the Last Man" than from Grey's "Thunder Mountain", a not uncommon practice by RKO when dealing with the works of Zane Grey. This one had Marvin Harley (Tim Holt) returning to his Arizona ranch and finding it about to be sold for taxes. It has been in charge of his Mexican-Irish friend Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin.) Local saloon-keeper Trimble Carson (Harry Woods), his friend Johnny Blue (Tom Keene as Richard Powers) and Sheriff Bagley (Harry Harvey) have information that the ranch is to be the site of a dam and plot to obtain it. Plus, neighboring ranchers Ellen Jorth (Martha Hyer) and her brothers, Chick (Steve Brodie) and Lee (Robert Clarke), are antagonistic toward Hayden because of an old family feud between the Jorths and Haydens. Ellen and Hayden meet while looking for boundary markers between their lands and find stakes bearing the name of the water company. They conclude that Carson is trying to revive the old feud in hopes that one of the firey Jorths will kill Hayden. Later, Carson and Blue kill Chick by bashing his head with a rock so that Hayden, who is known not to carry a gun, will be charged with the murder. Hayden is jailed, but learns from family attorney James Gardner (Jason Robards, the father who was never billed as Jason Robards Sr., ) that there is still money in his ranch account that will pay the taxes, but the crooked sheriff stalls on accepting the payment. Chito and dance-hall girl Ginger Kelly (Virginia Owen) find evidence implicating Carson in the killing of Chick Jorth. Chito rescues Hayden from the jail, and they go after Carson and Blue. The latter are killed in a gun battle, the feud is settled and peace reigns as Hayden pairs off with Ellen, and Chito with Ginger.
My Darling Clementine (1946) as Virgil Earp
When the Clantons steal his family's cattle and kill his brother, Wyatt Earp signs on as sheriff of Tombstone and vows to bring them in.
The Avenging Rider (1943) as Brit Marshal
Two cowhands are wrongly jailed as members of a murderous gang.
Hitler's Children (1943) as Karl Bruner
A German-American girl is forced to enter a Hitler youth program.
Fighting Frontier (1943) as Kit Russell
A cowboy risks his life to infiltrate an outlaw band.
Sagebrush Law (1943) as Tom Weston
A Western bank president is framed on embezzlement charges.
Riding the Wind (1942) as Clay Stewart
A crook tries to bleed cattle ranchers by tying up local water rights.
Land of the Open Range (1942) as Dave Walton
A landowner''''s will leaves his ranch to anyone who''''s served two years in prison.
Bandit Ranger (1942) as Clay Travers
A cowboy takes on a band of cattle rustlers single-handedly.
The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) as George [Amberson Minafer]
A possessive son's efforts to keep his mother from remarrying threaten to destroy his family.
Red River Robin Hood (1942) as Jim Carey, also known as "Mr. Justice"
Two ranchers fend off a crooked land grabber.
Pirates of the Prairie (1942) as Larry Durant
A cowboy pretends to be a vigilante.
The Bandit Trail (1941) as Steve Haggerty
A cowboy turns bad for revenge, but cant stomach his new evil ways.
Thundering Hoofs (1941) as Bill Underwood [also know as Bill Dawson
A young man fights to keep his father from cheating the owner of a stagecoach line.
Come on Danger (1941) as Jack
When a woman turns outlaw, she''''s suspected of murder.
Along the Rio Grande (1941) as Jeff
Two cowboys go undercover to catch a rustler on his way to Mexico.
Robbers of the Range (1941) as Jim Drummond
Railroad agents frame a landowner who wont sell out to them.
Cyclone on Horseback (1941) as Stan Bradford
A young contractor fights off outlaws out to sabotage the telephone line he''''s building.
Six-Gun Gold (1941) as Don Cardigan
Three cowboys find that a U.S. Marshal relative is an impostor.
Back Street (1941) as Richard Saxel
A woman accepts life in the shadows as the price for her affair with a married man.
Dude Cowboy (1941) as Terry McVey
A U.S. Treasury agent takes on a band of counterfeiters.
Laddie (1940) as Laddie [Stanton]
Wagon Train (1940) as Zack Sibley
Settlers and traders en route to the West fight off Indian attacks.
The Fargo Kid (1940) as Fargo Kid
When a lawman is mistaken for a killer, he turns the mistake to his advantage.
Swiss Family Robinson (1940) as Fritz Robinson
A family setting out for a new life across the sea is shipwrecked on a deserted island. The family members collaborate to create an idyllic home for themselves, only to find the island under siege by pirates.
Fifth Avenue Girl (1939) as Tim Borden
To annoy his family, a millionaire hires an out-of-work girl to pose as a gold digger.
The Rookie Cop (1939) as Clem Maitland
A young policeman fights to prove the value of police dogs.
The Girl and the Gambler (1939) as Johnny Powell
An outlaw kidnaps a dancer and her lover in order to win a bet.
Spirit of Culver (1939) as Captain Wilson
Stagecoach (1939) as Lieutenant [Blanchard]
A group of disparate passengers battle personal demons and each other while racing through Indian country.
The Renegade Ranger (1938) as Larry Corwin
A Texas Ranger discovers the man he''''s chasing for murder is a woman.
Sons of the Legion (1938) as Steven Scott
I Met My Love Again (1938) as Budge [Williams]
The marriage plans of two college sweethearts go amiss when the girlfriend meets a writer and runs off to marry him.
Gold Is Where You Find It (1938) as Lance Ferris
A gold strike in California triggers a bitter feud between farmers and prospectors.
The Law West of Tombstone (1938) as Ted, also known as "The Tonto Kid"
A cowardly judge enlists a hot young gunman to help him fight outlaws.
Stella Dallas (1937) as Richard Grosvenor, III
After divorcing a society man, a small-town woman tries to build a better life for their daughter.
The Vanishing Pioneer (1928) as John Ballard, age 7

Cast (short)

Stars on Horseback (1943)
In this short film, a master blacksmith makes house calls to Hollywood stars'''' homes to pamper their horse''''s hooves. Vitaphone Release 1107A.

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