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Adele Jergens

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Also Known As: Died: November 22, 2002
Born: November 28, 1917 Cause of Death:
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Profession: Cast ...


Cast (feature film)

Day the World Ended (1956) as Ruby
After a nuclear war, an unlikely group of people, including a rancher, a geologist, a crook and his girlfriend, find themselves trapped in the middle of nowhere while battling an ugly mutant created by Paul Blaisdell. The geologist and the crook also find the time to fight over the rancher's daughter, while the moll fumes.
Girls in Prison (1956) as Jenny
Protesting innocence (of course), 21-year-old Anne Carson, convicted as an accomplice to a bank robbery, finds herself in prison with 3 equally glamorous cellmates in form-fitting uniforms: tough Jenny, unbalanced Dorothy, and deceptive, sweet-talking Melanee who (it's implied) makes unwanted lesbian advances toward Anne. The prison chaplain takes an interest in her case...or is it in her? As Anne meets the darker side of prison life, she learns that her greatest danger is the existence, somewhere out there, of unrecovered bank loot everyone thinks she hid.
Fighting Trouble (1956) as Mae [Randall]
The Bowery Boys try to make their name as crime photographers.
Runaway Daughters (1956) as Dixie Jackson
The Lonesome Trail (1955) as Mae
A veteran of the Indian wars, Johhny Rush returns to his home to find that it has been confiscated by a cattle baron taking over in the valley. Rush also finds that his girl is engaged to the baron, because the girl's fathers' ranch is in financial jeopardy. When Rush loses the use of his gun arm in a fight with the barons henchmen, he learns to use a bow and arrow for defense...with deadly consequences.
The Cobweb (1955) as Miss Cobb
Inmates and staff at a posh asylum clash over love and lunacy.
Outlaw Treasure (1955) as Rita Starr
Strange Lady in Town (1955) as Bella Brown
The arrival of a female doctor sets a Western town on its ear.
The Miami Story (1954) as Gwen Abbott
Barry Sullivan, Luther Adler, John Baer, Adele Jergens, Beverly Garland, Dan Riss. Inspired by a U. S. Senate investigation, this documentary-styled melodrama pits a reformed gangster (posing as a Cuban racketeer) against a Miami syndicate chief. This Sam Katzman production features an introduction by Florida Senator George Smathers.
Overland Pacific (1954) as Jessie Lorraine
Jock Mahoney, Peggie Castle, Adele Jergens, William Bishop, Chubby Johnson. Undercover agent Rose Granger is sent to the western village of Oaktown to investigate the delay in a railroad installation. Director Fred F. Sears and star Jock Mahoney previously worked together as actors in Charles Starrett''s "Durango Kid" series.
The Big Chase (1954) as Doris Grayson
Fireman Save My Child (1954) as Harry's wife
An intended film for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello that ened up with Hugh O'Brian (a performer who was often funny, but not on purpose) and Buddy Hackett in the A&C roles, with most of the footage given over to Spike Jones and His City Slickers, with all hands members of a 1910 fire company about to be mechanized. A&C visible in some long shots.
Somebody Loves Me (1952) as Nola Beech
Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (1952) as Gladys
Country bumpkin Aaron Slick (Alan Young) has been unsuccessfully courting pretty young widow Josie Beery (Dinah Shore) for years. Josie yearns for a fling in the big city. With $20,000 from a crooked deal stashed in their trunk, Bill Merridew (Robert Merrill) and his "kissing cousin" Gladys (Adele Jergens), stars, in a relative sense, of a touring tent show stop at Josie's farm. Merridew, actually hiding out, thinks there is oil on the farm and Aaron, knowing otherwise, tricks him into buying the farm for a large sum. Josie takes the money and runs to Chicago, with Merridew, realizing he was tricked, in hot pursuit. Aaron arrives in time to keep Josie from letting Merridew "invest" her money.
Sugarfoot (1951) as Reva Cairn
Show Boat (1951) as Cameo McQueen
Riverboat entertainers find love, laughs and hardships as they sail along "Old Man River."
The Sound of Fury (1951) as Velma
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951) as Boots Marsden
Two bumbling private eyes turn a boxer invisible to save him from being framed for murder.
Side Street (1950) as Lucille "Lucky" Colner
A New York City mailman is chased by both cops and crooks when he steals a shipment of dirty money.
The Traveling Saleswoman (1950) as Lilly
Blues Busters (1950) as Lola Stanton
The Bowery Boys open a night club when a tonsillectomy turns one of them into a singing star.
Blonde Dynamite (1950) as Joan Marshall
The Bowery Boys get into the escort service and get mixed up with crooks.
Armored Car Robbery (1950) as Yvonne Le Doux
A police officer tries to find half a million dollars stolen by gangsters.
Radar Secret Service (1950) as Lila
G-men track stolen Uranium-238 shipment using new radar technology; they also recruit the girlfriend of a gang member as an informant. Radar helps, but it takes an undercover blonde to really get the goods on criminal masterminds.
Edge of Doom (1950) as Irene
A priest sets out to catch the man who killed one of his colleagues.
Beware of Blondie (1950) as Toby Clifton
Mr. Dithers has gone on vacation and left Dagwood to look after the company. Toby tries to take advantage of Dagwood's naivete, but Blondie saves the day.
The Crime Doctor's Diary (1949) as Inez Grey
A criminal psychologist tries to clear his patient of arson charges.
Slightly French (1949) as Yvonne La Tour
An out-of-work movie director turns a carnival girl into a French heiress to make her a star.
The Dark Past (1949) as Laura Stevens
A psychologist tries to analyze the criminal who's taken him hostage.
Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949) as Jean Turner
This modern tale borrows from an old story in establishing Langan, who works on a ship that docks in San Francisco, as a descendant of the Count of Monte Cristo. Crooked Lawyer Brodie sets up a scheme to get at the treasure of Langan's famed ancestor, and using the beautiful blonde Jergens, tries to lure Langan into a trap. Langan proves worthy of his heritage, using a gun instead of a sword, and wins legitimately both his forturne and Jergens.
The Mutineers (1949) as Norma Harrison
Ladies of the Chorus (1949) as May Martin
A one-time burlesque star tries to shield her daughter so she can marry a nice young man.
The Fuller Brush Man (1948) as Miss Sharmley
A bumbling salesman gets mixed up in murder.
I Love Trouble (1948) as Boots Nestor
A wealthy man hires a detective to investigate his wife's past. The detective (Franchot Tone) discovers that the wife had been a dancer and left her home town with an actor. The latter is killed before he can talk, but, with the help of a showgirl, the detective learns that the wife had used stolen papers from a girl friend to enter college after she had stolen $40,000 from the night club where she worked. The detective eventually learns that the husband had killed his wife when he discovered her past in order to avoid a scandal, and had hired the detective to try and frame him for the killing.
The Woman from Tangier (1948) as Nylon
It's in B&W, has a sultry dame, much crime, set in the 40's, and many dark scenes, so the biggest surprise is that somebody hasn't dubbed this "film noir", since that seems to be the rivisionist guidelines of late. Whatever, any film that has the two leading ladies called "Nylon" and "Flo-Flo" deserves some attention just for that. This one has Nylon (Adele Jergens, born to play a character named Nylon), an American dancer fleeing Morocco after her employer gets into trouble with the police, and she stops off at Tangier on her way to Gibraltar, and that begs the question of why this wasn't titled "Woman from Morocco." $50,000 is stolen from the ship's safe and the captain tells the police that the purser was the thief and that he had to kill him in self defense, but the purser must have hidden the money before he got dead. The purser isn't in any position to make a disclaimer. Everybody buys that with the exception of an insurance detective (Stephen Dunne) who, along with the audience, suspects the captain of being the thief. With Nylon's help, he discovers that her old Morocco employer was actually the thief and was working with the captain.
The Prince of Thieves (1948) as Lady Christabel
Robin Hood (Jon Hall) aids Lady Marian (Patricia Morison) and her brother (Michael Duane)to rescue the latter's betrothed Lady Christabel (Adele Jergens)from her father's house where she is being forced into a marriage against her will. The father recaptures his daughter and kidnaps Marian in the bargain. Robin gathers all of the merry men and a couple of grouches and routs the father's soldiers and slays him and his nephew. Friar Tuck (Alan Mowbray) then performs a triple wedding uniting Robin and Marian; the brother and the now-fatherless Christabel; and Little John (Walter Sande) and a handmaiden named Maude (Robin Raymond.)
The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947) as Mona Harrison
Romantically involved reporters compete to solve a murder on a famous actress'''' estate.
When a Girl's Beautiful (1947) as Adele Jordan
An advertising man has to come with "the perfect woman" for an ad campaign. He puts together a picture of a woman from a composite of several photos, to get an idea of the kind of woman he should look for. His boss sees it, thinks that it is an actual woman, and orders him to find her and use her in the campaign.
Down to Earth (1947) as Georgia Evans
The goddess of the dance comes to Earth to take over a musical lampooning the gods.
Blondie's Anniversary (1947) as Gloria Stafford
When Blondie mistakes a gold watch Dagwood carries home as her anniversary gift, it leads Dagwood into trouble with his boss, a loan shark, and crooked building contractors.
A Thousand and One Nights (1945) as Princess Armina
Aladdin tries to make his fortune with the help of a beautiful genie.
She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945) as Allura
A female psychiatrist who's sworn off love falls for a handsome veteran.
Tonight and Every Night (1945) as Show girl
An American girl falls for an RAF pilot while performing at a British music hall.
Dancing in Manhattan (1944) as Darnelle
Together Again (1944) as Gloria LaVerne
The female mayor of a small-town ignites local gossip when she falls for a sculptor.
Jane Eyre (1944) as Woman at party
A governess at a remote estate falls in love with her brooding employer.
The Gang's All Here (1943) as Dancer
Playboy Andy Mason, on leave from the army, romances showgirl Eadie Allen overnight to such effect that she's starry-eyed when he leaves next morning for active duty in the Pacific. Only trouble is, he gave her the assumed name of Casey. Andy's eventual return with a medal is celebrated by his rich father with a benefit show featuring Eadie's show troupe, at which she's sure to learn his true identity...and meet Vivian, his 'family-arrangement' fiancée. Mostly song and dance.

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