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Also Known As: Died: July 20, 1987
Born: July 29, 1921 Cause of Death: prostate cancer
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Delivery Method (2004)
Gus is a 30-ish marijuana delivery guy in Manhattan, Jessie is runs a massage parlor, and is trying to get over the death of her boyfriend. After a false start in a relationship in the form of a party hook-up, Gus and Jessie decide to go into business together, referring their clients to each other.
Sweet Creek County War, The (1978)
After a sheriff tires of his job, he retires to what he thinks will be a quiet life on a ranch. But he soon gets involved with saving some local homesteaders from a corrupt land grabber.
Amsterdam Kill, The (1978) as Ridgeway
A retired American drug enforcement agent gets lured back into the international arena by a Chinese smuggler wanting to bargain his way out of the Hong Kong-Amsterdam connection.
Shootout In A One Dog Town (1973) as Petry
This lean western with overtones of "High Noon" finds a small-town banker pitted against a vicious gang who will stop at nothing to steal the $200,000 in his vault.
The Big Cube (1969) as Frederick Lansdale
LSD almost ruins the life of a former actress and her stepdaughter.
Chubasco (1968) as Sebastian
A young delinquent tries to redeem himself by working on a tuna boat.
The Destructors (1968) as Dan Street
Secret agents fight to protect the jewels powering a deadly laser weapon.
Valley of Mystery (1967) as Wade Cochran
An airliner crashes in the South American jungle and among the survivors is a convicted killer and the lawman entrusted to transport him.
The 300 Spartans (1962) as Leonidas
Essentially true story of how Spartan king Leonidis led an extremely small army of Greek Soldiers (300 of them his personal body guards from Sparta) to hold off an invading Persian army more than 20 times as large. The actual heroism of those who stood (and ultimately died) with Leonidis helped shape the course of Western Civilization, allowing the Greek city states time to organize an army which repelled the Persians. Set in 480 BC.
Esther and the King (1960) as King Ahasuerus
A Persian king selects a new bride who helps defend him from his enemies.
Pollyanna (1960) as Dr. Edmund Chilton
An orphan's relentless optimism changes lives in a sleepy small town.
A Summer Place (1959) as Ken Jorgenson
An adulterous couple discovers that their children are sexually involved.
These Thousand Hills (1959) as Jehu
Voice in the Mirror (1958) as Jim Burton
An artist turns to drink when his daughter dies suddenly.
The Hunters (1958) as Col. "Dutch" Imil
Three American pilots are assigned to dogfight during the Korean War.
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (1957) as William Keating
While investigating a dockside murder, a DA uncovers union racketeering.
Tension at Table Rock (1956) as Wes Tancred, also known as John Bailey
When the owner of a stagecoach station is killed, a gunman takes his place.
Love Me Tender (1956) as Vance Reno
Three brothers unwittingly become outlaws after robbing a train the day after peacetime.
The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956) as Jim Blair
A prostitute has no choice but to flee San Francisco when the police turn on her and want her out of town.
Seven Cities of Gold (1955) as Lt. José Mendoza
Catholic priest Junipero Serra accompanies a group of Spanish soldiers into the land north and west of Mexico. Reverand Serra, however, intends to establish missions there, while the military men want to find the fabled "seven cities of gold."
Untamed (1955) as Kurt Hout
When the great potato famine hits Ireland, the diaspora begins as thousands emigrate. Among those leaving the Emerald Isle is Katie O'Neill and her husband, who decide that the promised land is South Africa and make their way there. Once there, they discover the hardships that are the reality of the homesteader experience. To complicate matters, Katie meets up with the love of her life, Paul van Riebeck. Will there be betrayal on the veldt?
Underwater! (1955) as Johnny Grant
Divers race the clock to find a Caribbean treasure before modern-day pirates can catch up to them.
Violent Saturday (1955) as Boyd Fairchild
Crooks trigger a series of crises when they try to rob a small town bank.
The View from Pompey's Head (1955) as Anson "Sonny" Page
A New York lawyer returns to his hometown down in the Deep South investigate the missing funds of an old friend, now blind. Along, the way he rekindles a romance with a childhood sweetheart and discovers the missing funds are being paid to a hush a black woman, who turns out to be his friend's real
Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954) as Dardanius
A Greek slave who keeps Christ's robe after the crucifixion is sentenced to be one Caligula's gladiators.
Khyber Patrol (1954) as [Kyle] Cameron
Richard Egan, Dawn Addams, Raymond Burr, Patric Knowles, Paul Cavanagh. Richard Egan, leader of the British Lancers romances the commander''s daughter in between skirmishes with the Russian-backed border tribesmen in India.
Gog (1954) as Dr. David Sheppard
A spy programs an experimental super-computer to kill.
Wicked Woman (1954) as Matt Bannister
A trashy blonde lures a saloon owner away from his wife.
Split Second (1953) as Dr. Neal Garven
Escaped convicts hold hostages in a ghost town that's the target of a nuclear bomb test.
The Kid from Left Field (1953) as Billy Lorant
The son of an ex-ballplayer manages to assist a struggling major league baseball club.
The Glory Brigade (1953) as Sgt. Johnson
During the Korean War Lt. Sam Pryor volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind Communist lines. Due to his Greek heritage Pryor is initially proud to accompany the Greek contingent but his feelings change to scorn and mistrust when what he believes is cowardice shown by the Greek soldiers and their leaders results in the near annihiliation of his own platoon. An uneasy alliance is maintained between the US and Greek troops as the enemy's true objective is learned.
Bright Victory (1952) as Sergeant John Masterson
A blinded veteran struggles to adjust to peacetime life.
Blackbeard, the Pirate (1952) as Briggs
A kidnapped beauty gets caught between feuding pirates.
Cripple Creek (1952) as Strap Galland, also known as Strap Gillis
Government agents infiltrate a gold smuggling ring preying on miners.
One Minute to Zero (1952) as Capt. Ralston
A U.S. colonel in Korea tries to evacuate American civilians.
The Devil Makes Three (1952) as Lt. Parker
A soldier returns to Munich after the war and gets mixed up with the black market.
The Battle at Apache Pass (1952) as Sgt. Reuben Bernard
Geronimo conspires with a corrupt government agent to frame Cochise for a stagecoach raid.
Flame of Araby (1952) as Captain Fezil
Hollywood Story (1951) as Lt. Bud Lennox
Hollywood 1950: The successful producer Larry O'Brian arrives in Los Angeles to found a motion picture company. He buys an old studio which was unused since the days of silent movies. He's shown the office where the famous director Franklin Farrara was shot. The case hasn't been solved until now, although there were many suspects. O'Brian becomes fascinated by the subject and wants to shoot a movie about it. He investigates himself and soon gets into danger himself.
The Golden Horde (1951) as Gill
In 1220, a small band of English crusaders arrives at Samarkand in Central Asia, just as the city and its ruling princess are threatened by the hordes of Genghis Khan. Lovely Princess Shalimar hopes to thwart the conqueror by guile, while Sir Guy wants to put up a brave (if ultimately hopeless) fight. Despite a mutual attraction, their conflicting projects threaten any hope of success either might have had alone. Fast-moving; bears little relation to history.
Up Front (1951) as Capa
Based on the famed W.W.II cartoons: Lowbrow G.I.s Willie and Joe, on the Italian front, are good soldiers in combat, but meet the antics of gung-ho Captain Johnson and other military snafus with a barrage of wry comments. On a 3-day pass in Naples, Joe's penchant for wine and women involves the pair with luscious Emi Rosso and her moonshiner father, whose tangled affairs land them in ever deeper trouble.
The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) as Owney
Married jewel thieves struggle with infidelity, federal agents and the deadly smallpox virus.
Undercover Girl (1950) as Jess Taylor
Return of the Frontiersman (1950) as Cowhand
Highway 301 (1950) as Herbie Brooks
A brutal bank robber fights internal divisions within his gang.
The Good Humor Man (1950) as Officer Daley
A good-hearted ice cream man's efforts to help a young woman turn him into a murder suspect.
The Damned Don't Cry (1950) as Roy
Fed up with her small-town marriage, a woman goes after the big time and gets mixed up with the mob.
Wyoming Mail (1950) as Beale
In 1869, the United States begins a railroad mail service to the West Coast which proves highly tempting to train robbers, in particular an organized gang with one of the mail's supposed guardians in their pay. Prizefighter Steve Davis, a former army intelligence man, is hired to track down the gang and save the Territorial Mail Service. Steve goes undercover in territorial prison, leans Morse Code from a fellow prisoner, breaks jail, infiltrates the gang...and finds time to romance dance-hall singer Mary, who proves to have hidden depths...
Kansas Raiders (1950) as First lieutenant
Audie Murphy plays a young Jesse James falling under the Svengali-like spell of the outlaw William Quantrill, played by Brian Donlevy. Jesse and his youthful gang join the rebels to avenge the death of his parents only to become disillusioned with the senseless violence and looting of innocent civilians. Goaded by Quantrill's girl to leave, Jesse vacillates until the Yankess close in. Quantrill forces Jesse to leave and faces the Yankess gunfire alone. Jesse rides off with his gang and the rest is history.

Cast (special)

Elvis: His Life and Times (1993)
Documentary on the life and career of Elvis Presley.

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